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Friday T&A: Drinking Games Edition

by | Sep 16, 2022 | fat girl jihad | 0 comments

Gents, I just got back earlier today from a short trip to an event that involved a lot of words that would normally make me swear a blue streak. These include “networking”, “socialising”, and – most horrible of all – “other people“. I have to admit, though, despite the fact that “people make me want to say bad words”, it was actually quite good fun and very productive. The fact is that most of us are absolutely bloody sick and tired of “Zooming” into meetings in our pyjamas – there is quite a lot to be said for meeting people face-to-face and getting to know those that you are working with.

I can do without all of the drinking involved, though. Despite my relative size and bulk – not to mention my love of red wine and single-malt Scotch – I am a complete lightweight when it comes to drinking, especially when compared to Westerners.

Nonetheless, I have been keeping an eye on the way things are going, while dodging the drunken antics of various people around me (and getting a sensible amount of sleep, which helps considerably). Things are changing so fast that you can easily get whiplash just by trying to keep up.

Winter is well and truly on its way, and it looks like this one will be pretty bad – after what turned out to be a scorching summer, at least in Europe. (I quite incorrectly stated that it looked like a mild summer some months ago – boy, did that prediction turn out to be way off!) Yet the Europeans – and Americans, but to a much lesser extent – seem to be hellbent on jacking up energy prices as high as they can possibly go, in some sort of weird attempt to win a war that they already lost.

They chose to go to war against the world’s true commodities superpower, the supplier of a substantial portion of their overall energy mix. Now, as Alexander Mercouris pointed out about a week ago in a very good long video that he did, contrary to popular belief, the Europeans did not somehow trick themselves, or the Russians, into a relationship of dependence on Russian coal, oil, and natural gas. This is an extremely simplistic and very foolish view of things. In fact, the European leaders of the 1980s and 1990s responded to rational incentives of the pressures placed upon them by their own electorates.

The Europeans wanted to get rid of nuclear power, so their leaders got rid of it. And the European leaders wanted to stop dealing with the endless headaches caused by radical Leftist coal-miners and their unions, so they did it by switching much of their heat and power generation to natural gas. What they could not swap out, they substituted, using cheap Russian coal – from a country where, to put it very mildly, such strong union protests were rather a lot less common after the Fall of the Soviet Union.

Who supplied the cheapest available gas? The Russians, who had immense reserves of the stuff and were, very conveniently, located closely enough to manage a large pipeline network that could permit vast volumes of the good stuff to flow to Europe for cheap.

The arrangement benefited both the Europeans and the Russians. The Europeans didn’t freeze in their horribly cold winters, and the Russians got much-needed hard currency and investment. Europe’s entire competitive advantage – such as it was – came from low costs of production, and those in turn came from low energy costs.

Those days are OVER, for good. The relationship with Russia will never go back to what it was. Europeans have done this to themselves, and now have to live with the consequences – the brutal, dark, terrible, and bitterly cold consequences.

This is what happens when you play stupid games – you win REALLY stupid prizes. It’s almost enough to make one take up drinking as a full-time profession instead of merely an enjoyable pastime.

And that’s about enough of the heavy stuff for one day. It has been a long and busy week – though a productive one – so let us round things off (heh) as we always do.

This week’s lovely lady is Hailey Grice, age 23 from North Carolina. She is a model and spreads influenza on Instaham – or whatever it is that such people do. She does have an OnlySimps account (inevitably), which of course means a Thot Quotient of 10, immediately, so as always, buyer beware (literally).

Happy Friday, gents. Things are definitely getting weirder and crazier all the time – I know I sound like a broken record (or write like a photocopier – to murder a metaphor beyond recognition), but it truly does appear as though things are hurtling toward a culminating point that will cause a collapse across much of the Western world. Do your best to prepare and be ready, because things WILL get hairy in a hurry.

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