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Guest Post: The Four Horsemen of the SM/MM Apocalypse

by | May 11, 2024 | Masculinity | 1 comment

I am pleased to present another thought-provoking guest post from LRFotS Randale6, who has made good on his plan to leave the FUSA, and is now somewhere in the wilds of Asia. Which, it must be said, relative to the cultural and political disaster that is the FUSA these days, has to be a major improvement, despite the severe challenges involved. This article relates to the catastrophic state of the sexual and marriage market places in the West, and is intended to be the first in a series of articles – time and motivation permitting – from our friend on the subject of what to do about it.

As always, my thanks to our friend for his continued excellent contributions to our community here.

Author’s Note: For those unfamiliar with the abbreviations in the title, SM = Sexual Marketplace, and MM = Marriage Marketplace.


I have a few more articles planned out, but before I will get around to making them, I must establish the background for them. We all need to realise something, the current SM/MM we are in is deeply out of whack by the historical standards of 99% percent of human history.

To understand why things have shifted so dramatically, we must go over the Four Horsemen of the SM/MM apocalypse.

The First Horseman: Woman’s Liberation

Women have by both social and biological standards been liberated from (much of) the constraints of their sex. Less than a century ago a woman who got pregnant outside of wedlock was shameful, her family would often banish her to some remote relative’s house where the child would be born and then given up for adoption.

The women of this time were restrained by both social shame and by biological consequences they could not easily avoid. Now this is no longer the case for the much of the first world and significant portions of the second world.

Society in these parts of the world no longer shames a woman for giving into her whore instincts, and the biological consequences are either avoided with birth control or aborted in the gynaecology chair. By historical standards this is extraordinary, even Rome at it’s most decadent would seem shockingly conservative in comparison.

The Second Horseman: The War on Men

The second horseman is something that almost no society before the 20th Century could have conceived of (save as farce), the daemonisation of men. For all of human history (and still very much to this day) women have had to depend on men.

A woman by her biological and mental nature is rarely strong enough and competent enough to defend herself. The result of this is her instinctive reliance on the men in her life to defend her and take care of her.

Now men have become daemonised, the vast majority being positively loathed and hated by women (in the First World). There is a reason the “passport bro phenomenon” has picked up so much steam recently.

The Third Horseman: Legal Liberalisation

The next horseman is the upending of literally millennia of legal precedent across the majority of human cultures, the rise of “no fault” divorce, alimony, and child support. We must remember that even in ancient/mediaeval/Renaissance/Enlightenment era societies that allowed divorce it was almost exclusively something that benefited men more than women.

Witness both Jewish and Muslim culture, where the man can practically divorce his wife on a whim but she doesn’t (typically) have the power to do likewise. To this day this a man-friendly legal atmosphere persists in much of the Middle East and North Africa.

But it does not persist in the first world, even in Russia (championed by so many social “conservatives”) the man often gets the short end of the stick. The legal systems of the first world literally give incentives to female adultery and male cuckoldry, and make the man pay for it.

The Fourth Horseman: Unchecked Female Solipsism

The next horseman is the direct consequence of the first, female solipsism is now completely unchecked. To put this in perspective, there is a reason both Deltas and Gammas have successfully reproduced for millennia, in the past what you did could often matter as much (or more) than who you were.

Remember the old saw about Benny the bus driver vs Benny the brain surgeon? That is something most women in history had to consider (and in much of the Second and Third world still do, just look at whom Chinese women often shack up with).

Both the bus driver and the brain surgeon aren’t exactly hot but your pre-1960s woman would have gone for the brain surgeon in a heartbeat, as it turns out women want to live life high on the hog (as do most men). Back then marrying the rich man was the way to do this for most women, to the delight of overworked medical residents/doctors/surgeons everywhere.

Now thanks to women’s liberation many women feel that they can risk Chad, Benny the brain surgeon is fucked (or should I say “not”). This is the main reason why any man lower on the totem pole than a Bravo is screwed today, being the subject matter expert in a valuable discipline such as medicine or engineering no longer has the MM cache that it once did.


With this introduction to the four horsemen complete the next article will delve more deeply into why anything below a bravo just isn’t getting fucked (in the first world at least) and what to do about it on the individual level.

The Didactic Seal

May I again thank our friend for his excellent short contribution to the site. Also, I’d like to point out that getting ChatGPT (the paid version, not the free one), to produce the title image, took nearly 45 minutes, because it is actually an amazingly stupid LLM in a lot of ways. Even if you give it a really detailed prompt, it still cannot figure out how to get you what you want.

Interestingly, though, the images of the individual horsemen did not take long at all. It seems ChatGPT’s DALL-E engine has a really hard time dealing with more than one main object, but can focus on one object very easily.

Anyway – as our friend correctly points out, the situation in the West is an absolute and utter disaster for men. The key point that is missing, or which perhaps will be touched upon in future, is this:

It is OUR FAULT things are this bad.

We, as men – as CHRISTIAN men – abdicated our responsibilities to our Lord, and to our women, by conceding and giving ground on critically important topics. And that is because Christian churches have a serious flaw in their approach to Scripture.

There is a reason why women’s liberation movements ONLY took off in the Christian West – and, really, mostly in the Catholic and Protestant West, though Orthodox Greece isn’t doing very well either. It is because the men in those countries took the Biblical injunction to love our wives, and not to be harsh with them, to a logical extreme.

The Bible does not tell us to be obedient to our wives – it says the exact opposite, actually. And if we had stuck to Biblical truth, we would NEVER have given our women the right to vote – because we would have understood that NO ONE should have the right to vote, except for those who have actual skin in the game, which is to say, actual ownership of property, and actual children within a family.

This, by the way, precludes most men from voting as well. And that is as it should be.

The key thing to point out here is, all of this is directly in line with the Biblical curses on Adam and Eve from Genesis 3. The fact that women continuously strive against men, to undermine our rightful place as leaders of our households, is perfectly in line with Genesis 3:16 – that is literally the War Between the Sexes, writ large.

The only way to fix this problem, or to stop it in its tracks, is to go back to the Biblical model of socio-sexual relations. Moving to a Muslim, or pagan Chinese, understanding of such things, is not the way forward. If you look at Muslim Africa or Arabia, those places are utter disasters when it comes to basic rights and protections for women, who are treated as little better than baby-producing machines by their own ridiculous death-cult. If you go to China, or South Korea, or Japan, or Singapore, you will find turbo-feminism on steroids in the big cities.

Russia is perhaps one of the few places that actually has a reasonably sensible balance – and even then, there are serious problems. Russia has a 70% estimated divorce rate, and with good reason – there are some very serious social problems beneath the surface, that most people who have never been to Russia, cannot understand easily.

On the other end of the scale, doing things the way they do in India and South Asian societies, is also a colossal mistake. It is true that India has an approximately 1-3% divorce rate. It is also true that the entire subcontinent is subject to COLOSSAL sexual dysfunction – there is a reason why India has one of the worst rape rates in the entire world.

What is the answer? We have part of it above, but that is from a Biblical perspective – and it is very, very hard work. I will be intrigued to see what our friend – who is of a secular nature – will come up with, and will look forward to his future contributions on the subject.

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1 Comment


    Muslim Africa and Arabia, also have pervasive polygamy and cultural preference for sons to the point of aborting or giving up female babies, which are an even more powerful disincentives to men since they massively impact the supply of available women while driving up demand for them at the other end due to an oversupply of men. Asia doesn’t have polygamy (that I am aware of) but does have the same “daughters suck” cultural mindset.

    I’ve seen different takes on the “four horsemen,” but these track them in broad strokes. I’d argue another important factor is government social engineering to make women “equal,” which amounts to using force to privilege women over men. The modern divorce-industrial complex is a big part of this, as you noted, but think of welfare programs that tax working men and their families hardest to give welfare to single mothers, or hiring and admission preferences for women, or sexual harassment laws that are as vague and non-specific as possible by intention, or Trojan horse HR departments and nonprofits run almost exclusively by women.

    On top of this, women are cheerled by society to give in to their “whore instincts” instead of marrying early and becoming mothers, so by the time they’re finally ready to settle down, no man wants them. However, they DON’T lower their standards! Feminism has also taught women that it’s fair to expect men to adhere to all their traditional responsibilities while holding them to their own (ie, bring something to the table other than your looks, which will be gone in 10-15 years anyway) is outmoded and sexist. We also have the phenomenon of women’s already high expectations becoming totally divorced from reality because of their inability to discern media from reality and the constant stroking they get from simps on social media. Fortunately, it seems like lots of men are finally wising up to this and mocking these 304s for the idiots that they are (see the “drizzle drizzle” meme for a hilarious example).

    Finally, Myron Gaines in “Why Women Deserve Less” makes a compelling argument that as part of the workforce, women are an overall net economic drain on society since they take out way more in government benefits than they produce in economic output.

    Amyways, just my 2 cents. Great article! I’m looking forward to the rest of the series.



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