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The day of heresy

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Plenty of people (myself included) love to misquote that old saw supposedly coined by Mark Twain:

“History doesn’t repeat itself, but it often rhymes”.

Of the many, many epigrams attributed to Samuel Clemens, aka Mark Twain – a confirmed epigrammatist – that is one of the best. (I rather prefer the one about how a game of golf is a good walk ruined, but that’s me.) However, even if he didn’t coin it, the phrase is apt and apposite in our current time.

If you’ve never read Plutarch’s Lives of the Noble Grecians and Romans, I highly recommend it. The great orators, philosophers, warriors, and kings of that past hold many lessons for us today.

Plutarch’s tome covers the lives of many great men. Possibly the best parallel between the current – for now – President of the United States of America from back then was the Athenian politician Demosthenes. He was perhaps the greatest rabble-rouser and orator of his age, and he made a career out of trying to preserve his city’s freedoms and economy during its period of terminal decline. He used simple phrases with heated rhetoric to make his points, and his fiery style did not involve any highfalutin phrases or pretence at learning.

Demosthenes was a man for his time. His political principles were part of his very personality. He didn’t dodge or hide his beliefs and rarely dissembled around issues. He simply got straight to the point, and had no qualms about attacking his opponents in the most personal terms possible – usually AFTER they did the same to him, not before.

Does any of this sound familiar? I might as well be writing about His Most Illustrious, Noble, August, Benevolent, and Legendary Celestial Majesty, the God-Emperor of Mankind, Donaldus Triumphus Magnus Astra, the First of His Name, the Lion of Midnight, the Chaddest of Chads, may the Lord bless him and preserve him.

And, like Demosthenes, President Trump represents a culmination of historical forces that he only partially shapes and controls.

Today, and up until January 20th, unstoppable historical forces will slam headfirst into the immovable objects that feature at the heart of American politics. There can only be one possible outcome:


Today will indeed be wild, as the God-Emperor predicted. The Georgia Senate runoff races appear to be concluding with two victories for the Daemoncrats. This means the effective end of two-party rule in the USA.

Now, you and I both know that this notion of “two-party” rule has been an illusion for at least 50 years, maybe more. The two parties in Washington, D.C., simply pretend to be on opposite sides. In reality, both like foreign wars, massive spending on pet causes, and welfare for their friends.

President Trump represented the first real threat to their way of doing things in decades. Like Patrick Buchanan, Ross Perot, and Dr. Ron Paul before him, he represented the forgotten and lost voice of the common man who did not understand or agree with the need for endless wars and welfare. Unlike those other men, his message resonated on a mass scale because of his quite unique combination of rhetorical eloquence, socio-sexual success, and undeniable personal charisma.

He broke the “Two Wings One Party” system of government and gave the people a voice again. He painted a giant target on his own back. The Establishment has never forgotten what he did and absolutely will not forgive him for it. And today, he will discover once and for all who is on his side and who is not.

If Georgia votes in two more Daemoncrats for the Senate, then that is certainly the end of any notion that the people will have a voice any longer. With full control over the Executive and the Legislature, the Daemoncrats will certainly push for statehood for Puerto Rico and Washington, D.C. That would give them at least two more representatives and – critically – four more Senators from new “states” that have no business being such and which will always vote Daemoncrat.

At that point, it’s game, set, and match. No delaying tactic from the Republicans, no procedural methods from Cocaine Mitch, and no form of argument can prevent the Daemoncrats from doing whatever they want through the Senate itself.

Now, this isn’t the first time that the Daemoncrats have managed this. Ten years ago, the Lightworker, Barack Hussein Odumbass, had EVERYTHING his way. Daemoncrats controlled the House, the Senate, the Presidency, and could count on a fairly reliable liberal swing vote in the Supreme Court. They controlled considerable numbers of the State legislatures and governors as well. They had it all.

Predictably, they overreached and the voters reacted in 2010 by destroying their grip over the House and significantly eroding their hold over the Senate.

Who is to say that something similar won’t happen in 2022?

Well, that’s very simple: the 2020 election proved beyond any shadow of a reasonable doubt that the Daemoncrats will use any means necessary to manipulate and distort the vote, and they have Big Tech completely on their side. There is no such thing as a free or fair election in America anymore, and probably hasn’t been for years. It’s just that, up until 2020, this wasn’t quite so blatant or obvious.

Where does this leave the God-Emperor? In a very precarious position – for his enemies.

Ferdinand Foch quote: My center is giving way, my right is ...

I’ll certainly admit that it doesn’t look that way. Trump’s list of allies grows thinner. If Vice President Race “Mike Pence” Bannon does not throw out the votes of contested states, and if the Senators who have sworn to dispute those same results do not stand up for him, then the range of options available to him comes down to just two:

  1. Resign and surrender; or
  2. Spring whatever traps he might have built up on his foes.

I honestly have no idea which course the God-Emperor will choose. It’s impossible to tell right now. Most of us on the Right are dispirited and demoralised, seeing President Trump’s failure to do anything to combat epic electoral fraud as the final breaking point of a largely broken system.

Today, and for the next two weeks, we will find out whether President Trump is the man that we always thought he was. We will find out whether Vice President Race Bannon is a true and loyal Bravo. And we will quickly find out who among us truly believed and had faith in the promises that the God-Emperor made – and who just stuck around because of his “halo effect“.

Obviously, you and I have no patience for the two wings of the One-Party State and its never-to-be-sufficiently-cursed allies among the whorenalists and presstitutes of the (((media))). I’m very much of the opinion that it is well past time to invoke Articles II Section 3 and IV Section 2 of the Constitution. These deal directly with traitors.

At this point, if the God-Emperor were to declare martial law and start hanging the presstitutes off the bridges on the Potomac and impaling on ungreased stakes the treasonous members of both parties who enabled the greatest electoral fraud in history, I don’t think either you or I would blink or blanch for even a moment.

Such are the times in which we find ourselves. These are the times that test a man and show what he really is.

We’re going to learn very soon what President Trump is really made of. Is he a lion, or a lamb?

And we’re going to find out pretty quickly who is actually on his side. We’re already seeing it, in fact. Sen. Tom Cotton, touted quite often as a future Presidential candidate, very stupidly said that he would not obstruct the ratification of the electoral college votes in Congress today. Sen. Josh Hawley took the exact opposite approach. It’s not hard to figure out who will be more popular with the MAGA crowd in the near future.

If President Trump loses his nerve and fails to do what his office requires of him, then he will go down in history as the greatest failed President of all time.

But if he pulls this off, somehow, and holds the enemies of his country to account…

Well, there won’t be enough paper in the entire world to print sufficient hosannas to the man who saved his nation.

Freedom Tits. Just because.

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