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It has been about a week since Gonzalo Lira, once known on TEH YOOTOOBZ as “Coach Red Pill”, for his involvement with the Manosphere movement, was arrested again by the Ukrainian SBU. Since then, to the best of my knowledge, we have heard very little of him. The video of his arrest was widely circulated on Telegram by both Ukrainian and Russian channels – the former crowing triumphantly about shutting down a supposed “Putin Propagandist” and “Rashist” (Russian-sympathiser), and the latter expressing concern for his safety.

As I said before, this is not the first time he has been arrested and detained by the SBU. A year ago, the same goons broke down his door and hauled him into jail for a week. Again, his “crime” was in speaking the truth about the Banderite regime in Queef. He simply pointed out known facts about the war, and said Things the Regime Didn’t Like.

Brian Berletic of The New Atlas had a very even-handed take on the whole thing:

As far as Gonzo’s arrest goes, I will say this:

I do not like GL. I call him “Gonzo” because he hates that nickname and it annoys him intensely. Personally, I find his style of speaking quite snarky and off-putting. Every time he has appeared as a guest on The Duran of late, at the courtesy of the two Alexes, I simply groan, because I know he will spend the entire livestream being an annoying and obnoxious guest with his forced humour, irritatingly smug tone, and constant interruptions of other guests.

Other people seem to like him – well, to each his own, is all I can say. I do not like his style and make no secret of that fact.

None of that changes one critical fact:

He is absolutely correct about the Queef regime and everything surrounding it.

The people in charge at Bankovaya Street are literal neo-Nazis who believe in the racial supremacy of the Ukrainian race. They fully embrace not only the symbolism of Hitler’s regime, but the ideology behind it. In fact, they go much further, in embracing a sort of “mystical fascism” (also known as “Esoteric Nazism”) of the kind espoused by, believe it or not, an Indian woman who travelled to Germany in the 1930s, met Hitler, and concocted some sort of bonkers theory that he was an avatar of a Hindu god. (No, I am not making this shit up. I wish I was, but I am not.)

Here is what Andrey Biletskiy, the founder of the modern-day Azov Battalion/Regiment/Brigade/whatever – since renamed the “3rd Separate Assault Brigade” or some such nonsense – has to say about the Ukrainian people (h/t Bernhard from Moon of Alabama):

In addition to the supremacy of the white race, Biletsky claimed to defend the West, to want the destruction of democracy in Europe, the destruction of capitalism and of the “Zionist international”, which would be replaced by “Nazocracy”, which are his own words. As a historian, Biletsky, in addition to the conspiracy theory that was very much a part of his rhetoric, was also committed to revisionism, rewriting the history of the Ukrainian people, whose roots, according to him, lay in the Scythian civilisation, which he linked to the Cossacks, in an attempt to erase the real origin of the Kiev Rus’. Going much further than the Nazis, he went so far as to declare that the latter had not taken into account the need to racially cleanse the population, including the Aryan population, in order to eradicate degenerate subjects, such as alcoholism, drug addiction and others. His idea was to take into account “the biological character of each family”. Going much further than American eugenics, he proposed the total and literal cleansing of the race, stating that the Ukrainian national culture was derived from the people, not from their history, religion, heritage, or language. He even declared that “the historical mission of the Ukrainian nation at this critical moment is to lead the white peoples of the world in the last crusade for its existence, and to fight against the sub-humanity led by the Semites”.

The nationalists’ view of Ukraine is definitely a view into the past and present, and the project of the future – Great Ukraine.

Our Ukraine has an area of 945 thousand km2 (i.e., 343 thousand km2 more than today’s than today’s), inhabited by 60 million people, mostly Ukrainians. These 343 thousand kilometers of land were taken away from the Ukrainian nation in the past: the Kuban and nation: the Kuban and Eastern Slobozhanshchyna (now under Muscovy), Kholmshchyna and Podlasie (under Poland), Beresteyshchyna (under Belarus), Transnistria (under Moldova), Marmoroshchyna (under Romania), Presov region (under Slovakia), Western Transcarpathia (under Hungary). All of these lands, together with modern Ukraine, make up indivisible united Ukraine, which we have no right to trade or nor give up.

However, Ukraine is not just a piece of territory in the center of Europe, outlined by the settlement of the Ukrainian nation, it is an absolutely unique alloy, an ethno-geographical organism.

I have shown the neo-Nazi symbolism rife within Ukrainian ranks and government institutions extensively on this site. I have no particular desire to show that again – all you have to do is go looking for it. If, after reading my work, you still cannot understand that Russia fights against a literally Nazi nation, I cannot help you.

Neither can Gonzo. He has been arrested for speaking the truth. The only thing stopping the SBU from executing him, at this point, is the fact that he is a dual citizen of Chile and the USSA – and executing an American citizen on Ukrainian soil for the “crime” of telling the truth is not going to look good in front of Americans who pretend to be defending “democracy” and “freedom” and “Western values”.

I would ask you, those of you in the West, who read this, though:

How do you feel about your tax dollars, your government institutions, your monies for infrastructure and education and healthcare, being sent to support a smelly unwashed green-shirted crackhead Jew in Bankovaya, surrounded by neo-Nazis, whose regime came to power promising peace with Russia and then betrayed that promise, and which, up until the start of the SMO, killed hundreds of civilians in Lugansk and Donetsk regions with their indiscriminate shelling?

As for the Jewish element here – I have personally had arguments with people who refuse to believe that there can be Nazi elements in a government headed by a Jew. To that, I have simply one response: “Adolf Eichmann”.

In fact, the history of Jewish collaboration with the Nazis in WWII is deep, and deeply dishonourable. Across Europe, and in Ukraine, Jews conspired repeatedly with the fascist invaders to exterminate their own kind. Put simply – Jewish involvement in genociding their own is not new, and it is not surprising.

Moreover, Bellendsky himself is, depending on how you look at him, either an enthusiastic collaborator with the Nazi elements in his own government, or a hostage of them.

There exists a video of Bellendsky visiting the Azovites on the front lines of what was then the “Ukrainian civil war”, shortly after he was elected, to see the situation for himself and to order the Azovites to stand down. They laughed in his face and told him to get lost:

And here is Part 2 of that video:

You do not need to understand the Russian spoken in it (which I do, mostly) to realise that Bellendsky is way out of his depth. The Azovs are literally laughing at him, despite his status as the newly elected President of Ukraine, telling him they will formalise their relationship with him – much to his shock. He responds by telling them that he is the President of Ukraine, and they simply grin and say, “so what?”.

Implied in all of this is a very real threat – they will kill him if he steps out of line.

These tactics are not unique to Nazis. But they are normal for them. And when you realise that the people behind Bellendsky’s power look, act, and sound like this:

Then you understand exactly why Russia has done what it has.

This “Special Military Operation” is not, in my view, going to remain an “SMO” for very much longer. The Ukrainians are resorting, in increasing desperation, to terror tactics. It will not take much more to provoke Russia into making this an Anti-Terrorism Operation – of the kind they pulled off in Chechnya, against another American-backed proxy. Back then, the Russian Army fought Wahhabists and practically levelled the Chechen capital of Grozny.

Pray they do not have to pull off Grozny 2.0 this time against Queef. (Though I, for one, would not be against that. My patience with Ukraine, and its people, ran out long ago.)

Returning to the point at hand, you might think that “disappearing” Gonzo does not affect you. It assuredly does. Gonzalo was one of the few who dared to speak the truth openly about Ukraine’s Nazis, its overt and extreme Russophobic racism and persecution, and its ugly, violent, deeply disgusting elites. He stayed in Ukraine because he had personal ties to the country – his kids are half-Ukrainian. He is paying the price for true independent journalism.

Western whorenalists and presstitutes obediently swallow whatever bilge the Ukrainian government gives them, and dutifully regurgitate it for their unthinking, sheep-like audiences, thereby deliberately lying and deceiving and prolonging the agony of this war. Those people deserve to be SHOT under field-expedient military executions.

Gonzalo, by contrast, dares to tell the truth – like Graham Phillips, Eva Bartlett, and a bare handful of others. People like that are brave and tough, and deserve our thanks and our prayers.

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