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Cautionary tales

by | Nov 17, 2020 | Office Space | 1 comment

Our friend The Male Brain sent me a link to an interesting Instathot last week. I had thought about including her story in one of the usual Great Mondaydact Browser Busters;. However, upon reflection I realised that this is exactly the kind of woman that young men today need to avoid. And the only way you can avoid them is by knowing how to spot them.

Enter one Prisilia Kashty. Judging by her Instaham feed, she’s about 25 years old by now. She’s young, she’s from Israel, she’s loaded (or rather, her dad is). Sounds like a great girl to know, right?

Not so fast. Turns out, she spent the last two years in prison. I’ll let Dawn Pine take over from here:

She is an “influencer” and cousin of a monitor chef celebrity here in Israel. Five years ago she ran over an 82 year old man, and escaped the scene. She called the fire brigade after 40 minutes (go figure), and had a very interesting explanation in trial. Her psychiatrist told the court she has: Attention Disorder, Anorexia and eating disorders, Borderline Personality Syndrome and adjustment disorder. Talk about Instathot being crazy – literally.

She kept postponing the trial, while flying abroad and partying.

Last year she was finally jailed. That did not stop her from sharing pics on the app. It seems that she asked her sisters to continue operating the profile, till she’ll be out.

Her father told the press that their lawyer asked her to stop posting, but she chose not to. She got 2 years and was now released.

Oh, and her former “partner” was the son of an Israeli crime lord who was gunned down in 2016. Another boyfriend ditched her before “they got engaged”. [Dude dodged a freakin’ NUKE – Didact]

One last thing – she has a law degree.

Would do her, with 2 condoms (at least) but won’t keep her around.

You know how I keep telling you guys, DON’T STICK IT IN CRAZY? (I’m not just telling you this as a generic warning, like you’ll find on a packet of cigarettes, by the way – I’m telling you from PAINFUL personal experience.)

This, right here, is CRAZY:

Crazy with great tits, that’s for sure. You may have noticed that the craziest and scariest people often come in the most attractive packages, but when you look closely, you realise that they look… odd, somehow. That is not accidental.

Since this article is all about providing you with solid advice, let’s start with some about how you can avoid dating crazy bitches. In this case, the sign is very obvious. Look at her eyes. They are a complete giveaway – no life in them whatsoever.

Oh wait, it gets worse. Here’s a Times of Israel news article detailing how she left the joint once her term was up:

A social media star who was convicted for the killing of an 82-year-old pedestrian in a hit-and-run was picked up from prison Wednesday in a limousine and documented her journey home for her followers, sparking outrage.

Prisilia Kashty was jailed for 24 months for the killing of David Mizrahi, but continued to operate her social media accounts while serving her sentence, pretending she was on a long-term vacation.

Kashty was released from the Neve Tirza women’s prison after the parole board cut her sentence by one-third, deeming her eligible for early release as jails struggled with overcrowding.

She left the prison and was collected in a stretch limousine, documenting the experience in a video uploaded to Instagram, where she has 150,000 followers.

She is seen smiling and laughing in the video as she mouths along to songs.

Mizrahi’s daughter expressed outrage at Kashty’s behavior as she left the prison.

“Why do we need laws and pay taxes? So they can laugh at us? A limousine is waiting for her outside? Maybe they’ll lay out a red carpet for her too?” Naomi Kenyon told the Ynet news site.

You can fully understand Ms Kenyon’s anger. You cannot escape the conclusion that ordinary people like you and me have to obey one set of rules, imposed upon us by the rich and powerful. But those same people are of course not required to follow their own rules. This may well be a classic case of that exact phenomenon.

This is not restricted to one particular country, people, or tribe, by the way. I’ve seen very similar shit take place in the USA, India, Russia, and Singapore.

This girl has no sense of propriety or discretion. That, too, is another absolute dead giveaway. That’s the kind of girl who will not hesitate to throw a complete shit-fit in public in order to cause you maximum humiliation simply to get what she wants. She’ll do it with a smile, too. And she won’t stop to think that what she is doing is wrong – because, to her, IT’S NOT. It’s a perfectly rational course of action according to her rather warped sense of ethics.

But it’s one thing to see rich people getting away with horrible behaviour. It’s quite another to see rich people claiming to be crazy in order to get away with bad behaviour, and then act completely normal and happy.

Avoid people like these by learning how to recognise the signs. A young girl at the peak of her youth and beauty with dead-fish eyes is absolutely certain to be nucking futs at some level. If you come across a girl who looks kind of sort of like THIS:


I mean, she won’t be quite THAT obvious, but she’ll look like something along those lines.

You also need to learn how to avoid the kind of woman who isn’t quite crazy, exactly, but clearly lacks impulse control. Watch the following video by Joker from Better Bachelor and tell me in the comments if you could get through it without feeling physically sick. Don’t worry, there is nothing visually disturbing or bad about the video itself, it’s perfectly safe for work:

Here’s the TL;DR executive summary:

  • Sorority girls make a pact to bang their way through the alphabet of guys;
  • One girl bangs 11 guys in 8 weeks – that’s an average of 1.375 guys every 7 days;
  • Said paragon of feminine chastity ends up pregnant with triplets;
  • And now she has no idea who the father is, but it could be any one of at least FIVE DIFFERENT MEN;

Joker brings up a very important point in that video. As he says, traces of sperm and semen remain in a woman’s reproductive regions for 5-7 days if she has completely unprotected sex, and if she doesn’t… uh… clean up after herself, so to speak.

So, if a promiscuous young woman is throwing her cat around at every Albert, Bruce, and Colin that comes along (quite literally, in this case), then every single one of those intrepid… um… spelunkers is going to find that his little head will be surrounded by the delightful leavings of all of the other men who have come before him.

(If that made your gag reflex kick into overdrive, I fully understand, but I will absolutely NOT be held responsible for any coffee stains on monitors or keyboards resulting from my words.)

Can you imagine being in that position, of not only contributing to a veritable stew of male DNA swimming around in a girl’s insides, but also being exposed to it yourself?!?

Men must be aware of these kinds of girls and must know what to look for. The simplest and most effective method is to avoid any girl who goes to college. However, in my opinion this is probably an overcautious approach and a mistaken application of the Precautionary Principle. To use a modern analogy, it’s a lot like requiring everyone to wear a few layers of cotton and paper over their faces at all times to protect against a virus that can easily penetrate through such things. This is because a clear majority of kids in college these days are women. For men, this is what you might call a “target-rich environment”.

That does not mean that those targets do not shoot back. Most of those targets aren’t worth the effort either. Women in college these days rarely make for good girlfriend material and almost never make good wife material at all. If you approach a woman on a college campus, you run a very real risk of being accused of harassment, molestation, and even potentially false rape. These women are to be avoided, in general.

You must mitigate your risks in these situations. As such, if you find a college girl who is:

  • Involved in any of the really stupid liberal arts – e.g. art history, linguistic anthropology, cultural studies, “gender” studies, sociology, and similar nonsense;
  • Part of a sorority;
  • Tattooed on ANY part of her body;
  • Smokes or drinks;
  • A product of a broken home;
  • Not capable of maintaining a close relationship with her father;

… then GTFO and fast.

As a Christian, I tell you to stay away from fornication. If you want to have sex, there are outlets for that sort of thing that are far less dangerous – I’ll leave you to figure out what those are. Use your big head instead of your little one. Stay away from bars and clubs and late-night venues. If you MUST chase college girls, then do so when sober and with lots of people (i.e. WITNESSES) around.

Then proceed to ask carefully constructed probing questions designed to determine what kind of a woman she is. If she exhibits any of the traits noted above, then ghost on her, fast.

This will immediately rule out about 90% of all potential women that you might actually want to date – in and of itself a tiny number compared to the overall population. All I can tell you is: deal with it, Bubba. If you want a high-quality woman, be prepared to put in a lot of effort to get one. You need to make yourself a high-quality man. This immediately makes the process of finding a high-quality woman significantly easier – quality attracts and begets quality.

If you go dumpster-diving, on the other hand, don’t expect any sympathy from guys like me when you emerge stinking of shit and vomit and sporting some delightfully disgusting diseases as well.

Of course, you could always do this, too, I suppose:

Follow these simple precautions and you will be able to enjoy feminine company while minimising your risks of running into a walking sperm trap like the one described in the video above, or a serious mental case like the Instathot up top.

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1 Comment

  1. Post Alley Crackpot

    “One girl bangs 11 guys in 8 weeks – that’s an average of 1.375 guys every 7 days; she does so WITHOUT BIRTH CONTROL OR PROTECTION OF ANY KIND; said paragon of feminine chastity ends up pregnant with triplets …”

    So some crazy chicks came up with a dating game to top the Tide Pod Challenge. How clever.

    News flash for those saying it’s totally different: one game poisons the body, the other poisons the soul.

    Kevin from Arkansas, you got lucky with your crazy chick lotto ticket … if you can call that lucky.

    But these crazy chicks wanting to play at Hollyweird games, perhaps enjoying those crazy days and nights, so to speak?

    Let’s talk over coffee and a cigar about it: these crazy chicks didn’t push the envelope.

    It’s interesting to think about what we could do around here with some better talent, top-“notch” [guffaw] acting, and a little bit of the psychological ultraviolence on the mise en scene.

    So I present to you the sequel: a highly narcissistic and organised adversary in the form of an aspirational and power-seeking medical student has built a very private sperm bank, and you may be invited to become part of it … without your consent or your immediate knowledge, of course.

    The medical student has a network of operatives who collect intel on their targets before leading them into bespoke honey traps in which milking their balls empty and storing the “happy endings” for posterity turns out to be the intended result.

    Those of you out there in the KRE arbitrage and mitigation business know where this is going: a classic long-term extortion racket in which the “donors” don’t get to become the father of many children by many mothers as long as they keep paying the network what it wants.

    Nobody in the family courts would believe that such a network even exists at first, and even if they eventually get wise to it, they’re already on the take one way, so why not just add some spice melange to the recipe?

    And no, guys, you don’t get Halle Berry in this movie.

    Some guys out there just don’t get the risks, and they never will.

    As for the rest of you?

    Has this nightmare scenario bothered you enough yet?

    Wait until you hear about the sequel to the sequel.


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