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The Toe gets it

by | Jul 29, 2020 | Uncategorized | 9 comments

Toe Rogan is moving to Texas:

See, even though Toe Rogan is only about 4’2″, he fully understands what most rational people do – that moving away from Commiefornia and to a free state is a Very Good Thing.

People have a deep-seated natural desire to be free. When you get a state like Commiefornia, which insists on consistently screwing with the liberties and rights of citizens and treats them alternately as clueless sheep or as cash cows to be milked for taxes, then inevitably, they will LEAVE.

That is why totalitarian states like the USSR, North Korea, and Cuba have massive border controls to stop their own people from leaving.

Whenever you hear some Millennialtard moron talking up the glories of socialism, just ask him why the cost of renting a Penske or U-Haul truck going out of Commiefornia is something like FIVE TIMES AS EXPENSIVE as a rental going into the state.

I’m not making up that number. If you go to U-Haul’s website and get a quote for renting a 26′ truck from Los Angeles, CA, to Corpus Christi, TX, on August 31st, you’ll get a quote for $4,100 or thereabouts. Now open up a tab and go the other way. Same truck, same date – total cost: $774.

Your exact numbers might vary depending on when you do this, but it’s not in the least bit surprising. The demand for trucks to get the hell out of collapsing Commiefornia is sky-high.

Unfortunately, this means that the poor beleaguered residents of Texas and Arizona now have to deal with a vast horde of Commiefornian refugees flooding into their countries – uh, I mean, states – and have to absorb a lot of liberal stupidity as a result. This is not healthy for them and it is a big part of the reason why both states are rapidly turning purple. They may eventually turn outright blue.

There is really no better demonstration of the need to impose significant immigration controls and sanctions even between individual states than the exodus out of Commiefornia. The problem is that even moderate liberals are still too idiotic and indoctrinated and just plain stupid, when it comes to individual rights and freedoms, to exercise that freedom responsibly when they finally get a chance.

The best parallel that I can think of lies in the difference between North and South Koreans. I’m currently reading a quite fascinating autobiographical work called The Girl with Seven Names by a North Korean defector named Hyeonseo Lee (not her original name), and I’m at the bit where she finally manages to get to South Korea.

The thing is, North and South Koreans are of the same racial and genetic stock, and they had a shared culture and history all the way up to 1950 – but the seventy years in between have resulted in massive economic, cultural, linguistic, and societal drift. When Nork refugees cross the border to the South, they end up in a place which is vastly more prosperous than their homeland, but which has a very strong ingrained social culture and stratification system.

Being indoctrinated in Red Korean propaganda and bullshit about how great Kim Il-Sung and Kim Jong-Il were, and how the horrid awful dreadful disgusting terrible nasty very bad, no good Americans and South Koreans were, and how they attacked the Norks first (which is blatantly false), the Nork defectors find it extremely difficult to integrate into South Korean society.

In South Korea, children are brought up practically from birth to go through the pressure-cooker of their education system. South Korea, like most Asian societies, puts an extreme (and largely unjustified) premium on education, to the point where they practically fetishise it. If a Korean – regardless of origin – hasn’t gone through the right schools, been accepted into the right universities, and secured a job at the right chaebol (mega-corporation), then he or she goes straight to the bottom of the social hierarchy.

Like most Asian societies, both Koreas have a strong caste system in place. (Thanks to Hinduism and its heretical offshoot of Buddhism, of course.) And like both Japan and China, if you aren’t of a particular “rank”, then you aren’t worth shit.

That’s where the Norks always have immense problems fitting in. They haven’t gone through that meat-grinder. Therefore, they have serious difficulties in getting access to decent jobs in the South. So they end up becoming resigned and depressed and checking out of South Korean society.

Now, remember, these problems exist between two countries that are actually vastly more genetically and culturally and linguistically homogeneous than California and Texas are. And even these two antagonists cannot easily swap peoples.

Think about what that means for people who go from Commiefornia, with all of its lunatic regulations and anti-gun laws and idiotic economic policies and socially liberal stupidity, to hardcore Christian, gun-friendly, low-tax, low-regulation, wide-open, spacious, welcoming, and thoroughly decent Texas.

The culture clash is always inevitable, and judging by what I see and hear from real good ol’ boy Texans, they REALLY dislike the Commiefornians, especially the assholes who refuse to integrate and fit in, and instead choose to clutter up cities like Dallas, Houston, and Austin and vote exactly the same way that they used to back in their place of origin.

They can’t fit in. They won’t fit in. And this is in the USA, which has fatally succumbed to the Magic Dirt fallacy that says that anyone who lands up on American soil is every bit as American as someone whose family can trace its roots back to the Mayflower.

The reality is that “they have to go back” doesn’t just apply to foreign nationals in America – and at this point, it is likely that roughly ONE THIRD of the entire American population basically consists of foreign nationals, given the fact that the USA has been subjected to the largest human invasion in recorded history over the past 60 years.

That saying also applies at the state level. At the very least, when – not if – the American empire breaks down and the various constituent nations that make up the American geographical body begin to assert themselves, there will be a significant series of mass migrations back and forth.

We have some idea how that partition will turn out. It will be horrifyingly bloody.

That, after all, is what happened during the Partition of India. We still have no idea exactly how many people died during that particular exchange.

Coming back to Toe Rogan, his comments reveal two simple and inevitable truths about human nature.

The first truth is that you cannot suppress the natural human desire to be free, as I stated above.

Different tribes and races have different levels of that desire. Indians and Chinese and most Asians appear to have very little of it. Arabs seem to be too lazy to do much of anything about it. Africans hardly seem to care about it at all. Europeans, especially Northern and Eastern Europeans, appear to have a very strong desire for it. I simply don’t know enough about South Americans to comment.

But all peoples, regardless of origin, have it to some degree or another. And if you suppress it hard enough, inevitably, people will try to break free over time, quite often very violently.

The second truth is that different races handle freedom differently.

This seems obvious to the point of tautology. But apparently it’s taking a beating with a clue-bat for people to figure it out. Certainly, most “conservatives” still haven’t understood it, and liberaltards never could.

When you take a people that is not free, and put them in an environment that is free, they always tend to revert to the behaviour patterns of their past – because THAT IS WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU HAVE FREEDOM. You are free, by definition, to act and live as you feel is right.

And the way that most of us feel is right, is what we grew up with, what we are familiar with.

Inevitably, we revert to the behaviour patterns of our childhood and past.

So when you let Leftists and liberaltards into a country populated by freedom-loving conservatives, small-l libertarians, and “leave me the F*** alone” nationalists, inevitably, the liberaltards and Leftists revert to type.

The lesson in the end is simple: borders exist for a reason, and they absolutely must be used, even between states.

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  1. jaericho

    I think there needs to be some sort of waiting period when moving to a new place to be able to vote.

    Move to TX: wait 10 years before voting in TX elections.

    But I tend to think even a 10 year waiting period may not be enough.

    • Didact

      Our beloved and dreaded Supreme Dark Lord (PBUH) Vox Day has gone on record suggesting a minimum of 25 or 27 years – I forget exactly which. I'd say that makes sense. Certainly a minimum of one generational period to allow for the Crazyfornians to get some skin in the game is necessary. That would also give the Texans and Arizonans enough time to kick out the carpetbagging Yankees as well.

    • RCR_Chris

      …and Idahoans.

      IIRC, St Thomas Aquinas said something like 6 generations.

    • Didact

      Yeah, but that's for people moving between nations – in which case 5-6 generations makes sense. Moving between states – 30 years is probably about right.

    • Blume

      After the break up we will be nations.

  2. JohnC

    Texas and California divide with Commiefornia's going to Texas and not the other way.

    Same thing happens in Australia with Victorians and New South Welshman's coming to Queensland. Queensland is not as red as Texas but the low cost of living is way people from Melbourne and Sydney are moving up here.What Queenslanders hate is the voting, preaching and the pro AFL that Victorians bring. Not only that but they are more pro diversity and, Man-made Climate Change. They Change the culture and the house prices.

    Only the virus has slow this process down. One of the thing good as been the over reaction to the virus. Locking the QLD borders from NSW and Victoria people.

    • weka

      Same issues in the South Island, bar the AFL, we avoid that Australian aberration.

  3. TechieDude

    I"d like to think, at least for now, it's the smart ones that are coming here. I know that's probably not the case. Californians are doing what they do all over the place – selling their dump for tons of money, coming here to my neighborhood, buying an older place for $400K, demolishing it and building a $1.2M colossus in it's place.

    The northern suburbs, Frisco and Allen, used to be nice. Now, they remind me of LA. The problem we're having is big companies (like Toyota) moving their HQ from California here.

    There's one transplant in my neighborhood that already has his Biden sign up. He also has one with a logo of swoopy Trump hairdo with "No" as the only text. Even funnier, he has a Burn Loot Murder (BLM) sign even though he's white as can be. I meant to ask him if there were ever a black in this neighborhood if he thought that would work like lambs blood over the door like in Passover. I'm guessing not.

    Funny thing is, many of them go back. I know people from CA and Seattle that lasted only a summer. They are utterly unprepared for the heat, and many flat out don't fit in. There's a distinct Texas culture that it's best you learn and love if you are moving here.

    Because step one toe out of Metro Dallas, and you'll be reminded.

    My hope is that I can convince the wife to move to the country. I can get a house with acreage in a nice town, a modest drive from DFW or Waco and pay cash. Next time she says "I don't want to work anymore" I'll push it.

    • Didact

      It's a Very Good Thing that many go back. They aren't Texan and never will be. I've loved visiting Texas every single time that I've been there, and that's because I recognise it for the highly distinct and unusual culture that the great state has. Moving out into the country with the DW isn't a bad idea at all – rattlesnakes, wild hogs, and tumbleweeds aside.

      I do think very highly of Texas, obviously, but it would be MUCH better if the Commiefornians all went home – or at least were banned from voting.


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