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Friday T&A: Freezer Burn Edition

by | Sep 2, 2022 | fat girl jihad | 6 comments

We often find ourselves marvelling at the sheer stupidity of Western leaders – it is almost as if God designed some sort of highly sophisticated sorting machine for Western leaders that is precisely calibrated to return the most blindly unqualified moronic blithering idiot imaginable, 99% of the time. The other 1% is when we get EXTRAORDINARILY lucky and end up with a Coolidge, a Thatcher, a Reagan, or a Trump.

Sadly, the West these days is not fortunate, not at all. And this week, in particular, has shown us just how stupid and degenerate Western leaders have become.

Yesterday, the completely unqualified and frankly IMBECILIC Foreign Minister of Krautland, one Annalena Baerbock, whose background and education is in something useless in the humanities, straight-up said what the rest of us have long suspected – that she doesn’t care what her own voters think, and will continue to push for Ukraine’s interests over those of the German people. Never mind that this is the Foreign Minister of the most powerful country in Europe, in both economic and political terms – she is far too dense to think in such ways – what matters to this particularly stupid cow are the sacred borders of Banderastan, not the collapsing economy and hopes of her own people.

Then, last night, Americans watched aghast as their shambolic, (barely) reanimated corpse-walker of a President uttered a series of Angry Old Man noises on his way to calling 75 million people a threat to domestic security, and arguing that Republicans who vote for Trump are a menace to democracy. We know full well, of course, that he isn’t the one writing his own speeches – he is a meat-puppet, drugged to the gills with the REALLY STRONG SHIT and wheeled onto stage whenever the true controlling powers behind him want a few soundbites for the camera. But his views reflect those of a substantial minority of Americans-in-name-only who believe that they, not the great unwashed masses of Flyover Country, should be in charge.

Today, we received news that the G7 countries want to impose a price cap on Russian seaborne oil, and that the Europeans want to impose a price cap on Russian pipeline gas. The Russians responded by shutting down Nord Stream 1 indefinitely, due to what they call “technical issues” with the remaining turbines.

The Russians clearly understand that they hold the winning hand here. They are led by calm, rational, educated, skilled, experienced, capable people. The Europeans and Americans are led by people who are their exact opposites.

This will only end one way – with the economic collapse of Europe and the likely freezing and starvation of millions, followed shortly afterwards by civil unrest and violence on a scale that Europeans thought they left behind in the calamitous 14th Century.

Things are going to get really bad, really fast, unless the Europeans wake up and realise that the extremely high standard of living that they have achieved for the past 50 years, was only possible through cheap energy and the lack of any need to spend money on real military capabilities. Those days are definitively OVER, and days of extreme hardship and discomfort are coming.

Yet even in the midst of this madness, there is hope. Let us never forget that these hard times were made by weak men – and that those same hard times will forge strong men to lead us out of the present despair, decay, and calamity.

You need to become one of those strong men.

This is not easy. It is not meant to be. You will be tested in ways that you never imagined, and that you never wanted. But, with perseverance and faith, you will make it through.

Stock up on freeze-dried food wherever you can. Keep at least a portion of your savings in gold and especially silver – you will want to buy coin where you can, though this is an admittedly expensive and inefficient way of buying both types of metal. Keep hold of hard assets – you will need to sell them when currencies collapse and hyperinflation hits in some countries. Those assets will help you to gain cash when you need it.

If you can, move away from the big cities – particularly large capitols like London, Berlin, Paris, and so on. These cities are completely vulnerable. They will choke and collapse under their own weight when the collapse comes.

Start a side hustle. Learn how to make money online – it is not very difficult, and requires minimal investment – and put the savings from that side gig into real stuff.

If you have a good woman in your life – marry her and put babies in her as soon as possible, as many as you and she think you can manage. This does not contradict what I have written above. It is all very well to husband your resources carefully – but what is the point if you merely survive for yourself? You are doing nothing to pass on the very hard-won lessons of your life to the next generation, so that they don’t repeat the idiotic mistakes of your predecessors.

Children are the absolute best thing in life. They make everything better. Do not discount the joys of watching your child take his or her first steps as you guide and protect that tiny little life that contains the very best part of you and your wife.

Do not panic. You have time. These collapses will not happen immediately. Plan for it, make contingencies, and do what you can to prepare.

Without a plan, though, you may find that, come winter, things will get very cold, and then suddenly extremely hot, at speeds that you cannot comprehend.

And that’s about enough of the doom and gloom for a bit. This is not why you are actually here. It is Friday, after all, and that means another charming example of the female of the species to end the week on a high note.

This week’s lovely closer is Vanessa Minotti, age 26, born and raised in Italy. Evidently, she keeps herself pretty busy – she is a TV presenter, radio DJ, and model, among a number of other things. As I have mentioned a fair few times, we do rather like the Eyeties around here – they bring a sense of class and style to proceedings exceeded only by the Russians.

Also, you may have noticed that there aren’t really any Ukrainian ladies featuring in either the Friday or Monday segments – this is not out of any particular prejudice against them, it’s just that, frankly, they’re all BAT-CRAP CRAZY, and the Russians are better-looking and just plain more civilised anyway.

Happy Friday, gentlemen. Above all, remember this: you must have hope. Things are bad now, they will surely get worse, and they NEED to get worse so that people remember these mistakes in their very bones and do not repeat them. The Russians had to endure 10 years of humiliation, poverty, misery, hyperinflation, and despair before they got the Neo-Tsar, and look at Russia today. God willing, the nations of the West will rediscover their integrity and their sense after the collapse.

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  1. Arizona

    THE RUSSIANS have already said WERE GOING TO TAKE EVERYTHING YOU HAVE..INCLUDING ALL YOUR WOMEN BACK TO RUSSIA WHEN WE LEAVE ,after we take everything you have,and if you don’t like that,, we’ll just blow your head off and do it anyway..AND ALL your soldiers will just cry,they won’t fight,the US MILITARY has gotten their ass kicked in every WAR they’ve ever been in,even camel jockies kicked their ass,ALL YOU WOMEN BETTER GET READY TO FIGHT OR YOU”LL BE A SLAVE IN RUSSIA OR CHINA,YOU HAVE NO MEN,who will try to save you,THEIR ALL YELLOW COWARDS…and they won’t fight..OR PROTECT YOU….

    • Didact

      You might want to up your medication dosage.

    • Unclezip

      Arizona heat finally baked your brain, huh? Try wearing a hat – not tinfoil.

  2. Himself

    You know, I’ve prepped as best I can. And although I live on the border of a blue city, I’m not running. If one were to look at the crime stats, there’s almost a force field on the streets that border my city. The reason is we have law and order here.

    The houses here are going for 500K+, the new ones, over $1M. Mostly bought by well to do whypipo with families – usually more than three kids. BTW back in the “return of kings’ days I mocked someone that they should come here – because what I see walking the dogs are hot milfs working out or at the park with 2-3 kids. Lot of Chads here that won’t tolerate vibrants causing trouble one bit.

    For example, there was a homeless dude hassling people at a 7-11 and dunkin donuts a mile away. 5-0 did nothing. His dumb ass crossed the street – a boundary to my city, and he was vanished. Never seen him again. There’s two negro panhandlers across the intersection from my house. They don’t dare cross the street.

    So fuggit. I’m fighting.

  3. Cassandra

    She’s quite lovely but seriously, would you be pleased if this was your daughter laying it all out there for everyone to see? There’s something to be said for modesty. The degradation of the West had many hands and assistants. Time to reel that back and embrace the values that preserve and advance Western civilization. That means not showing T & A for starters.

  4. Sardaukar

    Always enjoyed my time in Italy, both the history, as well as the two legged scenery.

    We retired in western Montana (Montana is essentially a Red state for those overseas) a few years back during the beginning of the Kung-flu. Nice solid house with a well and a running brook in the backyard. Deer, elk, bears and a occasional bison pass through the yards. Very few ‘vibrant s’, crime or other big city issues. Constitutional Carry state (pro- firearms), lots of military vets. People are very friendly (as long as your not from California. Hate for Cali’s is visceral, which is understandable). We are prepared as much as we can be in all the items you mentioned Didact. Having worked and traveled in Europe & the UK, if SHTF, those are places you don’t want to be (other than some of the Eastern European countries like the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, etc.).


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