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Friday T&A: Unlucky Strike Edition

by | May 13, 2022 | fat girl jihad | 1 comment

As the Banderastan War grinds on relentlessly and horribly toward its grim and bloody conclusion, the rest of us are left to wonder what the Hell happened to any kind of wisdom and rationality. World leaders seem to have lost their minds completely, succumbing to a kind of lunatic rabid Russophobia that has to be seen to be believed. All that any rational observer can say, is that the European leaders appear to be in the grips of genuinely Satanic madness.

Just recently, we saw the Polish Prime Minister, Mateusz Morawiecki, essentially equating Russia’s modern government ideology with communism and fascism. Writing in PommieBastardLande’s premier whorenalist outfit, The Telegraph, the Prime Minister demonstrated why “Dumb Pollack” jokes are becoming tragically unironic, by drawing a comparison between a dynamic, liberal (in the correct sense of the word), free-market economy built on the actual production of things, to the demented evils of fascism and communism that consumed his own country back in the day.

Here’s what he actually wrote:

The Russian world is a cancer which is consuming not only the majority of Russian society, but also poses a deadly threat to the whole of Europe. Therefore it is not enough to support Ukraine in its military struggle with Russia. We must root out this monstrous new ideology entirely.

Remember, this is a Pole writing that sort of bilge. And remember, also, that Mr. Morawiecki is actually just a figurehead. The real power behind the throne is Jaroslaw Kaczynski, brother of the deceased Lech Kaczynski, who died in a plane crash in 2010 – in Russia.

Mr. Kaczynski has never forgiven the Russians for what he believes – incorrectly, as it happens – to be the assassination of his brother. He believes that the Neo-Tsar came up with some sort of sinister plot to kill Lech for political purposes, because… reasons. Never mind that this is the same Vladimir Putin who attended a memorial for the Katyn Wood massacre along with Donald Tusk, and – while he offered no Russian apologies for the massacre, carried out at Stalin’s orders – issued a harsh condemnation of Stalin’s actions.

The Poles have now emerged as the most rabidly anti-Russian bloc of the entire EU. They want Russia erased and destroyed, and their latent Russophobia has reached previously unimaginable levels. They are now the ones pressing hardest for sanctions to “destroy” Russia – which are actually destroying their own country.

The rest of the Western nations continue to make this same stupid mistake. They all seem to be under the mistaken impression that they can get by without Russia. Yet, as we are all discovering, their idea of “getting by” involves inflicting vast amounts of misery upon their own people.

Already we are seeing the pushback. In Germany, the Finance and Foreign Ministers – hardcore Greenie-weenies, both of them – are getting booed and egged in public by people who are fed to the back teeth with their bullshit. In PommieBastardLande, Boris the Floppy-Haired Sheepadoodle continues to struggle for his political life, lurching from one stupid mistake to another, and it is only because the opposition Labour Party is basically indistinguishable from the Tories that he stays in power at this point. Thousands of Europeans are taking to the streets in Bulgaria, Greece, Serbia, and elsewhere in continental Europe, venting their frustrations at the way that the NATO leadership are taking us all down the road to WWIII.

Meanwhile, things in Russia continue to improve and stabilise. Their inflation levels are back to normal. They have food and energy aplenty. Their people are united, resolute, stoic, and strong. Put simply, the Russians are winning their war against the West – and winning it decisively.

How much longer can this go on? Well, Ukraine’s military is likely to break within the next month or so – it is already showing signs of significant cracking all along the lines of contact in the Donbas Cauldron. (You’ll see all of this in some detail once you join the Didactic Mind Telegram channel.) The lines have not fully broken yet, but the Russians are taking their sweet time to carve up the Ukrainian territory – pounding them relentlessly with artillery and air strikes, then moving in with infantry and IFVs and even tanks to mop up whatever is left. Videos from the front show clearly that the Ukrainians are down to their fourth- and fifth-string troops, desperately trying to plug gaps in their lines with poor-quality, badly-trained, unfit, and under-equipped troops that have no hope of holding their own against the battle-hardened veteran battalions of the LDNR militias and the BTGs of the Russian ground forces.

This will end, one way or another, with the total breakup and partitioning of Banderastan, as I have been saying over and over since pretty much the beginning of this war.

It all adds up to a most unlucky Friday the 13th, with inflation and war stalking the lands like Jason with his giant machete, and the Euroweenies playing the part of the dumbass camp counsellors getting slaughtered one by one.

And with that charming thought in mind, let’s get to the real reason why you’re here on this page on a Friday night, when you should be doing something more interesting.

This week’s (un)lucky lovely lady is Anastasia Rine (Анастасия Ерина, probably), age 25, originally from Moscow, Russia, and now living in LA. She has done quite a bit of actual modelling work (whatever that means). Unfortunately, she does have tattoos – at least two of them, which just shows that we can’t have nice things anymore.

Happy Friday, gents. Enjoy your weekend and get some rest.

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1 Comment

  1. jack

    Two things, Firstly your second picture is somewhat porny, sad (the red one). Secondly everyone seems to have not remembered what the Russians said last year. Which was, they expect NATO to keep it word from 1997. That is all of the new members will have to leave and become “Switzerland”. Finland (I´m half Finnish/African) and Sweden can fuck off with joining NATO, they can join and suck cock before this ends. Europe is going to accept they are not a Super Power or they/we will be destroyed. How many Russians are their in Europe that the Russians care about, well between one and none.

    NATO has no ability to fight a modern combined army foe as proven by the UK v Argentinean war, yes we won (I am also British) but a proper understanding of that war shows how little power projection we really had. Other NATO wars have just proven the point, the Soviets did win their war in Afganistán if we remember Carl von Clausewitz definition of the point of war, which is more or less “To make the other accept you rules”. Rule based order, yeah right, Tuckers based but no one else seems to be in America.

    All that can happen is NATOs capitulation or Europe´s destruction or Nukes for everyone. Just look a the stupidity of Europe replacing Russian gas for US LGN, it takes 8.5 days for an LGN tanker to go from the US to Europe. So 22 trip´s a year. How many tankers do you need to replace 150 BCM of gas per year from Russia, well around 20,000. How many tankers exist at present including those on order, well around 750. How much does a tanker weigh, what is the world ship building capacity etc, meh it is madness or more likely blatant and malicious ignorance. The Germans are saying that a cut off Russian gas will lead to a 3-5% recession, LMAO. No it wont, it will lead to a 10% loss of population at the least and a destruction of everything basically. Bring on next Friday, less porno more taste.


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