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Friday T&A: С Днём Рождения Edition

by | Oct 7, 2022 | fat girl jihad | 4 comments

The Russian phrase in the title is their way of saying, “happy birthday” – it literally translates as, “with the day of birth” – and today is, in fact, someone’s birthday. No, it is not mine – but it IS the Neo-Tsar’s birthday. He turns 70 today, and he has now been in power as the essentially unquestioned leader of Russia for nearly 23 years.

Given the context of the current Special Military Operation in Banderastan, it is worth asking what the Neo-Tsar has accomplished on this day, his 70th birthday.

Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin was born in what was then Leningrad in the early 1950s, right toward the end of the Great Patriotic War and during the final years of Stalin’s reign (of utter terror), and the subsequent political upheaval under Kruschyov. (That is actually the more-or-less-correct transliteration of his name – Westerners always pronounce it incorrectly.) His brother died in the 900-day siege of Leningrad, along with over ONE MILLION Soviet citizens.

Rumour has it that he had a Jewish nanny, which is said to be one of the reasons why Putin is in fact unusually friendly toward Jews, to a degree that makes him stand out markedly from the other siloviki.

He gained a law degree in 1975, joined the Communist Party, and joined the KGB. After 10 years’ service, he went west, to live and work in East Germany for a further 5 years, and then returned to Russia in 1990 after the collapse of the Berlin Wall. He lived right through the absolute worst of the upheaval during the Soviet Union’s collapse, and watched as his entire world came crumbling down around him.

The Neo-Tsar watched as the optimism and joy of the collapse of the Evil Empire – and it WAS evil, make no mistake – gave way to misery and disillusionment during the decade of humiliation, hardship, starvation, and horror that followed. All through that decade, he worked his way through the upper layers of the new system, aided by his friend and mentor, Anatoly Sobchak, the Mayor of Leningrad and one of the authors of the original Russian Constitution, formulated after the collapse of the USSR.

He demonstrated his steely resolve and administrative skill as Prime Minister of Russia during the Second Chechen War, when he ordered the flattening of Grozny – a move widely condemned by the West (which we now know almost certainly funded the Wahhabist nutbags behind the “Republic of Ichkeria” separatist movement), but heavily approved of by the Russian people, who had witnessed quite enough Izzlamist horror and were fed to the back teeth with that nonsense.

So, when the time came for him to replace an ageing, enfeebled, and alcohol-impaired Boris Yeltsin, he was more than ready.

The subsequent years have seen Putin become the West’s greatest bogeyman. The Western elites fear him, because they do not understand him, at all. They think of him as a simple, unsophisticated thug. This is an amazingly stupid and blind characterisation. The man is extremely intelligent, driven, and capable. He is a master of organisation and is a highly skilled manager of people.

More than that, thanks to his training in the law, he understands and appreciates legal frameworks and how to operate within them. He is actually quite moderate in his views of the West – his years in Germany made him at least nominally Europhile. He is in fact quite philosemitic, as mentioned above – which puts him substantially at odds with most of the Russian political elite, who understand full well that the oligarchs who raped Russia in the 1990s were mostly Jews whose allegiance lay with Israel, not Russia.

Most of all, the Neo-Tsar is a cold, cunning, calculating, wise, and exceptionally politically savvy deep introvert who understands the West’s greatest weaknesses, and is determined never to repeat the mistakes that saw his beloved country brought low.

Quite a lot of people – Russians included – would be very surprised to think of Putin as a Russian nationalist. I assure you that is exactly what he is. (Liberal Russians would be surprised to hear him described as such, because they think that he has enriched himself to a vast degree by stealing from the Russian people and denying them their democratic rights.) He has stated repeatedly, on numerous occasions, that the collapse of the USSR was the greatest geopolitical catastrophe of the 20th Century, from the Russian perspective – Westerners love to quote that line of his. They always forget to quote his further statements about Communism being contrary to human nature, and about the fact that the USSR denuded the historical Russian homeland of vast amounts of its land, resources, and most importantly, people.

The collapse of the Soviet Union left millions of ethnic Russians stranded far away from home, in lands that were distinctly not their own. THAT is the catastrophe that the Neo-Tsar is determined never to repeat. It has been the singular driving force behind all of his actions for the past quarter-century – to see Russia restored in greatness and power, to the point where it is not an empire, but a distinct civilisation-state, strong and free, capable of determining its own destiny, with friendship and trade binding it to an international community of like-minded nations.

This vision is idealistic, to be sure. Perhaps it is overly so; the temptations of empire are usually too difficult for most nations to overcome. But, it is important to note that, under the Neo-Tsar, Russia has sought out no dependencies, no colonies, and no satellites in its near periphery. Its closest neighbours are free to pursue courses that pit them directly against Russian interests – witness Belarus’s abortive attempts to become a more pro-Western nation up until 2020, or Kazakhstan’s continued attempts to welcome Western investment, or Azerbaijan’s alignment with Turkey instead of Russia.

The American government’s response to similar attempts by countries like Mexico, Brazil, Honduras, Nicaragua, and so on, has always been one of unrelenting hostility and outright attempts at regime change. The Russians, by contrast, prefer to negotiate openly instead of fighting. They certainly do have covert means of applying pressure – only a fool thinks otherwise – but on the whole, they try to talk first and betray second.

Given all that the Neo-Tsar has achieved in the past 25 years, I firmly believe that he will be remembered as one of the greatest leaders in the history of his nation. If he achieves outright victory against Banderastan and its Western masters – and I fully believe he will – then I think he will be remembered in the same breath as Peter the Great, Stalin, and his namesake, Prince Vladimir the Great of Kiev, the man who brought Christianity to Russia.

And if he forces the outright surrender of the West within the next few years and the collapse of the Empire of Lies – which I think he is likely to do, barring something genuinely horrible happening to him – then I believe he will be remembered as THE greatest Russian leader of all time. Which, given Russia’s thousand-year history, is saying something.

Putin is not a nice man. He is a cold, calculating, dangerous killer. He is also surprisingly moderate, by Russian standards – and he is demonstrably an exceptionally cultured and well-mannered gentleman. All you have to do is to observe his public behaviour to realise that he is no simple thug. He is, in fact, a true leader.

So, happy birthday, President Putin – and Godspeed on your way as you work to destroy the Empire of Lies and its evil web of corruption and filth.

And with that, let’s get to the real reason why we’re all here.

This week’s lovely lady is Oktyabrina Maksimova (Октябрина Максимова), age 27 from Velikiy Novgorod (Novgorod-the-Great, the original city founded by Prince Rurik and the seat of power of the Rurikian Dynasty that was, by some historical accounts, the beginning of the entire Russian civilisation). The fact that she is from the original Novgorod is rather fitting, given that the Neo-Tsar gave a speech there recently to mark the thousand-year point of Russia’s own civilisation. In reality, Russian heritage is even more ancient than that – the city can trace its origins back to around 862 AD.

As for Ms Maksimova herself, she was a Miss MAXIM Russia finalist in 2020 – rather fittingly, I suppose, given her last name – and she lives in St. Petersburg, i.e. modern Leningrad. Given the confluence of events described above, I’d say she’s quite an appropriate candidate for the day.

Happy Friday, gentlemen. The Banderastan War is at a bit of a lull, but the war between the Empire of Lies and the rest of the world continues unabated. It will liven up soon enough. So keep your powder dry – and your body too, given that it is autumn in the northern hemisphere and therefore quite cold, wet, and unpleasant – and await whatever comes next.

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  1. Ramkumar

    Thanks for the Putin background. Very interesting and helpful.
    Amazing eyes on Ms. Maksimova.

  2. big al

    To wish Mr Putin a happy birthday, and thank him for his restraint in
    dealing with the fools running the government controlling my country.
    May the creator bless you and the Russian people.

  3. Bardelys the Magnificent

    Excellent thot. One of your finest.

  4. Tom Kratman

    Volodya has, sadly, one glaring flaw; he’s a ditherer and a delayer. Might make sense in the intel world, but he’s not been in the intel world for a long time. In the world of war, which he voluntarily entered, dithering is disaster. He should, for example, have ordered mobilization the day it became obvious that FSB’s intel estimate on the Ukie’s willingness to fight was complete balderdash. And here, seven months later, he’s only ordering a partial. The angels weep…


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