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Curse of the Dummy

by | Jul 21, 2022 | Politics | 4 comments

The picture that you see above is one that I found from the various Telegram feeds which I shoot over to the community on the Didactic Mind channel. (Join now using the link if you haven’t already.) It consists of a picture showing which world leaders have embraced King Zarnulf of Hy-Bandera, the neoclown-controlled puppet ruler of 404. And it is a very poignant and dramatic illustration of just how dangerous it is to shake Elensky’s hand.

This comes on the back of news that Mario Draghi, the ultra-globalist, ex-Goldmanite, former ECB bankster technocrat, has been forced to resign as Prime Minister of Italy. And it serves as a substantial warning to the rest of the Euzis and useful idiots of the collective West’s leadership.

Actually, let us survey the leaders of Ukraine’s strongest supporters in the EU, the USA, and elsewhere, to see what has happened to them:

  • Boris Johnson – forced out as Prime Minister of PommieBastardLande;
  • Kaja Kallas – lost her coalition as leader of Estonia, now being forced to stitch together a new one;
  • Kiril Petkov – Harvard-educated Prime Minister of Bulgaria saw his government collapse after just 6 months in power;
  • Scott Morrison – lost an election to Anthony Albanese (who isn’t any better) for Prime Minister of Australia;
  • Mario Draghi – like we said, has failed spectacularly in Italy;
  • Emmanuel Macron – the uber-globalist puppet has lost his supermajority in the French Parliament and now cannot get any legislation passed without the nationalists or the socialists;
  • Olaf Scholz – being punished heavily in regional elections as inflation soars out of control and the Greens continue to make a complete pig’s breakfast of everything
  • Shinzo Abe – now technically he is not a current leader, but he was a supporter of Elensky, and while I do not wish to speak ill of the dead, it seems that his death had something to do with his refusal to take a truly hard line against Russia;
  • Joe Biden – we’ll get to him in a moment, but it’s not going well for him either;

I wanted to leave the Fake President for last, because we just received some breaking news today that puts things rather into perspective.

Brandon the Walking Talking Corpse has tested positive for the Coof.

Yes, really. The demented old fool of a puppet in charge of the Biden crime family has caught the Killer Koof, despite being quadruple-vaxxed, masked, and sanitised to within an inch of whatever is left of his life.

And that is ON TOP OF the fact that his popularity is plummeting to depths never seen before in the history of Presidential polling.

All of this points to one inescapable truth:

Vladimir Zelensky is Death incarnate, and anyone who touches him now is doomed.

Indeed, the same idea extends to the rest of 404. The entire country, beyond the bits that are ethnically Russian and want to rejoin Russia, is essentially a tar baby that no one should touch with a ten-foot pole.

The fastest way to be free of the Curse of Zelensky is to stop feeding the clown-puppet ruler of 404 with weapons and money (and weapons-grade cocaine) and just let him sink under the weight of his own incompetence, stupidity, and nonsense. Leave Ukraine to the Russians, and let it be their problem.

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  1. Robert W

    I did not figure the Grim Reaper was both a failed comic and poorly skilled at pianos.

    • Bardelys the Magnificent

      Or so poorly dressed.

  2. Matt FreeMatt

    I hope he meets with Klaus Schwab and Mitt Romney next.

  3. Jim S

    So, who would’ve thought that a failed globohomo cocaine addicted “comic” could be a successful leader of a 2nd/3rd world country, and pick a fight with a “nukular” power? As an added plus, Zeloser is the 4 horsemen of the apocalypse for other globohomo “leaders” and their political careers.

    Sometimes I just sit on my patio, drinking an adult beverage while throwing the ball for my dog, and laughing at the globohomo clown world we live in. Enjoy your Saturday and Sunday. Get to Church on Sunday (if you can), it’s good for the Mind, Body, and especially the Soul.


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