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No more Mr. Nice Bear

by | Sep 22, 2022 | Politics | 4 comments

The Neo-Tsar has evidently had quite enough of dicking around in Banderastan. As I mentioned in my previous post on the subject, the referendums organised in the liberated territories of 404 are a specific, long-planned trigger for much harsher Russian actions that go well above and beyond the rules and confines of a Special Military Operation. Yesterday morning, Moscow time, the Neo-Tsar sent a very clear, absolutely uncompromising message to the hohols and their Western enablers and supporters. It is a very good speech, not particularly long, and well worth watching:

If, like me, you prefer to listen to Mr. Putin speaking directly, then the full speech is available here in Russian. I recommend reading along with the official Kremlin transcript – the dubbed version follows that transcript extremely closely, so what you’re hearing in the video above is a very accurate translation of the Neo-Tsar’s words.

(If you are unable to access the Kremlin’s website, then you will need a VPN to bypass Western geoblocking restrictions against Russian websites – they can’t have you getting to the truth, after all, that’s Just Not Done. Check out Surfshark and Atlas VPN, which offer you unlimited device connections and full compatibility with WinDOZE, Mac OS X, and Linux. And, while you’re at it, check out Surfshark’s other products – Incogni, which puts your data back under your control, and see if you’re interested in Surfshark’s own antivirus client, which comes with a free VPN subscription as well.)

Let us be very clear about what has happened in the last 48 hours.

The Russian leadership has understood, since at least February 2014, that war with the West is inevitable. The Empire of Lies is too crazed with bloodlust, too power-mad, too out of control, to be trusted any longer. That is why the Russians refer to the West as their former partners in pretty much all official and media correspondence.

The Russian people, however, took a bit longer to twig on to this new reality. This is because Russia is, and historically has been, since at least the time of Peter the Great, a European nation, with its eyes and borders turned toward the Western world. It took something as jarring and violent as the massive and unprecedented Western sanctions regime, stemming from Russia’s entirely justified invasion of Ukraine in February, to shock them into the realisation that the Western world absolutely hates Russia and Russians.

This was not an easy fact for Russians to accept, at least not the ones living in the largest western Russian cities. Metropolitan-minded Russians have long been used to flying to Europe for vacations, learning European languages, and living like, well, Europeans. For them, engagement with Europe and all things Western, was generally regarded as a Good Thing.

This is categorically not true for the older generations of Russians, and for rural and suburban Russians, who view Europe with suspicion, at best. Older generations of Russians are seasoned enough to remember the fact that it was their ancestors, fighting under Marshall Zhukov and generals of his calibre, that destroyed the Nazis and fought through German lines all the way to Berlin. They also remember that Europe never thanked them for this, and that the Western powers have since rewritten history to pretend that it was they who won what the Russians call the Great Patriotic War.

Those older Russians remember well the latent Russophobia of Europe, and they view the Europeans with cynicism as a bunch of soft, effete pansies who are far too used to a good life.

The rest of Russia has now cottoned on to this reality. The Russian people fully understand now what is at stake. In this aspect, believe it or not, they are actually more hardline at this point than the Neo-Tsar himself is. It is they, not the Neo-Tsar, that want to see Ukraine crushed and broken. It is they, and not the Neo-Tsar, who believe that diplomacy is no longer an option. And it is they, not the Neo-Tsar, who want to see ALL of the historical Russian lands of eastern and southern Ukraine recaptured and reintegrated into the Motherland.

Putin was willing to negotiate a peace settlement – it is very important for Western readers to understand that he is actually the moderate among the Russian Cabinet. The rest of his siloviki are actually serious hardliners, who genuinely relish the prospect of open war with the West and are itching to teach the Euzis a very bloody lesson in true combined-arms warfare. But the Russian people will no longer tolerate what they view as a “dishonourable” peace settlement.

What will an honourable settlement look like? At minimum, it will mean the taking of Odessa and Nikolaev, leaving Ukraine a broken and landlocked country with absolutely no access to ports or heavy industry. It will also most likely include the capture of Zaporozh’ye and Dniepropetrovsk, two cities of immense industrial potential and power, along with Kharkov, a city founded under the Russian Tsars.

After this, there won’t really be a Ukraine left, not one worth speaking of.

The Russians are done fooling about. This war is about to take a much more brutal turn, which will likely see the Russian military hitting critical points of infrastructure within Ukraine. The Russian people are enraged by constant Ukronazi shelling of civilian areas of Donetsk – just today, the hohols shelled Donetsk city and hit a bus full of passengers. Such artillery strikes ARE NOT ACCIDENTAL. The American-made and -supplied M-777 howitzers are quite precise weapons, by all accounts, and are designed for precision attacks on specific targets, not for widespread suppressive fire. If the Ukrainians hit the city centre, it is because THEY WANTED TO HIT THE CITY CENTRE.

These attacks will not be tolerated much longer, and will not be tolerated at all once the referendums are completed and the Russian citizens of the liberated territories vote in what is likely to be a 90%-plus blowout in favour of reunification with Russia.

At that point, we can anticipate significant and serious attacks on critical points of Ukrainian infrastructure, along with open attacks on the NATO commanders and troops that everyone pretends are not in Ukraine directing things.

The West has but two choices – escalate and go all the way to a straight-up nuclear war, or back off and sue for peace.

The sensible course of action is to back off. The Russians do not bluff, and I am not saying that because I am some sort of Russian troll or bot – I am saying this because I have lived in Russia, I speak a bit of the language, and I understand something about the people. They are slow to anger, but once roused, they are terrible in their fury.

This is not a war the West can win. Already the West’s economies are buckling and breaking. Recession, deindustrialisation, and political collapse are inevitable for the Europeans now. The US is not far behind. If this continues, the entire social order of Europe will be destroyed, and that is not a hyperbolic claim – it is already happening.

The neoclowns and shitlibs in charge in the West, however, are totally disconnected from their peoples, and have no reverse gear. They will not back off. I believe they are betting that they will not have to pay the price for the upcoming collapse of the European societies, because they believe that their Great Reset agenda will protect them.

The problem is that the Devil never lives up to his promises. They might get the Great Reset that they want – but they will likely observe it on the way to the new tumbrils, once the populations resurrect Madame Guillotine and put her back to work at long last.

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  1. Bardelys the Magnificent

    Maybe this has already been said, maybe it hasn’t, but I’m going to post it anyway.

    TPTB thought they had all of the planet weakened enough and they would just roll into the New World Order. They cannot let Russia, or anyone else win. They absolutely have to double and triple-down because if it gets out that they can be opposed, and potentially defeated, the game is over. Ukraine is the fork in the road, the final scene, the last-minute drive to end the season. NATO and their brethren will not back down, because they cannot. Putin knows this, and is playing accordingly. Pray he wins, because we will see an avalanche of losses for the other side if he does.

  2. Robert W

    “This is not a war the West can win. Already the West’s economies are buckling and breaking.”

    This is a struggle with generations. We need the boomer leaders to go home.
    The boomers in the west are stuck in the post WWII victory conditions, where the USA has inexhaustible industrial might, a vibrant youth ready to go to war, and the Russians are a brittle shell waiting for Ronald on the Wall.

    It’s not 1960 and the script has flipped. The west has welcomed the invasion of the third world and abandoned Jesus, hubris and collapse are what will come. Maybe not escalate to nuclear, but this is not where the neo-cons back off yet.

    Great 1-2 punch of ‘bear’ posts this week.

  3. Karl Heisenberg

    The Russian Bear that I spit on is but a cariacature of a cartoon drawn by a kid who is stupid!

    • Didact

      Your comment makes less sense than herpes.


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