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Friday T&A: Nibelungen Edition

by | May 10, 2024 | fat girl jihad | 0 comments

Just a quick one today, lads, as it has been a long day of… well, walking around aimlessly in the glorious and all-too-rare sunshine while trying, and failing utterly, to sort out arse from elbow and get organised for an indoor skiing session. (Why be indoors in the cold, when you could be outdoors in the sun? Simple MAFF, really, if you think about it – and, for whatever reason, this afternoon my brain found itself unable to think.)

I do want to note one quick point about geopolitics. As you may know, yesterday was Victory Day in Russia, and the Neo-Tsar celebrated it with his people in style, with the usual big flashy parade through Red Square, and the flyover of the Russian Knights aerobatics team, and so on and so forth. As anyone who knows the Russians can tell you, for them, May 9th is an extremely emotional day – in some ways, it is more of a sacred holiday for them than Christmas.

The key takeaway from all of the pageantry and the pomp, though, was that Russia is confident, strong, and unfazed by the insanity of the West. And we see today that Russia has apparently launched a series of very heavy assaults on towns and villages across the Kharkov region. Whether this is the opening stage of a much bigger and broader campaign, or simply a pinning operation to shape the battlefield in Donbass, or merely a reconnaissance in force, is yet to be seen. But the Ukrainians are crapping themselves right now – and so are their Western backers.

They all know – ALL of them – that Project Ukraine has failed. Not “is failing” – HAS FAILED. And the consequences of that failure have only just begun to make themselves felt.

We will learn more over the coming days. For now, though, let us get to the good stuff.

This here is Celia Wagner, and those of you who know your opera, will understand immediately why I picked the title as I did. Her blonde hair is fake, to be sure, but she could pass for an acceptable Valkyrie, if she had the outfit. Like so:

She is from Krautland, of indeterminate age but probably in her mid-twenties, and she is a really-for-real model with an agency and everything.

Happy Friday, you lot.

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