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Monday morning lockdown lunacy

by | Jan 4, 2021 | Mondays | 10 comments

Lord, here we go again… It’s Monday. And here I am in PommieBastardLande, where the hapless, clueless, feckless, useless government of Boris the Floppy-Haired Sheepadoodle is just winging it yet again and looking to lock everything down once more.

This is monumentally stupid in every possible way. All you have to do in order to understand the idiocy of lockdowns is to pose a simple pair of logical statements, which I’ve laid out before:

  1. EITHER lockdowns ARE effective at preventing the spread of the disease and reducing the total number of hospitalisations and deaths;
  2. OR lockdowns ARE NOT effective at preventing the spread of the disease and reducing the total number of hospitalisations and deaths;

If the premise behind (1) is true… why do we need more lockdowns? Surely the first one should have worked by now.

If, instead, the premise behind (2) is true… why do we need more lockdowns? No matter how many times we lock down, nothing will stop the disease from spreading.

I had high hopes for Boris the Impaler when he won the last General Election, but even back then, I figured that he would be a squishy centrist at best. The true Hard Right doesn’t go for insanely stupid shit like “green energy”, and believes in treating individuals as adults. That is precisely what the current “Conservative” government in the UK has singularly failed to do.

So it is with considerable irritation that I read about the Johnson government’s insistence on putting the entire UK back into Tier 4 lockdown – whatever that means – yet again:

There are questions about how much more impact extending the coverage of Tier 4 can have, given three-quarters of England is already subject to the harshest bracket, where only essential shops such as supermarkets are allowed to open and people are meant to stay at home. 

Mr Johnson tried to strike a positive note this morning, promising there will be a ‘massive ramp up’ in vaccination numbers.

He added: ‘There’s a massive ramp up operation now going on.

‘The rate limiting factor is now not supply of vaccines although we want that to go faster, it’s getting them properly tested and getting them to the NHS.

‘It’s not the ability to distribute the vaccine, it’s not the shortage of staff.

‘It’s getting it properly tested. That will ramp up in the weeks ahead.’

Asked in a round of interviews about the prospect of a national lockdown, Mr Hancock said: ‘We don’t rule anything out, and we’ve shown repeatedly that we will look at the public health advice and we will take the public health advice in terms of what is needed to control the spread of the disease.’

Pressed whether changes could be announced over the next 24 hours, he replied: ‘We have shown we are ready to move incredibly quickly… We look at the data on a daily basis.’ 

Mr Hancock said the ‘old tier system is no longer strong enough’ because the new variant is ‘much easier to catch, it is much more transmissible, and we’re now seeing the effect of that in lots of different parts of the country’.

Challenged on Sky News over whether Tier 4 restrictions work, Mr Hancock said: ‘It is down to people’s behaviour, frankly. What matters is, yes of course, the rules that we put in place, but it is also about how people act.

‘And frankly what I would say is this: it is critical that everybody in the country does all that they can to reduce the spread of the virus.’  

In a stark message about the length of the fight the UK faces, Mr Hancock said the problem was ‘how we collectively as a society keep this under control for the next couple of months… until the vaccines can make us safe’. 

There is so much wrong with these statements that it’s hard to know where to start.

Vaccines will not make the world a safe place again. Other than maybe the Russian Gamelya Institute Sputnik V vaccine, which uses proven time-tested viral-vector technology to generate SARS-CoV-2 antibodies, the other vaccines out there or in development right now have no such claims on effectiveness or usefulness. The Russian vaccine actually works, as far as anyone can tell. But a vaccine doesn’t protect everyone – and cannot.

People are absolutely sick and tired of seeing their lives and jobs and peace of mind destroyed at the whims of arbitrary and useless government measures. The lockdowns haven’t stopped the virus. People aren’t interested in being treated like children – well, maybe in the big cities they are, but in general, they are not.

And governments around the world have shown quite clearly that they have no idea how to respond to the scamdemic, in any way, shape, or form.

The reality is that this virus isn’t actually all that dangerous. We DO have effective prophylactics and treatments for it, right now, that don’t require crash-development of multi-billion-dollar vaccines. And we should all stop panicking and freaking out about it.

I suspect that Boris Johnson himself has proven so useless in reacting to the virus in part because he, himself, actually caught it. Now, interestingly, so too did the God-Emperor. And look at the vast difference in responses to the virus between the two.

One reacts in a very uncertain, hesitant, and even craven manner, incapable of standing up for himself or his people.

The other responds directly, forcefully, and optimistically, arguing that people should be left alone to decide their own levels of response to the threat.

It’s not hard to figure out which one is the better leader.

His Most Illustrious, Noble, August, Benevolent, and Legendary Celestial Majesty, the God-Emperor of Mankind, Donaldus Triumphus Magnus Astra, the First of His Name, the Lion of Midnight, may the Lord bless him and preserve him, appears to be readying himself for something really big, if the words of our beloved and dreaded Supreme Dark Lord (PBUH) Vox Day are anything to go by:

We are definitely going to find out on Wednesday whether the God-Emperor is who we think he is. If he does, in fact, have a Cannae-style double-envelopment planned for the Left, the resulting massacre will go down as the greatest act of political strategic brilliance in American history.

But Trump MUST act. If he does not, he will go down in history as the man who destroyed his own party and his own nation.

#BasedTucker is based:

Mark Dice‘s impressions of the helium-voiced baby-faced soyboy at the Clown News Network were some of the greatest comedy moments of 2020:

Dave from Blue Collar Logic has Georgia on his mind:

With due respect to Dave Morrison, he’s wrong. Georgia doesn’t matter in the long run.

Either the God-Emperor will cross the Potomac – in which case, Georgia won’t matter. Or he won’t – in which case, the downfall of the American Republic will be accelerated. And Georgia won’t matter.

Let’s be very, very clear about this. God’s judgement is upon America. The Fall of the American Republic is GUARANTEED. There is NO ESCAPE from it. So let’s stop pretending that the American system can be saved. It can’t.

President Trump’s second term will ensure that America’s fall and destruction will possibly be a bit less terrible and tumultuous. But he can’t prevent it. He can only give YOU time to save YOUR country, or what’s left of it.

I’ve no idea where Jason is, but people have been on holiday for the past week so many of the “usual suspects” will not feature in this week’s Browser Killer.

Bill Whittle put up a great monologue about the decline and fall of acadaemia (yes, that’s the CORRECT spelling, you heathen rebel colonists!):

The Male Brain has lots of great stuff for us this week. We start with a very interesting video that provides concrete (no pun intended – or so Dawn says) evidence that the pyramids of Egypt were built with an unusually advanced form of technology:

CinemaSins offers up a comprehensive analysis of Raiders of the Lost Ark:

(The worst thing about Raiders actually has to do with the fact that Indy is completely incidental to the entire film – at least, in the original release. Here’s a clip from The Big Bang Theory that explains the issue:

Now, I’m given to understand that there IS a deleted scene somewhere in the vaults that shows how Indy figured out that non-Jews who gazed upon the spirits released by the Ark would be destroyed, and that solves much of the plot problem. I don’t know if that’s true – if one of y’all has a clue about this, stick the info in the comments. But yes, the fact is that Indy was basically irrelevant to the plot of Raiders once you actually sit down and think about it.)

Back to Dawn’s stuff – here’s a great video from Dr. Frank Turek at Cross Examined that comprehensively dismantles, in under 3 minutes, the entire idea of “progressive Christianity”:

“STOP CALLING YOURSELF A CHRISTIAN!!!” – damn straight. As Dr. Turek says – Churchians who say shit like that want to change God to suit themselves, instead of letting God change them to suit HIMSELF.

Moving on – Dave Cullen looks at Batwoman and concludes that it is so awful, so monumentally stupid, so terrible, that it might just be a giant troll job:

Larry Elder looks at the way that uber-liberal (and mega-hypocrite) Michael Moore finally came to his senses with respect to “green” energy:

John Stossel reviews the clown car crash that was 2020, and concludes that there was quite a bit of good news in it:

Dawn Pine also provided us with some epic TWITS to close out the year:

If you know something about programming, this next one is by turns hilarious and deeply depressing:

Paul Ramsey is getting into the news business, apparently:

If you think things are weird now, shit’s actually been really weird for YEARS. Former Overstock CEO Patrick Byrne, who is known for his rather colourful views on a number of things, told a fascinating story last year:

This is the same Patrick Byrne that Anonymous Conservative referenced in a post about the coming Potomac crossing. Most of us probably think that Dr. Byrne – he has a PhD in Philosophy, believe it or not – has a few screws loose. He might just. He was known for calling his enemies “Sith Lords” and doing crazy shit during his tenure as CEO. But he was also a damned good manager of capital.

So, draw your own conclusions, really.

You remember how we were constantly told that Barack Hussein Odumbass was teh mostest eloquentust speakerz EVAHHHH!!! by the never-to-be-sufficiently-cursed whorenalists and presstitutes of the lying (((media)))? Here’s a funny mashup clip of him and the God-Emperor to remind you of what a doofus the Teleprompter-in-Chief was without his digital assistant:

China Uncensored reports on how Canada’s awful girly-boy Prime Minister Justine Truvada is a Deep State stooge of the ChiComs:

Related – if you criticise the Commies in China, it doesn’t matter WHO you are, how rich or powerful, you WILL be destroyed:

The most interesting segment in that video isn’t actually about Jack Ma. It’s about the serious Newspeak that the ChiComs are rolling out across their country.

Apparently, the ChiComs don’t regard Nineteen Eighty Four as a warning or a satire. They evidently look at it as an instruction manual.

America Uncovered are not at all impressed by the latest round of stimulus stupidity in the USA:

Terrence Popp and his producer Blake have some absolutely hilarious thoughts to add about Rep. Eric Swallowswell’s severe case of Yellow Fever:

I’m warning you, don’t drink anything in front of your TV or PC when watching that. I’m not responsible for spew damage.


Here’s a video from the NYFS about Nike and the way that it treats its athletes:

Let’s be fair and balanced and all that – it IS the New York F***ing Slimes after all – and see the other side of the story:

I’m not going to weigh in on this one – draw your own conclusions.

Midnight’s Edge has some very harsh words for Queen Karen Kennedy and her incredible incompetence, which The Mandalorian‘s Season 2 finale made painfully and inescapably clear to all of us:

Overlord Dicktor Van Doomcock reports that Queen Karen’s Empire is looking to strike back over the coming months after her epic humiliation:

Gary from Nerdrotic didn’t think much of Wonder Woman 1984:

Neither did The Drinker – indeed, apparently there is not enough booze in the ENTIRE WORLD to make that a “good” movie:

You can always count on Barney Stinson to give you the best possible advice for life:

How I Met Your Mother was, and remains, a PAINFULLY blue-pilled show. But Barney’s awesome red-pill moments made it sort of bearable – until the final season. That whole season just destroyed Barney Stinson’s Alpha characteristics and turned him into a cuck.

Jon from Whaddo You Meme?? offers up his thoughts on the moral failings of Christian leaders and what that means for the Great Commission that Christians received from Jesus:

Ultimately we must remember as Christians that we are broken, Fallen, and sinful. Not a single one of us, not even the Pope in Rome or the Grand Patriarch of Moscow, is worthy of Heaven. (Actually, given that Bergoglio is a Fake Pope, the notion that the Pope is not worthy of Heaven is doubly true here.)

We must always remember that every single prophet – EVERY ONE – failed God in some way, except Jesus. His Hugeness was the ONE AND ONLY prophet that never failed Our Father – because He was begotten by Our Father and coexisted with Him since the beginning of Time itself.

Every single other Jewish prophet and Christian Apostle failed Our Lord at some point or another in his life.

Yet God still used them to His own ends, to save billions. Think on that for a minute and you’ll be astonished.

Jon’s other point about how other faiths paint their prophets as better and more virtuous than everyone else, is very well made. That is true. Look at how Islam portrays “the most obvious false prophet in history” (to quote The Dizzle), their “perfect man”, Muhammad. Or look at how Hinduism portrays Rama, Krishna, and others. Indeed, look at how Buddhism portrays Siddhartha Gautama, or Mormonism portrays Joseph Smith, and so on and so forth.

Judaism and then Christianity, on the other hand, portray their (and our) prophets as flawed and broken men.

If you had to choose who to follow… would you prefer to follow an impossibly perfect man, who is only a man? Or would you prefer to follow a broken man who nonetheless strives to follow a perfect and immaculate God?

Now, make no mistake: a preacher, evangelist, or apologist who fornicates and molests women and, worst of all, abuses children, will be judged most severely by Our Lord. And he should be damned. Priests and preachers who abuse children, in particular, deserve nothing less than immediate execution – preferably through impalement.

Rest assured that those who commit these horrible acts will be judged for them – either in this life, or the next. But do not let the very human failings of anyone who talks to you about the Gospel – including and ESPECIALLY me, by the way – deter you from seeking out the truth and accepting Christ.

Alisa Childers offers up her thoughts on the same issues:

And speaking of flawed and broken men that God uses to do His good works – here’s your friendly neighbourhood ex-con psychopath turned Christian apologist and polemicist, The Dizzle, to break down the utter collapse of the Standard Islamic Narrative (SIN – see what I did there?) in 2020:

Here’s The Dizzle again, giving Izzlamic Dawahgandists some sincere – no, really – advice about avoiding further clown car crashes in 2021:

And some more:

Let’s bring Dr. Frank Turek from Cross Examined back again, because he’s awesome:

I’m reading I Don’t Have Enough Faith to Be an Atheist by Dr. Turek and Dr. Norman Geisler. If you want a really good accessible book that gives you solid Christian apologetic arguments, that is a great place to start. That’s Dr. Turek’s entire playbook, and it gives you every tactic and technique that makes him such a formidable debater and advocate for the Truth.

Your “Science is F***ING WEIRD” moment of the week is from Dawn Pine as usual, and presents rather fascinating evidence of a gigantic tsunami in the Eastern Mediterranean in the late Neolithic period – which, interestingly, MAY line up pretty well with a certain story of a certain huge flood in a certain book certainly called The Bible:

Tsunami events in antiquity had a profound influence on coastal societies. Six thousand years of historical records and geological data show that tsunamis are a common phenomenon affecting the eastern Mediterranean coastline. However, the possible impact of older tsunamis on prehistoric societies has not been investigated. Here we report, based on optically stimulated luminescence chronology, the earliest documented Holocene tsunami event, between 9.91 to 9.29 ka (kilo-annum), from the eastern Mediterranean at Dor, Israel. Tsunami debris from the early Neolithic is composed of marine sand embedded within fresh-brackish wetland deposits. Global and local sea-level curves for the period, 9.91–9.29 ka, as well as surface elevation reconstructions, show that the tsunami had a run-up of at least ~16 m and traveled between 3.5 to 1.5 km inland from the palaeo-coastline. Submerged slump scars on the continental slope, 16 km west of Dor, point to the nearby “Dor-complex” as a likely cause. The near absence of Pre-Pottery Neolithic A-B archaeological sites (11.70–9.80 cal. ka) suggest these sites were removed by the tsunami, whereas younger, late Pre-Pottery Neolithic B-C (9.25–8.35 cal. ka) and later Pottery-Neolithic sites (8.25–7.80 cal. ka) indicate resettlement following the event. The large run-up of this event highlights the disruptive impact of tsunamis on past societies along the Levantine coast.

Your long read of the week is also from Dawn Pine, and looks at an intriguing book on the subject of glorious and terrible last stands:

Last Stands of fighting men are normally not the end of their society. Instead, they become a point of narrative focus of a drive for a larger victory. The big question for today’s America is will we be able to summon up the willpower for men to make a Last Stand that other men can avenge or will we fall apart?

Since the illicit second Constitution that is the 1964 Civil Rights Act, every communal endeavor the United States has participated in has failed to launch or turned into a disaster. For example, Obamacare is a clunky, unpopular program and no long war has been won. Vietnam, Iraq, and Libya are all disappointments. America’s Africanized and feminized military deploys like a beached whale.

Does anyone want to bet that this book also helped inspire the excellent SABATON album of the same name?

Linkage is good for you:

And some more from Dawn Pine:

The Neo-Tsar‘s New Year 2021 message is one of hope and faith:

Look at the contrast between his words of strength, hope, and gratitude, and the mealy-mouthed lies of European “leaders” who keep telling us that we need to sacrifice yet more and suffer constantly while they themselves see their wealth and power increase every day.

Putin is not a soft or kind man. But he IS a strong and capable leader – perhaps the only leader in the entirety of Europe that actually still believes in freedom for his people. I know that sounds strange, but it is true.

History lessons of the week:

Your Great Man of the Week is King Karl the Great – also known as Charlemagne:

Some mood music from HALO 4:

No matter HOW many times you tell them, people just DO NOT LEARN – you DO NOT F**K with The Batman:

Wazzocks gonna wazzock:

That compilation is highly appropriate, given that one of the news segments basically “fakes” being in the previous year. Given that I started putting this particular compilation together in 2020, but released it in 2021, that seems highly appropriate.

Also – I cannot possibly be the only person who thinks that the UK should definitely go to war with France and give the bloody Frogs a good hiding.

(Of course, this being Thee Current Year, we can amuse ourselves no end by figuring out which military is worse. I’m betting on the Frenchists. Any takers?)

Kitchen Nightmares with the Angry Scot:

Comedy hour:

Pics, guns, girls, starting as usual with entries from The Male Brain, along with his own captions:

It’s worth remembering that the success rate at AA is about 10% – BUY BOOZE STOCKS IN 2021!!!
Lysdexia is a bitch, ain’t it?
In both cases – just make sure you don’t get caught
Dawn says the show isn’t that good – his response is: “No Deal”
In the interests of disclosure, let’s check their LinkedIn profile
For those who don’t remember it – that movie is actually about the Deep State
Somehow we don’t really remember a whole lot of people changing his mind
Old classic, courtesy of Captain Capitalism

The Male Brain also routinely sends me funny shit that he finds on LinkedIn:


He bloody well SHOULD. Commiepornians should not be allowed into Texas, or any other free state, until and unless they are THOROUGHLY tested for Liberalism and vaccinated or quarantined if necessary.

How long should they be quarantined?

This one tickles me on a number of levels – not least because I always did rather like Dragonball Z:

Obviously I couldn’t care less about The Mandalorian, but I have to admit that, for a Devil Mouse Wars show, it’s pretty subversive to the entire liberaltard agenda:

Headlines of the week indicate that Floriduh is leading the charge for freedom:

I’m not being sarcastic about that. This is the sort of thing that I definitely support.

Your “Own Goal” moment of the week:

Your “Who Had Giant Killer Texan Lizards” in the “Doomsday Apocalypse 2021 Bingo Pool?” moment of the week:

Your “Wonder No More” moment of the week:

Your “Really Stupid Advice” moment of the week:

This brings to mind a funny meme that I saw all the way back in like February last year:

Remember, whilst Covid-19 is with us to practice safe sex - 9GAG

And now for your “Unnecessary Advice Completely Ignored” moment of the week:

As ridiculous as that headline is, it actually hides the, quite horrible, true story. The nurse in question was a man. The COVID-19 patient was also a man. And this happened in a hospital in Indonesia – an Islamic country where they DO NOT like homos. If convicted of sodomy and breaking quarantine laws and so on, each man could face 10 years in prison, in addition to the tender ministrations of Coronachan.

And that, kiddies, is why being gay isn’t good for you.

Your “Things NOBODY Ever Wanted to Know About” moment of the week:

Your “Goat-Rodeo” moment of the week:

Your “How DARE You Compare the God-Emperor to a Jug-Eared Dumbass?!?!” moment of the week:

Your “War of the Sexes” moment of the week:

I’m not even going to try to craption this next one:

Let’s examine a few instances of journalistic consistency and scientific integrity:

This one nearly made me jump out of my chair until I realised what it was:

That’s how insane 2020 was.

You see what quarantine is doing to us all?!? People are drinking Pabst!!! That swill is AWFUL!

I consider bacon and chicken to be vegetables, so I’m really not sure what to think of that one…

Your Dog of the Week is the wonderfully floofy Gordon Setter:

Some frequently asked questions about the Gordon setter ...

Your aminules are adorkable moment of the week:

And also your animals are absolute DICKS moment of the week, to balance things out:

Pray silence now, brothers, for it is time to witness a live specimen of Gymbeasticus liftheavyshitus doing his thing:

And just to balance things out a bit – the Trap Lord is here to entertain us with the best gym fails and idiots of 2020:

Lily Singh is PAINFULLY unfunny. The Trap Lord’s roasts of her are far funnier than her roasts of anyone else.

Buakaw Beatdown of the Week:

Jesus loves knockouts:

Synthwave reminds us of the greatness of the 80s:

Joe Satriani, Steve Vai, Zakk Wylde, and Yngwie Malmsteen – some of THE GREATEST GUITARISTS OF ALL TIME – talk about another guitar god, Ritchie Blackmore:

I grew up listening to DEEP PURPLE. They are a huge part of my childhood and I still think of Machine Head as perhaps the best blues-rock album of all time. I remember listening to “Child in Time” and thinking that the world had changed forever after I heard Ian Gillan’s epic high notes.

Hindsight and maturity show that Machine Head, Fireball, and In Rock actually had some major flaws and duds. But nothing – NOTHING – eclipses the feeling of listening to that massive blues riff from “Smoke on the Water” for the first time.

As for the man himself – here’s what he has to say about two men who replaced him in the band that he created:

Blackmore’s point about “heart” players is well made. He articulates exactly why I don’t really “get” players like Malmsteen, Satriani, and Vai – and why I am such a huge fan of Steve Morse, Andy Larocque, and all three of the guitarists in IRON MAIDEN. All of those guys are “heart” players with tremendous technique – and if you don’t believe me, just listen to Janick Gers, in particular. He really knows his shit. That guy is a truly technical player, but he also has amazing passion for the music.


This one was sent to me by reader Vincent for my NYE party post – thanks brother:

And now here’s your very first Monday Instathot of 2021 to get your year off to the right start. I figured we should start off with an impressive lady here, and this one definitely fulfils that requirement. Her name is Marie-Gabrielle Raymond, and she’s a Canuck from the Great Frozen North. Beyond that, though, I have no idea who she is or how old she is. I’d guess that she’s in her late twenties, but with all of that warpaint and the inevitable Instaham filters and so on, who knows?

At any rate – that’s it for this week, the very first of 2021. Get out there and start with the WINNING!!! already.

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  1. Kapios

    That SEO joke made me roar in laughter. I have been doing SEO for my shop for the last two weeks and that made my day. It’s gruelling when you keep doing it for different platforms just to please the Gods of ranking algorithm. Also thr instathot is doing instagram seo as well 😛

    I also agree with the memes about 2021.I have a feeling we are in for a shit storm, especially when you consider the sea of money being printed. Coronachan is tiny next to that.

    When I was little, I used to wonder endlessly how empires fell so violently and of course the teachers never explained to us why. Now I know much more and I still have to pinch myself knowing that I’m part of the generation that will witness the downfall of many countries and fight for a new future.

    • Didact

      Yes, SEO is a grind, and Goolag’s approach to its Mighty Algorithm doesn’t make life any better. The “Don’t Be Evil” people have a very great deal to answer for, and it wouldn’t surprise me to see Google broken up for its extreme monopolistic practices within ten years.

      When I was little, I used to wonder endlessly how empires fell so violently and of course the teachers never explained to us why. Now I know much more and I still have to pinch myself knowing that I’m part of the generation that will witness the downfall of many countries and fight for a new future.

      Yes. Gibbon argued that the Roman Empire fell in part because of the loss of martial spirit and moral vigour among the Roman citizenry. Living through the Commiepox lockdowns and associated stupidity, I cannot help but agree. Russians reacted to the whole thing with typical Slavic stoicism and simply got on with things. The Brits, by contrast, who supposedly have the “Spirit of the Blitz” in them, STILL haven’t risen up and marched upon their leaders in Westminster – the majority of them appear to be cowed and terrified by a bug that really isn’t quite that dangerous.

      • Kapios

        When it comes to not rising up to the stupidity of the government, I’m guilty of that as well. When you see evil around you, the theory behind starting a protest is to get others who are scared to take the first step as well. A few months ago, someone in my country organized a protest through Facebook and got arrested before he even got out. It was right after the first lockdowns were rolled out. The most I would have done is get people to flood the politicians with letters of complaints if I even knew how to get people fired up. I’m a big believer in silent revolution, which mostly works against businesses, because you can vote with your wallet, but the government is a different matter.

        As far as the SEO part, Google actually has a good algorithm, but not when it comes to politics. Yes they purposefully rank and shadow ban right wing politics, but as far as every other niche out there, all those Penguin, Panda, etc. updates put a huge barrier in front of link spammers. Also, do not underestimate Yandex and Bing as well. They might catch up if they play their cards well. By now, each country should have had its own search engine, but Google has perfected promotion better than everyone else, so being vague about how search engine algorithms work is only going to delay competition. Building back links is a bitch, but the strong will prevail and the cheap link spammers will fall to obscurity.

        • Didact

          I’m a big believer in silent revolution, which mostly works against businesses, because you can vote with your wallet, but the government is a different matter.

          It doesn’t take much. You don’t have to take to the streets to protest their stupidity, necessarily – you just need to reject the lies.

          If they tell you to wear a mask everywhere – don’t. They don’t do a single damned thing.

          If they tell you to stay at home all day unless you need to be out and about – find a good reason to be out and about.

          Where I am right now, in PommieBastardLande, I can look out the window of my hotel room and see people walking around in the streets without masks. The tram that goes past my window also has people on it who don’t wear masks. And good for them. Things here aren’t quite as awful as they are in London, fortunately.

          Also, do not underestimate Yandex and Bing as well. They might catch up if they play their cards well.

          Yandex is getting better every day. I’m actually very impressed with what the Russkies are doing. I do believe that they can outcompete and outrun Google on any turf, and have already done so in Russia itself. They’ve gotten to the point where they are a complete replacement for the Goolag out there.

          I do believe that SEO can be done cost-effectively and in a straightforward manner, but it is indeed a bitch to do consistently.


    I’m one of those evil racist sexist manbaby long-time Star Wars fans who violently hated The Last Jedi and wrote off the entire franchise because of it. I saw the Special Editions in theaters at least three times each, saw 2/3 prequels at midnight showings (and in theaters at least three times each), and have spent thousands of dollars on home videos and merchandise, particularly cards and video games. After The Last Jedi, I vowed that Disney would never get another dollar from me for Star Wars, and I stuck to it. I skipped Solo but saw Fall of Skywalker a month after it came out (so the theater got all my money) out of sheer morbid curiosity. It just made me sad. This had once been a franchise that ignited my excitement and imagination like nothing else, and been a huge part of my life. As I sat there and watched that cinematic abomination spool out, I felt nothing.

    I watched The Mandalorian thanks to a relative sharing their account, and I really like it. Disney will never get an “all is forgiven” from me as long as the sequel trilogy remains canon, but Mando is many, many steps in the right direction. It’s emotionally manipulative, overly fanservice-y, and extremely crowd-pleasing, but those last two things are exactly what Star Wars needs right now after a half decade of Lucasfilm toadies spitting in their faces and mocking them for not loving the dog’s breakfast that they were served. I’m more worried than excited about the explosion of Mandalorian spinoffs, but I can’t deny the future looks bright if Miss Kathy is no longer calling the shots at Lucasfilm.

    • Didact

      I honestly haven’t bothered with anything related to Devil Mouse Wars since I saw The Force Awakens, which I hated. I was very much at odds with my family at that time. Since then they’ve come around to realise that there are some serious problems with that movie. And I don’t think any of them enjoyed the next two movies.

      I’m very much in the “a pox on Lucasfilm” camp at this point, and I want nothing more to do with them. My strong dislike of anything done since the New Jedi Order book series is due to the colossally stupid mistakes that the LucasArts and Lucas Books managers made with the games and the Expanded Universe media. But even someone as jaded as me can readily admit that seeing Luke Skywalker being an epic badass in The Mandalorian was a huge deal.

      I also appreciate the political masterstroke that Favreau and Filoni pulled off with that five-minute clip. They took a big risk bringing Luke back while trying to keep things as consistent as possible between the Mando timeline and the Reyverse timeline. But they managed it. They recaptured the loyalty and faith of millions of fans, simply by treating them decently and giving them what they want. And they completely destroyed Queen Karen Kennedy’s power base in the space of a single episode.

      That’s political genius at its best. I wouldn’t want to wrangle with Favreau – he appears to be VERY good at this political infighting thing now.

      • MrUNIVAC

        I agree that The Force Awakens is bad, but it’s more of a “this could have been so much better” bad, as opposed to “every single person involved in this should be hanged” bad like Last Jedi. I got caught up in the nostalgia like everyone else when it came out, but left the theater with more WTFs about the plot than joy. Also, Ma-Rey Sue is one of the worst fictional characters of all time.

        The only decent Devil Mouse film is Rogue One, but even then I consider it a failure because it doesn’t work at all without having seen A New Hope. Also, every single leader in that movie, Vader included, is a complete idiot and does stupid things for no real reason.

    • Post Alley Crackpot

      “I’m one of those evil racist sexist manbaby long-time Star Wars fans …”

      I’m waiting for a future series of Doctor Who to reveal that the recent series of Doctor Who feature The Master in drag once again, but The Master has been pretending to be The Doctor this whole time.

      As for The Doctor, he’s been busy hunting down a rogue feminist with near-immortality who absconded with a Tardis and one of his friends, and he’s not happy about having to come about this “the long way around”.

      The inevitable confrontation between “The Doctor” in drag and the real Doctor not in drag is not to be missed, especially when both the Gallifreyan High Council and the Dalek High Command stop the feminist “wedding” that’s taking place.

      How’s that for retconning an entire few years of POZ? 🙂

  3. Post Alley Crackpot

    “… the hapless, clueless, feckless, useless government of Boris the Floppy-Haired Sheepadoodle …”

    I was under the impression that the UK is now under management by Carrie the Usurper whose purse contains the withered remnants of Boris the Bodger’s cock and balls, and that she gets ruthlessly “prorogued” every night by a member of the British celebrity class.

    Once you understand that the super spreader was Idris Elba and that’s how Justine Trudeau and her wife got The Big Bad Rona …

    What? Prove me wrong! 🙂

    “People are absolutely sick and tired of seeing their lives and jobs and peace of mind destroyed at the whims of arbitrary and useless government measures.”

    We’ve moved from a formerly comfortable urban existence near the heart of Miami, and we’re now dealing with a house under contract in a Florida county whose sheriff has indicated that neither he nor any of his deputies will ever enforce such things as “mandatory curfews” and “mandatory vaccinations”.

    A wise older man who understands how many deer rifles and ex-forces people there are in the area, no doubt.

    But it’s right out of the Georgio Agamben “states of exception” play book: exploit a crisis so that a temporary exception can be turned into a permanent state of affairs.

    Random big box retailers in this area have already taken down the “mask required” signs in defiance of their corporate head offices, and only the obviously fragile OAPs are wearing masks now.

    But back to Boris the Bodger: the problem with the UK government and especially the not-so-civil service is that most of it’s made up by overly eager schoolboys and schoolgirls (the latter primarily of the suffragette bluestocking variety) who enjoy playing at government without actually functioning like one.

    That the United States tries to emulate this model only shows how weakened the “Ulcered Sphincter of Arserica” has become and that someone should shove some tea bags up their emergent socialist collective …

    [saves the rest of my Louis Prothero rant for the television show] 🙂

    A question that may seem flippant right now but isn’t: why hasn’t someone developed a hydraulic guillotine powered by an electrical generator?

    The loud sounds of the electrical generator to power the guillotine would be enough to drown out any screams, something the designers may regard as a “positive” development.

    File under: political restoration devices, microwaves that seat thirty, etc.

    • Didact

      A question that may seem flippant right now but isn’t: why hasn’t someone developed a hydraulic guillotine powered by an electrical generator?

      The loud sounds of the electrical generator to power the guillotine would be enough to drown out any screams, something the designers may regard as a “positive” development.

      If I’m any judge of such things, I suspect that LTC Tom Kratman would happily develop one – but he doesn’t have the time because of all of his writing commitments.

      It’s a brilliant idea, though.


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