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Monday morning kaiju culture clash

by | Apr 12, 2021 | Mondays | 4 comments

Monday. Just… NO. Seriously, NO.

Actually, I have more reasons to bitch than most of you today. Two weeks of supposed “holidays” just ended for me – which weren’t REALLY holidays, since I had a whole bunch of shit to do, and the pox-ridden whores who run the gubmint around here STILL won’t let up on their idiotic Scamdemic lockdown.

Kung Flu case numbers are falling, the Sun is out, deaths are down, and it turns out that WAY more people are dying from cancer than from the Coof, but nooooooo – can’t kill Granny!!! They’ll LET you go to the gym, or the hairdresser’s, or dance classes – as if you didn’t have those freedoms simply by virtue of being a free person in your own right.

Look, I’m a heartless bastard, so I’m just going to straight-up say it:

I don’t care about your grandma. In fact, I no longer care about paying a massive social cost to save old people. They’re OLD. We are destroying economies, jobs, and futures, and killing the hopes and dreams of younger generations, to keep alive those whose productive value is – let’s be very honest – not high.

It’s you and your kids that I worry about.

What message are we sending to our peers and our children if we cower helplessly in fear at a bug that has a 99.95% or higher survival rate for people under 55 who aren’t fat-asses?

Despite my rather cranky tone, though, I have to say that this is shaping up to be a good (if cold) spring. And actually, the tone for the rest of the year may well have been set by the one movie that I least expected to be any good.

That’s right – apparently, Godzilla vs Kong is actually rather fun.

I said in a past post that this movie was going to be incredibly dumb. And I sure as shit am not paying to watch it – that’s why we have the ability to… shall we say, sail the high seas. (If you’re going to do that, make DAMNED sure that you have a good VPN, by the way. I strongly recommend Surfshark – best value VPN out there. Sign up here for 81% off and get THE most bang for your buck in the industry.)

But apparently, it was, in fact, quite good – for an incredibly loud, stupid, silly monster film:

(That crack about Kong spending more time on his back than Riley Reid piqued my interest, so I went searching for her, since I’d never heard of the woman. That… was a mistake.)

Apparently it is, in fact, quite good fun:

Heck, even the Dark Herald over at Arkhaven liked it:

The science is dumb and hokey but that is an expected part of a Kaiju movie. 

The action is as big and as loud as the stars of this film and that is all that anyone who wants to see this film wants out of it.  You get to see the monsters in loving detail.  And you get see them smash shit.

Godzilla is in this movie a lot less than Kong.  Kong is the real star of this film but that’s okay, you can anthropomorphize a monkey a lot more easily than you can a lizard, (it’s in the word anthropomorphize).  The film gave Kong a clear sense of pathos and sympathy.  He’s the good monster.

The worst part of his movie was Millie Bobbie Brown’s subplot. It did absolutely nothing to advance the plot. You could literally have cut out all of her sequences and it wouldn’t have affected the movie other than to give it a sleeker run time.  I think Hollywood has convinced itself that she is a bigger draw than she really is.

And those pointless time-devouring sequences are the only reason I’m giving this film a lower rating than I otherwise would.  Because of Millie Bobbie Brown, it goes on a lot longer than it should.

The Dark Herald Recommends with (Hesitant) Reservations.  

I’ll have to watch it myself now to see if they’re right. I’ll let y’all know what I think eventually.

His Most Illustrious, Noble, August, Benevolent, and Legendary Celestial Majesty, the God-Emperor of Mankind, Donaldus Triumphus Magnus Astra, the First of His Name, the Lion of Midnight, may the Lord bless him and preserve him, plans to establish his own social media network:

Normally I’d say that he should just use SocialGalactic, but if he did that, two things would happen instantly.

First, SocialGalactic’s servers would crash due to all of the Trumpians desperate to join. That’s the good news.

Second, though, SocialGalactic would immediately cease to be a Clean Speech Zone. That’s what makes it different. Trump is a human wrecking-ball, an uncouth, crass, combative, and blustering man who shoots from the lip. God bless him for that. But it’s not what SocialGalactic is all about.

(I’m not on SocialGalactic – I haven’t yet asked for an invitation and I’m not at all convinced about the need to pay at least $10 a month, in addition to what I already pay annually for my site upkeep costs AND my podcast hosting, simply to tell the world my Oh-So-Important Thoughts And Ideas. My friend Last Redoubt, however, IS on SG – go look him up.)

Nonetheless, while the whorenalists and presstitutes try to run down the idea, the fact is that a Trumpian social media platform would be a dire threat to Twatter, Faceborg, and LinkedIn. And that is a VERY Good Thing.

#BasedTucker is based:

That last video was SAVAGE.

One word on #BasedTucker‘s interview with the Guvnah of Arkansas before we move on, because it’s important.

That interview is a perfect example of why conservatives KEEP F***ING LOSING. They have absolutely no coherent philosophy to defend, other than “hurr durr lerrmerrturrd guhhhbmint!!!” – which has no core principle behind it and no strong basis. All of that guff that the man spews about “broadening the party” and winning elections and all that shit – he just guaranteed that no one in his, very conservative, very Red, state will ever take his pronouncements on individual liberty seriously again.

There IS, in fact, a massive “unconformity”, if you will, in the laws governing behaviour of minors.

In America, you cannot drive until 16, vote until 18, or drink until 21 (that difference is idiotic in and of itself – someone please explain how a person who can legally use the overwhelming FORCE of the State to implement his or her views on the proper functioning of government, is somehow incapable of drinking responsibly).

Yet, in several American states, minors who are too young to vote, drink, drive, or buy guns, are still somehow competent enough to think that they can change themselves from boy to girl, or vice versa?

It’s profoundly idiotic. Never mind that, logically speaking, the B and the T in LGBTQWTFISTHISSHIT cancel each other out, as the Big Bear, Owen Benjamin, pointed out – the stupidest part of the whole idea comes down to the fact that humans are trying to unmake what God made. And that is MONUMENTALLY dumb.

Trymian over at Men of the West has it right. “MUH LERRMERRTURRRD GURRRVMERRRRNT!!!” libertardians and cuckservatives like Asa Hutchinson are absolutely f***ing useless. Libertoonianism and cuckservatism fail because they have no core philosophy or position to defend. They are inherently negative philosophies and their adherents almost (not always, but ALMOST) inevitably give way like toilet paper dipped in battery acid under any real pressure.

The ONLY way forward is Christian nationalism. Christian, because Christianity has a core defensible truth and is a fighting faith of true soldiers, and nationalism, because the nation is, by definition, worth defending.

Greg Gutfeld has a new show on FAUX too – and he is quite happy for fellow Fox hosts to mock him mercilessly for it:

Some of Dana Perino’s zingers were very, very good. Don’t piss off a woman from Texas, is all I can say.

Mark Dice is highly amused by CNNLOL’s class clown admitting what we all knew to be true:

Dave from Blue Collar Logic explains how the GOP has been fundamentally transformed by the God-Emperor:

And Jason looks at the major weak point that the Left haw:

Bill Whittle and his charming Russian wife Natasha answer fan questions, and it’s really quite sweet:

The Male Brain has good stuff galore to get your week off to the right start. We begin with a video from Wisecrack that nails it, yet again, about why the future will be horrid:

Classic John Stossel time:

Felix Rex notes that the war on beauty has been monetised – quite literally:

Veritasium looks at what drives success:

The conclusion is rather good – essentially, the tl;dw version is, extreme ownership + humility = WINNING!!!.

I can only agree.

And now for the exact opposite – you know how your Grandma used to get you down for breakfast by yelling, “wakey, wakey, eggs and bakey!!!”? (No? That was just me? Oh well. And actually, my grandma typically made me pancakes, because I was a fat little butterball when I was young.) Well, this schmuck here could have benefited from bringing his granny along when he tried to steal from a policeman’s home and fell asleep while there:

I love making fun of idiots, but there is simply too much STUPID involved here even for a cranky misanthrope like me to mock effectively.

Now let’s crank the dumbassery up to 11 with this video from TLC – which really should rename itself to TMI, because this one is all about using a melted gummy bear during sex between two fatasses. I warn you now, DO NOT WATCH THIS while drinking beverages:

Ugh… there’s a mental image for a Monday…

Actually, if you really want to depress yourself, just remember – THOSE PEOPLE CAN DRINK, DRIVE, VOTE, AND REPRODUCE.

Paul Ramsey has a typically acerbic Gen-X take on the coming reality of Kung Flu passports:

Christ Almighty… why not just force non-vaccinated people to wear armbands with yellow stars already?!?

PJW points out that there is no fundamental difference between vaccine passports and ID cards:

Boris the Floppy-Haired Sheepadoodle deserves every last brickbat that he gets over his feckless criminally stupid incompetence. He is a GREAT example of what happens when you elect a conservative into power – they inevitably make things FAR worse.

Again, THE ONLY WAY FORWARD is Christian Nationalism. It’s really just that simple.

Lord Razor of the Fist Clan has absolutely no shits to give about the utter BLOODBATH at Sony’s in-house gaming studios:

The lovely and charming Dr. Sam Bailey continues her in-depth examination of how vaccines work:

Smart, beautiful, great accent, and plainly not afraid of a bit of truth-telling. She really is pretty much everything I approve of in a woman.

Dr. Jay Smith from PfanderFilms and Al-Fadi from CIRA International continue to unpack the various contradictions and problems with early Islamic history:

Dr. Frank Turek from Cross Examined looks at one of the most effective rhetorical pseudo-arguments that atheists use against the existence of a Creator:

China Uncensored notes that American weakness is so obvious, pervasive, and clear that the CCP knows it can act with a free hand in the East China Sea:

America Uncovered has a quite good comical take on Coca-Cola’s latest round of woke stupidity, and the God-Emperor’s reaction to the same:

They shouldn’t have f***ed with the God-Emperor. He drinks A LOT of Coke. They lose him as a customer, and they’re definitely going to feel it.

Terrence Popp and Blake do their thing, talking shit while riding around town:

Joker from Better Bachelor has a must-watch video for all of the thirsty simps out there which proves yet again that money don’t buy brains, or balls:

Watch the whole thing. It’s a hoot and a half. If you want a proper chuckle, read the first few paragraphs of the article that spawned it. I mean, I know it’s Vanity Fair, which isn’t even worthy of being a toilet paper substitute, but it’s still extremely funny.

As for the thot in question – she’s VERY easy on the eyes. Indeed, she’s spectacular enough to make the cut for a future Great Mondaydact Browser Smasher episode. We know exactly what kind of a woman she is – and I have to admit, I find it difficult to be too critical about her. She was honest. She said very plainly that she wasn’t interested in marrying a simp and shutting down her OnlyFans account. And she stated pretty much from the beginning that she was in it for the cash and prizes.

She’s a sloot, make no mistake – in the article her lawyer states that she is friends with all of her previous boyfriends, some of whom are very wealthy men – but she’s an honest sloot. The arrangement with such a woman is very simple – you pay lots of money to play with her bumpers and enjoy her cookie.

It’s prostitution, plain and simple – we just call it something else to disguise the truth.

That’s the kind of woman that you fool around with (if you are so inclined), but you DON’T make her into a housewife. Or, if you do, you’d damned well better have her around purely as a trophy wife while you’re off nailing a cheerleading squad’s worth of mistresses.

(I’m not saying the latter is a GOOD idea, because it categorically isn’t. That way lies dissolution and deep unhappiness. I’m just saying that it’s a BETTER idea than turning a ho into a housewife.)

Overlord Dicktor Van Doomcock has some juicy hot dish about the Lucasfilm Civil War – which appears to be getting less civil by the day:

Gary from Nerdrotic points out that, as much as you might hate the Devil Mouse’s cancel culture, it’s coming for you even so:

The Drinker looks at one of the most troubled films of recent times – and boy was it a disaster:

Your “Science is F***ING WEIRD” moment of the week comes from Dawn Pine and concerns how humans evolved from apex predators into farmers – essentially, the argument is that we hunted all the big critters down and ate them:

The human trophic level (HTL) during the Pleistocene and its degree of variability serve, explicitly or tacitly, as the basis of many explanations for human evolution, behavior, and culture. Previous attempts to reconstruct the HTL have relied heavily on an analogy with recent hunter‐gatherer groups’ diets. In addition to technological differences, recent findings of substantial ecological differences between the Pleistocene and the Anthropocene cast doubt regarding that analogy’s validity. Surprisingly little systematic evolution‐guided evidence served to reconstruct HTL. Here, we reconstruct the HTL during the Pleistocene by reviewing evidence for the impact of the HTL on the biological, ecological, and behavioral systems derived from various existing studies. We adapt a paleobiological and paleoecological approach, including evidence from human physiology and genetics, archaeology, paleontology, and zoology, and identified 25 sources of evidence in total. The evidence shows that the trophic level of the Homo lineage that most probably led to modern humans evolved from a low base to a high, carnivorous position during the Pleistocene, beginning with Homo habilis and peaking in Homo erectus. A reversal of that trend appears in the Upper Paleolithic, strengthening in the Mesolithic/Epipaleolithic and Neolithic, and culminating with the advent of agriculture. We conclude that it is possible to reach a credible reconstruction of the HTL without relying on a simple analogy with recent hunter‐gatherers’ diets. The memory of an adaptation to a trophic level that is embedded in modern humans’ biology in the form of genetics, metabolism, and morphology is a fruitful line of investigation of past HTLs, whose potential we have only started to explore.

Your long read of the week is from Philip Giraldi at The Unz Review, and states the plain truth – the Taliban won in Afghanistan, the USA lost, and TWENTY YEARS of blood and treasure have gone to waste:

Since Vietnam there have been a number of small wars in places like Panama and Grenada, but the global war on terror has been a total disaster for American arms. Afghanistan, as it was for the Russians, is the ulcer that keeps on bleeding until it ends as a major defeat for the United States with the Taliban fully in control, as they are now predicting. Likewise, the destruction of a secular Iraq, regime change in Libya, and a continuing war against a non-threatening Syria have all failed to make Americans either safer or more prosperous. Iran is next, apparently, if the Joe Biden Administration has its way, and relations with major adversaries Russia and China have sunk even lower than they were during Donald Trump’s time as president. The White House has recently sent a shipload of offensive weapons to Kiev and the Ukrainian government has repeated its intention to retake Crimea from Russia, a formula for a new military disaster that could easily escalate into a major war. What is particularly regrettable is the fact that the United States has no compelling national interest in encouraging open warfare between Moscow and Kiev, a conflict that it will be unable to avoid as its is supplying Ukraine with weaponry.

It is well past time for America to simply pack up, head home, and write off that misbegotten stupid exercise in nation-building. Presidents George W. Bush and Obama made a huge mess of things in the Rockpile and the Sandbox. Thousands of American soldiers and HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of civilians died for incredibly stupid imperial ambitions, and now the empire itself is crumbling around our ears. Enough already. Just end it and let the empire collapse. It cannot be saved – and is not worth saving.

Linkage is good for you:

And some more from Dawn Pine:

The Neo-Tsar had some very interesting thoughts to add about Ukraine last year – I think I’ve featured this video before. As he points out, Ukraine and Russia have a shared history, faith, culture, language (to a large extent), and especially blood. That is why the West’s insane push toward all-out war is so disgustingly stupid:

History lessons of the week:

Your Great Man of the Week is “Speedy Gonzalez” himself:

Apparently there is a rail-shooter game in the HALO universe called Fireteam Raven, which I’d never even heard of until a day or two ago. The HALO MCC updates all trumpeted something about Fireteam Raven, so I went and looked them up:

And now let’s enjoy a Mint Blitz video that borks the HALO 3 engine so thoroughly that you can only shake your head in astonishment:

Wazzocks gonna wazzock, starting with a truly superb and very emotional tribute to the very dearly missed Sabine Schmitz:

Oh, and here’s a nice segue into the next bit:

Kitchen Nightmares with the Angry Scot:

Comedy hour:

Pics, guns, girls, starting with some funny stuff that Dawn Pine sent over from the “Engineering educational stuff” Faceborg group, along with his captions:

Not the kind of stripping you had in mind, though
All hail the Neo-Tsar
Now I’m interested in pork pies. Anyone got a sample for me to try?
Environmentalists – hypocrites for decades now
Millennials always whine
Ah, the good old days…
I need one of those

Some funny shit from Dawn Pine via social media, as well:

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a close up of text on a white background
a picture of a group of people sitting on a chair and posing for the camera


a person wearing a hat
No alternative text description for this image


That reminds me of an absolutely hilarious scene from Hot Fuzz.

That alone almost certainly explains why a big dumb stupid loud movie about making big lizard and big monkey go BOOM was a huge hit.

That’s actually a damned good way of getting around the idiotic Coof restrictions.

Headlines of the week are making me seriously rethink my long-held conviction that media stupidity isn’t actually a crime:

Your “FloriDUH Man” headline of the week:

I mean… you just can’t get more Floriduh than that.

That actually was the punchline of the second episode of Becker – great TV show, I cannot recommend it strongly enough.

That one made me laugh like a maniac. The best way to raise well-adjusted kids is to get them to watch old-school Hanna-Barbera cartoons like Tom & Jerry and the Roadrunner series.

Can’t really argue with the logic.

Healthy attitude, that.


Your Dog of the Week is the Australian Stumpy Tail Cattle Dog:

Australian Stumpy Tail Cattle Dog Breeds

Your aminules are adorkable moment of the week:

And also your animals are absolute DICKS moment of the week, to balance things out:

This is the horrifying moment a hungry pack of wolves ate a pet dog after its owner accidentally dropped it into their enclosure at a Chinese zoo

Video footage shows the predators mauling the pooch as they crowded round in a circle before one wolf runs off with it between its fangs in the Wild Wolf Valley, near the city of Changi in northern Xinjiang on Monday. 

The person who filmed the video said the owner was holding the small dog and watching the wolves from an observation deck when it slipped and fell down to the wolves.

The dog was a shichon, a cross between a Shih Tzu and a Bichon Frise, according to the news site Baidu.

In the footage, seven wolves are seen attacking the dog as onlookers scream in shock.

The wolves chomp into the poor pooch and refuse to give it up.

After a struggle, two of the three remaining wolves apparently give up the fight and allow a pack member to run off with the dead dog between its fangs.

The triumphant wolf runs off into the distance with the animal in its mouth as the rest of the pack follows behind.

Local media that said the dog was killed in the attack but did not reveal whether the body was recovered or eaten before it could be removed.

While it is rare for some pets to fall into zoo enclosures, it has happened in the past

Apparently, “shichon” is Wolfspeak for “tasty snack”. Which, given what those fluffballs look like, is probably accurate:

The dog was a shichon, a cross between a Shih Tzu and a Bichon Frise (file photo)

Gym beast props this week go to John Haack:

Buakaw Beatdown(s) of the Week:

See: extreme ownership + humility = WINNING!!! Men like me admire and respect the Buakawminator precisely because he is the living embodiment of those exact virtues.

Jesus loves knockouts:

Shufflin’ to keep things interesting:

What happens when you put a real drummer – a very good one – up against a drum machine? Jared Dines helps us find out:

There is one thing that drum machines cannot replace, and that is the fluidity and creativity and expressionism of real drummers.

That is why, if you compare the drum machine sound of the original Actual Fantasy album by AYREON, with the Actual Fantasy Revisited remastering with new drum tracks from legendary death metal drummer Ed Warby, the latter sounds FAR better.


No doubt many of you saw, and were greatly amused by, this story about a gaggle of Eastern European Instathots who worked with a Russian photographer to take a group nude photo of themselves – in Dubai:

This is the major mistake that a LOT of people make with Dubai. They think that the Emirate’s glittering steel-and-glass ultra-modern image means that it’s an anything-goes kind of wonderland. Believe me, it ABSOLUTELY is not.

I have been to Dubai myself. The Emiratis there are VERY MUCH Arab in mindset and attitude. They do not want men and women showing affection in the streets to one another. The modern skylines and megamalls and crass consumerism of the place cannot disguise the fundamentally mediaeval attitude of the Arabs who actually run the Emirate. This is still very much an Islamic nation, and those who do not respect that fact, will find out the hard way that the Emirate authorities absolutely will enforce their own rules.

Yes, it’s a backward country and a backward mindset. It’s still THEIR COUNTRY and those are THEIR RULES. And, honestly, we in the West could do with a bit of enforcement of laws against public lewdness and crassness.

As for Dubai itself – don’t go there. As I pointed out in this article from a little over a year ago, the final outcome for a secular society that detaches itself from morality and God is either Detroit or Dubai. And Dubai is a kind of hidden Hell, a place without a soul, where a vast underclass of very nearly enslaved migrant workers works itself to death in the searing heat to keep the lives to a privileged few elites comfortable and happy.

I did not like Dubai. The city lacked any kind of discernible soul, and the fact that the UAE is a thoroughly Islamic, and Islamised, country, simply made it all the less bearable. I understand and can sort of deal with the soullessness of cities like London or New York (in their modern incarnations, anyway), but that’s because those cities were built by Western hands and minds. The peculiar soullessness of Gulf Arab cities, on the other hand, is quite beyond me.

Do not go there if you can avoid it at all. Dubai and the UAE are not healthy places for a Man of the West to be. And DO NOT, under ANY circumstances, date a woman who thinks that the Dubai lifestyle is a good one. (That, incidentally, is a fairly reliable sorting mechanism for a good woman.)

And speaking of women with more curves than sense, here is your Instathot to get your week off to the right start. Her name is Kayla Moody, age 25, from Gainsville, FL. Yep, she’s a Floriduh Woman. Not only that, but she used to be a volleyballist or some such in high school. And before that, she was a cheerleader – not surprising when you see her. She played volleyball in college and now does… stuff on Instaham, I suppose.

And, inevitably, she isn’t naturally blonde, of course. Actually, I doubt that the chesticles are natural either – judging by her very earliest photos, she’s clearly had some work done on her front bumpers. This is the unfortunate reality of most Instathots – almost NONE of them are real women, in the sense that they make do with the assets that God gave them. And that is, indeed, quite unfortunate, as my friend and fellow soldier in the Church Militant Adam Piggott pointed out recently. (He actually took me to task, mildly, for finding these women. I am not in the least bit offended, because he is correct.)

All right, gentlemen, that’s it for yet another Great Mondaydact Browser Muncher. Now quit procrastinating and get back to work while your country and civilisation collapses around your ears into totalitarianism and lunacy.

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    G vs. K is a great time. I actually left my house and saw it on an IMAX screen for good measure, sans face diaper because no one noticed or cared with the lights off. You should know exactly what you’re getting into when you sit down for a kaiju movie, and this film delivers the goods in spades. Shakespeare or Citizen Kane this is not, but if you like stuff like Independence Day or Pacific Rim, you’ll have a blast. There are also lots of fun little nods to the 1962 original, which I recommend watching before going in.

    Also, forgive my disagreement with our host, but I can’t in good conscience recommend “sailing the high seas” on this one. This is the kind of entertainment I want to see more of and want to give money to. Its primary mission is to ENTERTAIN, unlike most other modern entertainment. It doesn’t regard its viewers as dumb savages who need the Woke gospel preached to them while being beaten down with reminders about how sinful and unworthy they are. It gives the people EXACLTY what they want with no bonus propaganda, and since that is so vanishingly rare nowadays, I believe that deserves to be rewarded.

    Also, I have to give this movie credit because it’s the first one that’s ever actually shut up my inner smartass, for exactly one sequence. I’ll tell you about it once you see it.

    I have a saying that I stole from a Vox commenter from forever ago – if it fits in a microwave, then it’s not a dog. It’s some kind of rodent.

    I just can’t be arsed to care about what Disney is even doing anymore, and although Doomcock is entertaining he’s basically the Star Wars version of QAnon. It’s sad because it didn’t have to come to this, but I’ll dance on the ashes once the woke monster they’ve become burns to the ground. At this point, most corporations are so converged that the only solution is to nuke them all from orbit and start over.

    • Didact

      Also, forgive my disagreement with our host, but I can’t in good conscience recommend “sailing the high seas” on this one.

      Well, I tell you what – I’ll go see if it’s any good, and if it is, then I’ll find a way to kick a few bucks into the pot. I actually thoroughly agree with you about paying for good quality entertainment that doesn’t try to ram bullshit propaganda down my throat.

      I’ll tell you about it once you see it.

      In the middle of watching it. I’ll get back to you.

      I just can’t be arsed to care about what Disney is even doing anymore

      I know where you are coming from. The Devil Mouse is a financialised mess of a company, and they have doomed themselves. Good riddance to bad rubbish.

      But it’s fun to watch the clown car crash nonetheless.

  2. Robert W

    Wisecrack is consistently very good. I’ve never seen futurama at all, but their breakdown of the architecture and jetsons riffs was very well done. They do their research.

    Your breakdown of Dubai and the Ladies of Dubai is a good reminder. Prov 11:22 is a worthwhile meditation for men. Like a gold ring in a pig’s snout, is a beautiful woman without discretion. When I was younger I understood it to be referring to something beautiful (gold) used poorly (hog ring) by choice (her’s).
    Now, I wonder if it is different. Is the pig with the ring the man or the woman? Because like the BetterBatchelor video, if the man tries to follow her around and thinks he’s doing something beautiful, then he’s in for destruction by her lack of discretion.

    Boneless bananas is hilarious.

    • Didact

      Your breakdown of Dubai and the Ladies of Dubai is a good reminder. Prov 11:22 is a worthwhile meditation for men. Like a gold ring in a pig’s snout, is a beautiful woman without discretion.

      Yes. And the place in question has a lot to do with that corruption. Jesus said plainly that what comes out of a man’s heart is what defiles him, but it is far easier to succumb to that sort of defilement when you are surrounded by temptation and sin.


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