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Pass the sick bag

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Paul Joseph Watson’s biting analysis of the degeneracy of our modren society takes a strong stomach to watch, particularly toward the end:

Remember what I said on Sunday about how Satan is out to do the most damage that he possibly can before he is finally defeated once and for all?

Assuming that this new “fetish” is real, then about the only way that he could do more damage would be to detonate an FAE in the middle of a Western metropolis.

Now, the existence of “breeding” as a sexual fetish – wherein, if you didn’t watch the video, or didn’t have the stomach to watch it all the way through, couples bond sexually through conceiving a child, carrying it through to the first or second trimester, and then killing that unborn child via either chemical or surgical abortion – may or may not be apocryphal. I’m sorely tempted to call bullshit on this one, since everything that I have seen on the subject circles right back to the very same article that Paul Joseph Watson himself wrote on the subject.

People can shit-talk all they like on Reddit, with few consequences. Maybe it’s just because I am naive enough to hope, and pray, that people have not gone batshit insane enough to conceive a child, carry it through to 20-24 weeks, and then kill it off, and then get off on that shit. I could very well be in for a few very nasty beatings with a clue-bat on this subject.

Here is the actual Reddit thread that was quoted in PJ’s article. The original post, by u/Ooliava, contains the following text – skip over this if you watched the actual video:

I have a female friend who has a really powerful fetish for breeding, she was never used any type of birth control.

She is with a male partner currently who is just like her, into breeding and they have been practicing their fetish for quite a few abortions.

I know this is a heavy subject for some but It got to the point where, I’m worried for her health. I personally didn’t study abortions.

Was wandering if this might seriously impact her? She is like a sister to me

And here is the response from another Redditor, Klaus-2018:

I know this fetish. my girlfriend and me have the same fetish. My girlfriend enjoy her pregnancys and she enjoys the aborttation. Her preferred date for the abort is between 20 and 24 weeks of gestation. I enjoy it to make her pregnant. And i enjoy the time of her pregnancy. she has no menstrual period and she is sexual very aktive.

sexuality witout prevention is very emotional and inexpensive

in the last 10 years in our relationship we have done 7 aborts. and my girlfriend is pregnant again with a litle girl.

Aborttation fetish it is a great method for birth control

I didn’t edit that in any way. Once I stopped feeling severely nauseated, I sat and thought about this for a while and I reckon that there is a pretty good chance that it is pure nonsense, as I pointed out above.

Consider the notion that this “aborttation [sic] fetish it is a great method for birth control”. Quite apart from the fact that whoever wrote this nonsense evidently doesn’t speak English properly, getting an abortion isn’t exactly cheap – unless you live in a city where abortion services are subsidised by the government – and it sure as Hell isn’t healthy.

I am not going to go into a description of abortion methods here, mostly because doing so makes me feel physically ill and I don’t need that just before going for a workout. But, if a hormonal abortifacent is used, then that plays havoc with a woman’s hormones – and if a physical method is used, that is invasive and there is always a risk of harm to the mother.

So I’m calling bullshit on this idea based on the assertions made by the sick weirdos in that forum that this is a cheap and harmless fetish. It is neither. And that is before we get to the psychological havoc played upon a woman’s brain from engaging in this sort of insanity.

After all, how twisted and rotten do you have to be in order to get sexual pleasure from killing your own flesh and blood? There cannot be too many such women, or men, out there. The very idea is horrifying in its implications.

On the other hand… We now live in a society where “swinging” and cuckoldry are considered mainstream and acceptable ideas by large segments of the elites who control our culture, and where those same elites attempted – and failed, thank God – to normalise paedophilia.

Again, we have no significant independent verification that such a weird and messed up subculture actually exists. So until we do, I advise taking such stories with a HUGE heaping helping of salt.

If it all turns out to be a big hoax and a bunch of nonsense, then I will be delighted to say so right here and admit that we all got trolled, hard. I mean, it’s a disgusting prank and all, but hey, we’ve seen worse in our time.

That being said… If it is real, then yeah, it’s about time for this to happen:

Speaking just for myself, I cannot think of a more fulfilling and enjoyable experience than engaging in physical passion with a woman that I really love for the purpose of actual procreation. That has to be the very best kind of sex there is – because that is the literal actual purpose of sex.

Procreative sex is a bonding experience that goes far beyond merely sex for pleasure. When men and women engage in the act of procreation, they are doing exactly what Nature, and therefore Nature’s God, intended for them to do.

And there is no better way to have children than within the sanctity and safety of marriage.

The literature on the subject of whether married heterosexual couples with children are happier is inconclusive, as far as I can tell. If you listen to professional psychologists, they will tell you that child-free couples are much happier than couples with children, because they have significantly lower stress levels. If you listen to actual married women with children, though, they complain about the quality of their relationships and their partners quite a bit more – but they are happier overall.

What gives?

The reality, as far as I can tell, lies somewhere in between. Married couples in which both the man and the woman want children, and are agreed on the subject of when to have them and how many of them to have, are likely to be happier because they made their decisions as a unit, and have planned through their life goals and have accepted the consequences of those choices. And those consequences are steep – massive expenses, lack of sleep, constant worry, severe impacts on your ability to live your life the way you want, and so on.

(Eagle-eyed readers will note that I wrote about married couples that consist of one man and one woman. That is because this is the only kind of marriage there is. I pay no attention to this modren nonsense of homosexual “marriage” – there is no such thing, no matter how badly governments might want us to think that it exists.)

Marriage among Millennialtards has fallen out of fashion – with dire consequences for their sex lives and resulting birth rates. It is refreshing, then, to see stories like this one, in which youngsters from Gen-Z are rebelling against their Shrillennial elders and getting married young, and having children at an early age. This is very much to the good. I wager that those young couples will end up significantly happier than couples who wait until their mid-to-late-thirties to get married.

Again, having sex for the sake of procreation is a wonderful thing and I encourage every virile young man out there to engage in as much of that specific type of sex as possible – preferably within the covenant of marriage. There is no better way to feel close to your woman and form a powerful emotional, psychological, and spiritual bond with her.

But then we get to this whole business of aborting babies at 20-24 weeks old, and… well, hand me that sick-bucket again, I’m going to need it.

At 24-25 weeks old, a baby has a real fighting chance of survival outside of the womb. That is not merely a lump of cells and neurons encased in flesh, it is an actual, real human being with a soul and a spirit. To terminate that for the sake of “convenience” is murder, pure and simple.

To terminate that for the sake of convenient sexual pleasure is far, far worse – and anyone who engages in such a thing is either daemonically possessed, or mentally sick beyond any possibility of healing.

Call me crazy, but I happen to think that new human life in the world is a GOOD thing. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a big fan of babies when they are at the pooping and vomiting and crying stage of existence, but that is simply the price you have to pay for bringing new life into the world.

Personally, I think children are wonderful and I approve heartily of any couple that chooses to bring more into the world. Good for them, I say. Children are the manifestation of hope – a gesture of defiance against a very cruel and dark world, daring it to do its worst, while the children in question are beacons of light and love and laughter for their parents.

You can call me naive, idealistic, and any number of other names in between, but I wager that anyone who says that has not experienced the joys of looking into the face of a laughing, happy, carefree, innocent child at play.

What kind of perversion, what kind of mental disease, what kind of daemonic presence, would twist a man – or, worse, a woman – into gaining sexual pleasure from conceiving and then destroying life?

There are documented cases of sick and twisted individuals who get sexual pleasure from torturing and killing animals. In a civilised society, we do not leave such individuals free to roam and to inflict horrific cruelty upon animals – instead, we lock them up for their and our protection, and we put the very worst of them to death because those individuals commit murders against humans and not merely animals.

What, then, does it say about our society that we do not arrest and condemn those who murder unborn innocent children – and do it for the sake of sexual gratification?

The answer is simple:

Assuming that this story is true – which I hope and pray that it is not – then it says that Western society has become irredeemably corrupted. It has fallen to the worship of Molech, and must be treated in the same way as the Romans once treated Carthage.

It must be destroyed, never to rise again, and its survivors must be taught a lesson so terrible that their descendants will remember it in their very bones.

Only then can a new and better civilisation take its place – one that respects human life and its sanctity, and which treats the insane who murder their own children with all of the swift and terrible wrath that they deserve.

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  1. Dire Badger

    breeding/aborting fetish is absolutely real, and is considered 'common' among the furry community, which has vastly more money than you would actually suspect

    Now, while it is a common theme in their artwork and fiction, I am not sure how often they take it to reality, but based upon how surprisingly common animal masturbation and bestiality are, and the stories of…acquaintances working for Bethesda, there are hundreds of Maryland-Area abortion 'regulars' that come in every 3-4 months and have been doing so for years.

    • Didact

      Good God… where did I put that sick-bucket…

      The women involved in those death-cults have to be a special kind of insane. The kind where they should be locked up in solitary confinement for their entire lives and spoon-fed jelly in a padded cell.

  2. RobertDWood

    Re cost of the abortions, a medication induced abortion is significantly lower cost to the end user (financially. The emotional toll of those who murder must be extreme. Macbeth is no joke.)

    Many of these medications can be prescribed for other conditions, such as depression, which no doubt such a malevolent woman would be able to describe

    • Didact

      The emotional toll of those who murder must be extreme. Macbeth is no joke.

      Yep. I know a girl whose mother had an abortion before she was born. It screwed up her mother beyond words, for years, to the point where her daughter and subsequent children paid the price for her pain.

      Abortion truly is one of the most effective, perverse, and heinous weapons that evil has to use against us.

  3. Nikolai Vladivostok

    With 7.5 billion people on the planet, there are probably a few dozen freaks somewhere who are into any revolting thing you can think of, and things that we have not yet even imagined. These days those dozens can find each other online, form a community, and imagine that they're not so weird after all. Like those people who try to turn themselves into reptiles through body modification.
    Not sure if this is the case for the redditers, though. Hopefully Earth's trolls will always outnumber her freaks.

    • Didact

      Hopefully. But there are plenty of freaks out there, and their numbers appear to be growing, not shrinking. The idea of abortion as a sexual fetish, though… that one is a real sick-maker.


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