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The gift of salt

by | Jan 11, 2023 | Office Space | 2 comments

The word, Soledar, derives from two Russian nouns – соль, meaning “salt”, and дарЬ, meaning “gift”. (For those of you who like dating Slavic girls – understand that, if your lady’s name is “Darya” or “Dasha”, this literally means “gift” in Russian.) Therefore, the word “Soledar” essentially means, “gift of salt”.

Unless you like linguistic lollygagging of this sort, the word won’t mean a damned thing to you. Nor should it – except when it means something big has happened in the Banderastan War.

Soledar is a town in northern Donetsk region, which was part of a non-existent country that everyone insists on calling “Ukraine” for some reason. As of today, it is now fully under the control of the Russian military. More specifically, it fell thanks to the blood-‘n’-guts fighting of the Wagner ORKestra boys. The Wagner PMC is essentially the Russian equivalent of Blackwater, or whatever they are called now – except much bigger and far better funded, at this point. Their numbers may be as high as 40,000 by now, though that is a matter of considerable debate.

The Wagner boys have been fighting hard alongside the Donetsk and Lugansk militias, the Chechens, and Russian regular forces in the northern Donbass regions since almost the very beginning of the SMO. But they have fought the battles for the Bakhmut region largely (not entirely) on their own – against the full weight of Ukraine’s military forces in the region.

Why is any of this significant, and why should we care?

Setting the Stage

It is important to understand the magnitude of the beating the Ukrainians took in and around Soledar. They have tried to hold this town since summer 2022, when, shortly after the collapse of Banderite defensive lines in Lugansk province, the Russians moved to liberate Donetsk.

At the time, though, the Russians could not accomplish that task, because, as we now know, they lost as many as 50,000 contract soldiers – not to war, but to peace. Those soldiers, entirely reasonably in my view, decided that, upon completion of their 6-month contracts, they wanted out and wanted to go home to their families and friends.

The Russians, being a law-abiding people to a degree that would shock Westerners, who are force-fed a steady stream of lies and bullshit by their presstitutes, had no choice but to let them leave their military.

That is why the Russians suffered a massive setback during the Khreat Khokholite Kharkov Khounteroffensive, in which the Ukrainians punched a big hole in a very thinly defended line, and rolled the Russians all the way back to the borders of Lugansk. At one point, the Ukrainians could conceivably have credibly threatened to retake Severodonetsk/Lisichansk, thereby undoing all of Russia’s hard work during the summer.

Tactical Collapse

But the Russians rallied, stabilised their lines in northern Donbass, and sent the Wagner Stormboyz in with the clear aim of rooting out and destroying Banderite resistance in and around Bakhmut.

This, they are now doing.

The collapse of Soledar has come at exorbitant cost to Ukraine. Based on the estimates I see floating around in Telegram, they threw a full FOURTEEN BATTALIONS into the defence of Soledar – ALL of which have been effectively destroyed. That amounts to anywhere between 7,000 and 14,000 dead and catastrophically wounded men, assuming a battalion size of between 500 and 1,000 men.

The hohols have expended at least two divisions’ worth of manpower to defend this one town, which before the SMO had a population of perhaps 10,000. What you see in the map above, constitutes the situation in Soledar as of this morning – and throughout the day, the Wagnerites have been cleansing the town, one block at a time.

The pictures on Telegram are gruesome. They show a town where the bodies of the dead quite literally cover the streets – Evgeniy Prigozhin, the Chief Warboss of the Wagner WAAGH!, said as much on his personal Telegram channel. The fighting during the battle was bloody, brutal, and intense – I have seen videos of Russians killing Ukrainians at point-blank range during the battles.

The Ukrainians held on to this town, against all rational calculations. They lost 10-20 soldiers for every one of the Wagner Orky Boyz, thanks to the fearsome Russian artillery. Yet they insisted on holding on to this little patch of ground.


Soledar’s primary contribution to Ukraine’s economy was (and remains) its extremely rich salt and mineral mines – see the derivation of its name, above. Those mines provided Banderastan with much-needed raw materials, and hard currency from exports. But that alone does not explain why the Banderites wasted so much time, effort, and blood to defend it.

To understand that, you have to zoom out and look at a bigger (or rather, “BIGGA”) map.

Operational Encirclement

Do not worry if you cannot read Cyrillic – I can, and that’s what matters. What you see there is the medium-sized city of Bakhmut, also known in Soviet and modern Russian times as Artyomovsk. The town of Soledar is to the northeast of this central area, out of the picture beyond Pokrovskoye and Krasnaya Gora up top. Soledar is probably best understood as something of a suburb or exurb of Bakhmut itself.

As of today, the Allied forces have fully taken Opytnoe, to the south of Bakhmut. They are heavily invested in clearing out Klescheevka, farther south of Bakhmut (out of the picture above, but you can see it below). The Allies are also making serious inroads into Yagodnoye, to the northwest of Bakhmut, and are pushing toward Ivanovskoye, to the southwest.

Take a look at the map below, and you will then immediately understand exactly why this is a “shit-the-bed” moment for Ukrainian troops bottled up in Bakhmut.

That’s right – they are now in danger of being caught in a Russian cauldron, or котёл. And, as I have pointed out repeatedly throughout this war, the Russians love themselves a good pot-roast. They are the best in the world at fighting this way – if you don’t believe me, just ask the ghosts of von Manstein’s 6th Army after the Soviets got through with them at Stalingrad.

Why is Bakhmut important, then?

It is important because this is a major communications and logistics centre for the Ukrainians, and it is the cornerstone of their strongest line of defence in Donbass. Which is why the hohols have wasted- and I’m not joking about this – at least TWENTY THOUSAND LIVES trying to defend it, thus far.

When you add that to the roughly 10,000 (probably) dead and severely wounded in Soledar, you realise the Ukrainians have wasted another two divisions’ worth of men trying to hold these lines on a map. The Ukrainian leadership orders its men to stand and fight to the very last man – and all too often, that is precisely what happens.

Ukraine’s tactical inflexibility and operational idiocy is costing the AFU a battalion’s worth of fighting strength every single day – no one, not even the slimiest of the West’s execrable presstitutes, seriously disputes this any longer. And what, exactly, has this done for Ukraine on the battlefield?

Strategic Failure

To answer that, we need to look at yet another map. This one comes courtesy of Bernhard from Moon of Alabama, and it shows the next major defensive line after Artyomovsk (i.e. Bakhmut) finally, and inevitably, falls. That line runs through the headquarters of the Ukrainian Joint Force Operations command in eastern Ukraine – the twin towns of Slavyansk and Kramatorsk. That line is much less heavily defended, and less defensible, than the current Seversk-Soledar-Artyomovsk line – and, as already mentioned, the Allies have breached the Soledar part of that line and will soon breach the Artyomovsk sector too. That leaves only Seversk, which will not hold out for long once the Allies cut the supply lines running from Slavyansk-Kramatorsk to the southeast.

Behind this third defensive line is… very little of anything, actually. It is basically open country all the way out to Dniepropetrovsk – what the Banderites call “Dnipro” – except for smaller towns like Pavlograd and Pokrovskoye.

Put simply, once the Ukrainian lines break in northern Donbass, the Allies will have a free hand to swing south and destroy the Banderite groupings shelling Donetsk from Maryinka, Avdeevka, and Ugledar. They will possess everything of real value in the Donbass area – which accounts for a very substantial share of the 404th UkReich’s pre-SMO GDP.

When you combine the liberated Donbass territories with the bits of Banderastan that Russia already holds, you have a death-spiral situation for the Banderites.

Their country’s GDP has collapsed. The only thing holding the 404th UkReich afloat is American “aid” – which now comprises by far the majority of its available funds. If not for this, Ukraine would already have succumbed to economic collapse and hyperinflation.

As it is, Ukraine has gone from a net energy exporter, to an importer, thanks to General Electric‘s (i.e. Gen. Sergei Surovikin) sterling work in destroying Ukraine’s power grid.

The country faces demographic collapse – its population is almost certainly below 20 million at this point, its birth rate has plummeted, and the flower of its manhood lies burnt, broken, and ruined across the Black Soil of the east – slowly mouldering into worm-food.

Banderastan will not survive this war. It is a literal zombie, an animated corpse of a country propped up by unholy hatred of Russians and even more unholy transfusions of Western blood-money.

Tanks for the Mammaries

So what, exactly, is the West doing to keep the party going in Banderastan?

Well, essentially, the neoclowns want to play a few rounds of World of Tanks.

I wish I were joking. That is literally their idea. The Poles want to send 12-16 Leopard 2A4 tanks to Banderastan. The Krauts themselves will probably send perhaps 4-6 of their beloved Leopard 2s as well, along with the 40 or so Marder IFVs they promised (but are having a rather hard time finding and pulling out of storage, because the Krauts have long since forgotten how to fight). The British will ship over up to 10 Challenger 2 tanks. America will send 50 M2/M3 Bradleys. France will send a bunch of AMX-10 “light tanks” – they really aren’t any sort of tank at all – and will eventually almost certainly send over AMX-30 Leclerc tanks.

What is all of this awesome assemblage of armour going to do? (Yes, all right, fine, I’ll stop with the alliteration.)

Answer: about as much as a bucket of spit on a wet day.

The big-boy tanks are true behemoths – the Leopard 2A4 weighs in at some 62 tonnes in full combat kit, and the Challenger 2 weighs 71 tonnes. Worse, the Leopard 2A4, in particular, has a woefully bad combat record in Syria – a fact that has embarrassed the Krauts no end.

Shills will counter that last point by arguing that the Turks didn’t know what they were doing. I answer: will the Banderites prove any better? After all, Western tanks are VERY different – radically so – in design characteristics, philosophy, armaments, electronics, systems, and especially maintenance needs than the much smaller, lighter, and simpler Russian T-72, T-80, and T-90M equivalents.

Introducing these tanks to Banderastan is not going to solve any problems. It is going to compound them. Ukraine already has severe logistical and operational headaches which it cannot overcome. Adding maintenance-heavy lumbering fuel-guzzling beasts that Ukraine cannot easily move or manoeuvre over its infrastructure, is really not helpful.

Honestly, at this point, the West would be far better off simply handing Bellendsky a Texas-sized suicide pill, for all the “good” it is doing.

Bellendsky the Bozo

We do need to talk a bit about Bellendsky himself. This is a man for whom I have unreserved and bottomless contempt. He is a Jewish puppet who has no backbone, no conscience, and no interest in saving the lives of “his” people – he was actually born in Krivoy Rog, originally a Russian city, and apparently might have a Russian passport to boot.

He is nothing more than a stooge of the Americans, who preens and pretends to be a leader. In reality, he is shit-scared of the true powers behind the Ukrainian government – the Western neoclowns, and their neo-Nazi proxies in Ukraine. Just look at what happened when he went to the front lines in Donbass – the Azovites laughed in his face when he told them he was in charge:

(Incidentally, both he and the neo-Nazi he speaks with in that clip, speak perfect Russian. His “Ukrainian”, like everything else about him, is a sham.)

This is a man utterly controlled by the evil globalist forces that are now tearing Ukraine apart for money and power. Yet, something puzzles me about him.

He is unquestionably weak and pathetic. But the Ukrainian military refuses to overthrow him. Gen. Valeriy Zaluzhnyi, the Grand Chief Beardy Todger or whatever of the AFU, takes his marching orders from Bellendsky, and does so largely without complaint – instead of ordering his men to march into the Bankovaya building and drag the snivelling little crackhead out by his heels to be shot and displayed in public.

A military commander with a shred of conscience might just do that, given the way in which Bellendsky has sacrificed 150,000 Ukrainian men to the Slavic pagan war-gods. Then again, Keitel, Krebs, and Jodl didn’t do that to Hitler during his last days in Berlin – though, comparing Bellendsky with Der Fuhrer gives the former FAR too much credit, as he is far less competent than Hitler ever was (and that’s saying something).

Perhaps the chain of command still means something in Banderastan. Or, more likely, perhaps Zaluzhnyi and the top generals are getting fat and rich on the same stream of graft and corruption that enables Bellendsky to hoover up INDUSTRIAL amounts of “white flour” through that giant shnozz of his.

My money is on the latter.

Conclusion – Da Pacem, Domine

The results of the Soledar offensive simply reinforce what I have been saying for damned near a year now:

Ukraine cannot win this war. Neither can the entire combined West.

This is a no-fail mission for Russia. If the Allied forces lose in Ukraine, Russia ceases to exist – which means Iran and China are next. Russia’s international partners understand this perfectly well, and will do whatever it takes, behind the scenes, to stop the expansion of the Evil Empire.

Furthermore, the fact is that Russia is WINNING. The hysterical bloviating of the whorenalists aside, the reality is that Russia is dishing out casualties at a rate of 5:1 or higher, and in many cases as high as 10:1. Ukraine’s army is being comprehensively ground into bloody meat and charred bone in the killing fields of Donbass. The situation is so dire, and so smelly, that the Banderites are literally press-ganging teenagers and grandfathers into service, forcing them into the front lines with almost no useful training and barely any weapons.

Pray for this war to end, brothers, because if it does not, the Western neoclowns, who have no reverse gear and no sense of self-restraint whatsoever, will then push to enter the war directly.

Their great lumbering blitzkriegerwaffen will fail spectacularly on ground that they were never designed to traverse. They will break down or be destroyed by superior Russian artillery, air power, and even ATGMs and tanks in one-on-one battles. The West simply does not have the logistical or industrial capability to send more than a handful of these metal monsters to Ukraine – and the few they do send, will be badly exposed and destroyed in short order.

I can write that with confidence, because that is precisely what has happened with every other wunderwaffe sent by the West. None of them work. None of them have made one damned bit of difference.

Yet Ukraine’s orgy of bloodletting, violence, and madness continues unabated. The Banderites continue their neo-pagan LARPing, holding Viking funerals and bloodletting rituals, torturing PoWs and civilians alike in the most horrific ways, raping and killing ethnic Russians, and generally acting like savages and barbarians. Ukraine doesn’t need a war – it needs an exorcism, one which the Russians are very helpfully providing, though at great cost to themselves.

This war ends with a Russian victory. It ends with Divine retribution for the Empire of Lies and all of its debauchery, malevolence, and sin. And it ends with a far stronger and more united Russia than the one that started this war.

May God have mercy on Ukraine – because, increasingly, Russia will have none.

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  1. Kapios

    Don’t you wish for the Evil Empire to go at full on war and lose? Things will get very ugly, but how uglier can they get compared to a future with artificial meat, roasted bugs, CBDC, CO2 monitoring of every car and a million other control mechanisms that Europe and the U.S are so eager to impose on their citizens. Unless they plan to do that regardless of the outcome of the war.

  2. Aristonicus

    Funny thing is, as of this morning in the Ukrainian governor of Donestk is still claiming that it hasn’t fallen. Even yesterday Julian Roepcke was basically telling them to take the ‘L’ as he had geolocated Wagner guys in about 95% of Soledar, and all the pro-Ukrainians were still denying it. Unhinged.


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