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Send them all home

by | Sep 14, 2022 | Politics | 5 comments

Chaps, do you remember that whole weird series of episodes of what we might call a White Trash Soap Opera, suitably titled Yorkshire Dales or some such, involving a father-of-two who took in a Ukrainian refugee and then ended up dumping his not-wife’s ass in favour of someone younger and tighter?

Well, it turns out that there has been quite a lot of this sort of thing going on of late.

Let us first remind ourselves how things started, and where they are going.

Series Recap

In the first and second episode of this (s)hit show, we saw Tony Garnett run off with one Sofiia Karkadym, originally from Lvov in western 404. The second episode saw him making a big deal about how he was supporting his new squeeze with basically no income while being her full-time carer, because she was partially blind, or some such.

Let’s get serious here for a moment – that is admirable behaviour, to be sure. A man should take good care of his woman. Unfortunately, in the third episode, we find that he hasn’t seen his actual kids yet, and wants to get married to the woman that wrecked his previous relationship, and wants to have his vasectomy reversed, to boot.

Like LRFotS Bardelys the Magnificent once said, this really is a White Trash Trailer Park Soap Opera, and it really does get funnier and crazier with every episode.

Still, Could Be Worse…

Unfortunately, this sort of thing is not an isolated incident. It is happening with fairly monotonous regularity all up and down PommieBastardLande – and, no doubt, in other countries which accepted Ukrainian refugees. The latest such story is tragicomic in the extreme:

This is the millionaire former boss of loan firm Wonga pictured with the Ukrainian refugee he ‘dumped his wife for’ after she moved into their £3million family home in Surrey.

Investor and dotcom entrepreneur Haakon Overli, 52, began a love affair with 39-year-old Mariia Polonchuk soon after she moved onto his sprawling family estate earlier this year.

He is estimated to be worth £5 million by website Companycheck and is said to have lobbied the government to help bring refugees to the UK from Ukraine since the start of the war in February.

Mr Overli also reportedly began weeks of lobbying now former Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Home Secretary Priti Patel in March to speed up the process of bringing his now girlfriend to Britain.

But just a few months after the Ukrainian refugee was granted a visa, she and Mr Overli moved out of the family estate in Surrey, leaving his wife Imogen, 46, and their school-aged children.

Mr Overli has repeatedly Tweeted his support for bringing Ukrainian refugees to the UK since the beginning of the Russian invasion earlier this year.

All we can say about Mr. Overli is that he is about to discover firsthand that, in the immortal words of the late, great, dearly missed Robin Williams, “divorce” comes from the Latin term, divorcarum, meaning to tear a man’s genitals out through his wallet.

This is what happens when you play stupid games – you win stupid prizes. And the real tragedy lies in the fact that these stories result in broken homes that destroy the lives of young children, all because bleeding-heart types can’t keep it in their pants long enough to send the refugees packing back home.

Stupidity Has Consequences

The tide does appear to be turning, however. Public sentiment in PommieBastardLande – one of the most generous destinations for Ukrainian refugees – appears to be hardening against them, and dramatically so:

The time and effort in hosting have been tremendous, and not just from me. The funds, charitable and otherwise, that are going towards helping these two, is wholly disproportionate given Olena will be earning a more than decent salary.

I thought, perhaps, after she left that Olena would at least thank us. But not a word.

I have wrestled with the idea of sharing my story, because it is not a universal one. I know families where hosting refugees has worked out wonderfully.

Yet there are others where the hosts have been on the receiving end of aggression and behaviour that has caused real hardship. And, of course, there are the bad hosts. But ultimately, perhaps there are lessons to be learned. Lessons for the way the Government scheme is run. And, most importantly, lessons for those who give their home.

The British have taken in tens of thousands of Ukrainian refugees. They have promised host families a stipend every month for taking the trouble to do so, while giving the Ukrainians expedited visa processing – which brown people from shithole countries can only gaze at in envy, because if you’ve ever had to apply for a British visa, you know that it is THE WORST application process on Earth – and endless amounts of free stuff.

And none of it has worked.

European populations across the continent have similarly hardened their hearts against Ukrainian refugees. They don’t want them there anymore. It is difficult to blame them, given that more than a few of those refugees act like… well, this:

And this:

Not to mention a bit of this:

Is it any wonder, then, that host countries are treating those refugees like this?

That is what happens when you let people in from a distinctly foreign culture, and expect them to integrate, when coming in from a war zone – which, by the way, quite a few of these “refugees” did not. They did not arrive from eastern Ukraine – most of those people fled to Russia, where they are housed in complexes built especially for them, and given a lot of assistance by the Russian government in finding jobs within Russia itself.

They aren’t refugees as far as the Russians are concerned. People fleeing Donbass, Kharkov, and southern Ukraine, travelling to Russia, are very largely ethnic Russians themselves. As far as the motherland is concerned, her children are coming home, which is why complaints by Russians about Ukrainian refugees are far less common and significantly less nasty than those made by Europeans.

Broken Cultures Don’t Mix Well

This is especially important given just how broken and messed up Ukrainian culture is by now. You have to understand that the Ukrainians these days are brainwashed almost from youth to believe some truly absurd things. They absorb lessons from literal neo-Nazi manuals in their classes. Their textbooks are rewritten at will to diminish the Russian contributions to the Great Patriotic War, and even erase that war entirely from the national histories. They are taught from an early age to hate Russians wherever possible, and to believe that Ukraine is superior to all other nations.

You can chase that particular rabbit down some very, very weird holes:

Is it any wonder, then, that Ukrainian culture is profoundly and deeply broken?

I have been saying this for quite some time – Ukraine is not a real country. If that offends you, all I can tell you is that you need to learn some history and look at a few maps. The reality is that “Ukraine”, as a nation, has never truly existed in its current geographical footprint, historically speaking. Modern Ukraine is in fact an agglomeration of various territories belonging to much older cultures and nations, without much to bind them together.

So the Ukrainians had to create their own national identity. And they did so by mixing together the absolute worst elements of ultranationalist ideology with the most odious heroes imaginable – literal Nazi collaborators like Stepan Bandera and Roman Shukhyevich, both of whom are lauded as heroes of the nation.

This is the culture that the Western nations have tried to absorb. They have utterly failed. Now it is time to send those people back to Ukraine, where they belong.

There is nothing hard-hearted or nasty about this. Let the Ukrainian people sort themselves out – they chose to take the ticket and work with the West as the Empire of Lies provoked Russia for years on end. They have to accept the consequences of those decisions.

The Ukrainian people chose this road. Only they can choose to get off it and rebuild their country into something resembling what it could have been after independence. But the rest of the Western nations should not be left to pay the price for that realisation.

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  1. JohnC911

    Hi Didactic,
    While agree that Ukraines don’t belong in the countries of the west. Neither do the Arabs, Asians and Africans which with the increase of rape and violence makes them harder to live with. At least the Ukrainians have some European history. It is funny the video of the Ukrainian man cleaning up the Nazis ink in England with Black workers everywhere. Ukrainians.

    The main difference I see now is it is affecting the women in the west who open arms for the 2014 refugees who mostly men. Many of the western women have shame us for “racism”, being men and they have gotten lazy and fat.

    The vax was just another thing I was shamed by mostly women (including many wives) for not getting.

    Yes there are some good western women and I do not want to put them all to blame, as the same thing could be pointed to men. And politicians have more blame than anyone else for these messes.

    I just see the displeasure for Ukrainians, stories like men leaving his wife over shadowing the rots in the west. Feminism which tells women they can ignore looking after the husband to have it all. Multi culturalism, all races and cultures are equal nonsense.

    Anyway may God bless you

    • Bardelys the Magnificent

      Patriarchy is based on shaming women. Feminism is based on shaming men. Problem is that men can only be shamed up to a point, then they say “screw this”. We’re almost at that point now.

  2. randale6

    Still don’t feel any sympathy for western women getting cucked by the imports. They have put their men through hell, even when they don’t divorce them.

    You reap what you sow, let the shrill harridan die the way she deserves…alone, unwanted and no one even caring enough about her to realize she’s been mouldering, dead in her apartment for a month.

  3. cato the Uncensored

    More than a few years ago, I applied for and, after jumping through a few hoops, received a residence visa with leave to work for the UK. Then I drove around the place figuring out where I might live. London? Full of trash bags. Birmingham? Thought I was in Karachi. Other places? You could easily tell which way the wind was blowing, and that was before BoJo doubled down on the Channel Ferry Service.

    As DJT might tweet, sad!

  4. Robert W

    This high finance Haakon Overli guy. His now ex-wife was younger by 6 years and she’s 46 now. Was he going to trade her in for a newer model no matter what happened? Or was it really the insertion of a Ukrainian mercenary to flip the script?
    He’s an idiot, and your Robin Williams joke is hilarious.

    The sugar baby Ukraine lady is truly astonishing. She’s the lady the first 8 chapters of Proverbs are all about warning men away from.


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