“We are Forerunners. Guardians of all that exists. The roots of the Galaxy have grown deep under our careful tending. Where there is life, the wisdom of our countless generations has saturated the soil. Our strength is a luminous sun, towards which all intelligence blossoms… And the impervious shelter, beneath which it has prospered.”

Monday morning with Christian Prince

by | Jan 3, 2022 | Mondays | 4 comments

Lord, here we go – the first Monday of the New Year. And it’s a suitably depressing one, at least where I am – started out sunny, and now it’s grey, cloudy, and ugly. And that, of course, is why the Great Mondaydact Browser Smasher exists – to make days like this go down a bit easier.

Since today is the first Monday of 2022, and Monday is generally a bad day, and given what a shitty year we had in 2021, I wanted to get this instalment started off right. For this, let us build on one of the themes that I touched upon in my last podcast – the coming destruction of Islam.

The lies and evil of that false religion are beyond belief. The way that it has enslaved so many hundreds of MILLIONS of innocent people is sickening. And yet, our Christian missionaries, apologists, and polemicists are more than capable of bringing the unthinking, unwitting slaves of the false god Allah, out of their blasphemy and heresy.

Watch (or listen to) what happens when an Abdool calls up one of the most fearsomely effective servants of the Almighty, Christian Prince. By the end of this video, that Abdool renounced Islam and accepted Jesus Christ, our Lord, Saviour, and King, into his heart:

Christian Prince is an inspiration to all of us. When he did that livestream, he was sick with a bad throat. (Having gone through similar nastiness of late, I am very sympathetic to his plight.) And yet, CP spent over an hour first arguing, then polemicising, and finally witnessing to a young man who very clearly desperately needed and sought out the light of Almighty God in his life.

This is how we, in the Christian Right, will win. The love of Truth, and the truth of love, will guide us as we need, to engage with our enemies and lead them back to the light.

This is but one of many wonderful examples from CP’s ministry. Men like him, and Rob Christian, and so many others, are doing exactly what God needs them to do. Let us all hope and pray that we will likewise one day be given a Great Commission, and a sacred Purpose, that drives us and motivates us and pushes us to do great things in the name of the Almighty.

The Male Brain was able to tear himself away from the New Year celebrations and send us some great stuff to get 2022 off to the right and proper start. Let’s begin with some Ryan George, since he hasn’t featured here for a while:

That actually explains a lot.
Can’t confirm
That also explains a lot

Netflix Is A Joke provides a hilarious, and rather creepy, look at the future of movie-making:

A Finnish dude with an unpronounceable channel name got so pissed off at the cost of replacing the battery of his Tesla that he decided to ASSPLODE it instead:

Quanta Magazine breaks down the past year’s coolest breakthroughs in the least comprehensible field of the sciences:

Mark Dice offers a sobering glimpse into the future:

In case you’ve never watched Network (I haven’t either, by the way), there are some absolutely classic moments in that movie which are well worth watching:

Bill Whittle and his good friend Alfonzo Rachel offer up some excellent advice for the coming year:

Paul Ramsey is thoroughly unimpressed by the absolute state of the medical system in the USA, which is imploding under the weight of its own corruption and stupidity:

PJW dislikes the Mask Karens even more than the rest of us do:

The lovely and charming Dr. Sam Bailey is blessed indeed to be married to a fellow truth-teller, who co-authored an absolute barn-burner of a paper dismantling the entire Scamdemic:

Lord Razor of the Fist Clan examines whether the Hispanic community is actually turning red, as many pundits claim:

The Dizzle has put out an absolutely essential video for all of us Christians to watch, in order to understand how the Izzlamic world is imploding beneath the weight of its own contradictions and stupidity:

Dr. Jay Smith from PfanderFilms and his new friend Thomas Alexander from Germany have put out a two-part episode unpacking the German Inara School’s understanding of the origins of Islam, and it’s genuinely a fascinating series:

Al-Fadi from CIRA International and his friend Apostate Prophet break down Islam’s seriously idolatrous practices:

Dr. Frank Turek from Cross Examined asks a very pertinent question about atheists:

China Uncensored continues to unpack the Game of Thrones-like machinations going on within the top leadership of the CCP:

I am unconvinced that Xi Jinping is about to be unseated from power. However, I also disagree with Our Beloved and Dreaded Supreme Dark Lord (PBUH) Vox Day the Most Merciless and Terrible, that China is in the ascendancy. It is actually a much weaker power than most people realise, and President Xi’s expansionist, globalist tendencies indicate that China is giving in to the fatal call of empire-building.

China is not a non-interventionist nation, at all. In fact, it is looking to expand its entanglements and sphere of influence throughout the Indian and Pacific Oceans. If you want a real example of a nation that categorically does not want to get into foreign entanglements, Russia, not China, is the one to look at.

America Uncovered has a genuinely entertaining episode about how “scientists” have been repeatedly and totally wrong about lockdowns:

Jared Taylor from American Renaissance looks at the year ahead:

Midnight’s Edge reckon that Hollyweird are learning precisely the wrong things from the epic success of Spider-Man: No Way Home:

Overlord Dicktor Van Doomcock is thoroughly tickled over the way that Sony – which evidently actually still believes in making money from its entertainment division – did Paul Feig dirty, in EPIC fashion, over the Ghostbusters Ultimate collection:

The Drinker really hated The Matrix Resurrections:

Your “Science is F***ING WEIRD” moment of the week is from Dawn Pine, and concerns a new muscle found in the human body:


The masseter muscle is considered to be bilayered, consisting of a superficial and a deep part. However, a few historical texts mention the possible existence of a third layer as well, but they are extremely inconsistent as to its position. Here we performed an anatomical study to clarify the presence and morphological characteristics of a distinct third layer of the masseter muscle.

Materials and methods

We dissected 12 formaldehyde-fixed human cadaver heads, analysed CTs of 16 fresh cadavers, evaluated MR data from one living subject and examined histological sections using methyl methacrylate embedding of one formaldehyde-preserved head.


An anatomically distinct, deep third layer of the masseter muscle was consistently demonstrated, running from the medial surface of the zygomatic process of the temporal bone to the root and posterior margin of the coronoid process. Ours is the first detailed description of this part of the masseter muscle.


To facilitate discussion of this newly described part of the masseter, we recommend the name M. masseter pars coronoidea (coronoid part of the masseter) as a further reference. The arrangement of its muscle fibers suggest it being involved in stabilising the mandible by elevating and retracting the coronoid process.

Your long read of the week is an excellent piece from RT about the infamous and dreadful Battle of Grozny, fought by the then-weak, corrupt, and incompetent Russian army against Chechen separatists – the Russkies absolutely got their butts handed to them, which was one of the motivations behind the Neo-Tsar’s later root-and-branch reforms of the Russian military:

Chechnya was becoming a big problem for Russia. The anarchy and simmering conflict gave rise to criminality, while the republic’s legal businesses were crumbling to pieces. People were fleeing. At first, it was mainly Russians, but they were later joined by a considerable number of Chechens. The Russian community got the short end of the stick: unprotected by the Chechen clans, they became fair game. Many were robbed and killed; women were raped. Grozny was basically ruled by gangs that saw Russians as easy prey, since taking their property, money, or even lives came vendetta-free.

Dudayev’s regime supported itself with a range of criminal activities, including illegal oil trading, arms trafficking, train robberies and bank fraud schemes, to name a few. Kidnapping for ransom was a booming business. Chechnya became a safe haven for criminals from elsewhere in Russia. On top of that, local jails opened their doors, releasing some hardcore criminals back into society.

With the situation out of control, Moscow tried to stabilize Chechnya by running a covert operation. In November 1994, the opposition tried to take over the city, reinforced by tanks manned with the Russian Army soldiers recruited for the undercover mission. The attempt failed miserably: The opposition troops proved to be ineffective in combat, and the tanks were taken out by grenade launchers. About 20 Russian soldiers were taken prisoner and shown on TV, sending both the Russian media and public into shock.

The then-president, Boris Yeltsin, declared a military campaign against Chechnya. This crucial decision proved too rash and emotional. Overall, the Russian government’s main problem in dealing with the region in the 1990s was disastrous, driven by the desire to get things done ASAP. It wasn’t so much about cracking down on separatists: when the USSR collapsed in 1991, there was barely any military response to former Soviet states declaring independence one by one. In fact, Yeltsin publicly supported it, famously urging the republics to “take as much sovereignty as they can swallow.” Nonetheless, the government was particularly fixated on solving the Chechen crisis. And fast.

The Russian Armed Forces were poorly prepared for a big military campaign at the time. Due to the economic crisis that followed the collapse of the Soviet Union, the Army was deteriorating. Officers resigned en masse, unhappy with their miserly salary and constant delays in getting their paychecks. Many bases stopped military training of new recruits altogether. The army was heavily understaffed, while soldiers, instead of learning the art of war, were often busy with fatigue duties and trying to maintain the huge Soviet-era military arsenals.

On top of that, the Grozny campaign was launched in such a hurry that the troops had no time to prepare or gather intelligence. On December 11, 1994, Russian troops entered Chechnya. Dudayev’s fighters were mostly located in Grozny, but on the way there, Russia’s assault force met considerable resistance and suffered multiple attacks, which effectively delayed its arrival to the city by two weeks.

Read through the whole thing, it is genuinely gripping and interesting reporting.

Linkage is good for you:

And some more from Dawn Pine:

The Neo-Tsar gave his longest ever address to his country on New Year’s Day, and as always, his words are measured, precise, wise, and exceptionally astute:

History lessons of the week:

Your Great Man of the Week is the architect of modern China, Deng Xiaoping:

Mint Blitz has absolutely no respect for gaming whorenalists who hate on HALO Infinite‘s campaign:

At this point, anyone who calls him- or herself a “game journalist”, should be fired outright. It’s just that simple. These people have no clue about gaming and no understanding of the gamer culture.

And now let’s watch MB do what he do [sic] best:

Wazzocks gonna wazzock:

Kitchen Nightmares with the Angry Scot:

Comedy hour:

Pics, guns, girls, starting with some very amusing New Year’s Irresolutions memes from The Male Brain, along with his captions:

Is the gym open? Can’t tell anymore
Been there, done that
I guess we call all identify with this one
First month also counts
Can confirm

Good point

Can totally confirm
There are cases when one has to break one’s resolutions
True then, true now
Coming to you courtesy of the government 

He also sent over a bunch of hilarious and thought-provoking stuff on LinkedIn:

Image preview
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No alternative text description for this image
Sometimes it helps to enunciate
No alternative text description for this image
No alternative text description for this image
We’ve all done this at some point
No alternative text description for this image
Can relate
No alternative text description for this image
Can’t relate
No alternative text description for this image
Didact DEFINITELY relates
Image preview
Waiting for the inevitable Blue Screen Of Death
No alternative text description for this image


Can confirm, since I might have that shit

Fun fact – that adorable doggo in that picture belongs to Toe Rogan, and so does that werewolf statue.

You have to admit, that’s a pretty good point

Headlines of the week indicate that Floriduh Man’s NYE party was gonna be EPIC:

Your “One Too Many Nuts” moment of the week:

Your “Not Until You Get Your Own CNNLOL Show” moment of the week:

Your “TrumpCure+++++” moment of the week:

Your “Second Greatest Job In the World” moment of the week:

See, when I do that, everyone calls me a pervert – including, and especially, the women to whom those implants are attached.

Your “Gene Pool Self-Policing” moment of the week:

Your “OMG IS THAT SNOT?!?! WE’RE ALL GONNA DIE!!!” moment of the week:

This is why God is PISSED
$10 billion well spent, then
Kind of makes you sit up and think, eh?

Your aminules are adorkable moment of the week:

And also your animals are absolute DICKS moment of the week, to balance things out:

Gym beast props this week go to bodybuilder Amit Sapir – steady, lads, he’s legit, he squatted 4X body weight, which is insanely hard to do, in competition:

Wise Uncle Chael the American Gangster breaks down an intriguing possible match-up in one of the best UFC divisions:

Jesus loves knockouts:

Shufflin’ keeps things groovin’

Before we get to the really heavy stuff, let’s watch what happens when a professional vocal coach, The Charismatic Voice, listens to THE GREATEST BAND OF ALL TIME performing one of their greatest ever songs:

In a similar vein – here is Malukah, singing her most famous song, remastered and updated 8 years after the original:


Finally, here’s the first Instathot of the year to get the week off to the right and proper start. This here is Aspen Mansfield, age 28 from the frigid state of North Dakota, currently living in Floriduh and making a living as an Instathot. As far as the type goes, she does have a somewhat quirky sense of humour, as you will find from her website. She will literally sell you “nothing” for $1, while trying to get you over to her OnlySimps page for the purpose of supporting her lifestyle.

Credit where it’s bloody well due – girl has brains to go with her boobs. That being said, I’m pretty sure her chesticles are fake, at least in her more recent shots.

OK, lads, that’s it, show’s over, back to work, skedaddle, all of you.

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  1. Robert W

    I’m familiar with the phrase “I’m mad as hell and not going to take it anymore” from the unending MAGA meme wars. Anytime a boomer got their howitzers turned around to engage, it often included one of these.

    Now you shared the clip this all comes from. It gave me chills watching it. No wonder the ancient auxiliaries still bring this artillery, it was probably more resonant the day it was made for the g-g-generation it was made for than it is for this distracted millennial. Great share.

    The new Grand Tour Carnage-A-Tois episode was a riot. My wife and I both laughed consistently the entire way through. I have no experience with French Motoring beyond the Michelin tires on our cars. I think my favorite moment, and the most ‘TopGear/GrandTour’ moment is when the interns are trying to defuse a bomb in a BMW racing down cobblestone. They fail and the BMW goes up in black smoke and flames. Cut to Clarkson, May & Hammond watching from the side.
    Clarkson: They were such nice young fellows, really seemed to have the world ahead for them.
    Hammond: “Well, yes, but I didn’t want to inhale them”

    A 4xbodyweight Squat is unfathomable. Let alone 4 as a set. Good Lord.

    • Didact

      The new Grand Tour Carnage-A-Tois episode was a riot.

      I’m actually very far behind in terms of my TGT-watching – I still need to finish watching the last several specials AND the whole of Season 3. But those guys just get better and funnier with time.

      A 4xbodyweight Squat is unfathomable. Let alone 4 as a set. Good Lord.

      Yeah. That is why I never, EVER critique or make fun of a genuine powerlifter. I don’t care if he’s juicing or not. I just respect the hell out of guys who can do those things – it’s incredible.

      I am lucky if I can pull off a 2XBW squat these days – VERY lucky. A 4XBW squat is unthinkable. And yet, there are great lifters who can do precisely that. They are demi-gods among men.


    I finished the Infinite campaign over the winter break (Legendary, of course). Overall I really like it, but right now I would rank it right in the middle of the series (my personal ranking is Reach-CE-2-I-3-4-5). There are things it does very well, but there is definitely room for improvement.

    Here’s my spoiler-free breakdown. I LIKED:
    +The story is easy to follow and actually makes sense.
    +The new characters are pretty great. I kind of hated the Pilot at first but he grew on me by the end, and Escharum is a fantastic villain with lots of layers.
    +The production values (graphic and sound design) are first-rate. All of the guns feel awesome. This has never been a problem in the 343 era.
    +The open-world stuff is a blast, and it’s neat to think up new ways to tackle firefights that aren’t what the designers intended.
    +NO WOKE BULLSHIT. Sarah RBF Palmer is blessedly nowhere to be found (maybe killed off-screen?), and the audio logs (I found every single one) are all laser-focused on the backstory, and don’t go off on worthless tangents like Tanaka’s remarks on female Sangheili shipmasters. There was no woke preaching that I could detect. Bonnie Ross must have been kicked upstairs.
    +Even the multiplayer is fun, and I HATE online multiplayer! I bought the battle pass and ranking up the levels is addictive. Since it came out I’ve gone from “sucks” to “can usually place in the top 50%”, which is good enough for me, and I’m good enough to complete most of the weekly challenges.

    -Most of the important events happen off-screen, and several story setups aren’t paid off.
    -A couple of the boss fights are frustrating as hell. They might be fun on a lower difficulty, but on Legendary they are very much trial and error, and even then the game will sometimes just kill you instantly because **** you. The first, second, and last were particularly frustrating for me. My advice would be to always bring a weapon that can break shields.
    -Hunters might be even more OP than they were in Halo 5. There’s an encounter with two of them near the end of the game which was so awful that it made me want to give up.
    -There isn’t a ton of environmental variety in either the open world or story level settings. The shooting is so fun that you won’t notice, but the scenery differences of Halo CE’s first six levels is nowhere to be found here.
    -There’s a bit of missed potential in the open-world stuff. Ranking up your FOB drops is nice, but it would be been neat to, for example, blow up a Banished airbase and ground all of the dropships in that sector for the rest of the game, or blow up an ammo factory that makes them not have Skewers anymore. You definitely feel like you’re making a difference, but other than the FOBs you don’t really see it in the world.

    I look forward to your long-form review (assuming it’s coming)!

    • Didact

      Thanks very much for the detailed information about HI. This about jives with what I have seen elsewhere, and from what I have observed in the cutscenes. The plot, in particular, does appear to be a lot better than H:5G, and it does seem to redeem a lot of the outright idiocy introduced by Brian Reed and others into the series.

      I look forward to your long-form review (assuming it’s coming)!

      I hope I get a chance to play it soon, for sure. The major problem for me is that ALL of my electronics, and I mean ALL of them, are sitting in storage in the USA right now. And I need to get around to bringing all of that shit over. Until I can do that, or until I can get a decent second-hand gaming laptop with a 4GB video card, I don’t really have much of a chance of playing it.

      My current laptop is an old warhorse – it’s a nearly 4-year-old Lenovo T470p with a 2GB GeForce 940MX, which isn’t enough to run HI. I love this old beast, it’s served me very well, but it’s not up for the latest games – and was never designed to be a gaming laptop anyway.

      So it might be a while before I can get around to dealing with HI, unfortunately…

      Whenever I do, though, you can be sure the review will follow.


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