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The greatest crime ever committed against humanity

by | Nov 23, 2022 | Office Space | 2 comments

The release of the free-to-view documentary, Died Suddenly, on Rumble, is a great service to all of us. It is well worth a little over an hour of your time to watch the full video, which I have embedded below. The subject matter is, of course, the mounting evidence telling us that the not-vaxxes – regardless of type, whether they are mRNA not-vaxxes or adenovirus-based not-vaxxes – are absolutely lethal:

The results of these not-vaxx injections are genuinely horrifying. The evidence in that video shows us that far too many people have experienced severe adverse reactions to the not-vaxxes than can be attributed to random chance – in fact, the probability that any of these side-effects is “random”, is so tiny, that it is basically below the Planck’s Length threshold of meaningful measurement.

The side effects catalogued include:

  • Severe aches and pains, especially around the injection sites;
  • Epileptic fits and seizures;
  • Rapid-onset myocarditis and pericarditis in perfectly healthy young people with no family history of heart disease;
  • Unexplained tumours and cancers that have no business being in a healthy person;
  • Infertility among healthy prime-age men and women;
  • Sudden and violent miscarriages in pregnant women, even long after taking the not-vaxxes;
  • Extreme and catastrophic drops in fertility among ovulating women;

The scariest and most visceral part of the documentary has to do with those bizarre-looking, quite alien structures that embalmers and mortuaries keep finding in the blood and bodies of the recently deceased. They are genuinely disturbing – the human body should not, in theory, contain any such ugly-looking things. But they do.

None of this is being reported by the lying (((media))))))))) to anything like the degree that it should. This should all be front-page news, everywhere around the world.

The worst of it is right at the end of that video, where you see for yourself just how catastrophic the plunges have been in fertility rates around the world since the introduction of these not-vaxxes. The results will take a couple of decades to be noticed, but they are genuinely horrifying.

If those numbers hold roughly constant, it is not an exaggeration to state that, within thirty years, most of the developed Western world will face a severe population and demographic crisis. And we simply do not know how this will affect the Dirt World either – because we do not have sufficient data to know how many people in India, or Africa, or South America, took the poison death shots.

One thing is for sure, though:

Future generations will regard those who pushed this unholy abomination on the rest of us, as perpetrators of the greatest crime ever committed against humanity.

This is evil, pure and simple. There is no excuse whatsoever for continuing to enforce not-vaxx mandates, or even recommendations, when the clinical data show us very clearly that these things are the most dangerous pharmacological “treatments” for a not-very-dangerous-disease ever created.

These are not even real vaccines. They will not stop you from getting the virus, no matter how many doses of these abominations you take. They will not stop you from spreading the virus once you get it. I am no longer even particularly convinced that they are of significant benefit to the elderly, either – I suspect that they may boost the immune response of one of Ye Trulye Olde Phartes, but are not useful for much beyond that.

For the rest of us, they are a wanton danger and must be removed from any health system immediately.

To me, the next natural question is to ask: which generation is most to blame for this giant fustercluck? It is easy to resort to ad hominem attacks, blaming Boomercucks for this calamity, but the reality is that plenty of Gen Xers and Millennials quite happily abdicated personal responsibility and common sense to Big Daddy Gubmint and let people get away with what will one day likely amount to true genocide.

That is for future generations to decide, I think. But one thing is clear from all of this:

Never again can we, nor should we, trust doctors and scientists with any aspect of medicine or public health, until they have earned our trust through actual rigourous scientific research and experimentation.

I certainly no longer trust doctors, at all – and I come from a family with a long history of going into medical practice. Whatever “modern” medical science tells me is “good” for me, I will simply assume the opposite to be true, until proven otherwise. Doctors and medical scientists are now very nearly as bad, in my book, as presstitutes are – and y’all know what I think should be done with those.

In the final analysis, this crime cannot, and will not, go unpunished. Those who pushed this insanity upon us, will pay for it – in this life or the next. They richly deserve the destruction that is coming to them. They have destroyed and crippled countless lives around the world, and must never be entrusted with any form of power ever again.

As for the rest of us, it is our responsibility to be independently informed, think for ourselves, and understand that there are, in fact, genuinely evil forces on the move in this world which want us to suffer and die horribly.

If nothing else, remember that the past two years have proven one thing:

Conspiracy theories are really just spoiler alerts.

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  1. Ned Crabb

    Thank you for posting this.
    What I find the hardest to deal with is those who I told two years ago to not take the notvaxx, but they did anyway. What can you say to those you warned that refused your advice?
    I’ve had a few friends die. I hope this comes full circle and we can put these people on trial.


    I knew about the weird-looking “clots” from a post on the Supreme Dark Lord’s site, but after watching this, I am now even more horrified.

    I already pray for the vaccinated, especially those who were coerced, to not be injured every Sunday at mass. I’m going to have to pray a lot harder now.


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