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Friday T&A: Pea-Souper Edition

by | May 12, 2023 | fat girl jihad | 3 comments

The past day or so has been quite chaotic in terms of Banderastan War news. For a few hours yesterday, there was all kinds of panic all over Russian Telegram channels about a major Ukrainian assault all across the nearly thousand-kilometre front line, and there were multiple frenzied reports about Ukrainian breakthroughs and encirclements of a number of Russian positions.

Within a few hours, though, additional reports began to come through, indicating that, actually, nothing major was happening. Yes, the hohols were sending forth a greater number than usual of probing attacks, and yes, they had succeeded in dislodging Russian troops on the heights around Artyomovsk, which is definitely going to pose problems for the Wagner ORKestra and their Stormboyz as they smash through the last Ukrainian resistance in that devastated city.

It was not so much “Fog of War” – rather, it was more like what the inhabitants of London used to call “Pea Soup”, after the fogs that were so thick and impenetrable, you felt like you were walking through the aforementioned condiment.

But, overall, the picture remains the same across the entire front line as it has for literally months now:

Ukrainian military forces continue to probe Russian defences, and continue to impale themselves on extremely heavily fortified positions backed up by unrestrained Russian artillery and air power.

As it became clear that things were actually generally fine for the Russian armed forces, an uneasy sort of forced humour settled over the RuNet, wherein they all sort of laughed sheepishly and got on with mocking the West and sharing the latest, hilarious, statements of Dmitriy Medvedev, who truly has a gift for offending the delicate sensibilities of Western whorenalists and politicucks.

Nonetheless, there is a real and legitimate concern underneath the strained levity.

The Russians are, I think rightly, very worried that their armed forces will simply cut and run in the face of serious armed opposition. It happened before, when Russia essentially abandoned Kharkov region last year. Never mind that, in military terms, this was absolutely the right decision – the Russians had overextended themselves, and did not have enough men to maintain the entire 1,600Km-long front-line. During the Khreat Khokholite Kharkov Khounteroffensive succeeded because it punched through lightly defended Russian lines, and the Russians made a calculated decision to withdraw.

But they suffered a huge blow to their prestige as a result. The Russians were humiliated, as the entire Western world, and the Ukrainians, erupted in laughter and delight at the supposedly inept and cowardly Russian forces.

Never mind the fact that Ukraine lost a full DIVISION, at minimum, in that offensive – probably as many as two. And never mind that it actually did not achieve anything in reducing Russian combat power. In the Ukrainian war of narrative over reality, they won that round, conclusively.

It happened again when Russia withdrew from Kherson City last autumn. Again, never mind that, militarily speaking, that was absolutely the right decision. Again, never mind that the Banderites lost AT LEAST FORTY FIVE THOUSAND casualties, most of them dead, in that failure, by some counts, meaning a minimum of TWO FULL DIVISIONS of dead Ukrainians and perhaps another of severely wounded ones. And never mind that the Russians pulled off a truly masterful fighting withdrawal across the Dnieper River, unchallenged and without any real issues.

Further, never mind that Ukraine STILL, to this day, has not managed to establish proper civil control over Kherson City, and is in fact considering abandoning the city in its turn, because of the relentless Russian shelling and air strikes from across the river.

The point is that Russia lost immense prestige, again – and, more importantly, lost the trust of a lot of the Novorossiyan population – by pulling back across the river.

The Russian population is in absolutely no mood to see another such humiliation. The mood amongst ordinary Russians with respect to the war can CHARITABLY be described, at this point, as, “Ёб твою мать, суки, nuke the whole of Banderastan if we have to – let’s have DONE with this чёрт already, and if we have to go to war with the West as well, then so be it, блядь!”.

Most people who do not speak Russian, or do not understand something about the Russian character, do not realise that the mood among the Russian people has hardened significantly against the West. As a result, most people simply do not appreciate what this means for the Russian political class.

I have been saying this for MONTHS now, to anyone who will listen, that the Neo-Tsar truly is the moderate in the Kremlin, and he is doing his level best to keep the hardliners restrained. Those hardliners, like Patrushev, Medvedev, and others, are growing in number and strength. He cannot ignore or avoid their demand for very much longer.

Those hardliners want direct action taken against Western military assets – not just in Ukraine, but elsewhere too. They are sick and tired of seeing Western nations sending weapons to kill Russians. They no longer trust or have any faith in Western promises of negotiations in good faith, because they have seen every single effort at a negotiated peace FAIL due to Western pressure. As far as they are concerned, they are fighting against the whole of NATO and the combined West – and they are winning, though far too slowly for their liking.

And, if you look at the hard evidence, it is very difficult to argue with the hardliners, because the data support their position.

The West is crumbling and collapsing. Its industry cannot keep pace with the demands for war. Just today, the Fake President said that he – or rather, his puppet-masters – would continue to fund Ukraine through to the end of 2023 from existing funds, even if Congress does not raise the debt ceiling before the end of the month, leading to an American default. (This will not happen. Republicucks and cuckservatives are completely spineless. They will cave this time, as they always have before. The debt ceiling will rise, yet again, and we will see another repeat of this nonsense, yet again, until hyperinflationary collapse finally sets in and Clown World dies a much-deserved and long-overdue death.)

Incompetent idiots like Josep Borrell and Annalena Dumbock inflict their unbelievable stupidity upon the rest of us, scrambling our brains and cudgelling our common sense with their mindbogglingly moronic statements about supplying weapons to the Banderite regime in Queef, even if the people of Europe disagree and want the money prioritised for their own infrastructure. This is the absolute state of the West today – it is where dumbocracy has led us all.

The hardliners are right to believe they cannot negotiate with or have faith in the West. Sooner or later, they will win the arguments happening in the Kremlin right now. They WILL have substantial, broad-based, and absolutely FURIOUS popular support among the vast majority of Russians for their position.

And WHEN, not if, that happens…

May God have mercy on us all, because the West has NO ability to counter Russian weaponry and military capabilities on any significant scale.

All it will take is a couple of hypersonic missiles hitting NATO command and control centres, to spark WWIII. It is a war the entire West will LOSE, but Western military and political leaders are simply too blind, stupid, and incompetent to understand that fact.

Clown World will die in fire – as it deserves – but millions, and perhaps hundreds of millions, of innocents will die as well.

And on such a cheerful note, let us turn to the closing lovely lady of the week.

This here is Ekaterina Avramchikova (Екатерина Аврамчикова), age 26 from Belarus, now living in Phuket, Thailand. She is a really-for-real model, apparently, and does… uh… well, modelling stuff, I guess, whatever that is.

Enjoy your weekend, lads. I plan to spend all of tomorrow sleeping and playing my beloved HALO, and beyond that, doing very little of anything else.

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  1. Gryphon

    I’ve been saying for over a Year now, to the few people I know who can have a Rational Conversation about ‘country 404’, that eventually, Tsar Vladimir is going to be confronted in his Office by the President of the Senate and the Speaker of the Duma, handing him a Declaration of War against all of NATOstan. And the Speaker will have the Articles of Impeachment in his Back Pocket, if Putin doesn’t reach for the Red Phone…

    Russia is, (unlike clownworld) actually running as a "Representative Democracy" and in their Constitution is a Clear and Direct statement that the President, and Military Officers, are REQUIRED to Defend the Nation- by Any Means Necessary. Unlike the Oathbreakers here, Putin could well find himself "Asked" to Resign by the Stavka, If it gets to the point where the Military feels he is 'fooling around' about doing what needs to be done. Then guys like "General Armageddon" would be in Charge, and 'clownworld' would Burn.

    The very Worst Thing is, clearly, the (((neocons))) here appear to think that if Tsar Putin is 'Deposed', that all of a sudden the Russians will be drinking Bud Lite, dressing in Drag, Buggering each other, and Chopping Up Children in (((satanic))) Rituals.

    Not. Going. To. Happen.

  2. Jim S

    She is definitely in that 9.5-10.0 range. Those eyes in the last picture…WOW! Of course the Crazy-Hawt graph comes to mind.

    • Didact

      Well, she’s Russian (technically, White Russian, but it’s basically the same thing), so she is unquestionably bugshit nuts, as are ALL Russian women. They do make up for it, mostly, in other ways, though – not least in their looks, but also in their kindness and ability to be outstanding wives and girlfriends when properly handled.


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