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Domain Query: Truth and Reconciliation

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I received a very interesting question from reader Sean, which went as follows:

I’m a new reader on your blog. I’m interested in your views on Christianity, religion, faith, and atheism as I’m currently mired in sorting those things out for myself. It seems from old posts (ca. 2013) you had at least rejected atheism, recognized a Higher Power, and held to a certain faith. In more recent posts, it seems your faith has evolved over the years. I’d be interested to hear you describe how your thinking has changed over the years or what it is now. Maybe you could point me to particular posts that lay out your thoughts?

That’s exactly the kind of question that I enjoy answering. So I took a shot at it. In hindsight, I probably should have split this into two pieces, as “only” the first 20min or thereabouts talks about my experience. The second half of the podcast concerns arguments and apologetics designed to point atheists and non-believers toward the truth.

I’ve also included a bunch of references to help Sean and others like him walk the road that I had to – though hopefully with a bit more clarity and a lot less meandering than I did.

Here’s the podcast. References follow below it:

Oh, before we get to those – here is the classic HALO: Combat Evolved (Anniversary) level that inspired the title of the post:

Lord, but I do love that game.

Book References

Video References

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