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Domain Query: History often rhymes

by | May 10, 2022 | Domain Query | 8 comments

A subscriber to my private (as in, not publicly visible or searchable) Telegram channel – join up if you haven’t already, all the cool kids are there, to include my friend and fellow shitlord, Last Redoubt – had a very interesting comment to offer in response to my daily voice message updates. These are updates that I give the readers and subscribers (almost) every day, unless I’m in a particularly tired, lazy, or grumpy mood. (The latter happens even more often than one might think, actually.) In them, I offer up some thoughts about the latest developments in geopolitics and news, though at the present time, most of what I have to say concerns the Banderastan War.

Yesterday’s voice message update started out talking about May 9th, which for the Russians is basically a sacred day of reflection and celebration of their victory in the Great Patriotic War. Here is what subscriber R T had to say on the subject:

History has a sense of irony. As someone born in a former communist country I remember celebrations of May 9 where Americans could not be mentioned although everybody knew they liberated western part of the country up to Pilsen and perhaps could reach Prague but were not allowed by political decision. Today western leftists are busy to cancel the Russians.

It is not to say we had no love for our Russian liberators. I remember my grandfather telling a story about him walking with Soviet soldier looking for Germans that were hiding in apartments. Once my grandpa, a young boy back then, opened door of an apartment and was welcomed by a bullet. Fortunately, the German guy missed and the Russian shot him dead. Only after the Communists came to power we started to hate Russians.

Another historical irony is, although more hated, fascism is probably better than communism. Right wing governments tend to rule their countries better and our historical experience is there were less casualties during Nazi period than during Bolshevik rule.

Last but not least, I consider likely the Suvorov’s theory that the German operation Barbarossa in fact saved Europe from communism as Stalin was prepared to flood Europe with his own troops and the Germans caught him by surprise with their Drang nach Osten. It’s not to diminish heroism of Russian people during the war just to point out that history is a little bit more complicated and Russian understanding of it stinks of propaganda, partly at least.

This is a very important set of points, and I agree strongly with all of them. I expand upon them in the latest entry into the Domain Query series, as given here:

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  1. jack

    Hitler lost, how the hell did he save anyone from Communism? He didn´t save the 6 million (interesting number) Poles he had killed. Nor did he save the Finns or the Greeks. Gorbachev saved Europe from Communism and that guys going to enjoy his Fascism good and hard at the end of a needle. Bring on Friday.

    • JohnC911

      Read The Chief Culprit: Stalin’s Grand Design to Start World War II by Viktor Suvorov.
      Soviets were always about world revolution. Stalin had plans to invade all of Europe, that is why they lost 75% of all artillery, planes and ammunition. It is because they had it close to the border. You don’t do that for defence.
      Especially the Soviet union size and potential threats from all sides. East with Japan, the Usa, south with Turkey, France and the British Empire and of course Germany on the west. Let alone internal threats inside the Empire.

      • jack

        The Soviets were not “always about world revolution”. They changed to ´communism in one country´ with Stalin being one of the most prominent leaders in 1924. Hence Trotsky getting axed from the program. Your second paragraph is just bizarre given geography. Yes they were very concerned with Japan but with the rest, no.

        • JohnC911

          ‘communism in one country ‘ Well obviously that was a lie, if that is what they said. They expanded into the eastern part Poland, took over Estonia and Latvia, as well as parts of Romania, Finland and Lithuania. This was before Germany invaded them.

          Also after the war they sent weapons and supplies to China, Indochina, Korea and many other places to help install communism governments.

          This all under Stalin.

          I believe the difference in Trotsky and Stalin was more tactics and strategies, than just ideology.

          With the geographical, yes all major powers are concerned.
          Japan and the Soviets fought in 1939 and always a threat.

          The British we’ll have a look at operation Pike.
          Also remember the British, Us and French supplies arms to anti communists forces during the Russian civil war


          The USA as unlikely as it was could of attacked the Soviet union on the east coast. Now this only talking of course on threats.i know different levels but to an empire still something they would plan for. Remember the 1904 Russo-Japanese War though was not a direct threat to Moscow, it led to lost of territory but more importantly it cause revolution.

          Turkey force themselves were not the threat but it joining a major power such as Germany or Great British was. It is strangely located near the oil fields.

          What I am concluded with all this is that Stalin would of known all threats but choose to ignore these defencs.

          Instead he move the forces and build it up in Poland why?

          It can not be for defence. You would have move same level of forces but keep many more in reserve in Ukraine, West Russia as not to get hit if a suprise attack happens.

          • jack

            I am Finnish, we were not and have never been Communist, ill look at what else you have to say but please try not to make up shit.

            Also this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RyPj21jBl_0

    • Didact

      What JohnC911 said.

      At first glance, yes, it appears that Hitler simply destroyed Europe – and that is a largely correct assessment, actually. But there is good reason to believe that he feared a Soviet invasion, and acted preemptively. I go through this in the podcast, and the Suvorov thesis is a valuable and important revisionist contribution to the historical debate.

      None of this is an excuse for Hitler’s actions. The man was a deranged psychopathic servant of evil – from a Christian perspective, you could literally SEE the Satanry in his eyes when he spoke. But that does not mean that his actions were completely unhinged or irrational.

      The Suvorov Thesis, by the way, is extremely controversial in Russia. The Russians have been trying to “rehabilitate” Stalin’s image for years – which is why The Death of Stalin, which is one of the funniest black comedies ever made, was basically banned in the country, even though it is not even remotely offensive to Russia in general. But it does seem to be gathering traction, because Suvorov’s facts are unassailable – they come directly from Soviet archives. The Russians have been trying to sort of explain their way around the problem by turning Stalin’s buildup as a “defensive measure”, because Stalin supposedly feared a German invasion.

      The fact that Stalin purged his own Red Army so thoroughly, and left it so badly weakened in the process, directly contradicts this view.

  2. jack

    Read ´The Wages of Destruction : The Making and Breaking of the Nazi Economy´ by Adam Tooze. It covers the German economy during the entire period of Hitler´s rule. Hitler was always planning to go to war with the USSR (he said so himself) and he went about, well he and the Nazi party, preparing the German economy to fight that war. While it dose not set out to, it does as an aside disprove any theory that Hitler was defending Europe from an attack by the USSR. Hitler didn´t act preemptively, he meant to attack in the Spring but was persuaded by his generals to hold off due to various reasons which can be summed up as “Britain being bloody annoying”.

    • jack

      Of course the Soviets had plans for a war with Germany, the USA & UK each had plans for a war with the other up until WW2 and the (forced) UK acceptance of it´s second tier status, a Great Power, not a Super Power. The USA still had, until at least the 90´s, plans for an invasion of Canada. It probably still does. It is the job of a competent military to have plans for wars they may never wish to fight. I am not saying the Soviets didn´t plan to invade, just if they did, Hitler didn´t know about it and certainly didn´t go to war to protect Europe from communism. He wanted Germany to be a Super Power, as we now call it. An equal alongside the Anglo Powers, France having been demoted to the 2nd tier by agreeing to the ´entente cordiale´.

      As for Stalin´s purge, I do not think your conclusion is justified. Yes it did weaken the Red Army but I think Stalin was most concerned with maintaining communist rule and hence his own rule. Would the Red Army have performed better without the purge if those purged had been loyal, to the death, communists? Yes, I think that cannot be really questioned but clearly Stalin didn´t think they were and since during his purges it got so ridiculous, such as regions having to meet quotas, loyalty to the communist way was very weak outside the true believer´s (my semi-educated guess is 3-10%). Finely the Germans did as a matter of fact invade and were greeted by many Russians and others as liberators from the hated Communists. Until the killings started.

      As for Hitler, meh that is a whole other discussion, however their was (evil) logic to his madness. The WoD is available as a free download, first result on MS Bing (DuckDuckGo uses Bing so no point with that) in fact. It is an eye opener and explains why the Germans did some of what they did beyond simple ideology. No excuse for the A2 though, which some, I forget who, wag said was “the first time in modern warfare where one side decided to unilaterally disarm” .

      PS, it´s occurred to me, this “I´m a robot” is simple surreptitious AI training.


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