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Monday morning victory parade

by | May 9, 2022 | Mondays | 2 comments

Mondays are generally pretty horrid days, but if you happen to be anywhere in Russia today, you will note that it is a great and joyous holiday for the Russians. That is because today is their version of V-E Day – and they regard it as THEIR holiday, THEIR day of remembrance, for THEIR great victory over THEIR greatest enemy, Nazi Germany.

With, it must be said, complete justification.

Westerners are apt to think of WWII as a “Western” victory. This is nonsense. One takes nothing away whatsoever from the bravery, toughness, skill, tenacity, and warrior spirit of the Allied forces who fought all over Europe against the Nazis, by acknowledging the obvious truth that the Russians sacrificed multiples of the casualties incurred by Western Europeans and especially Americans, to throw the Nazis back.

The Russians lost 20 MILLION of their own people in stalling, grinding down, and then encircling and destroying the Wehrmacht in the hellish battles of Leningrad, Stalingrad, Kursk, and a score of other cities. They died in such great numbers that Russia has never fully recovered since then. To this very day, Russia has a substantial gender imbalance – there are quite a few more women than men, though that has kind-of-sort-of been correcting itself in the last decade or so.

Every single Russian family, pretty much, especially in the west of the country, can lay claim to at least one family member who fought, and more often than not, died in what they call the Great Patriotic War. The harsh reality of Russian life is that war is a part of their souls – and that is why true Russians genuinely hate war and everything that it entails. Unlike the idiots and clowns running the Western world, the Russians fully understand the horrible cost of war. They know that there are times when it cannot be avoided, and when they have to fight, they seek to do so with nothing less than total victory – because anything else would be an insult to the memories of those who died.

That is why the picture up top has a caption that reads:

“Thank you, great soldiers, for this victory. We remember you and your achievements, and we will never forget about this.”

This is genuinely how Russians feel about today. For them, this day is extremely emotional, because so many Russian families have direct firsthand experience and knowledge of the hardships and sacrifices of war. This day binds their people together in remembrance to honour their dead.

This particular Victory Day is, of course, even more emotional, because Russia finds herself once again at war in a conflict that she regards as existential. Westerners might be inclined to disagree – I do not share their scepticism. The Banderastan War IS an existential conflict for the Russians, and the sooner that Westerners understand that, the sooner the killing can stop, and the sooner there will be peace.

The Russian ceremonies on this day did not disappoint. The legendary V-Day parade in Red Square is always a sight to behold, and this year was no exception to that rule:

You will note that the Neo-Tsar did NOT announce any sort of general mobilisation of the Russian Federation – quite contrary to the most hysterical predictions of the West. But will the Western whorenalists and presstitutes admit that they were wrong? Of course not!

Unfortunately, the air show that usually happens at these events was cancelled, due to “bad weather”. I’m not quite sure why this was the case, but apparently the previous night saw frost and fog in Moscow, and so the air aspect of the parade was cancelled right at the last minute. This really sucks, I was quite looking forward to seeing Russia’s Su-57s in formation.

Based on the practice footage, there were also plans to send Su-35s overhead in a “Z” formation, which triggered the bejeezus out of the whorenalists when they saw the video. It was quite hilarious to see them so upset over an aerobatics display.

Honestly, at this point, the Russians really should just take to painting the entire Latin alphabet on their military vehicles, just to trigger the West into banning it and forcing every Western country to resort to hieroglyphics or sign language.

And here is the March of the Immortal Regiment through the streets of Moscow – an exceptionally moving spectacle, in which descendants of those who fought (and died, in many cases) in the Great Patriotic War march carrying pictures of their ancestors:

It should be noted that, while this kind of event has existed since 1965, it really only came into its present form and popularity over the past 10 years. Only in 2012 did it really take off, and has now become a worldwide phenomenon. I, for one, wish that more countries would engage in this kind of ceremony.

Remembering those who died, so that their descendants might live, is assuredly no bad thing.

And, while we’re on the subject of the Russian military:

Watching a Russian tank catch airtime is pure awesomesauce.

Also, here is one last video about how Russians feel about themselves now:

The title of that video is simple: “I am Russian, and I am tired of apologising”. It goes into deep detail about the ways in which the Russians sacrificed and bled throughout their entire thousand-year history to preserve their nation, their take on Christianity, and Europe itself. And it is well worth watching – you might need to toggle on the captions, though.

#BasedTucker is Based

May 2, 2022

May 3, 2022

May 4, 2022

May 5, 2022

May 6, 2022

Dawn of Battle

The Male Brain has loads of great stuff to keep us busy this Monday. We start with a fascinating video from Veritasium about someone who should be infamous, yet isn’t:

Sticking with the scientistry theme, here’s a video from Gizmodo about a question that you surely never asked, and now never will again:

Now let’s lighten things up with a big of J. P. Sears:

“Bill needs to go on a famine himself” – classic
“Gluten sympathizer”? That’s a new one. Also “integrity is worse than free speech”
I suggest they make it “for money”. That is going to be one successful enterprise – serving a “real need” (pun intended)
That’s what happens when you start from a false premise. The logic is flawless.

Solid jj explains what Hulk’s job interview with the Avengers would have been like:

Brandon William takes on Uncle Sam’s Misguided Children in a fitness test – have a guess as to how that went:

Poli-ticking Off

Mark Dice mocks libtard attitudes toward Cinco de Mayo:

China Uncensored reckons that the CCP is running into serious problems with its One Belt, One Road initiative for debt-trap diplomacy:

Дед Сварилвый Говорит!

Grandpa Grumpuss grumps, grumpily, about the difference between expectation and reality in wartime:

It’s All Greek To Us

The dynamic duo of The Duran have been EXTREMELY busy over the past week. We start with a superb update from Alexander Mercouris during the week about the Banderastan War and its consequences for the rest of Europe:

His good friend and colleauge Alex Christoforou has had a rather fun week walking around the beaches of Cyprus while offering up his thoughts on the lunatic world we now live in:

And their joint programme on The Duran did an absolutely epic livestream last week with Andrei Martyanov and Gonzalo Lira last week, which is worth listening to in its entirety:

Righteous Rantery

Paul Ramsey looks at the huge blow-up caused by the draft of the SCOTUS decision on repealing Roe v Wade:

PJW does the same, though in shorter form:

Lord Razor of the Fist Clan also can’t resist shoving his oar in:

The lovely and charming Dr. Sam Bailey continues examining the myths and lies surrounding HIV and its increasingly tenuous link to AIDS:

Warriors of Faith

The Dizzle has rather a bit of fun at the expense of the crazies protesting Florida’s anti-grooming law:

Dr. Jay Smith from PfanderFilms tries to make sense of some of the disagreements (which are actually fairly minor, in general) among his team of experts about the origins of the Fake Religion of Peace:

Al-Fadi from CIRA International does an excellent live-stream with Dr. Robert Spencer about the latter’s new book, The Critical Quran:

If you really want to understand Islamic theology and its problems – which are immense – then you need to buy that book. It unpacks, verse by verse, the entirety of the Koran. It is an intimidating and difficult read, but Dr. Spencer is a superb author and scholar, and he explains things very, very well.

Dr. Frank Turek from Cross Examined goes full STAR WARS on us:

Manly Men of Manliness

Terrence Popp has a LOT of fun poking huge holes in Amber Turd’s character, reputation, and legal defence:

Joker from Better Bachelor reckons that a new age for men is dawning, and he MIGHT be right:

Burn Paedowood to the Ground

Midnight’s Edge advises us all to be a bit careful with premature celebrations of the redemption and rehabilitation of Johnny Depp‘s character – he has a very long way to go before he can claim to win:

Overlord Dicktor Van Doomcock notes that the shareholders of the House of the Devil Mouse are PISSED at the cack-handed way that the company has handled its involvement in politics:

Gary from Nerdrotic cannot quite contain his raging schadenfreude at the ongoing collapse of Amazog’s LotRRoP:

The Drinker is amused almost into sobriety by the news that BatWAHMENZ!!! is finally dead:

Reading Too Much Into Things

Your “Science is F***ING WEIRD” moment of the week is from our friend Dawn Pine, and follows on from the video posted up above, about the true science (and art) of splitting Oreos:

The mechanical experience of consumption (i.e., feel, softness, and texture) of many foods is intrinsic to their enjoyable consumption, one example being the habit of twisting a sandwich cookie to reveal the cream. Scientifically, sandwich cookies present a paradigmatic model of parallel plate rheometry in which a fluid sample, the cream, is held between two parallel plates, the wafers. When the wafers are counter-rotated, the cream deforms, flows, and ultimately fractures, leading to separation of the cookie into two pieces. We introduce Oreology (/ɔriːˈɒlədʒi/), from the Nabisco Oreo for “cookie” and the Greek rheo logia for “flow study,” as the study of the flow and fracture of sandwich cookies. Using a laboratory rheometer, we measure failure mechanics of the eponymous Oreo’s “creme” and probe the influence of rotation rate, amount of creme, and flavor on the stress–strain curve and postmortem creme distribution. The results typically show adhesive failure, in which nearly all (95%) creme remains on one wafer after failure, and we ascribe this to the production process, as we confirm that the creme-heavy side is uniformly oriented within most of the boxes of Oreos. However, cookies in boxes stored under potentially adverse conditions (higher temperature and humidity) show cohesive failure resulting in the creme dividing between wafer halves after failure. Failure mechanics further classify the creme texture as “mushy.” Finally, we introduce and validate the design of an open-source, three-dimensionally printed Oreometer powered by rubber bands and coins for encouraging higher precision home studies to contribute new discoveries to this incipient field of study.

Clearly, we need a new Manhattan Project to study the vitally important science of Oreo-splitting. God wills it!

Your long read of the week is a superb piece from Pepe Escobar, regarding the impossibility of any real understanding between the Catholic and Protestant Western nations, and the staunchly Orthodox Russian east, based on historical realities and actions:

The apparently monolithic liberal west itself also cannot be understood if we forget how, historically, Europe is also a two-headed beast: one head may be tracked from Charlemagne all the way to the awful Brussels Eurocrat machine; and the other one comes from Athens and Rome, and via Byzantium/Constantinople (the Second Rome) reaches all the way to Moscow (the Third Rome).

Latin Europe, for the Orthodox, is seen as a hybrid usurper, preaching a distorted Christianity which only refers to St. Augustine, practicing absurd rites and neglecting the very important Holy Ghost. The Europe of Christian Popes invented what is considered a historical hydra – Byzantium – where Byzantines were actually Greeks living under the Roman Empire.

Western Europeans for their part see the Orthodox and the Christians from the East (see how they were abandoned by the west in Syria under ISIS and Al Qaeda) as satraps and a bunch of smugglers – while the Orthodox regard the Crusaders, the Teutonic chevaliers and the Jesuits – correctly, we must say – as barbarian usurpers bent on world conquest.

In the Orthodox canon, a major trauma is the fourth Crusade in 1204 which utterly destroyed Constantinople. The Frankish chevaliers happened to eviscerate the most dazzling metropolis in the world, which congregated at the time all the riches from Asia.

That was the definition of cultural genocide. The Frankish also happened to be aligned with some notorious serial plunderers: the Venetians. No wonder, from that historical juncture onwards, a slogan was born: “Better the Sultan’s turban than the Pope’s tiara.”

So since the 8th century, Carolingian and Byzantine Europe were de facto at war across an Iron Curtain from the Baltics to the Mediterranean (compare it with the emerging New Iron Curtain of Cold War 2.0). After the barbarian invasions, they neither spoke the same language nor practiced the same writing, rites or theology.

This fracture, significantly, also trespassed Kiev. The west was Catholic – 15% of Greek catholics and 3% of Latins – and in the center and the east, 70% Orthodox, who became hegemonic in the 20th century after the elimination of Jewish minorities by mainly the Waffen-SS of the Galicia division, the precursors of Ukraine’s Azov batallion.

Constantinople, even in decline, managed to pull off a sophisticated geo-strategic game to seduce the Slavs, betting on Muscovy against the Catholic Polish-Lithuanian combo. The fall of Constantinople in 1453 allowed Muscovy to denounce the treason of Greeks and Byzantine Armenians who rallied around the Roman Pope, who badly wanted a reunified Christianity.

Afterward, Russia ends up constituting itself as the only Orthodox nation that did not fall under Ottoman domination. Moscow regards itself – as Byzantium – as a unique symphony between spiritual and temporal powers.

Third Rome becomes a political concept only in the 19th century – after Peter the Great and Catherine the Great had vastly expanded Russian power. The key concepts of Russia, Empire and Orthodoxy are fused. That always implies Russia needs a ‘near abroad’ – and that bears similarities with Russian President Vladimir Putin’s vision (which, significantly, is not imperial, but cultural).

As the vast Russian space has been in constant flow for centuries, that also implies the central role of the concept of encirclement. Every Russian is very much aware of territorial vulnerability (remember, for starters, Napoleon and Hitler). Once the western borderland is trespassed, it’s an easy ride all the way to Moscow. Thus, this very unstable line must be protected; the current correlation is the real threat of Ukraine made to host NATO bases.

The entire piece is well worth reading for its presentation of a thousand-year history of clashes and misunderstandings, based on radically different cultures and views of the Gospel of Christ. It should be noted that the Crusader Sack of Constantinople in 1204 is, correctly, regarded with utter horror by the Russians – and there is no question that this WAS an act of monumental stupidity on the part of the Crusaders. The destruction of the Second Rome fatally weakened the Eastern Roman Empire, and allowed the Ottomans to rise, thereby threatening ALL of Christendom. The Russians view themselves – and here is room for some debate as to whether this view is correct or not – as the true defenders of the Christian faith through the ages. This is a core aspect of the Russian identity, sense of self, and worldview.

The West’s near-total failure to understand Russia is inexcusable. Russian is a difficult language, but it is substantially easier to understand and speak and read than Chinese. Russian culture is not so radically different from Western European culture as to be totally alien. And Russian claims to history, tradition, land, and faith are far deeper and stronger than anything that most modern European nations can claim – certainly much older than anything Americans can claim. Yet the West does virtually nothing to try to understand these wonderful, big-hearted, kind, decent, and charmingly gruff people.

The result is the mess we find ourselves in now, where the West is systematically LOSING against a revitalised and united Russia. All of this could have been avoided, if only the West’s leaders had bothered to do a minor amount of homework.

Linkage is good for you:

And some more from Dawn Pine:


The Neo-Tsar‘s “sudden bellicosity” is anything but sudden, or bellicose. He has in fact been advocating for a multipolar world order, with an independent and free Russia charting its own path, welcoming trade with all but staunchly defending her own borders, since 2007:

Boy, has he aged since then. Fifteen years as an emperor definitely has taken its toll on him. But, if you examine his statements from that landmark speech in 2007, against what he said at the very start of the Special Military Operation in Banderastan on Feb 24, 2022, you will find a remarkable consistency in philosophy and outlook.

We underestimate or misunderstand the Neo-Tsar at our great and serious peril. No one should ever make the mistake of thinking that he is wilful, foolish, or frivolous in his actions. He is in fact calculating, deliberate, and precise.

Those Who Fail To Learn From History…

History lessons of the week come from Dawn Pine, since it was Israel’s independence day in the past week:

Your Great Man of the Week is the greatest and richest Pharaoh in Egyptian history:

It must be noted very clearly that the historical evidence shows that this Ramesses is almost surely NOT the “Rameses” described in the Bible in Genesis 47. That mention of “Ramesses” (or “Rameses”, depending on how you want to spell it) is almost certainly a later scribal insertion, put in there to make the place-names relatable to contemporary audiences. If you want a really good explanation of why this is so, watch a great documentary (narrated by Kevin Sorbo himself) called Patterns of Evidence: Exodus.

HALO Nation

Installation 00 examines Season 2 of HALO Infinite:

And now let’s watch slayergod Remy aka MInt Blitz do his thing:

That’s Not Gone Well…

Wazzocks gonna wazzock:

Comedy hour:

Pictionary, Pulchritude, Pew-Pews

We start with some memes from our good friend Dawn Pine:

Basic blue pill truth – especially for Indians
Good grip!
Grandma is straight-up SAVAGE


By the way, one of my friends said that he heard from someone he knows that Nina Jankowicz is the daughter of “Weird” Al Yankovic. And, if you squint real hard, you can sort of see the similarities:

His daughter is also named “Nina”, by the way. And a connection with Weird Al would actually make kind-of-sort-of make sense, given her appalling taste in music.

Fortunately for us all, Nina Poppins up there was born in 1988, whereas Nina Yankovic was born in 2003.

While we’re on the subject of “Weird” Al:

Now THAT is how you make fun of the awful stinky garbage that was “nu-metal”.

OK, THAT is hilarious

I just watched Office Space again recently. A truer satire of the workplace has yet to be made.

Literally what the Pharisees tried to do

Headlines of the week indicate that Limey schools no longer teach basic anatomy:

That sounds… absolutely horrifying. Especially if you understand what a kidney stone actually looks like.

In fact, since I’m a sadistic bastard, let me show you:

Yeah. THAT is what passes through your urethra. And most of them are less than 0.5cm across. Yet, when you’ve got one, you basically want to die.

Your “They’re Not Actually Made of Dog?” moment of the week:

Your “Call the Vatican” moment of the week:

Your “What Problem?” moment of the week:

Yeah, we have those too around here – twice a week.

Your “Jason Uses Bait and Patience” moment of the week

Isn’t Camp Crystal Lake where Jason Vorhees hangs out, just waiting to massacre any idiot dumb enough to pass by?

Jason's Bed Kill - Jason Voorhees Image (24261105) - Fanpop
Yeah. That guy.

Your “Buffering” moment of the week:

You’d have to have a heart of stone not to laugh until you hurt at that one.

Your “You Might Want to Check UrbanDictionary” moment of the week:

That is what happens when Boomers try to be “hip”.
Dogma faecal storm incoming
Feelin’ you, bro
The crossover show that will save us all
I actually fail to see why this would be a problem
I’m gonna have to take your word for that, I really am
That WOULD explain some of his high notes, actually
Now THAT is a well-brought-up young man

For the “gun girls” section this week, we only have one, but trust me, she’s worth the honour. Via our good friend, The Male Brain, comes this hilarious piece of news:

Ukrainian mother and daughter army duo going viral for “fighting Russian orcs” are actually Russian themselves, and one of them is a well-known Instagrammer.

Yesterday (April 29), a photo of a blonde lady posing with a younger brunette as both clutched huge guns went viral on Twitter, with many people leaping to support the duo.

The smiling pair were apparently a mother and daughter duo who were “fighting to protect their homeland from invading Russian orcs”, according to one viral tweet.

However, it has since transpired that the tweet – which had almost 60k likes at the time of writing – is inaccurate.

In fact, not only are the women not defending their “homeland”, but they are Russian.

The younger woman, purportedly the daughter, is Elena Deligioz a well-known Russian Instagrammer who often posts airsoft content.

The 26-year-old is often mistaken for a Russian soldier because of the soldier-like uniform she wears for airsoft, a team game in which participants eliminate opposing players by tagging them out of play with plastic bullets shot with mock air weapons.

I’ve been to many a Moscow shopping mall where they quite happily sell you airsoft guns, and BB guns, and knives, in the shops. They have no equivalent of the 2nd Amendment over there, and any private firearms have to be registered, etc. But they have a considerably more relaxed and, dare I say, liberal (in the original and correct classical sense, not the cry-and-whine-all-the-time modern sense) attitude toward weapons and combat.

As for the girl in question, here you go – Elena Deligioz (Елена Делигиоз), which I assure you is certainly not her real surname, age 28 from Moscow, doing her thing:

Oh, what the hell, let’s have a few more without the guns:

Not only do I provide you with an Instathot today, for it is, after all, Monday, but I provide you with an EXTRA shot of Russian instathottery, complete with GUNS, on a MONDAY.

Truly, brothers, am I not kind?

Animal Planet

Your aminules are adorkable moment of the week:

And also your animals are absolute DICKS moment of the week, to balance things out:

Finally, here’s your “Meanwhile, in Russia” moment of the week:

That’s in Arkhangeslk, deep in Russia’s frozen north.

The Lords of Steel

Gym beast props this week go to Shiva Karout, for being an all-out badass on squats:

Here’s one that went a lot better:

Livin’ in the Land of the Metal Gods

Hot Totty

Let’s wrap it all up with the Instathot for the start of the week – in fact, this is your SECOND hot Russian girl of the day. Here is Olga Katysheva (Ольга Катышева), age 32, from Ekaterinburg in Russia’s frozen far-east. She is apparently very enthusiastic about her hometown, saying that she will never leave the city named after Catherine the Great. She also has a real love for pranks – or so she says, anyway.

As for what she does… who the hell knows, it involves Instaham and TikTok, whatever any of that means. She’s certainly got a very cute smile, that’s for sure. And she has freckles and dimples, to boot. What’s not to like? (I mean, other than the extensive Photoshopping, obviously.)

Right, ye scurvy knaves, back to swabbin’ the decks.

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  1. Tom Kratman

    In re Thylane Blondeau; she is most certainly NOT the most beautiful girl or teen or whatever in the world. My candidate for that would be one Lanaya Grace, American, now Texan, whose parents apparently haven’t let her be tarted up, from an early age, like a 5th Avenue streetwalker. This is a lot more than can be said for the Frog Princess’ parents.

  2. Robert W

    A Monday morning beauty early in the Monday, Didact is merciful today.

    For anyone interested in exploring more of the Russian side of WWII, Dan Carlin did a 4-part Hardcore History set on the Russian/German front of WWII. It opened my eyes to how silly and frivolous all of the D-Day celebrations are. The western armies did great things, but it is a paltry comparison to the ‘Ostfront’. 20 million deaths are unfathomable.
    The aftermath of such violence and hatred poured out across the land is terrifying and it echoes down to today. Part IV covers the aftermath that in some depth. https://www.dancarlin.com/product/hardcore-history-ghosts-ostfront-series/
    (Dan Carlin is no Unz-type historical realist, so no recognition of Stalin staging offensive troops on the German border. He does manage to bring a massive amount of research and perspective into well presented narrative historical accounts)

    SolidJJ is a remarkable comic. The Hulk has the perfect punchline and Tony Stark as a ego dick is hilarious.

    TikTok & Beastiality: After reports of TikTok turning adolescent girls ‘bi’, this is a good example of why letting the algorithms learn you is to let the algorithms control you. None of them are friendly. When you are the product sold to advertisers, you are the slave.

    RE: Egypt, The Biblical Timeline and the Patterns of Evidence:
    It is an incredible documentary and many more should be modeled after it.
    An alternate long-form documentary perspective, made on a lower budget but rife with scholarly sourcing, argues FOR the Rameses II date period. The creator is someone who was previously convinced by the Patterns of Evidence and then did more research. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dIc7i6eVk7w
    I don’t know where the truth is. Both perspectives are convincing. Heiser probably got it right when he said ‘It is a quagmire of obtuseness, complexity, and difficulty, and we just don’t have a resolution. https://youtu.be/t5us4QzbQHQ

    Of all the memes shared on here, the straight-eyed Kyle Rittenhouse may be the most impressive. He’s not even 20 and has more control than many men twice his age.
    The funniest one ever may also be the Dollar Menu Sausage right off the top, that is hilarious.


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