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Chaps, do y’all remember that post that I wrote a few weeks back about the tragicomic case of a low-Delta guy living with his baby-mama, who took in a Ukrainian refugee and then ended up running away with her? Well, it turns out that there have been a number of intriguing developments in this story, which I wanted to unpack for my most excellent audience of discerning and demanding shitlords.

How It Started

Our man in the field and good friend, The Male Brain, kicked things off by sending me a story about how the two of them have managed since the whole snarled-up ball of stupid started up in the first place:

Tony said: “No one is interested in the truth. Me and Sofiia are doing brilliantly. [Spricht er Englisch??? I mean, SERIOUSLY, man… – Didact]

“We have got our own house; no drama (and) getting to know each other. [Yes, in the Biblical sense, no doubt, and in no other – Didact]

“In terms of the public, they don’t have a clue. I am quite thick-skinned – there’s two sides. I am getting men messaging me saying ‘I wish I could do the same to my wife’ and women asking me to run away with them.

“Sofiia is getting abuse, people calling her a home wrecker, and people talking about petitions to deport her.”

Family and friends had been supportive because he said “they know the true story”.

Tony says that because he was sponsoring Sofiia during her stay in the UK, he felt he had to offer her protection and that they had fallen for one another after he had moved out of the family home.

And he claimed that his relationship with Lorna had “numerous problems before Sofiia arrived” and had been “on and off.”

Speaking on the abuse he and Sofiia receive on social media, Tony claimed he wasn’t a monster, saying: “I don’t reply to no messages, I block them.

“I am not a monster at all. I sleep very well at night… I saved her from Ukraine and from… abuse. I have done the right thing. Before I put up with things for the sake of my kids. Why did I put up with it?”

But he also revealed that not all messages have been abusive.

He added: “People have offered support and say they trust our judgment and they understand a man is not going to leave a relationship if something is not going on before.”

In the spirit of human charity and decency, we should probably say, “good for you” – except for two rather large problems.

Those two problems are the man’s children, whom he left behind in a broken home in order to run off with another woman. Maybe I am old-fashioned – OK, I AM, and if I ever take any of those stupid internet tests that tell you when and how you should live, they would all tell me that I should be living in Texas, and/or the 1950s – but a real man DOES NOT do that to his children.

How It’s Going

In that article above, Tony said that he had been offered lots of money to tell his side of the story, and had turned it all down. Well, if that is the case, then why, exactly, have multiple follow-up stories on the subject of his relationship with Ms Karkadym surfaced now?

Here’s one in which he claims that his new lady is partially blind following eye surgery in Germany for a nasty infection, and he is now her carer:

Garnett also revealed he gave up shift work to become Sofiia’s full-time carer after she went partially blind following an eye operation, and said her arrival prompted him to cut off his relationship with Lorna which had long turned sour.

It wasn’t as if we had met each other and decided then and there to move out. I was leaving regardless, because I’d had enough of Lorna, who took against Sofiia straight away,’ Garnett, who also owns a security company, told Metro

Sofiia suffered an eye infection in Germany en-route to the UK and now faces a six month recovery from an operation as a result. 

And here is another in which he claims to want to marry the woman and make an honest woman out of her:

The British father who ran off with a Ukrainian refugee when she came to live in his family home now plans to marry her, we can reveal.

And Tony Garnett said that he and Sofiia Karkadym, 22, also hope to have children together – if doctors can reverse the vasectomy he had after having two children with his previous partner.

Tony told MailOnline: ‘I want to propose to this beautiful lady,’

Sofiia added: ‘We are planning our life together. I want to be a mother. I want to have children. 

‘I am a young woman so it can wait a few years and I hope that Tony can have his vasectomy reversed so that we can become a family together.’

Security guard Tony, 29, left the home he shared with his longtime partner Lorna and their two young daughters to start a new life with Sofiia just ten days after she arrived from war torn Ukraine to start a new life in Britain.

Read the bit that I highlighted above again. This isn’t a guy thinking rationally, at all. He’s thinking with his little head, not his big one.

Now remember what I wrote in my previous post, about how devastatingly mercenary Ukrainian women really are. There is no point in joking or making light of this fact – they ARE ferociously hypergamous, to a degree that will shock all but the most hardened of players. (And even they have a hard time dealing with Ukie women.)

As I wrote in my previous post on the subject, this is unlikely to end well. I wish the various people involved in this crazy drama the best – I’m not a COMPLETELY heartless bastard, despite my best efforts to the contrary – but I’ve seen enough of the ugly side of human nature to be quite cynical about the prospects of a lower Delta who gives up his money and purpose to take care of a young woman with youth (if not necessarily beauty) on her side, from a hyper-hypergamous culture.

Let us be charitable and give the benefit of the doubt to the people at the centre of this story, and assume that Ms Karkadym is telling the truth about partially losing her eyesight. If that is the case, then that is terrible and we should hope for her quick recovery.

But, if that is indeed the case… can you blame the guy involved here for bilking the story for all it is worth? He might have said that he refused offers of money to tell his story – but his story keeps popping up in the tabloids. Clearly, actions do not match words here.

The Broader Point

There is an important aspect of this whole story which we miss all too easily if we just pay attention to the drama. And that is the dawning realisation among various European nations and peoples that they may have made a terrible mistake by letting so many Ukrainians into their countries:

You can call that Belarussian propaganda if you like, and I would not argue with you. But, if you have been keeping up with my Telegram channel – we have a small but excellent community there with plenty of respectful and lively dialogue, plus pawsitive videos of dogs and cats – you will see plenty of videos of Ukrainian refugees making a huge nuisance of themselves, to the point where Europeans are being badly hurt and even killed.

The video evidence contained in that video itself, will show you some of the ugliest aspects of Ukrainian refugee behaviour among the peoples and countries that have welcomed them in. It is getting to the point where even the rabidly pro-Banderite, pro-Ukrainian, pro-neo-Nazi (((media)))))))))) in the West cannot cover for them anymore.

In Austria, back in late May, a bunch of Ukrops jumped out of an expensive SUV and brutally attacked two taxi drivers, leaving one fighting for his life in hospital with a severe head injury. Also in May, a man died in Warsaw after he tried to stop a group of men SUSPECTED – I stress, suspected only, I have seen no conclusive evidence yet on the subject – to be Ukrainians knifed him to death outside of a convenience store. Poles are getting sick and tired of Ukrainian refugees, as even their own investigators – note that I draw a strong distinction between whorenalists, whom I would like to see hanged or shot, and actual investigators, for whom I have great respect – will tell you.

The list of examples goes on, and on, and bloody ON, as you will see in that video above. Again, you can call it one-sided if you want, and that’s fine, I will not argue with you about this. For every bad apple among the Ukie refugees, there are thousands of people who genuinely are terrified for themselves and their families, and are trying to establish a new life for themselves outside of a war-torn hellhole.

This is Why You Sink the Damn Ships

Yet, be under no illusions about the true nature of those people. Every last bit of that discontent and trouble-making was ENTIRELY predictable for those of us who know anything about the true nature of Ukrainians.

Through a reader and friend, I know of one Ukrainian woman who fled a Ukrainian city that was actually being shelled and attacked by Russian forces, to a European country. She is a hard-working, independent, strong professional. She wanted to setup a new business outside of Ukraine and build it up. And she did precisely that.

But she could not abandon her true nature behind her. That manifested itself in playing head-games with Western men who were interested in her, leaving her options open with one man while pursuing other men.

This is just what Ukrainian women are like. You cannot stop them from being that way even if you try. I have seen and experienced it for myself. It is miserable. I promise you that you have no capacity for understanding just how bad it can be if you have never gone through it.

As I pointed out earlier, precisely NONE of this was in any way a surprise. Our Beloved and Dreaded Supreme Dark Lord (PBUH) Voxemort the Most Malevolent and Terrible, has predicted precisely this kind of pattern of behaviour for YEARS. It is perhaps well past time that we started listening to him, don’t you think?

This is how refugees ALWAYS behave when they flee from the safety and security of their own homes and cultures, to a foreign land. That is not a condemnation of them, necessarily – it is just an acknowledgement of human nature. Every one of us is responsible for our own actions, and so too are refugees who misbehave in other countries.

There is one glaring and conspicuous exception, however, and that is the Ukrainian refugee population in Donbass which fled to Russia.

It could be that the Russians censor their own news about those refugees, and do not allow anything bad to be said about them. But I have seen NOTHING in the past 4 months, and nothing at all in the years before that, indicating that ethnic Russians who fled Ukrainian rule in Donbass and settled in Russia, have been bad houseguests.

And that is because, in fact, they aren’t guests. They are Russians. They have simply left their homes in a place that used to be part of Russia, and gone to what is now actually Russia. They have all of the bonds required to integrate them fully and quickly into Russian society – common blood, faith, language, and culture.

This gives us a clear lesson in the ways in which you manage a refugee crisis. You do not open the gates to a huge mass of refugees fleeing their own lands to very alien shores. Instead, you try to give them space and time among peoples that are very much like them, while the conflict gets sorted out in their country.

Conclusion – 404: Country Not Found

Above all, we must understand that what we are seeing today with respect to the Ukraine refugee crisis is the destruction of an artificial country.

Make no mistake, I am genuinely sorry to write that. Personally, I like Ukrainians, even though I don’t have much time for their women. They are, in the main, good and decent people who just want to live in peace, like everyone else. But they have a terrible and tragic history that stretches back to the very beginning of the Kievan Rus.

That map you see above shows you just what a Frankensteinian construct modern Ukraine really is.

Most of its south and east was always part of Russia, and will become so again as the Russians take back Donbass and continue to incorporate Kherson and Zaporozhiye regions. They will also take back Odessa and Nikolaev regions in their own time. Crimea was NEVER part of Ukraine under any formal treaty agreement – it was simply given to Ukraine by special ukase of the Soviet Presidium, as I have pointed out repeatedly. And that only happened thanks to a drinking contest, essentially, between the Ukrainian Krushchyov and his fellow Presidium members.

Most of its north and centre were originally part of the (immense) Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, which is a big part of the reason why modern Ukrainian has more in common with Polish and Baltic languages than it does with Russian.

Parts of its extreme west were always part of Hungary, Slovakia, and Romania, dating back to the days of the Austro-Hungarian Empire.

This is nothing more than a disparate collection of bits. It is not a nation at all. Ukrainians have the great misfortune to be at the crossroads between Western and Eastern Europe, and in reality it is essentially just a battleground for Russia and Europe to sort out their differences. (In this respect, it is rather like Belgium, which really only exists so that Britain and Germany could punch each other senseless over matters of state.)

That map also gives us a conclusive way out of the current 404 War mess. People like Ms Karkadym DO need to go home – and they can only do so if Russia gets full control over south and east Ukraine. Let Poland take the west, and leave the rest as a broken and ruined rump state. Only the Ukrainians have the right to sort out what happens to that rump.

As for Westerners who think that having entire plane-loads of hot, fit, tight, young Ukrainian women coming over is a Good Thing – keep in mind that stories like the one above come with very real human costs, in the form of broken families, destroyed relationships, and fatherless children. I repeat my previous warnings that even Russian women find Ukrainian women to be very dangerous, and do not like them, with very good reason.

Make peace with Russia and stop provoking her. Leave Ukraine proper to Ukrainians. Send back their refugees to rebuild their own country – as the Russians will do with the people of Donbass, who are THEIR OWN people, Russian to the core. And let us all get on with our own lives.

Postscript – Fanservice

My last post on the subject seemed to be rather well received, but, as LRFotS Robert W pointed out:

This post is a perfect storm of Didactic Content: Russians, Ukraine, SSH, International Relations, should-have-seen-that-coming domestic disturbances, cross-cultural surprises, pretty women, hit-the-wall-early women, a girl with gun, world-class memes, Dark Lord quotes, and applicable videos. The only thing missing is some ironmongers and heavy metal music.

Y’all know that I am a man of the people. (Well… sort of.) So, let me set about convincing you as to why Russia > Ukraine – with tongue planted firmly in cheek, of course.

Girl und Mauser

First off, the one, the only, Ekaterina Enokaeva, who graced these pages back in 2020 and seems to have gotten, if anything, better since:

Danger Close

Here is a very good example of precisely the kind of girl that Ukraine excels in exporting, and if you look carefully, you will understand exactly why these are to be avoided:

I invite you to compare the Russian above with the Ukrainian that followed, in order to understand exactly why it is that guys like me are such big fans of the Motherland.

The Best of the Rest

The ironmongery:

The monks:

The metal:

Truly, brothers, am I not kind?

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  1. Robert W

    Tony is sleazy and they deserve each other in all ways imaginable:

    [Tony]: “Before I put up with things for the sake of my kids. Why did I put up with it?” ”

    What changed? You had a younger lady come to crash your household? The household you’re responsible before God and Man for creating and cultivating? This is the scumbag father says to his kids in a decade: “Oh gee kids, I’m sorry you were important to me so long as I didn’t have ANYTHING AT ALL SUPERIOR TO YOUR MISERABLE MOTHER but once I did, you’re crap on toast, mate. Don’t you want your old man to be happy?”

    “Tony told MailOnline: ‘I want to propose to this beautiful lady,’ ”

    What is this ‘I want to propose’ business? If you haven’t done it, shut up. If you’ve done it, call her your fiancé. This performative of I want to do something but I haven’t yet is the mark of a liar. The only person you have to wait on to propose is yourself.

    “Garnett also revealed he gave up shift work to become Sofiia’s full-time carer”

    In the US medical system, there is a role for a professional caretaker. It can be a family member, albeit at a lower rate. In such cases, FedGov subsidizes a person to provide medical care for an injured/disabled individual. This ‘quit my job to be a carer’ nugget sounds like he’s looking at her as his golden ticket out of a working man’s career through socialized medical payouts. She’s not paid taxes in either Germany or the UK, so how does she get off getting these medical services provided?

    Some genuine Ironmongering with the saber is a nice touch, good share.

  2. MagisterGreen

    Great post and informative as always, but I do have to confess that my brain first read the title as “ask for a glass of milk” because I read that story to my kids all the time. Well played, sir.

    • Robert W

      Same for me! Right on the heels of the previous post on this topic called ‘If you give a mouse an Ukie…” [cookie]

      The Didact is on a roll!

  3. jack

    ” if you look carefully, you will understand exactly why these are to be avoided:”

    OK, the worst I can see is self entitled arrogance, which every woman with that body has, could you point out what I am missing.

    • Didact

      A certain hardness of the eyes – basically, Thousand Cock Stare, which is something that Ukie women have much more in common with Western women than their Russian cousins – and a kind of “crassness” about her general attitude and demeanour, which you do not find with Russians.

      I’ll put it this way – if you search for Ekaterina Enokaeva with the filters off, you’ll see similar photos as you will with Darina Litvinova when doing the same thing. But the former looks much softer, kinder, more feminine, and more sweet.


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