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From skull-cups to Scandicucks

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Y’know, there was a time when Viking reavers from what we now think of as Sweden, Iceland, Denmark, Norway, and even as far east as Finland, were considered to be the terror and bane of Christendom. The men who boarded Viking longships with dragon-heads for masts sported huge flowing beards, horned helmets, round shields, large broadswords, and a distinct lack of appreciation for weakness, cowardice, or homosexual nonsense.

Those men would routinely land in and around Christian territories throughout northern and western Europe during the warm summer months to kill, maim, burn, rape, loot, pillage, and generally do unspeakably horrible things to those that they considered weaker than themselves.

Their pagan burial rituals involved ritualised rape and human sacrifice of the nastiest kinds, in order to see their chieftains off to Valhalla in the grandest style possible. Their myths and legends revolved around gods and giants locked in eternal struggle with Mankind caught in the middle, and their end-times prophecies were, and remain, easily the most badass set of eschatological predictions ever made. Heck, the prophecies involved in the legends of Ragnarok make even the stuff toward the end of the Book of Revelation seem tame and boring by comparison.

I mean, any end-times prophecy that claims that the king of all of the gods will be swallowed whole by a wolf so huge that its upper jaw rakes the sky and its lower jaw furrows the ground, only for that same wolf to be quite literally torn apart at the hands of the king’s son, followed by all of creation burning from the flames of a sword swung by the oldest and most powerful of all of the fire giants before sinking into the sea until nothing remains but the vast yawning eternal emptiness of Ginnungagap, is… just… BADASS.

I bring all of this up in order to remind y’all of what the Scandinavians USED to be like, once upon a time – because what you see next will make you think that they’ve all lost their spines:

That is an advert from SAS, supposedly Scandinavia’s premier airline (*eyerolls*). It was sent to me by our good friend The Male Brain, who was every bit as disgusted and outraged by it as any of us.

I actually saw it earlier on RT, where the largely sensible and stolid Russians and their Western staff noted that the ad went down, even among the Scandicucks, like a plate of cold sick garnished with pickled herring:

Suggesting Scandinavian identity doesn’t really exist was a step too far for airline SAS in its latest campaign and, as it went into damage control just hours after takeoff, the debate raged: what’s wrong with a national identity?

The Nordic airline SAS needs to go back to the drawing board after it’s “Nothing is truly Scandinavian” advertising campaign crash-landed and abandoning the naïve, insulting premise that national identities do not exist would be the perfect starting point.

What became immediately obvious from the barrage of criticism the ill-conceived idea attracted was that people were not happy with being told they should be ridden with guilt for the numerous acts of what the woke brigade frowningly call “cultural appropriation” that they previously had mistakenly associated as the building blocks of their very own national identity.

Among the more ridiculous claims, and using a rhetorical device of the ill-informed, the campaign suggests that “rumour has it“ that world famous Swedish meatballs are actually Turkish.

Why make this stuff up? Why try to shame a nation into believing that a popular dish is one they have stolen from somewhere else? It’s the cheapest, nastiest, most unpatriotic campaign imaginable.

And the fact that this was all the idea of &Co, an oh-so-self-aware Copenhagen-based agency shows the extent of self-loathing and guilt that exist in the liberal world of the creative class.

Perhaps their cack-handed attempt to declare “What is truly Scandinavian? Absolutely nothing” should have been run past their neighbors, Denmark and Sweden before they started disowning national treasures like sticky pastries, meatballs and parental leave.

As I have said before, and as I will say again and again and bloody well again until the Scandis finally see their balls drop back down, pick up their axes and swords and shields, and go on a good old-fashioned berserkergang:

If the Vikings of old could see what a bunch of spineless weak-kneed pathetic cucked-out losers their descendants have become, they would NEVER have allowed Christianity to be introduced at the point of a sword. They would have either slaughtered every last Christian missionary and convert, or fought to the last man, woman, and child to retain their old pagan ways.

I realise this takes some explaining, especially given that I, as a Christian, apparently just said that Christianity was a mistake for the Scandis.

Let me be clear about this:

Christianity is NEVER a mistake. Christianity exerts a tremendous civilising force upon peoples and nations, and that is precisely what it did whenever it was introduced in Europe.

The entire reason why the Gauls and Visigoths, who were once such feared and terrible enemies of the Roman Empire, became calm and docile citizens of that very same Empire toward the latter half of its existence, is because of Christianity. The very reason why the Merovingian and then the Carolingian kingdoms managed to maintain, and then exceed, the heights of civilisation achieved by Christianised Rome after the official end of the Empire in 476AD, is because they themselves were Christians.

When Christianity came to the fierce pagans of the Scandinavian frontiers, it was introduced largely at the point of a sword, at least at first. (There is an extremely deep and powerful anti-Christian current that runs underneath modern Scandinavian society which still longs for the old pagan ways of blood and fire. You can hear it very easily if you listen to a lot of Scandinavian pagan, black, and death metal – like I do.) But eventually, the civilising influence of Christianity won out and converted that entire northern frontier of Europe.

And for at least the first thousand years of its presence in Scandinavia, that Christian influence was a very positive thing. The rise of the very Christian, very Lutheran Swedish Empire, was definitely an impressive achievement – and it produced some of the greatest statesmen and generals the world has ever seen.

But something happened between about the time of the fall of the Swedish Empire and the modern day, which has plainly turned the Scandinavians into a bunch of spineless weenies.

What, in the name of all that is holy, could have happened to turn former Vikings into people who would welcome in hordes of Dirt Worlders and turn large parts of their own most beautiful cities into no-go zones?

Part of it has to be their interpretation of Christianity.

The Christian Gospels, as the Scandinavians see it, tell them to welcome in all refugees as neighbours, be forgiving of all abuses and sins of others, and strive for equality. This is of course a profoundly twisted and incorrect reading of Gospel and it is deeply insulting to real Christians to hear such things being touted as theologically sound and correct. But, based on the evidence, that does appear to be what they think.

And that is before we get to the influence of Calvinism, which says that God controls everything – thereby plainly misunderstanding what it means to be sovereign – and the extreme psychological trauma inflicted by WWII.

Without going into much by way of further details, it is clear that the profoundly masculinising aspects of the Christian Gospels have simply been discarded in Scandinavia. To be sure, there is some evidence that both Christian and pagan masculine leadership is surging through underground movements in Denmark, Finland, Sweden, Norway, and even to some small extent Iceland. But there is a LOT of work for them to do.

As for the SAS advert that sparked off this article in the first place – well, you’ll be delighted to know that the Scandicucks got the message, because the ad absolutely BOMBED.

It went over so badly, in fact, that SAS had to pull the advert, twice.

The reason why is very simple: you can push people only so far by downplaying and selling out and even outright insulting their national identities. Eventually, people will push back – even people as supine and cucked-out as the Scandis.

Make no mistake, it is a very good thing that the Scandinavian peoples are pushing back, hard, against attempts to devalue their national histories and identities. The world is a much better place when national identities are proudly asserted and maintained. Attempts to subsume nations into bland, mushy, inoffensive agglomerations without borders or traditions ALWAYS backfire, and ALWAYS lead to conflict and war.

Better by far that the pushing-back should happen peacefully over YouTube videos and at the ballot box, than through firestorms and hails of bullets.

Unfortunately, the time window to avoid outright brutal war is shrinking, very quickly. Already, the Scandinavians are pushing back very hard against their governing elite’s attempts to destroy their countries – and the elites are terrified of it. They are doing their level best to lock the nationalist Right and Left out of power in those countries.

If you want an idea of what will happen if they don’t reverse course, fast, then just take a look at the Spanish Civil War.

I’ll leave you with two pictures that explain quite easily exactly how far gone the Scandis are – and what they could come back to, if only they had the sense that God gave honey badgers:

Viking leaders back in the day

Weapons & Armor of the Ancient World: Viking Berserker

Viking leaders today

The odd man out satwcomic.com

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  1. Eduardo the Magnificent

    Just show them Skeletor on loop until they remember who they are…

    • Didact

      Not a bad idea. If I had to listen to that crazy cackle on loop, it would certainly drive me into a literal berserker rage.

  2. Dire Badger

    We never should have taught them to speak.

  3. JohnC911

    Hey Didact’s reach , can I add some more why the Scandinavian men might be too soft and their societies are so open. This is not to say things will not change.
    Sorry for the long post I got carry away and enjoy writing it.

    I imagine this will change as their society become more chaotic, the winter becomes cold, trade get cut and the food runs short. At this point the people who are not Scandinavian will be wishing for the Viking of the old instead of the new monsters that will come. Who knows.
    I have grown more to prefer Southern Europe since historical they don't go racial on either side as often (at least not since the Romans unless you count the French) so the pendulum swings are not so big.
    Anyway 4 more reasons (I include England in some part even know they have Anglo-Saxon dnd and the history is different)

    1. The structural of the family is different to the rest of Europe. The more you go up North in Europe the more smaller the family unit. This is not to say they have smaller number of offspring but more often they don't include extended families as often in functions, more nuclear families. Kids at 18 are expected to leave home, and the society reflect a more individualist model rather than Collectivist or Tribal one as oppose to the South or even that matter the east.

    2. the Catholic Church with all of its failures changed in the 7th to 8th centuries from that of the more traditional Christianity to a Crusader force in the 9th century until it change again between the 11 and 12 centuries (becoming more corrupt and traditional). The thrid last change (so far) in the 15th century cause by the revolutions in Europe brought on by the reformation. I bring this up because if you look at the areas of the catholic protestant lines in Europe you will notice a North-West, South-East divide. This is no accident. Silly people (or liars) would argue only for genetics and/or cultural as the reason while ignoring the position of the Southern and Eastern Countries to that of Islam geographic place. Minus Russia (Orthodoxy) who was for the most part in the early history isolated from Western Europe and Greece (Byzantine empire). Is this important?

    I think the fact that Catholic (And Orthodox) is different to traditional Christianity that the Protestant Reformation wanted is in part due that it did not have the luxury of peaceful Neighbors, and ones with the beliefs that allows them to lie to strangers, back stab and force conversions. First follow by 400 years of attack by the Arabs and then later another 400 year attack by the Turks, closing the Mediterranean seas and attacking the coast lines, and invasions. Only stop once the European powers surpass them in technology, sea power and industrial might. The north west Europe for the most part had more to worry about other Christian kingdoms attacking them especially after the Vikings converted. Which means that the wars could be fought more with civility (expect for the 30 years War which mainly in Germany) or until WW1. This affected all the Northern European states including England and how they view religion, the world, the state.

  4. JohnC911

    3. WW1 and WW2 affected all of Europe including the nations not involved. The ones not involved often got the refugees and the wealth transfer. Sweden after the WW2 had one of the strongest economies in the world. Finland and Denmark of course got attacked but compare to western Europe it still had most of its men and industries left untouched. The wealth increase I reckon has corrupted these countries faster than the rest of Europe. I am not surprised about the Nordic model ( en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nordic_model ). Also if you want to take a look at Sweden growth rate from 1800 to today, it changes during the 1970s (wealthfare) before that during the 50s to 70s it had a growth rates of 3.3 ( eh.net/encyclopedia/sweden-economic-growth-and-structural-change-1800-2000/ )

    4. The Cold War and the Soviets influence. The Defense of Europe after WW2 turn to NATO led by the USA. This should of meant that defence spending is shared but it didn’t. Most of Europe cut down their spending on defence since you can’t fight atomic weapons and the Americans will bail us out anyway, so why bother you can use this money for social programs.

    The Soviet influences cannot be underestimated. They sent agents everywhere and paid media, politicians and educators to come to see the paradise of the USSR. Their mission was less about stealing information (it did happen) but weakening nations. Finland lasted the longest in the Nordic countries probably because of the winter war but Leftism is like a disease it infects and spreads. Sweden influences Finland more than any other nation (probably because most of the Finish media is run by Swedish people). What Sweden does, Finland will follow about 20 years later.

  5. Post Alley Crackpot

    In advance of the non-event that is "Valentine's Day", I present to you the most "red-pilled" mainstream pop song ever produced, a lovely blast of class from the UK in 1982 …

    ABC — "Valentine's Day"

    The heat turns up a bit around 2m15s and gets cranked full-on around 2m30s, so do listen carefully. 🙂

    Yes, they baked your cake in little slices
    Kept your eye on rising prices
    Wound up winning booby prizes
    I'm sure you'd like to think you know what life is

    Enjoy. 🙂

    • Didact

      Hey, come on now, Mr. Kipling makes great pastries! ))

      Yeah, Valentine's Day is a pain in the ass. And for me, at least, today has been one GIGANTIC headache.

      Good song.


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