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Monday morning rugby ruckus

by | Nov 16, 2020 | Mondays | 5 comments

The last few weeks have been challenging, to say the least, for those of us on the Right who like law, order, and stability. We’re getting NONE of those things right now. I wager we’re going to get a whole lot LESS of those Good Things in the coming months.

Large parts of the American electorate are mad as hell and have made perfectly clear that they have no intention whatsoever of acknowledging “President” Biden – actually “President” Harris – as a legitimate successor to Donald Trump. This is a highly combustible situation. We are now staring right down the barrel of outright secession and civil war within just a few years.

We KNOW what a Biden Maladministration will look like – they aren’t hiding their intentions at all. They will reverse ALL of the good things that Trump and his people have done for the past 4 years, take us back to the bad old days of Obarmy, and then do even worse things to whatever is left of the USA.

But that’s all in the future, and we’ll worry about it when the time comes. Right now, it’s Monday and we all need a bit of cheering up. (And I had to go back and clean up this post significantly because I cocked up quite badly with some of these sections. Like I said, mate – MONDAY.) So let’s take our minds off it by looking at some good old-fashioned fisticuffs.

Some mad fools behind an Australian version of a realitard TV show involving a D-list celebrity (who is suddenly blowing up on AmazonSURELY no ticket-taking going on there, right?) decided to allow a hulking Black lesbian female rugby player to challenge a man named Nick “Honey Badger” Cummins, a hulking White male rugby player, to a boxing match.

That went… about the way you’d expect, really:

I’m sure made for some very entertaining television. But women everywhere need to get this through their heads: challenging men to fist-fights is a great way to pick up traumatic brain injuries.

You’d never know it based on what the Aussie presstitutes and whorenalists had to say about the whole thing, though. The spin and bullshit that the Australian news (((media))) are putting on the incident is unbelievable. They want you to believe that the rug-muncher, Sabrina Frederick, landed “solid shots” on Nick Cummins. She hit him maybe TWICE, both times in the ribs on the wrong side of his body. Meanwhile, she ate about five heavy, hard, head shots.

You don’t have to be a martial artist or fighter to figure out who got the better of that exchange.

Meanwhile, if you want to know who Nick Cummins is – I’d never heard of him before – go check out this article. Turns out, the dude is hugely entertaining. There is a REASON why he is called the “Honey Badger” – after an animal that gives ABSOLUTELY NO F**KS WHATSOEVER.


His Most Illustrious, Noble, August, Benevolent, and Legendary Celestial Majesty, the God-Emperor of Mankind, Donaldus Triumphus Magnus Astra, the First of His Name, the Lion of Midnight, may the Lord bless him and preserve him, is giving off some majorly contradictory signals at the moment.

On the one hand, he indicates that he is willing to step down and be a one-term President if the courts rule against him:

President Donald Trump continues to rage about the Russia probe raise unfounded claims about voting systems – even as he told longtime friend Geraldo Rivera he will ‘do the right thing.’

The president, who hasn’t spoken in public for nearly a week, reached out for a ‘heartfelt phone call’ with longtime talk host Rivera. 

He said Trump told him he is a ‘realist’ who would ‘do the right thing’ but also wants to see ‘what states do in terms of certification,’ he wrote.

He also said Trump ‘seemed particularly aggrieved by the savage attacks on his presidency from the minute he was elected’ – an indication Trump is still on the political warpath.

The comments come in the context of Trump’s multi-state legal attack on the election count in states Joe Biden carried or where the race is close. 

It does not include a specific determination that Trump will concede to President-elect Joe Biden.  

‘Just had heartfelt phone call w friend,’ Geraldo began.

‘He sounded committed to fighting for every vote & if he loses, talking more about all he’s accomplished,’ said Rivera.

The news came amid more setbacks for Trump on the legal front. In Arizona, his lawyers abandoned a suit seeking a hand count of ballots after a series of networks called the race for Biden.

On the other hand… he’s accelerating his program of accomplishing his first-term goals:

Acting US Defense Secretary Christopher Miller is apparently preparing to withdraw troops from Afghanistan, saying the conflict “isn’t over,” but adding that “all wars must end.”

“This is the critical phase in which we transition our efforts from a leadership to supporting role,” Miller said on Friday in a letter to all Department of Defense employees. “We are not a people of perpetual war. It is the antithesis of everything for which we stand and for which our ancestors fought. All wars must end.”

The letter came just four days after President Donald Trump fired Defense Secretary Mark Esper and replaced him with Miller, who was previously director of the National Counterterrorism Center. Miller was among four Trump loyalists who replaced top civilian officials at the Pentagon on Monday, just two days after mainstream media outlets declared Democrat Joe Biden the winner of the November 3 election.

This is why the God-Emperor MUST cross the Potomac with an army at his back if the courts fail to uphold his reelection. If he doesn’t do it, all of the great good that he has done for 4 years will be squandered, and the whole country will fall apart.

I’m telling you Americans – y’all are seriously going to miss indoor plumbing when the Hard Times arrive. They’re already knocking on your door, in fact.

I am well aware of the fact that the Constitution is designed specifically to prevent tyrants from coming to power. If Trump genuinely attempts a military coup – which I do not for one moment believe that he will – then he will become exactly that which the Founders loathed and feared so much.

To that I say: to Hell with being called a dictator or overturning the Constitution. The Constitution itself was designed and written for a country that ceased to exist decades ago – we’re only noticing that fact NOW.

I’ll expand upon this point in a future post, because I’m well aware that it goes against practically everything that I’ve ever written and said about Constitutional fidelity and sanctity. But the American Republic is now at an even MORE advanced stage of decline than the Roman Republic was when Caesar usurped power, and for exactly the same reasons.

However, I don’t think that Trump has the stones for it. I really don’t. He is a negotiator above all things. His fighting instincts are solid, but he lacks the absolute ruthlessness that he needs to be truly effective as a king and emperor.


#BasedTucker is based:

Thank God for honest men like Tucker Carlson – or at least, as honest as a media type can be. He’s one of the VERY few voices in the otherwise absolutely traitorous media scum-pool that is actually interested in telling the truth. And he’s fighting hard, with the biggest platform in the entire media in the USA, to get the truth out to people.

Also, as you’ll see in the Linkage and other sections, he’s rapidly becoming one of maybe three reasons to watch FAUX News now.


Mark Dice is thoroughly unimpressed by FAUX News and their absolutely absurd conduct in the face of unquestionable evidence of colossal voter fraud:

FAUX News is about to lose huge numbers of viewers – it’s already happening, in fact. We’re going to see FAUX go the way of The Wall Street Journal, where the “news” arm becomes increasingly Left-wing, therefore irrelevant and stupid, while the editorial arm becomes the bit of the organisation that actually gets views.

That’s exactly what is happening right now. Tucker Carlson, Sean Hannity, and Laura Ingraham are the ACTUAL viewer draws – while the mainline news during the day is bleeding viewership like a torn artery. Tucker, in particular, is having a tremendous year. But he’s wasted at FAUX. Eventually he will need to move and setup his own operation and take what little is left of FAUX’s viewership with him to a place like OANN.


Jason from Blue Collar Logic unpacks the Daemoncrat election narrative:


Bill Whittle has FINALLY released a new FIREWALL video, and it’s about bloody time – it’s a good ‘un, too:


The Male Brain is back with a veritable smorgasbord of good stuff this week. (BTW I’m pretty sure that is Swedish for “cheap plasticky IKEA dining table”.)

We start with a video from JP Sears breaking down Biden’s, uh, “victory”:

Charisma on Command takes a close look at the simps who pay for OnlyFans accounts and explains their psychology:

Great minds evidently think alike, because Dawn sent me that video right when I was actually watching it myself.

Wisecrack looks at the Devil Mouse’s deep and pernicious influence in popular culture:

Dawn reckoned that I would be a lot harsher than they are. He was right. I consider the Devil Mouse to be a tool of Beelzebub right now. Walt Disney may well have started with good intentions, but his company simply DESTROYED all of the artistic integrity and value of pretty much every story that they have ever adapted in the past 100 years or so.

Their original stories were sometimes quite good, but these days they have descended into something between bland formulaic storytelling designed to crank out blockbusters, and downright Satanic evil like Frozen and the various live-action reboots.

I don’t wish suffering upon anyone, least of all employees of a corporation, but I have to say, we can all be very thankful to the Kung Flu for causing tremendous financial losses to the Devil Mouse during this time.

John Stossel talks about how important it is to drain the other swamp – in colleges and universities across the country:

The problem is getting worse by the day. The Massachusetts Institute of Technology, of all places – one of the world’s top technical universities and research institutions – has now mandated diversity training for ALL students. The insanity is spreading and it is destroying once-great schools.

Felix Rex BPS is evidently thinking along the same lines as the rest of us about the God-Emperor needing to cross the Potomac with an MEU or three behind him:

Elon Musk has some interesting things to say about COVID-19 testing:

I believe him. Those RT-PCR tests are NOT foolproof, yet they are being elevated to some sort of unquestionable dogma. It’s ridiculous to argue that testing is totally robust – in fact, testing for the CommiePox doesn’t tell us ANYTHING useful other than whether or not someone carries virus particles.

It’s like checking whether a light is on or off in a room. The fact that a light is on, tells you absolutely nothing about the kind, type, strength, spectrum, or properties of that light. RT-PCR tests don’t tell you how infectious you are or how dangerous your particular situation is. In that respect, testing does nothing other than engender panic and fear.

Moving on – today is in fact the death-anniversary of Dr. Milton Friedman, whose Keynesian heresy of monetarism had a whole lot of issues, but whose staunch defence of individual liberty and human freedom was most admirable. Here are some great videos of him schooling socialist morons (Lord, forgive me my redundancies) about reality:

I personally love his second interview on the Phil Donohue show, in which he schooled not only the host but the audience, with his characteristic gentle touch and charming wit.


Paul Ramsey points out the plain hard truth that the electoral system in the USA is simply broken, and putting in a “free and fair” election is not the solution:


PJW asks whether or not the recent massive electile dysfunction was a result of fraud (spoiler alert – YES IT F***ING WAS!!!!!):


Lord Razor of the Fist Clan is back, and spends a few rare minutes out of character talking about the massive fraud from this election:

He is absolutely correct about pretty much everything. This is not a time to despair. It is a time to FIGHT. It is a time for WAR.

Look, if you’re an American and have anything resembling even HALF a brain, you have to understand one simple fact:

The Daemoncrats tried to disenfranchise you, spat in your face, and attempted to overthrow a duly elected government.

If you aren’t mad as hell about that, and if you’re just “trying to cope”, then you might as well be dead – because then the Daemoncrats can use your vote without even bothering to rip you off.


China Uncensored looks at the future of democracy in Hong Kong – which is to say, its disappearance:

Boo frickety hoo. The ChiComs will do what ChiComs do. They don’t like democracy any more than Daemoncrats do – they just don’t lie about their intentions quite so much.


America Uncovered looks at the issue of voter fraud in the US election as well:


Jared Taylor from American Renaissance explores the one unforgivable sin within America today – racism:


Terrence Popp goes into great detail about the true scale of the fraud that took place on Nov. 3:


Rich from Entrepreneurs in Cars has some excellent, secular, advice to offer about when to keep a woman, and when to give her the boot:


Midnight’s Edge explores the vast difference between George Lucas’s vision for the “sequel trilogy”, and the shit-show that we actually got:

The problem here is that George Lucas’s original vision wasn’t necessarily all that much better than what we actually got. It was still heavily female-centric and that is simply stupid. (My friend W calls George Lucas “a lucky hack” for a reason.)

But, compared to the absolute train-wrecks that we got from Jar Jar Abrams and Ruin Johnson, Lucas could have taken a big steaming dump all over a film script after a bad Taco Bell lunch and the resulting mess still would have been better than the Devil Mouse Wars trilogy.


Overlord Dicktor Van Doomcock hates the Bolshevik Broadcasting Corporation almost as much as I do:


Gary from Nerdrotic expands upon the least surprising nerdvine news item ever – George Rape Rape Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire will miss its next deadline and will almost certainly never be finished:


The Drinker was NOT impressed by the latest Natalie Portman film – is she even around anymore?:


YellowFlash2 breaks down the coming Marvel Comics bloodbath – it’s actually already underway – in a video where you have to get through about 3 minutes of boring bullshit about Huge Jacked Man coming back to the MCU first:

This is, of course, good news for those of us who prefer our movies and comics WITHOUT all the SocJus nonsense.

Now, I’ve been through 3 layoffs and one mutual separation in my life. I know what kind of psychological Hell awaits those who have lost their jobs in the middle of a massive global recession – been there, done that, got the T-shirt and the scars on my back that it covers.

But I have ZERO sympathy for these dipshits. None whatsoever. They got EXACTLY what they deserved after printing so much nonsense for so many years.


Kate Beckinsale in skintight black spandex messing up her lines and making fun of it all. You’re welcome:

Originally that video was titled “Gar Reel…”. Honestly, I have no idea what a “gar reel” is, but that was pretty funny.


Your “Science is F***ING WEIRD” moment of the week from The Male Brain is all about that strange “Dark Matter” stuff, and how to find it:

A small team of astronomers have found a new way to ‘see’ the elusive dark matter halos that surround galaxies, with a new technique 10 times more precise than the previous-best method. The work is published in Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society.

Scientists currently estimate that up to 85% of the mass in the universe is effectively invisible. This ‘dark matter’ cannot be observed directly, because it does not interact with light in the same way as the ordinary matter that makes up stars, planets, and life on Earth.

So how do we measure what cannot be seen? The key is to measure the effect of gravity that the dark matter produces.

Pol Gurri, the PhD student at Swinburne University of Technology who led the new research, explains: “It’s like looking at a flag to try to know how much wind there is. You cannot see the wind, but the flag’s motion tells you how strongly the wind is blowing.”

The new research focuses on an effect called weak gravitational lensing, which is a feature of Einstein’s general theory of relativity. “The dark matter will very slightly distort the image of anything behind it,” says Associate Professor Edward Taylor, who was also involved in the research. “The effect is a bit like reading a newspaper through the base of a wine glass.”

Weak gravitational lensing is already one of the most successful ways to map the dark matter content of the Universe. Now, the Swinburne team has used the ANU 2.3m Telescope in Australia to map how gravitationally lensed galaxies are rotating. “Because we know how stars and gas are supposed to move inside galaxies, we know roughly what that galaxy should look like,” says Gurri. “By measuring how distorted the real galaxy images are, then we can figure out how much dark matter it would take to explain what we see.”


Your long read of the week is about Anthony “Dr. Doom” Fauci and his extremely dangerous level of influence in society today, and provides a plethora of links about the effectiveness of hydroxychloroquine sulfate in treating the disease:

Don’t be fooled by his grandfather demeanor. Recognize that he is a subversive collaborator with the leftist media campaign against President Trump. Worse, as a physician he has failed his oath to first do no harm. Daily, the mainstream media treat Fauci as a deity, but there have been some critics with wise observations, mostly in conservative media. These views counter the propaganda of the mainstream media.

Jim Hoft said“From the beginning of this pandemic Fauci has been completely misguided and inaccurate in his predictions and treatment of the Chinese COVID-19 virus.”

Brent Smith asked the right question: “How does Dr. Anthony Fauci still have a job? He’s part of the Inside-the-Beltway Deep State and has attempted to undermine the president since he was elevated to the position of Doctor COVID Know-it-All.”

Thomas Lifson made this wise observation: “The suppression of the use of hydroxychloroquine in combination with zinc to treat COVID-19 amounts to the biggest public health scandal since the Tuskegee Study.”

Stacey Lennox correctly noted: “Every possible outpatient treatment from HCQ to inhaled corticosteroids have been suppressed or ignored by the NIH and FDA and Dr. Fauci specifically. This dismissal of early outpatient treatment is unconscionable as is the suppression and silencing of clinicians who have observational data to share from caring for actual patients.”

On the FDA stopping HCQ use, Dr. Kristin Held, president of the American Association of Physicians and Surgeons, said it “contributed to increased COVID cases and death…. Who bears responsibility for such evil? …Dr. Fauci failed us. We were not prepared, and preparedness was his charge. He can no longer be trusted.”

But all these truth-telling efforts have, so far, failed to budge Fauci, FDA and NIH into a new position unblocking HCQ use for early home/outpatient use. Evidence of this failure is that on November 1 just ahead of the presidential election the Washington Post had a full-page story with the headline “Fauci offers blunt assessment of what lies ahead in U.S.” In it Fauci praised Biden’s approach over Trump’s, again revealing Fauci’s leftist commitment.


Linkage is good for you:

And some more from Dawn Pine:


The Neo-Tsar asks some penetrating questions to a young student after a wreath-laying ceremony in Red Square:

I have been to that precise spot several times. If you have never been to Red Square, or Moscow, or just plain Russia in general, you’re missing out. It is truly an absolutely incredible country and I love being there.

As for Putin’s queries – did you notice the part where he made a very clear connection between rights and responsibilities?

I’m not saying that the Russians fully understand this concept. But they seem to get it a damned sight better than Americans or Brits do, nowadays. They understand that you cannot get anything for free. Your rights come with distinct and serious responsibilities that you have to carry out. You can’t just have something simply because you wanted it and voted for it – you have to exercise some level of awareness and responsibility about your vote.

That is exactly why the Neo-Tsar implemented his Constitutional reforms earlier this year. Most Western media whorenalists and presstitutes were all breathless and scared about the possibility that Putin will serve until 2036. Based on what I’ve seen during my time in Russia, this wouldn’t be a bad thing. He’s about the only man that I can think of in Russian politics who can do it. And he’s also about the only man who understands that Russia’s future lies in being self-sufficient, defensively oriented, sovereign, and largely neutral toward the failing and decadent West.


Related – anyone who thinks that the USA should go to war with Russia is a dumbass, simply because such a horrible thing would deny us the simple pleasure of watching beautiful Russian girls singing folk songs in Army uniforms:

My pick is the tall brunette with the husky voice. I love voluptuous blondes (obviously – just look at my Friday T&A posts), but tall brunettes with nice hair and eyes work very well for me too.


History lessons of the week:


A young Franciscan monk (or friar or novitiate or whatever) who runs a rather interesting YouTube channel called Breaking in the Habit explains why Catholics, Orthodox Christians (is “Orthodoxists” a real word? I guess not), and Protestants all have somewhat different Bibles:

The point that he raises about Martin Luther mistakenly throwing out the Greek Septuagint books is well made. That was, indeed, a mistake. Those books are FAR older than the Masoretic Texts that replaced the Septuagint in Jewish liturgy, and they probably should have been kept in the Bibles of today.

That being said… There is no real reason to be particularly concerned about Biblical “corruption” here.

No Christian who has even half a clue about the history of the Bible is stupid enough to claim that the Bible has never been changed. It absolutely has been. We know that it has been modified and updated and added to and subtracted from. The Bible is a man-made document. It is A RECORD OF THE WORD OF GOD. It is not THE authoritative word of God.

However – the Bible POINTS TO THE WORD OF GOD. That Word has a name. His name is Jesus Christ. Any Bible that gets rid of certain Old Testament books, isn’t necessarily heretical or problematic – because you can read those other texts for yourself.

Any Bible that deliberately changes or twists doctrine, on the other hand, in order to serve the purposes of its compiler and translator, absolutely IS heretical and must be destroyed. And unfortunately, there are quite a few such heretical Bibles in existence. Avoid them at all costs.

If you are a Catholic, stick to your (N)RSV-CE or NAB(-SE) or TLB translations. I personally prefer translations that really stick to the original Hebrew, Greek, and Latin texts, but that’s me, I’m a literalist and a major literary snob. Can’t help that. Catholics may feel differently and that’s totally fine.

If you are a Protestant, get yourself an NIV or ESV or ASV or whatever. My personal preference is the ESV, but I am well aware that there are some issues with it. If that worries you, get yourself a KJV, an ESV, and an NIV – like I did. If you are curious about the Deuterocanonical Texts, you can read them online. Christians aren’t like Muslims – we don’t hide the fact that our sacred book was changed over time and we’re perfectly happy to admit as much. Our Bibles LITERALLY SAY SO right there in the texts – just go look at John 7:53-8:11 in your ESV Bible and you’ll see what I mean.

I don’t know enough about Orthodox Christianity to comment, but whatever you guys do, keep doing it. I respect your traditions and your faith and have no quarrel with you whatsoever.

But… if you’re reading a Schofield Bible or a Passion Translation or a Mirror Bible – BURN THAT SHIT RIGHT NOW. You’ll see why in the next segment.


Following right on from what I just wrote above, here are two excellent videos from Pastor Mike Winger about the dangers of the Passion Translation and the Mirror Bible:

The Bible warns over and over again about the dangers of changing actual Scripture to suit one’s own purposes and designs (Deut 4:2, Matt 16:11-12, 23:1-39, 24:4-5, Acts 20:28-30, 2 Cor 11:3-15, Rom 16:17-18, and plenty of other verses besides). This is a surefire route to damnation.

If you are using one of these translations, which adds to and distorts the meaning of the Word, then toss that shit away. Get yourself a proper Bible – Catholic, Protestant, Orthodox, whatever, I really don’t care. Just get yourself a good translation, but stay away from the heretical ones.


Your Great Man of the Week is the legendary Scipio Africanus:


Fellow HALO addict and longtime reader MrUNIVAC sent me this video about how HALO wrecked the FPS genre:

it’s a provocative title, but actually the guy raises quite a few good points. However, his arguments are VERY much a matter of perspective.

Everything that he dislikes about HALO is something that I LOVE about the game. The careful movement means that you actually have to use some tactical finesse and nous – you can’t simply blast your way out of everything. The health packs actually have to be fought for – the regenerating shields only protect you so much. The weapons load-outs are semi-sensible – only two weapons, and the developers tried hard to balance out all of the Human and Covenant weapons so that the gameplay was really challenging instead of a rushed schizoid mess. And the emphasis on taking cover from time to time meant that you actually had to THINK instead of just randomly gunning things down.

Personally, to me, HALO: CE represented a huge step forward in gaming, not backward. What really killed the FPS, in my view, was Call of Duty. The influence of that game was so baleful that even HALO couldn’t resist incorporating some of its dumber aspects, like Aiming-Down-Sights in HALO 5: Guardians. (I much prefer the gameplay found in HALO 4, to be honest.)


Wazzocks gonna wazzock:

Those three have THE GREATEST JOBS…





Kitchen Nightmares with the Angry Scot:

Filet Mignon FONDUE?!?!?!?!

In some countries they SHOOT people for less!


Comedy hour:

This next one is for all you introverts:



Pics, guns, girls, starting with some good stuff from The Male Brain about the death of Atahualpa, the last Inca Emperor captured by Pizarro on Nov. 16th:

The conquistadores were absolute dicks, no question about it. They also considered the Incas and the Aztecs to be heathens of the worst kind – and, to be honest, they had good reasons for that.

A few more from Dawn Pine here, starting with how you get money back from political blackmail:

Y’know, they might have a point about this:

This is a movie that we want to see:

Remember how Dawn Pine wrote in about your brain being your own worst enemy?:

How do you kill your inner Gamma? By TELLING THE F***ING TRUTH:


Nobody seems to be talking about how, if Trump’s court cases end up in the hands of the SCOTUS, Justice Thomas will have the greatest opportunity of his life to take SWEET EPIC REVENGE on Sleepy Creepy Corrupt Slow Joe…

We’ll see about whether the Notorious ACB will actually do her damn job. She is very much an unknown quantity right now.

That’s the spirit!

Fake Pope beatifies Fake President – sounds about right.

I do like that Gru meme…

Police are now seeking out Ms Gabriel for her suspected involvement in savage online murder.

Headlines of the week are all over the place, but it looks like Floriduh Man has taken the week off:


Your “High On Life” moment of the week:

Your “Calling Cthulhu in R’lyeh” moment of the week:

This about sums up my feelings about the days ahead:

Or shitposting on a website, in my case, I suppose.

I mean… it’s a very good point…

This next one is the political campaign that we all need:



Your Dog of the Week is the Northern Inuit Dog, an offshoot of the Tamaskan breed:

All about the Northern Inuit Dog, its temperament and more...


Your aminules are adorkable moment of the week

And also your some endangered species are nowhere near endangered ENOUGH moment of the week, to balance things out:

The only critters that I hate more than centipedes, are spiders. I truly f***ing HATE spiders. That comes from living in Australia where you get funnel web and redback spiders IN THE BASEMENT OF YOUR HOUSE. We had one rather large spider plonked right on the back wall of our garage – it freaked me the f*** out every time I went back there.


Gym beast time with Brian Shaw, Eddie Hall, Nick Best, and Robert Oberst:

These guys just can’t stop ribbing each other. They’re absolute beasts in the gym and yet they’re best buddies otherwise. It’s like being around a bunch of gorillas with the minds of kindergarteners.

Also… that “space cowboy” video that is spliced in above, is a really-for-real thing. And it really does star Colin Bryce, whose CV is… varied, to say the least. The track itself is… uh… y’know what, just watch:

Man, just when you think 2020 could not POSSIBLY get any more batshit insane…


Buakaw Beatdown of the Week:


Jesus loves knockouts:


Synthwave takes us back to the 80s:


The Male Brain sent over this clip of a lovely young lady named Samara Ginsberg, who plays the X-Men theme on cello:

For those young men out there looking to score girls by playing music – stick to guitars, piano, or drums. Cellos are NOT “cool” instruments – though they take tremendous skill to play.


Before we get to the really heavy stuff, let’s take a trip down memory lane with the Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3 Soviet March – METALISED:

Yes, I do understand the lyrics, and yes, they’re AWESOME. Basically, they say:

Our Soviet Union conquers,

All the world from Europe to the sky in the east!

Over the soil, they will sing everywhere:

Capital, vodka, Russian bear!

That doesn’t actually make a lick of sense, but when you sing it loudly with a drunken Russian accent, trust me, it’s badass.



If anything, WINTERSUN are even more amazing live than they are in the studio. Jari Maenpaa is easily one of the most talented musicians in all of heavy metal.

Lots of girl-fronted symphonic and folk stuff this week:

Man, Charlotte Wessels has seriously hit the Wall in the last few years. It’s truly tragic. She was GORGEOUS when she was about, oh, five years younger – without all the tattoos and piercings. I mean, she’s still doable and all – but she’s married and doesn’t look that good anymore.

I actually saw them play live on a joint tour with HAMMERFALL. Now that was a pretty damned interesting experience. The hall was PACKED for HAMMERFALL, of course, and they played a great set – lots of goofy power metal fun. Then they left, and – I shit you not – HALF the people there simply walked out. This was at Terminal 5 in the arse-end of the West Side of Manhattan on a weeknight, so that might have something to do with it, but honestly, I felt a bit sorry for DELAIN. The style mismatch between the two bands translates into a HUGE difference in fanbases as well.

Anyway, on to the piece de resistance:


And finally, to round things off, here’s your Instathot to start the week off on the right boob foot. Her name is Lela Ceterová, age 31 from Žilina, Slovakia (I have no clue how to pronounce that since it’s not in Cyrillic). There’s some question about whether she is Czech or Slovak – the Czech websites say she was born in Slovakia, but the English ones say that she was born in Prague, Czechia, so who knows.

At any rate, she’s quite the colourful character. As you can see, and as this news report points out, she is very obviously enhanced – there’s enough plastic in her chest, lips, cheeks, and forehead to supply a small factory in China, for sure. She underwent her first “augmentation” at 18 and has had two more surgeries since. She started dating Czech former bodybuilder and former UFC light heavyweight contender Karlos “Terminator” Vemola back in 2018 and gave birth to their daughter in December 2019. Apparently they broke up in August 2020.

If you ever wanted to know what a woman looks like when she’s “sold out”, so to speak, for fancy pants and lollipops, this, right here, is a classic example:

  • LOTS of plastic surgery? Check.
  • Constant hair colour changes from her natural dark brown? Check.
  • Chasing Chad Thundercock? Check. (Seriously, go look up “Terminator”. He’s competing in Czech MMA leagues now, and from the looks of him, I’m just gonna say that their drug-testing regimes are probably not quite as strict as they are in the UFC.)
  • Single motherhood? Check.
  • Constant attention-whoring through multiple Instaham selfies every day? CHECK.

Definite case of “look but don’t touch”, boys. Well, I hope this cheered you up somewhat. Now back to the salt mines with ye, we’ve all got work to do.

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    Red Alert 3 is such an underrated gem. Yes it is dumbed down for consoles, but it’s a fun old-school RTS and is genuinely hilarious in a way that few video games are. All of the cutscene actors are fully aware of the ridiculousness of their situation and ham it up accordingly. I just wish there was a way to turn off forced resource sharing.

    My Halo journey is very similar to that video, in that I enjoyed the campaigns but hated that the multiplayer was more popular than my beloved Battlefield 1942 or UT2004 (being terrible at Halo 1 MP didn’t help either). It wasn’t until I played through them all on Legendary for achievements that I was able to appreciate the game’s true brilliance.

    I maintain that the best thing about Halo is that the enemies at least appear to be intelligent, which makes beating them extremely satisfying. That trait is common to a lot of great FPSes like Half-Life and F.E.A.R.

    • Didact

      I maintain that the best thing about Halo is that the enemies at least appear to be intelligent, which makes beating them extremely satisfying

      That, and the endless replay value. I always find that different parts of each game feel different every time I play them – which means that the challenges keep changing while the overall feel remains consistent. I nearly finished playing through HALO: CE again for the umpteenth time today, and it’s great fun – and I got stuck at different points, using different tactics, than I did the last time I played it (like 3 months ago).

  2. Post Alley Crackpot

    “I’m well aware that it goes against practically everything that I’ve ever written and said about Constitutional fidelity and sanctity …”

    What you may not know is that the not-so-United States has had a long history of separatist movements and rebellions that goes way beyond The War of Northern Aggression (called “The Civil War” by the victors).

    Here in Florida, there were a few days down in Key West during the 1970s where some people declared The Conch Republic.

    The funny thing is that Los Federales and the State of Florida actually left the burgeoning republic alone, despite a few days of inconvenience at the nearby naval base, figuring it was either going to do something more or ask for readmission, which it eventually did.

    But all across the US, there have been many little and not-so-little rebellions against central government.

    Seeing that Florida has its act together more than the fucking stupid menagerie that makes up the former Confederate States of America, I wouldn’t mind seeing Florida as a separate nation eventually.

    And there’s already a future President waiting in the wings: Donald J Trump, now a resident of Palm Beach County.

    It’s not just the South though: there’s the Cascadian Republic movement up in the Pacific Northwest, and even California went through the motions back in 1858.

    The states themselves aren’t peaceful during wide-open times, such as what happened with the pre-War of Northern Aggression dust-up between Georgia and North Carolina over a ridiculously small scrap of land. That’s going on even today between Alabama, Georgia, and Florida over the Chattahoochee River and water rights that Georgia wants to monopolise with its big dam and lake in North Georgia.

    You can see by the names of people and places the spots in America where they thought it better to pull up stakes and move entirely, as you’ll see in Montana when you come across the Gallatins who decided Tennessee was better off being a historical footnote for them.

    And so you might understand the further historical significance of my saying …


  3. RW

    Re Bibles; You may check out the New English Translation (NET) bible. It’s a dynamic equivalency translation that incorporates 58,000 translator notes. It is truly the best attempt at thought-for-thought translation for people concerned with word-for-word accuracy. My study reading incorporates ESV, then NET, then AMP, then Lexham English (LEB).

    Additionally, it’s a luxury spend but I have found it very rewarding: The Old Testament translation by Robert Altar with his translator notes. Altar is a Hebrew linguist and professor of literary criticism. He brings incredible life to the Psalms and the book of Samuel. Frankly, all modern translations suck at Psalms after reading through his poetry and translation notes.

    That Elon Musk tweet is great. Welcome to the party pal.

  4. Kapios

    The guitar on that Russian ‘Farewell’ song is smooth as a baby’s butt. It’s very soothing.

    On another note, I don’t know what’s deadliest in this post. Stepping into a ring with Buakaw, going to Australia, or looking at the instathot’s pic. If you can’t find a good one, that’s ok. We can go for a week or two without an instathot on Mondays 😛


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