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The true face of Banderastan

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Few, if any, of those who read this site need to be reminded NOT to read the lies of the presstitutes and whorenalists that populate the mainstream (((media))))))))), of course. There are times, however, where it is useful to pay attention to what the presstitutes said in the past, and compare it with what they say in the present.

What, then, is the truth? Are there neo-Nazis in Ukraine, or not?

The answer comes to us by way of a White Trashionalist who calls himself “Boneface”, and who recently gave us all a rare and deep insight into the horrifying reality of Ukrainian neo-Nazism:

Earlier this month, Juan Sinmiedo, who runs a popular Telegram channel documenting human rights abuses in Ukraine, published an explosive interview with ‘Boneface’ – real name Kent McLellan – a 32-year-old Neo-Nazi from Florida who joined the fascist volunteer Right Sector group during the Donbass war, and returned to fight alongside the Azov Battalion in January 2022.

The discussion with McLellan shatters many myths and lies that have been circulated about the Maidan coup, the current conflict in Ukraine, and the disturbingly strong influence of nationalist movements within the country.

McLellan, the son of the front man of Neo-Nazi rock band Brutal Attack, got involved with far-right activism while just a teenager, and had numerous run-ins with the law for subversive, racially-charged activities. He and other members of the racist organization American Front were detained by the FBI in May 2012, for preparing terrorist acts against ethnic minorities in Florida.

It was this background that led him to travel to Ukraine in 2014. The American fascist circles he moved in had direct links and regular contact with nationalist groups at the forefront of the Maidan, which at the time were hosting large public events “nearly daily in every Oblast that wasn’t seeing war.” As did far-right movements in many other nearby countries, including Finland, Georgia, and Latvia.

If you click on the link above, you will be able to see the full interview that Juan Sinmiedo did with “Boneface”. In that interview, the man admits that he was involved in one of the most widely publicised (within Russia, anyway) and shocking moments of the 8-year-long Donbass War that the Ukrainians conducted against, supposedly, their own people.

Here is the RT article’s description of the situation:

In 2015, an absolutely horrific video began circulating, which purportedly depicted members of the Azov Battalion crucifying a Russian resident of eastern Ukraine, then setting the cross upon which he was literally and bloodily nailed on fire. Around the same time, another clip – titled “Kikes get the rope” – featuring a hanged pregnant woman and her husband, also proliferated online. It was claimed the pair were Jews who had been lynched by Azov fighters.

Multiple Ukrainian and Western government-funded factchecking websites, including the Neo-Nazi sympathizing StopFake, declared the footage to be fraudulent, and did so again in chorus when the gruesome visuals resurfaced widely following February 24.

The Azov Battalion has also repeatedly denied that their fighters were responsible for either heinous act, although their defense was not compelling. It was simply claimed that the Azov logo on the murderers’ uniforms was “much larger than it should be.”

The testimony of McLellan confirms those videos are very real. He in fact features in the crucifixion footage, and took photos of Tornado fighters posing with the corpses of the hanged couple. Though the pair were not in fact Jewish, and their ritualistic murder was too extreme even for his violent tastes – “I wouldn’t have supported an action like that,” he says.

And here is what Boneface himself said about the video, which shocked and outraged millions in Russia when it was released 7 years ago:

“I’m in that botched crucifying video I’m not even wearing a mask.”

I saw the full video months ago when the Banderastan War broke out. Initially, I didn’t want to believe that it was real – and when I checked around to find out whether it was, I came across lots of purported “fact-checks” which seemed to raise legitimate doubts about its authenticity.

We now know that the video was entirely real, indeed. I have enclosed a YouTube version below. I warn you now, DO NOT WATCH THIS VIDEO if you have a delicate constitution. This is one of the most awful things you will ever see – the only thing that I have seen which chilled me more than this in recent times, involves real-life daemonic possessions.

The video quality is poor. But, at about the 1:26 mark of the video below, you can see an unmasked man with what looks like blue ink all over his face. That’s Boneface, by his own admission.

For those who did not bother to watch the video, because it would require jumping through too many hoops, here are the Cliff Notes – skip if you are squeamish:

The Azov Battalion – they hadn’t quite achieved “Regiment” or “Brigade” status back then – captured a man from the Donbass, presumably an LNR militiaman, and proceeded to duct-tape him to a cross. They then drove nails into his hands and raised the cross up, displaying him as a crucified prisoner.

They then lit the cross on fire – and watched the man as he burned alive. The video mercifully cuts out just as the worst of the screaming starts.

THIS IS THE REALITY OF NEO-NAZISM IN UKRAINE. This is what the Banderites do.

And the worst part is, they are simply following the historical examples of their predecessors and spiritual, and in some cases literal, forefathers.

If you follow what the followers of Stepan Bandera and Roman Shukhyevich did in Ukraine, during the reign of terror of the OUN-B that Bandera founded and led, you will note that they were so horrible, so radical, that even the actual German Nazis had to imprison Bandera himself. He was too radical for ACTUAL NAZIS.

This rather puts into perspective why the Russians are conducting a much less restrained campaign of absolute destruction against the Ukrainian militants, neo-Nazi formations, and territorial defence groups – the exact formations that have been the most thoroughly penetrated and co-opted by the neo-Nazis.

Unfortunately, far too many Westerners have been suckered into believing that the Ukrainians are somehow the “good” guys. They are absolutely no such thing. For the past eight years, the Ukrainians have carried out a campaign of ethnic cleansing and genocide against the ethnic Russians of the east and south. They have marginalised the Russian language, and even banned it outright. They have racially discriminated against the Russians. And they have done everything possible to humiliate and degrade people that they actively consider to be subhuman – literally.

In 2014-15, during the worst of the Donbass War, the Ukrainians cut off power and heat to Crimea and Donetsk. They cut off the Crimean Canal, which supplied fresh water for the agricultural sector of the peninsula. Ukrainians didn’t care in the slightest if Crimeans – supposedly their people – starved and died from a lack of water. They certainly didn’t care about the people of the Donbass, whom many Ukrainians refer to as literally subhuman dogs and vermin.

The Ukrainians believe in a creation myth that has absolutely no basis in reality. For the past 30 years, their children have been taught to believe that Ukrainians are heirs to the oldest civilisation in the world; that they are the true Aryans and that Russians are some sort of bastard “Mongoloid” race; that Ukrainians dug the Black Sea and the resulting dirt from the excavations created the Caucasus; that various ancient Greek and Roman and Egyptian heroes were in fact ethnic Ukrainians; that the Buddha (yes, really) had Ukrainian roots; and so on and so forth.

When Westerners encounter a delusion bubble this strong, too many of them fall for this nonsense and get suckered in. But many of these Westerners are now finding out the tragic reality of war in Ukraine, and they now understand that Western nations simply have NO UNDERSTANDING WHATSOEVER of what real combined-arms warfare actually means.

Here is the heart-wrenching, though biased, testimony of one man who fell for those lies and joined the Azov Regiment/Brigade in combat in the Donbass. The entire video is over 3hrs long, but the tl;dr version is: everyone he fought alongside is dead or crippled for life, and he himself carries psychic scars that will never heal:

This is the true face of war. There is nothing glorious about it, when people wage war in the name of an ideology as evil and disgusting as that of the Banderites.

Lest you think that the Banderites actually care about their countrymen – they do not. Here is the reality of Banderite rule in Ukraine – they send Ukrainian men to die by the dozens and hundreds and thousands with no support, help, or hope:

That, my friends, is the reality of war in Ukraine. There is nothing to like about it. And the Banderites who rule Ukraine have sent hundreds of thousands of their fellows to die in vain for an ideology that glorifies the rape, murder, and genocide of Russians, for no good reason other than that they are Russian.

This is not an ideology that any reasonable man can support. It is simply evil, and must be exorcised from Ukraine – with fire and blood and steel, if necessary.

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