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The usurper and the dying lands

by | Apr 15, 2022 | Philosophy | 7 comments

As I pointed out to subscribers of my Telegram channel – join via that link if you haven’t already, our community is a really good one, even if I do say so myself – a couple of days ago, the current chaos and collapse that my American friends see in their country is not accidental. This is precisely what happens every single time an usurper takes over the throne from the legitimate king and heir.

This is a story as old as Mankind. Whether through the will of the people, the support of the aristocracy, or the Divine ordination of God Himself – take your pick, depending on your level of religiosity and chosen belief system – the chief executive of a nation must always have some level of legitimacy that gives him the power to rule.

When that legitimacy disappears, the results are ALWAYS awful.

A Simple Illustration

Let’s take a very simple, and honestly quite silly, example. Do you remember the film, The Lion King? Don’t roll your eyes and click away just yet – believe me when I say that i have FAR more reason than you do to loathe that film. It was my kid sister’s favourite movie as a child, and she must have insisted on playing that stoopid film about 500 times during that one year when we got it on VHS. (Yes, I’m so old that I remember what movies looked like on VHS tapes. I even predate LaserDisc. And don’t even get me started on dial-up internet – which my sister doesn’t remember particularly well, by the way.)

In that movie, the rightful king, Mo’Pasta, gets chucked off a cliff by his brother, Snarf, who wants to be the Grand Beardy Todger or something, into a herd of stampeding olyfaunts. Snarf – superbly voiced by the one and only Jeremy Irons – then sets about using his own personal animal Gestapo to rule over the Badlands with an iron paw, and the whole place goes to pot, until the rightful heir, Cinder, arrives to fix everything.

… or something like that, I can’t be arsed to remember all of the details. If you must know what happened, torture yourself with the movie for 90 minutes. Remember, though, that this was back from before the Devil Mouse became a perverted house of sin and evil.

Like I said, this is not a new story. You will see the exact same thing in the latter chapters of Le Morte d’Arthur, when King Arthur’s strength withers and his bastard son/nephew, Mordred, wages war on Camelot, ravaging the countryside and bringing horror and misery to the people. And when Arthur finally rides out to meet Mordred – and his doom – the land begins to recover, as I recall, from both the book and the 1981 (really very good) film:

If you go back to the Bible, read 2 Kings from end to end, and you will see the same story, repeated over and over and bloody OVER again. It’s the same thing, every time. The kings come to power, do evil in the eyes of the Lord, and He punishes them and the lands of Israel and Judah.

And if you look at Shakespearean tragedies – especially the really heavy ones, like King Lear – you will see the same idea and trope.

The Judgement of Birds

Why? It is very simple. An illegitimate ruler or executive must rule by fear, brutality, and corruption, in order to rule over people. These traits are completely antithetical to good government, capital formation, saving, investment, and public security. They eat away at the foundations of civil society and destroy all that is good about civilisation.

Eventually, such folly results in the downfall of the kingdom or the nation. Just ask the Chinese, Egyptians, or Russians – they’ve been through this precise cycle many times over their very long histories.

In America’s case… the results are a little different:

The best and funniest take that I saw on this issue came from Tyrus on the Gutfeld! show the other day. He said that the bird involved was a vulture – because they always circle the dead and the dying.

And even the vulture involved didn’t have enough respect for the doddering carcass that is the Fake President Greenscreen McNappyFace, to prevent itself from shitting on him.

You sort of have to wonder what the Secret Service was up to at the time. Aren’t the SS types – yeah, I went there – supposed to have lots of snipers all over the place to prevent anyone, or anything, from taking a shot at the POTUS? So why didn’t the bird in question meet the business end of a 50-cal sniper rifle, thereby being turned instantly into a puff of red mist and feathers?

Could it be that – GASP! – some parts of the SS are secret QAnon shaman supporters?!?! Inquiring minds want to know, dammit!

The Wages of Sin

Let us get serious here for a moment. Remember how things were in 2019, when His Most Illustrious, Noble, August, Benevolent, and Legendary Celestial Majesty, the God-Emperor of Mankind, Donaldus Triumphus Magnus, the First of His Name, the Chaddest of Chads, the Lion of Midnight, may the Lord bless him and preserve him, was President?

The economy was booming. The southern border was mostly secure and Dirt World invaders had gotten the message loud and clear – they could not expect sanctuary among the gringos del Norte. Unemployment was low, inflation was tame, and America was respected by its friends, and feared by its enemies. The God-Emperor’s trade war with China had resulted in real gains and had forced the Chinese to play fair, at long last, with respect to their currency manipulations. The American satellites in Europe had finally begun to understand that they needed to pay for their own damn defences. And petrol (not “GAS”, as the Damn Yankees insist on calling it – I have NEVER understood why y’all insist on calling a liquid, a gas) was about US$2.50 or so per gallon.

Life was good.

Things were far from perfect, of course. America was far too bloated, corrupt, and controlled by oligarchs to be saved. But the God-Emperor had done his job, as a new Flavius Aetius, holding back the tides of destruction threatening to swamp America, and providing an all-too-brief resurgence of American power and prestige.

Why did this happen? Because the God-Emperor was legitimately elected by people who were just sick and tired of being stepped on and ignored by the elites of the Deep State.

But, in 2020, all of that ended, when the Daemoncrats blatantly stole an election through outright fraud and vote-rigging. We now know this to be true beyond almost any reasonable level of doubt – the very fact that a rigourous forensic audit of just one county in Arizona, resulted in more invalidated ballots than the entire margin of victory of the Daemoncrats for the ENTIRE STATE, tells us that there was something seriously fishy going on at the state and national levels.

What you see now is the result of a false regime of pretenders, ruling over an entire empire through fear, intimidation, bribery, and corruption. History tells us how this sort of thing ends – always very, very badly.

The Coming Collapse

With true inflation now running at probably 15-20% year-on-year, the destruction of the puppet state of Banderastan looming, and the coming loss against China in the Pacific, the end really is near for the American Empire of Lies. The Russians have created, effectively, a gold- and commodity-backed currency, and that is just the first step of what they plan to do overall. They are going to create a digital currency (which is actually pretty scary, trust me on this) backed by a basket of international currencies and metals (not scary at all), and that will be the greatest challenge to dollar hegemony that we have ever seen. Since that new currency will be backed by real economic output, not financial chicanery, it is very likely to win eventually, since real money always eventually wins out over fake money.

And, make no mistake, the USD is a FAKE currency. It has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING behind it, beyond the military might of the USSA, and the petrodollar. The latter is being challenged by the Saudis, and the former is being systematically dismantled in a proxy war in Eastern Europe. Very soon, American military power will be directly challenged in the Pacific – the Chinese know full well that the corrupt Biden regime is distracted and weakened by the Banderastan War, and are simply waiting to take advantage of this.

My guess is that they will do so after the coming Communist Party congress in 2022 – where the Chinese Neo-Mandarin, Xi Jinping, will almost certainly be elected for an unprecedented third term. This will give him the right and the mandate to attack Taiwan, if he sees fit, and absorb it right back into China.

This is what happens when false kings take power, with no true power base granted to them, and with no balance between the one, the few, and the many – the three centres of power that Cicero wrote about in De Re Publica.

Contrary to what most people think, democracy is not a natural form of government. In fact, some sort of balance between tyranny, oligarchy, and democracy is actually pretty normal – even among the so-called “god-kings” of the past. Any ruler that fails to obey and respect this balance, quickly finds himself cut off and destroyed, because this is the kind of power balance that God Himself ordained. (Again, just read 1 and 2 Kings.)

America tried to maintain that balance for the better part of 200 years. But that system no longer works, and has not worked for years. We now see its final collapse coming up. And when, not if, it happens, the fall of that house will be great indeed.

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  1. Tom Kratman

    Yes, but at least we’re having no more mean tweets…

    • Bardelys the Magnificent

      20% inflation is a small price to pay for having the adults back in charge.

      • Didact

        Exactly. America is rapidly turning into a Third World country, but thank GAWD we don’t have Orange Cheetohs Man hurting MA FEEEEEWWWWINGS with his tweets!


    I always get fired up whenever some jackoff politician uses the phrase “our democracy.” Until the 17th amendment, we (mostly) were a republic. Democracy is three wolves and two sheep voting on what to have for dinner, and always fails when 50% of the population plus one figures out that they can vote to enslave the other 49%. That’s why the founding fathers hated it and referred to it as “mobocracy” in their writings.

    Funny thing is, without the 17th amendment, the Senate would be like 75% Republican right now. Progressives might suck, but you can’t help but respect how amazing they are at long-term plays.

    • Didact

      Yes. The whole raft of “progressive” amendments from the never-to-be-sufficiently-cursed Wilson Maladministration did tremendous damage – Federal income taxes, direct election of Senators, and especially universal suffrage. It is not a coincidence that the dyscivic drift of the USA became irreversible pretty much after the 1920s.

  3. Josh

    One of the foremost constitutional theorists of the founding generation, John Adams, observed, “Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious People. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other”.

    • Didact

      Correct. Once America threw Christian morality out the window, the Constitution became nothing more than a quaint anachronism, to which no one paid the slightest bit of attention.


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