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If you give a mouse a Ukie…

by | May 24, 2022 | Office Space | 12 comments

There has been an awful lot of innarwebz traffic over the past few days about a story of a Ukrainian refugee who fled her war-torn country and was taken in by a family over in West Yorkshire. It is a story that is equal parts hilarious, tragic, and darkly ironic. LRFotS Randale6 asked me via email what I think about the story, and I do have a lot to say on the subject.

Suffice to say that I am not in the slightest bit surprised that it happened, given that I know a thing (or three, or ten) about what it is like to date and be around Ukrainian and Russian women. I have had experience dating both, and I know what a relationship with a real Russian girl, in particular, is like. (In my view, it is NOT for the faint of heart – the good times are AMAZING, but the drama is straight out of Hell itself. That being said, if you find a good Russian girl, trust me, she is worth MORE than her weight in diamonds.)

Insofar as the story itself, well, let’s unpack the whole sordid saga from as many points of view as possible, and then look at what it all means.

How It Began

Never mind the grammatical error – which is QUITE annoying, given my OCD tendencies with respect to Ye Olde Englishe spellinge ande grammarre – that meme was floating around right at the start of the Banderastan War, and attracted both mirth from shitlords everywhere, and high-handed condemnation from the right-on uptight presstitutes. But there is a lot of truth to it. Ukrainian women are renowned for their beauty, and rightly so.

(Misha, however, IS NOT a Slavic nickname for women. It should say, “MILA and Masha”. OK, I’m done with the OCD shit now.)

But, they are also extraordinarily mercenary in their attitudes toward relationships and men. Take it from one who bears the scars of battle that you will NEVER truly understand just HOW mercenary they are until you’ve actually tangled with one of them.

The example that sparked all of this off may serve as a good illustration. Here’s what happened:

Tony signed up to the Government refugee homing scheme as Russia’s invasion of Ukraine intensified.

But he found the application process too slow so took to social media to offer help.

The security guard, who works in an NHS drop-in centre, was introduced to Sofiia on Facebook and offered to become her UK sponsor.

IT manager Sofiia travelled to Berlin where she waited weeks for her UK visa to go through.

She eventually flew into Manchester on May 4 and moved in with Tony and Lorna in Bradford, West Yorks. But her arrival sparked tensions which soon boiled over.

Tony moved his six-year-old daughter from her room into a bunk bed with her three-year-old sister to make space — despite Lorna’s objections.

Then, as they lived together, Tony and Sofiia fell for one another.

Tony and Lorna’s daughters also took to Sofiia, but Lorna grew resentful of the bond they immediately formed.

Finally, Lorna ordered Sofiia to leave — and Tony followed.

Let us examine this particular sad(ly hilarious) story from a variety of different angles.

The Man of the House

Dad-of-two Tony stunned partner Lorna, pictured, by walking out just ten days after they welcomed Sofiia into their family home
Left: in for a world of pain – Right: Ditto, but dishing it out

Take a look up top at the gentleman in question with his ex-partner. That is not the face or bearing of a man who knows what he is getting into with a Ukrainian woman. He may have been a devoted partner, a caring family man, and a general all-around “good guy”.

He is also unquestionably no better than a Delta in the Socio-Sexual Hierarchy. As such, he is totally unprepared for what awaits him, as you can see:

He said: “I wanted to do the right thing and she (Sofiia) just happened to be the first person to get in touch after I joined Facebook groups for people willing to house refugees.

“My grandfather fled Russia to start a new life in the UK 60 years ago and without the help of others he’d never have made it to start a new life.

“If we were invaded we’d hope the rest of the world would step in to help us. That’s all I wanted to do, but things have taken a very unexpected twist.”

Tony explained: “It was obvious from the start that Sofiia and I just clicked. I speak a little Slovakian and it’s not dissimilar to Ukrainian so I was able to make myself understood to her in her language. [That’s true. Ukrainian and Slovakian are closer in structure and grammar than they are to Russian. – Didact]

“But if anything that made things worse because Lorna didn’t know what we were talking about. Sofiia and I would sit and chat, have a drink and watch TV with Ukrainian subtitles, sometimes after Lorna had gone to bed.

“We were getting on brilliantly but at that time it was no more than that — although I can see why Lorna started to feel jealous and resentful of her.”


Tony said: “I knew something was happening between us and that Sofiia felt the same — it was something neither of us could stop.

“We would sit in the car after going to the gym and we’d sit talking and laughing as we looked across the city.

Yeah, let’s just say, in the words of another famous Yorkshireman, that’s not gone well. He wasn’t even married to the woman, which also helps explain just how quickly the bonds between the two of them snapped – marriage is a disposable commodity in the West, and this is the result.

The Jilted Ex

Lorna Garnett says Ukrainian refugee Sofiia was after partner Tony from day one
Yer typical northern lass

That there is the ex-partner – not even wife – of the man in question. They had been together for 10 years and have two kids. Here’s what she has to say on the subject:

Lorna told  The Sun on ­Sunday: “I had my reservations at first about ­taking a refugee into our home — who wouldn’t?

“We were bringing a stranger into our house to live with us.

“That’s a major decision to take and though I was unsure, he wanted to do it.

“The situation in Ukraine is terrifying for ordinary people so I decided it was the right thing to do to put a roof over someone’s head and help them when they were in desperate need.

“And this is how Sofiia repaid me for giving her a home.

“She set her sights on Anthony from the start, decided she wanted him and she took him.

“She didn’t care about the devastation that was left behind.

“Everything I knew has been turned on its head in the space of two weeks.

Not to be mean or anything, but that sort of look is pretty typical of what you see in northern and western England. You really have to visit the area to understand what it is like. Even London, which isn’t a British city anymore and has not been for quite some time, has far more attractive women per square mile than places like Manchester, Leeds, Liverpool, York, and so on. And this is because women in those areas simply don’t give a damn.

They are overweight, they drink and curse like sailors, they often smoke (or vape – not much better), and they are covered with tattoos and piercings. Looking at her, you might be shocked to learn that she is not even 30.

The Limeys have a number of terms for such women. Not one of them is flattering or kind. And the lady up there does not deserve any of those epithets, despite her (lack of) looks. There is no indication that she acted in any way to provoke what happened next.

But the fact is, that is what Ukie women are up against in Western countries.

That is the level of competition against which Ukrainian women have to operate, when they go to Western countries. Keep this in mind for what follows.

The Totally-Not-a-Homewrecker

Sofiia Karkadym (pictured) arrived in the UK at the start of May after fleeing the war in Ukraine
“Stunner”? Ummmm NO

Now let’s see what the woman at the centre of this whole storm has to say about it all:

Sofiia, who fled Lviv and crossed to Poland as war with Russia raged, told The Sun: “I am not a homewrecker. That’s b*****t.

“I never thought or planned to go into their home and take Tony from Lorna.

“That never crossed my mind. I liked the family. I spent a lot of time with Lorna and I tried to help her. But she was two-faced.

“Her constant suspicions, the tension, it just pushed me and Tony closer together.

“She created this situation by constantly suggesting something was going on when it wasn’t. So this is her fault.”

Sofiia admitted the situation was complicated but insisted: “We know what happened between us.

“As far as I’m concerned they destroyed their relationship long before I arrived.

“Their relationship was at fault. None of this is my work. “It was my decision to leave when I did and Tony decided to come with me.”

Hard as it might be to believe, she actually has a point. She is not ENTIRELY to blame for what happened. Relationships rarely, if ever, fail purely because of one side or the other. It takes two people to make a relationship – and it takes two to break one, as well.

That is not to say that she gets off without blame at all. Ms Karkadym knew exactly what she was doing. She made a clear calculation about what she wanted and why.

The Baleful Gaze of the Dark Lord

“What do you do?” “I Dark-Lord”.

Our Beloved and Dreaded Supreme Dark Lord (PBUH) Voxemort the Most Malevolent and Terrible weighed in on it all with a typically pithy take:

This is about as totally unexpected as the rampant immigrant rapes in Scandinavia and Germany. Ukrainian women are famously mercenary; even Russian women find their cold ruthlessness to be a little on the extreme side. And a Ukrainian refugee without a home or employment prospects is going to value a stable man with a job considerably more highly than the average Western woman, which sets the stage for a series of considerably unfair competitions.

The lesson, as always, is this: sink the ships.

He is entirely correct – even about sinking the damn ships – and I will explain why.

Didact’s Take on the Whole Snarled-Up Ball of Stupid

Remember that Ukrainian ladies come from a culture devastated by over a century of Hell-on-Earth. This is the culture that went through a failed bid for independence against the Soviets in the 1920s, for which they were then brutally punished. They suffered horrendously in the Golodomor (Great Hunger) of the 1930s, in which anywhere between 4 and 10 MILLION perished, and in which disease, infant mortality, and even dark whispers of cannibalism, ran rampant.

In what the Russians call the Great Patriotic War, Ukraine bore the brunt of the initial Nazi invasion, and then the burden of Stalin’s wrathful retribution after the war was done, because initially the Ukrainians greeted the Germans as liberators from the hated tyranny of the Soviets.

This is also the country that created daemons in human form like Bandera and Shukhevich – violent, brutal, psychopathic ultranationalists who advocated for the mass slaughter of Poles, Romani, Jews, and Russians.

The result is a country riven by ethnic divisions, with no sense of itself, and with a brainwashed population that believes in some genuinely absurd myths about its own founding. You will find Ukrainians today who believe that they dug the Black Sea, that Achilles was a Ukrainian hero, and that they erected the Pyramids of Giza and the great temples of Babylon.

Is it any wonder, then, that their country suffers from a severe gender imbalance, and that it is the poorest country in post-Cold War Europe? There are FAR more women than men in Ukraine – the ratio is 86 men to 100 women, and that is before the war. The ratio goes completely out of whack by the age of 40, because Ukrainian men die far younger than the women do.

The result is entirely predictable. Ukrainian women have evolved under these conditions to value their looks, youth, beauty, and femininity, and use them mercilessly as weapons against men to get what they want – food, security, and comfort in their lives. They will not hesitate to abandon a relationship that does not give them these things.

Critically, Ukrainian women have absolutely ZERO issues with hiding facts and lying if doing so gets them what they want, and if it secures them the male attention that they crave and need.

And, not to be overly crude or anything, but if they need to spend some time on their backs (or knees) to get what they want, well…

Look, let’s not be sanctimonious about this, a girl in a desert will do a LOT for a bottle of water and a cracker, as the Mad Prophet Ringo once wrote in The Last Centurion. And a Ukie woman in PommieBastardLande – even a relatively ugly one by the standards of her country – will find PLENTY of willing takers for that sort of thing, given the local competition.

Lest you think I am being far too harsh, I assure you, this is not just my view on Ukie women – several of my readers and friends have experience with Ukie women, and can tell you the exact same thing.

That is why OBADSDL(PBUH) is absolutely correct in calling Ukrainian women “famously mercenary”, to the point where even their Russian sisters think poorly of them. I am not joking about this – talk to any Russian woman in western Russia, and odds are pretty good that she will have at least one sad story to tell you about a relative or a friend who saw her man taken in by the looks and sexuality of a Ukie girl, and abandoned his Russian woman.

Those stories rarely end well. If you compare Russian and Ukrainian women, the former are usually better looking, more cultured, more inquisitive about the world, more classy, and better equipped for long-term relationships. This is an over-generalisation, certainly – you can find plenty of counterexamples if you try hard enough. But, as generalisations go, it is reasonably accurate.

I know of friends who have had to deal with “Ukie-woman drama”, and have subsequently spoken with Russian girls, who asked them, “what has you so down?”. When those friends respond by saying, “Slavic woman trouble”, the Russian woman usually asks, “is she Ukrainian?” – because they know what Ukrainian women are like.

The Fallout

The whole sad story that you see above has real-world consequences and serious casualties. Two little girls will have to grow up with parents at war with each other. They will have to grow up without their father in the house.

The odds of a foreign homewrecker and an English Delta making this work are VERY low indeed. While a Ukrainian woman in a marriage will generally want to stay in that marriage (especially if her visa depends on it), a Ukrainian woman in a mere relationship will abandon it if something better comes along, and will do so with remarkably little remorse. (I have experienced that personally. It is not fun – though I will also tell you that karma can be a stone-cold bitch in the end.)

Coming back to the email that started off this whole long poast, Randale6 noted the following:

[W]hile I can only sense it ending badly at the same time I feel like anything bad for Western White women is good for us. We shouldn’t sink the ships, just load em up with hot chicks and commence with some much needed eugenic improvements..

Here I must resolutely disagree. Western men who have never experienced Slavic culture have ABSOLUTELY NO CLUE how different it is. Until you have dated them and spent time with them, you really have no clue just how radically different their culture, way of life, and mindset truly is.

Whether we are talking about religious beliefs, or attitudes toward money and assets, or sense of humour, or even tastes in food and drink and fashion, Ukrainian and Russian women pose a substantial challenge to Westernised men. Even the video below doesn’t do the differences justice:

Conclusion – Sink the Damn Ships

OBADSDL(PBUH) noted that, all the way back in the 4th Century, a similar crisis erupted along the borders of the Western Roman Empire, with (Arian) Christian Visigoths desperately begging for entry into the Empire itself. These people were, supposedly, very similar to the Romans themselves. In reality, their cultural characteristics and way of life was diametrically opposed to that of the Romans, and it did not take much time or provocation before those differences manifested themselves – violently and with devastating consequences for the empire itself.

We would all do well to watch the Dark Lord’s video on the subject once again:

The reality is that Ukrainians are ALREADY beginning to cause tremendous problems in the countries that have taken them in. You will see this in the videos and posts that I share in my private Telegram channel.

Latvians and Lithuanians are getting deeply irritated by Ukrainians defacing their monuments and public spaces with pro-Banderite slogans and Ukrainian flag graffiti. Poles are seeing substantial increases in crime on their streets – by people that are nominally very much like them. In Spain, tattoo parlours operated by Ukrainian exiles are putting etchings of Nazi paraphernalia on the skin of the refugees that fled the fighting – this, in a country literally torn apart by fascists and communists in the past. In Ireland and elsewhere in the continent, Ukrainian women are being trafficked into sex-slavery, causing severe harm to public morality and decency (though I emphasise that this is not the fault of the women themselves.)

And now, Ukrainian women are stealing English men from their women. The Russian women that I know are looking at this sort of thing and knowingly shaking their heads, saying, “I bloody told you so!”. (Russian equivalent: “Хуйня, так я сказала тебя, блин!” I do love Russian as a language – it is extremely good fun to use for off-colour phrasing and swearing, while also being exceptionally rich and cultured.)

Overall, we are now seeing substantial cracks appearing in the whorenalist-imposed blackout on negative stories about Ukrainian refugees in the Western world. This is very much to the good. Just as we should not view all Russian soldiers as saints (though they are, on balance, overwhelmingly a force for good in Donbas and Ukraine), so we should not simply view Ukrainians as innocent and pure as driven snow. Neither extreme is true. There is much grey in between.

And Ukie women in Western countries are, indeed, as OBADSDL(PBUH) said, “apex predators, unleashed” on a completely unsuspecting population of very Betafied men.

The conspicuous exception here is that refugees that fled the Russian-speaking parts of Ukraine for Russia herself, are fitting in just fine, from what I hear. And that is because, honestly, they aren’t really going to a foreign country. The Russians regard the peoples of the former Taurid Confederation and Bessarabia as, basically, Russians. They don’t see them as foreigners in need of temporary shelter – they see them as their own people in need of protection from a voracious invader. Unsurprisingly, the two groups of people have integrated together quite well.

Most importantly, the Ukrainians who fled to Russia, want to go BACK to the homes they left. The Ukrainians who fled to the West, by contrast, generally find the West to be substantially easier and more comfortable than Banderastan itself.

I think we will discover over the next few months and years that the Russian-controlled bits of former Banderastan will prove to be far more efficient, well-run, and prosperous than the broken, bankrupt, hopeless rump-state controlled by Kiev that will be left. And as a result, the ethnic Ukrainians will view their ethnic Russian cousins with increasing envy and bitterness, and many of them may well end up leaving Banderastan for the Odessa, Nikolaev, and Kherson regions, which I fully expect to become Russian territories by the end of the year.

In the final analysis, this whole story proves, yet again, that accepting refugees might SEEM like a good and noble thing to do, at first. But if you don’t have a plan to keep firm tabs on them and send them back to their own people, then you end up creating some very serious social problems. Ultimately, Ukrainians, just like Russians and Indians and Arabs and Latins and everyone else, belong with people most like them in terms of race, tradition, culture, history, and language.

Postcript – Shots and Chasers

Because we are a bunch of loose cool rude dudes around here – or, y’know, knuckle-dragging mouth-breathing cavemen, take your pick – it seems a shame to end this whole rant without bringing in an attempt to class things up with some Russians, in sharp contrast to what the Ukrainians do.

Remember this young lady? Elena Deligioz? She featured a couple of weeks back in a Great Mondaydact Browser Melter, and with very good reason:

Pin on memes

And this here is Natalia Vladimirovna Poklonskaya (Наталья Владимировна Поклонская), now aged 42, who caught the world’s attention back in 2014 as the Prosecutor General of Crimea:

Natalia Poklonskaya biography: Who is the woman behind the meme?
That is the face that launched a thousand memes

Back when the Russians moved to “annex” Crimea – which is legitimately their own territory, and always has been – that lady made the Western press corps lose its damn mind, because she was both beautiful AND articulate, and made it very clear that the Euromaidan Coup against the legitimately elected Yanukovych government was illegal and deeply troubling.

Are you surprised, then, that guys like me are such big fans of Russia? Indeed, here’s a Russian meme that explains it rather well – the lady on the right is Ukrainian firebrand politician Yulia Timoshenko:

Natalia Poklonskaya | Know Your Meme
“Our Natasha – Your Natasha; Judge who is best”

EDIT: LRFotS Robert W pointed out in an early comment that “This post is a perfect storm of Didactic Content…The only thing missing is some ironmongers and heavy metal music.”

Right, well, clearly, the missing content is a problem. So let me correct this EGREGIOUS oversight forthwith:

Don’t worry, the video is fine – it’s Russian and Allied forces kicking Ukie ass in Donbass

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  1. Robert W

    This post is a perfect storm of Didactic Content: Russians, Ukraine, SSH, International Relations, should-have-seen-that-coming domestic disturbances, cross-cultural surprises, pretty women, hit-the-wall-early women, a girl with gun, world-class memes, Dark Lord quotes, and applicable videos. The only thing missing is some ironmongers and heavy metal music.

    OH! And I learned something that fed into learning something else:
    Male: Female ratios.
    Ukraine & Russia both show 86 men to every 100 women, 86:100 (Market advantage to the Men)
    Japan, 94:100
    Indonesia, perfect symmetry, 100:100
    USA 101:100, UK 99:100, market advantage basically nil across the spectrum.
    China should be strongly divergent, thanks for nothing, trash-Mao: 106:100 (market advantage, female)
    Then what’s the deal here? India even stronger divergence, 108:100
    Then, in the best Steven He Father Voice (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PWZnenTQDB4): What the hell happened here? Saudi Arabia 119:100?? Do you even repopulate?

    Eastern Bloc communist legacy destroyed the sex balance. Saudi’s MAXIMUM ISLAM has taken it even farther the other direction.
    Conclusion: Both are civilization-ending mind viruses that will eliminate themselves.
    But there’s a good fiction story here where the two societies join together to heal their differences through balancing out the counter-party disparity.

    • Didact

      The only thing missing is some ironmongers and heavy metal music.

      This was, indeed, an egregious and unfortunate oversight. Mea culpa, Deus, mea maxima culpa.

      Fortunately, it was easily corrected.

      Eastern Bloc communist legacy destroyed the sex balance. Saudi’s MAXIMUM ISLAM has taken it even farther the other direction.
      Conclusion: Both are civilization-ending mind viruses that will eliminate themselves.

      Mostly a valid conclusion, though with one large wrinkle. The Russians lost 20 million in WWII, and the other SSRs lost a combined roughly 8 million or so. Millions of women lost their boyfriends and husbands and fathers in that war, which is one of the many reasons why Victory Day affects the Russians so deeply.

      Today, the imbalance has actually largely resolved itself in MOST, though not all, western Russian cities. If you look at Moscow or St. Petersburg, for instance, the ratio is close to 1:1. But, there are other cities like Ivanovo (“the City of Brides”, as it is known, and with good reason), where the ratio is like 5:6 men to women.

      The disparity is also very much age-related. Take a look at the graphic in this link – the major discrepancy really emerges beyond the age of 50, and that is because men in Russia die much younger than women. THAT is definitely a legacy of Eastern-bloc Communism, for sure. Alcoholism, depression, suicide, and cancer are rampant in Russia, and take men away at younger ages these than in the West.

      The situation in Saudi is much worse than we realise. It’s not 119:100 – it’s apparently close to 137:100 now. The sex ratios work completely in the opposite direction of Russia’s – the older people are, the more men than women, up until you get to the age of about 65, when the discrepancy narrows sharply.

      Now, apparently the reason for this is that roughly 30% of the Saudi population, isn’t actually Saudi, and consists of mostly male immigrant labourers from other Arab countries and elsewhere.

      I have no doubt that the completely phucked-up mindset of Islam has a lot to do with the discrepancy, but the reasons clearly go beyond just that.

      India’s divergence is due to widespread sex-selective abortion, female infanticide, and substantial abuse of women within the country. It is not a good country for women, to be very blunt.

      These differences have very severe long-term social consequences – whether we are talking about Russia, where the Total Fertility Rate plunged below 2.1 in the 1990s (but has slowly been recovering since 2000, thanks in large part to sensible pro-family policies under the Neo-Tsar), or Saudi, where women were until very recently seen as little more than baby-making machines, or India and China, where tens of millions of men will never have girlfriends or wives (or sex – let’s not underestimate the importance of that for societal stability).

      • Robert W

        Those demographic links are great, thank you!

        That Saudi number of 137:100 is staggering. No way can any society continue on that path. You’re right about the migrant population there. It shows as double the proportion of the migrants in the USA, which is already drastically reshaping culture and demographics. Saudi Arabia will need a war to burn up some of that manpower, which is maybe the subtext to Yemen and is certain to play heavily when they start a war with Iran.

        Someone shared this on SocialGalactic and it fits into this conversation:

        Eastern Bloc Birthrates changing:
        “In 2007, Patriarch Ilia II of the Georgian Orthodox Church made a decision: facing a country with a declining population, low birth rates, and high abortion rates, the church leader announced that he would personally baptize and become godfather to any third-or-high Orthodox child born to a married couple in Georgia and formally registered with the government.

        Now, married childbirth was rising slightly even before 2008, the first year when Ilia’s policy can really be expected to have had a significant effect, which suggests there may have been an underlying trend upwards. But the divergence is so large and persistent that, combined with the birth-order data shown above, it seems extremely likely that much of this jump was due to Patriarch Ilia’s offer of baptism.

        [then they started giving money in 2013]…it seems plausible that the continued rise of higher-order birth after 2013, while lower-order births fell, could reflect expanded financial incentives. Giving money for kids does have some effect, just not as much as encouragement from beloved religious leaders.”

        Social pressures are subtle and hard to see but they do matter and shape culture. Bill Clinton normalized extra-marital oral sex without ever passing a single law about it. The Patriarch used his powers for good and there’s a renewal in the nation. God bless’m.

        I didn’t catch the title of this post on the first go. If you Give a Mouse an Ukie needs to be in your post titles hall of fame, it is excellent in all respects.

  2. TechieDude

    I think the funniest thing I’ve read was Vox calling UK women ‘apex predators’.

    FWIW that would’ve never flown with my old lady. My ass would’ve kicked to the curb.

  3. thedeti

    Jeez. Lorna looks like she could kick the ass of everyone in this story. Doesn’t speak well of my British brothers.

    Ukie women have their hypergamy turned up to 11 with the knobs ripped off. Doesn’t sound like fun.

    • Didact

      Ukie women have their hypergamy turned up to 11 with the knobs ripped off. Doesn’t sound like fun.

      That is a very good way to put it. And no, it’s not fun, at all.

  4. Jim S

    I have a question? Is the young Ukie lady in your first picture, below your headline available for adoption? My friend, let’s call him “Slim” S was wondering???? Since “Misha” and “Masha” have already been “adopted”?

    The brit woman, Lorna, you’re a stupid idiot for allowing your “husband” Tony to talk you into this debacle. If you want to compete in the coming wars Lorna, lose the fat and the tats. Plus, don’t be stupid.

    Tony (I agree at best a Delta), you are a stupid idiot too. You have no idea what you have done to yourself. Of course with all those “cool” tats, like I said previously, you’re just a stupid dumb idiot thinking with the little brain. You are chum in the water for this Ukie shark. Once she has her Visa, bye Tony. No bookie in the world will take that bet, it’s my lock selection of the year.

    Sofia, you magnificent bastard, in a way. So, you landed a “Security Guard”, great, but if you want better chum, hit the gym and lose about 20 pounds. Sofie, as we say in the USSA, “you ain’t all that and a bag of chips”. You’re nothing special, and tick tock on your at best a “6” physical looks (and that is with a six-pack of beer goggles). But we all know, once you get that Visa ticket, you are out of Tony’s life.

    To the kids. I am sorry your father is whale excrement as to what he has done to your family. Your mom is also to blame for not telling your father hell no to this disaster. Out of everyone is this debacle, I feel the most sadness and empathy for the kids. I’ve seen what divorces involving infidelity have done to kids, in my childhood and adulthood, and it sucks.

    • Didact

      There is one interesting detail in all of this which the presstitutes inevitably overlooked:

      Sofiia there with the giant nose is from Lvov. In the deep west of Banderastan. Where there is no threat whatsoever of invasion – only a threat of missile attacks, and then only against military targets and infrastructure centres that house military equipment or supply the AFU with fuel and weapons.

      In other words, she was not in imminent danger.

      By contrast, I know of women in Odessa, Nikolaev, Zaporozhye, and Kremenchug, right in the Donbas area, who are definitely in danger, but who stay and carry on with daily life. (And they are FAR more attractive than that specimen up there.)

      A rational man would look at that particular data point and conclude that Sofiia did, in fact, flee Ukraine to go to the UK for a better life.

  5. Bardelys the Magnificent

    This is a trailer park soap opera if there ever was one. And they say white people have no culture.

    • Robert W

      +1 for drawing a real lol

  6. Knight Errant

    From the article, it doesn’t sound like Sofiia did much more than be thin, have no shitty tattoos, smile, wear a little makeup, and be pleasant. Mercenary or not, Lorna could have easily outcompeted that if she had thought to try. Especially as far as being pleasant. A lot of western women underestimate how much that can mean to a guy, especially one who isn’t an apex alpha himself.

  7. furor kek tonicus ( i demand that Joe Biden disavow his treasonous endorsement of "Let's go Brandon" )

    “My grandfather fled Russia”
    Tony’s paternity is slavic invader and he is, at minimum, 25% Slav himself. thus, him taking up with Sofia was just him returning to his fatherland roots.


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