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A pandemic of blind stupidity

by | Jan 5, 2022 | Office Space | 9 comments

Many of us in these parts of teh innarwebz – myself very much included – have been quite tough on Toe Rogan for some of the inconsistent and downright silly things that he has said, on a fairly wide range of issues. His stance on Christianity, for instance, is profoundly ill-informed and illogical. But we must give him his due. Such is the case with a recent, very long, interview that he did with none other than Dr. Robert Malone, the man behind the mRNA vaccination technique that spawned the unholy abominations that are the Pfizer and Moderna jabs.

The interview was explosive in its revelations, and the Toe’s platform allowed millions of people to see it. Naturally, this could not be countenanced by our Benevolent Tech Overlords, who more or less instaBizANNED the interview off of TEH YOOTOOBZ, and kicked Dr. Malone off Twatter a couple of days before it happened.

Yet, watching the interview, you would be hard-pressed to think of Dr. Malone as any kind of reactionary or lunatic. He sounds vastly more rational, calm, and analytical than I do, certainly, when discussing the Coof.

And the Techlords didn’t act quite fast enough, because thinking people captured the episode and plastered it all over BitChute, Odysee, and other platforms.

Here is the full video – all THREE HOURS of it – for you to watch:

The tl;dw Version

I realise, of course, that not everyone has the patience, fortitude, or just plain time to devote over three hours to listening to a dense, scientifically accurate narrative in which an ACTUAL SCIENTIST gets a chance to speak at length, without significant interruptions, in a calm and fact-based manner, about his area of expertise.

So here is a shortened version of the same thing – let’s see how long it stays within the Goolag, because previous versions of the same thing got deep-sixed very fast:

And here are the Cliff Notes – so to speak, I wasn’t edjoomuhcayted in America, so I don’t really know what those are – in no particular order:

  • Natural immunity to the Coof is anywhere between 6 and 13 times more effective than vaccine-based immunity in preventing hospitalisation, and a whopping 27 TIMES more effective at preventing you from getting infected by another variant in the first place;
  • Hospitals get tremendous financial incentives to admit patients as Kung Flu cases, and even more benefits when putting them on ventilators, and still more benefits when declaring a patient dead with or from the Coof, even if he died from something else entirely;
  • Ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine sulfate have been thoroughly proven to be effective at preventing viral transmission and replication, but this information has been heavily suppressed and censored;
  • High-ranking people within the Trump Administration – though below the level of the President and his Cabinet – actively conspired to suppress and squelch any information about the effectiveness and power of cheap, safe, well-understood off-label alternatives, in favour of experimental and dangerous gene therapies mislabelled as “vaccines”;
  • In the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh, out of desperation, the government there sent out home kits to millions of people there which contained something that stopped the spread of the Coof absolutely COLD – yet the Indian government has, at the request of the Fake President, suppressed the information about what was in it, which we suspect was ivermectin;
  • The mRNA vaccines do not operate as we initially thought, and definitely do create large quantities of toxic spike proteins – and those proteins are NOT detoxified as we have been told;
  • Those spike proteins DO travel to the gonads (testes in men and ovaries in women), and are documented to cause infertility and irregular menstrual cycles in women;
  • The mRNA not-vaxxes do pose a significantly elevated risk of inflammatory heart disease, particularly among younger patients, and Dr. Malone explains rather nicely why this problem affects youngsters much worse than Ye Olde Phartes – basically it has to do with the fact that the biological systems of older people are tuned to know what to look for and what to block out, whereas the immune and anti-imflammatory systems of other people are not;
  • Those shots do not provide anything like long-term protection, and in fact their protective ability decreases quite rapidly, as we are finding out to our great cost even now;
  • Masks are simply not effective, and social distancing measures are generally ineffective, particularly against a disease with a very high R-rate like the Moronica Strain, which might just be as infectious as the measles;
  • Locking up children and keeping them from socialising is doing tremendous damage to them over the long term;
  • The entire medical profession has been severely compromised in terms of ethics, and as a result, people simply refuse to believe their doctors anymore – which will have devastating impacts upon the field in the future;

And in spite of all of that, I have barely skimmed the surface of what Dr. Malone said. The entire podcast/video is well worth going through in order to understand just how much malfeasance, corruption, and flat-out blind stupidity has been inflicted upon us over the past 2 years.

The most incendiary of Dr. Malone’s observations, though, was probably his comparison of the current state of the medical establishment with the “mass hysteria” that gripped Germany under the Nazis.

Thing is, though… he’s right.

Violating Hanlon’s Razor

Chris Whiteside's Blog: Hanlon's Razor

Listening to what he says, Dr. Malone strikes absolutely no one as any sort of radical or revolutionary. He is calm, measured, polite, exceptionally humble, soft-spoken, and precise in his statements. He sticks to the facts and does not bother with speculation. Whenever he is asked to speculate, he politely demurs.

Yet there is no mistaking the unshakeable confidence that he has in his skills and knowledge base as a physician and specialist. That is the kind of confidence you only get from DECADES of experience at the very top of your field.

So much of what he says is outright horrifying in its content and implications. As I have stated repeatedly in my articles on this subject, we are being governed by IDIOTS, who are themselves being advised by people who are both malicious and incompetent. (This is a direct violation of Hanlon’s Razor, yet the observable facts of the situation tell us that it must be so.)

But, if you watch carefully, you will note that Dr. Malone’s greatest outrage – and you can practically feel his searing indignation and fury, even from so genteel and grandfatherly a man – is reserved specifically for the medical professionals who have betrayed their oaths to do no harm.

The Death of Medicine

Inside Benin's voodoo convents

The entire mismanagement of the Scamdemic is an indictment of human corruption, greed, and malfeasance. Future generations will hotly contest the issue of who bears the greatest blood-guilt for what has happened to all of us. But doctors must assuredly take a very large proportion of the blame.

This Scamdemic has shown us, very clearly and without question, that the medical profession CANNOT be trusted. To be sure, doctors in the field – your average family GP or paediatrician – is probably simply trying to do his or her job to the best of his or her ability, and lacks the cutting-edge scientific knowledge and exposure to the literature that is necessary to administer genuinely effective treatments.

But at the hospital administrator and research levels, the malfeasance goes FAR beyond what can be reasonably ascribed to a lack of time to pay attention to developments in the medical field.

The incontrovertible fact is that we are now at a point in time where you are better off visiting some voodoo witch and asking her to sprinkle chicken’s blood on your head, than you are in visiting your local Doc-in-the-Box, or – worse yet – your nearest hospital.

“The Germ Is Nothing, The Terrain Is Everything!”

It gives me no pleasure whatsoever to write that about Western medicine, by the way. My grandfather was a doctor. Several of my relatives and friends are Western-trained doctors with DECADES of experience. They assuredly will not thank me for casting their entire profession into the bin. Yet the facts remain that Western medicine is rotten and corrupt to the core.

Why and how did this happen?

The book noted above, Virus Mania, tries to answer that question (and sort of succeeds). A huge amount of the blame has to go to one Louis Pasteur, the primogenitor of germ theory, which ascribes many illnesses to microscopic organisms – parasites, fungi, bacteria, viruses – which take up residence in our bodies and make us sick.

The problem is that Pasteur’s theories were riddled with holes even during his own lifetime, and – as the book points out – he falsified a considerable amount of his data in order to make his claims about germs being responsible for death.

In reality, the human body is well equipped to handle germs. Our bodies actually play host to billions of microflora, particularly in our guts. Bacteria are indispensable to our ability to survive, as Pasteur’s own failed experiments in raising cattle in aseptic conditions proved so vividly.

Modren medicine has largely thrown out the window the notion that we get sick because of what we put into our bodies, how we live, and the manner in which we maintain ourselves. In other words, we prioritise the germ, but it is in fact the terrain that determines whether we really get sick.

Virus Mania has some serious problems, and I do not recommend it without reservations. In particular, I am entirely unconvinced by its arguments with respect to the supposed non-existence of measles, its flatly incorrect views about DDT as a carcinogenic agent and dangerous destroyer of habitats, and its refusal to admit that hydroxychloroquine sulfate is in fact a useful treatment method for COVID-19, when researchers in the field have been saying for over a year that HCQ actually works.

But it does serve well to explain how and why Western medicine has gone so utterly wrong.

Profits Over People

Germ theory vs Terrain? Pasteur and Bechamp duke it out ...

That meme explains how Terrain Theory works – essentially, it says that if you want to stay healthy, live a healthy life and you’ll be fine. Stop putting processed shit, packed with sugars and dangerous trans-fats, into your gut. Stop popping pills for depression and anxiety and every possible disorder, and go outside for a walk instead. Get some sunshine, live a healthy life, put away the cigarettes and booze, and spend time in the real world.

Most importantly, do not trust the latest “miracle cures” offered up by Western medicine. The pharmaceutical companies are not out to treat you, they are out to turn you into repeat customers. (I say that as someone who has held shares in Johnson & Johnson for 20 years, and will continue to do so well into the future. Understand that I am writing directly against my own interests here.)

There are important and life-saving drugs being developed by Western companies. That much is true, without question. But the reality is that most of those drugs would not be necessary at all, if we simply stopped living lives that made them necessary.

The Way Forward

Worst of all, we as a species have abandoned God – and in so doing, we now greatly fear death. We live in absolute terror of death, because to most of us, who live secular lives devoid of spiritual meaning, we think that death means an absolute and final end.

This is wrong. Death is assuredly not the end. And those of us who fear it, ultimately fear that our lives were spent fruitlessly, which is why we beg and plead on our knees for one more moment of life, to do those things that we thought we needed to do for our own glorification.

And that, too, is wrong. We do not exist for our glorification, but for the glorification of Him who created us.

As I have stated before, I do not fear death. Don’t get me wrong, I am terrified of dying – but not of death. I know where I’m going. (Very probably not anywhere good.) I know that I will get a chance to meet my Creator and give account for what I have done – and when He asks me why I deserve to be in His presence, the only possible answer I can give is that I believe that He sent His begotten, consubstantial Son to die for my sins and be raised to life again. That’s it.

Everything else that I do is meaningless in this life, if I do not do it in His name.

We created this unholy mess that we find ourselves in now. But we can also get ourselves out of it. As LRFotS Bardelys the Magnificent likes to say, this entire Scamdemic ends the moment that we choose. And it will end when we all finally get tired of living on our knees, because we are so afraid of death.

It ends the moment that we decide we fear God more than we fear a virus with a 99% or higher survival rate for most cohorts, and thereby stop believing in lies and nonsense.

Conclusion – Rise Without Chains

Make no mistake, this is a pandemic of blind stupidity and incompetence. Nothing more – and nothing less. Dr. Malone correctly, though incompletely, identifies the root cause as one of mass hysteria and psychosis. We have allowed ourselves to succumb to peer pressure and fear, and we have blindly trusted those who pretend to have our best interests at heart – when in fact they are corrupt and rotten to their very cores.

Fraudci and those like him are a huge problem. But they are barely the beginning. Below them is an entire industry of consultants, administrators, and practitioners who put their wallets and pensions and retirement accounts above your health.

Just because someone has a medical degree, does not make him worthy of your time, money, or trust. Indeed, the same is true for any overly credentialed midwit that you might come across, in any field. Judge people based on their deeds, not their words.

As for the gene-therapies themselves, do not fall for the lies. Medical authorities originally told us that we would only need two shots. Now they tell us we must get a booster shot – and in Israel, you must now get a second booster. (The term, “booster”, is in and of itself a blatant lie. The “boosters” are no different from the regular vaccines.)

If you choose to submit, that is up to you. If you originally got not-vaxxed, but now refuse to take any boosters, good for you – that’s the right move. And if you choose never to get the not-vaccines, good for you – stay the course, fight hard, and refuse to give one more inch.

The only thing that we can know for sure about this Scamdemic is that everything we have been told so far is a lie. The Kung Flu almost certainly is an actual flu strain, which is now devolving into something more akin to the common cold. Masks are basically useless, particularly against the Moronica Strain. The not-vaxxes are not actually particularly good at doing what they are supposed to do, they likely cause more harm than good, and what protection they do offer, declines faster the more shots you get.

Stay pureblood – or, stay as pure as you can. Don’t give one more inch to these assholes. Defy them. Speak the truth, even if it costs you friends and family members. And, if you must, exclude the fearful and weak from your circle – they will drag you down with them.

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  1. Robert W

    “And, if you must, exclude the fearful and weak from your circle – they will drag you down with them.”


    Proverbs 27:6 Amplified Bible
    “Faithful are the wounds of a friend [who corrects out of love and concern], But the kisses of an enemy are deceitful [because they serve his hidden agenda].”

    I have noticed the friendships that blew up when friends ‘over-reacted’ and thought I was under-reacting over the past 2 years…have started to come back. Sticking to truth and eschewing fear plants long term seeds, even if it hurts to loose in the short term.

    Great essay and rundown on Malone, thank you

    • Didact

      I have noticed the friendships that blew up when friends ‘over-reacted’ and thought I was under-reacting over the past 2 years…have started to come back. Sticking to truth and eschewing fear plants long term seeds, even if it hurts to loose in the short term.

      Yes, indeed. All we can do with those who have cut off contact out of blind fear, is to pray for them and welcome them back when they repent – but ONLY if they apologise and ask for forgiveness.

  2. Jim S

    “Yes, indeed. All we can do with those who have cut off contact out of blind fear, is to pray for them and welcome them back when they repent – but ONLY if they apologise and ask for forgiveness.” Well said, unfortunately, for me, some relatives, friends, co-workers won’t apologise and ask for forgiveness. My in-laws are kind of in this category, which puts me in a delicate situation. They drank the coof kool-aid and they are not coming back to any form of sanity. I guess when God doesn’t play a part in your life, you do fear death.

  3. TechieDude

    Funny thing happened while watching. I had about an hour left, and took a break to score some lunch. When I returned and hit play, it bombed, telling me the video was no more. Google whacked the copy I was watching. No matter, I found it elsewhere.

    Can’t stop the signal, man.

    One of the most interesting parts was when he was describing how immunity works. If I recall he said that your T-cells build memory through experience, just as you would sparring or MMA fighting. You see the guy, you already know how to approach And what the notavax does is refocus and distract those t-cells to a protein that no longer is around. Makes sense as to why the vaxxed seem more susceptible to infection. Certainly, that’s my observation around these parts.

    BTW- the tune the vax high priests and midwit lemming followers are singing is “I only was sick for three days. Thank God for the vax, which made it less severe!”

    Which is bullshit. It’s less severe because it’s a mutated, weakened strain. I’ve noticed no difference in the symptoms in those I know that are vaxxed and those that aren’t.

    It shouldn’t, but it does put a smile on my face watching the uber paranoid and boostered catch this thing. Just my observation but it they seem to get it really fast after they had their booster. I know at least 3 that got it a week or so after.

    • Didact

      It shouldn’t, but it does put a smile on my face watching the uber paranoid and boostered catch this thing. Just my observation but it they seem to get it really fast after they had their booster. I know at least 3 that got it a week or so after.

      It is indeed hard not be a bit smug about that. I am not not-vaxxed, and I had Omicron-like symptoms for a few days (otherwise known as THE COMMON BLOODY COLD), but I feel pretty good. Yet, the people sanctimoniously telling everyone else to get not-vaxxed and not-boosted, are now the ones falling sick fastest from the bug.

      It’s enough to give a red-blooded man a raging schadenboner.

  4. Kapios

    The more I read on the kung flu, the more faith I lose in humanity. Yesterday, I heard a woman on the street saying to her little child that she will vaccinate him/her and after the child responded with ‘Noooooo’, she said, ‘C’mon I will get my 3rd shot today. It’s going to be fine’.

    These people are sick and beyond saving.

    If God decides to kill us all by whatever means like a flood, I wouldn’t think that we don’t deserve it. Once this is over, I will definitely travel and choose very carefully in what community to live in.

    I don’t want to end up loathing all of humanity. Just only the normies…..

    • Didact

      The more I read on the kung flu, the more faith I lose in humanity.

      One should not have faith in humanity, by default. Humans are fickle, stupid, and gullible by nature. But one must not lose faith in God. Stick with the Big Man Upstairs for hope – He’ll keep you on the right path, though you won’t necessarily enjoy the walk.

      If God decides to kill us all by whatever means like a flood, I wouldn’t think that we don’t deserve it.

      The first part of that statement won’t happen – God was pretty definitive about it. He said plainly that He would not destroy the world with water again. But War, Famine, Strife, and Death – those are VERY much on the table.

      The second part of that statement is 100% true. We deserve it, MANY times over. The fact that God has not yet simply wiped us all out, is testament to His infinite mercy and love.

      It really makes you think – if things are this bad now, how bad could they possibly have been when God wiped out all life in the Flood?

      Once this is over, I will definitely travel and choose very carefully in what community to live in.

      This is sensible. You have a goal in mind – now create a plan to do it. Otherwise, it’s just a wish, and if wishes were horses, then all beggars would ride.


    The best thing I read about “but it makes the symptoms less bad!” was a forum post stating that the argument is just an appeal to confirmation bias:

    I decide to go for a walk in the jungle.
    A man approaches me.
    “There are lots of tigers in the jungle. For $100, I’ll sell you this charm that will prevent tiger attacks.”
    Buy charm, go into the jungle.
    Get attacked by 3 tigers.
    “I only got attacked by 3 tigers because I bought this charm! Without it it could have been 5 or even 10 tigers! Lucky me!”

  6. Dark

    An interesting quote from the Dan Carlin (of Hardcore History) book The End Is Always Near:

    <<Reading today’s expert literature makes it clear that modern authorities are as worried about the dangers associated with fear, uncertainty, and irrationality on the part of the public as they are about the actual direct dangers of any future pathogen. History would suggest that they are probably right to be so worried.>>

    One of the footnotes in that section expanded on that idea WRT smallpox:

    <<Smallpox isn’t considered a great disease to use as a weapon to cause casualties. . . But if the intent is to prompt societies to panic and do damage to themselves through fear, smallpox is one of the most scary of pathogens in our collective memory. “The thing with smallpox is that the fear associated with it is not justified,” writes the bacteriology expert Hugh Pennington. “Yes it will kill a few people, but it is the panic that comes with it that makes it such an effective tool. It’s not a weapon of mass destruction, it’s a weapon of mass panic.”>>


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