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No-vaxx Novak

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I did not particularly want to wade – or, in my case, dip, since my opinion is less than irrelevant to the wider discourse on the subject – into the controversy surrounding Serbian tennis legend, Novak Djokovic, and his ongoing battle with the wardens of the world’s largest open-air prison camp (previously known as “Australia”) to play in the upcoming Australian Open. Personally, I didn’t see any need to say anything. The Australians have, for whatever reason, decided to go completely bat-shit insane for the not-vaxxes against the Chinese Bat-Soup Flu. And Mr. Djokovic has, quite admirably, insisted on standing for personal freedom and bodily autonomy.

Our good friend, Adam Piggott the Gentleman Adventurer, took some time out from his trips between Tulipmanialand and Goathumpistan to point out that Mr. Djokovic is in fact on the side of science. That is true. Mr. Djokovic caught the Lung Pao Sicken himself. He recovered from it. The vast preponderance of scientific data, expert opinion (though that counts for less than a bucket of spit these days), and simple basic sense, all tell us that natural immunity is much stronger than not-vaxx immunity.

Yet, the gulag administrators for the world’s largest penal colony (by both population and land-mass) demand absolute obedience. They refuse to admit that natural immunity is good and useful. And the long-suffering people of Australia appear to have bought the party line wholesale. Social media and “news” outlets in ConvictLand are FULL of shrieking imprecations against the world’s best tennis player.

The Fly in the Bat-Soup

Novak Djokovic is mocked online after his visa for ...

Their line of argument is that the rules are what they are, and must be obeyed by EVERYONE who seeks to enter Australia. So they want anyone and everyone who visits their country to be fully not-vaxxed and not-boosted.

In other words, they want you to be pecked to the gills, and beyond, with a highly experimental, dangerous, and actually ineffective gene therapy. The protection conferred by the not-vaxx wears off faster the more jabs you get, and that is before we get to the increasing body of evidence that points to the not-vaxxes as responsible for destroying its victims’ immune systems.

All of the above is, of course, yet another reason to avoid visiting Australia. As I have pointed out MANY times, Australia is a country where EVERYTHING WANTS TO KILL YOU AND EAT YOUR EYEBALLS FOR JUJUBEES, including the local government.

But we just learned of a new development in the No-Vaxx Novak story. It turns out that Mr. Djokovic isn’t acting like a giant spoiled diva by claiming a medical exemption when none exists. In fact, Tennis Australia sent players a letter erroneously interpreting Australian Federal law and telling players that, if they got a medical exemption, that would be valid and acceptable for entry into the country:

The guidance includes a paragraph which clearly states those who have recovered from Covid within the last six months will be exmept from vaccination requirements

Staying the Not-Vaxx Course

I must point out here that I am not a fan of Mr. Djokovic. I don’t like his playing style, personality, temperament, or comportment. This may have a lot to do with the fact that he keeps beating the shit out of one Roger Federer, a man 6 years his senior and quite rickety at this point, yet still the GREATEST TENNIS PLAYER OF ALL TIME.

And yet… One cannot help but admire Mr. Djokovic for his tenacity and refusal to give in to peer pressure. This is characteristic of the man, by the way. His playing style is the same. He is the Great Wall of Novak on the tennis court. His defensive abilities, court coverage, pinpoint accuracy, and extreme power off both wings are unmatched by any other player.

The fact is that he is right, and the vast majority of Australians are dead wrong. He is following the science – he got the Coof, recovered from it, and is now match-fit and ready to play. He does not need a not-vaxx. He has every right to stand resolutely firm on the issue of bodily autonomy – which is something that most Australians, along with their government at the Federal and State levels, seem to have completely forgotten about.

As for the long-suffering Australian people, they have no one to blame beyond themselves. They tolerated this idiocy, let their government rip them off and lie to them, and scare them out of their wits over a disease with a 99% or higher survival rate for fit, healthy non-smokers below 55. The Australian people are to blame for the loss of their freedoms. Most of them did not stand up for their rights, happily trading them away for the illusion of security.

As LRFotS Bardelys the Magnificent is so fond of saying (correctly), this entire Scamdemic would end tomorrow the moment that we all rediscovered our balls and stopped going along with the nonsense.

The Australians have not done that. In general – there are many admirable individual exceptions – they refuse to do so. And they, like their Antipodean cousins in Kiwiland (who speak even funnier than the Aussies do, and that’s saying something), are going to discover very soon that, once lost, freedoms can only be regained at an extremely high price.

Double-Faulted Not-Vaxxing

It turns out that Mr. Djokovic is not the only player to fall foul of these guidelines. Another player, also from Central Europe, named Renata Voráčová has been caught up in the same nonsense. And two more recent international arrivals are dealing with the same problem.

Meanwhile, Djokovic’s greatest contemporary rival in the GOAT standings, Rafael Nadal, tested positive for COVID just before Christmas, despite being fully not-vaxxed.

The whole situation is one gigantic fustercluck, a great big snarled-up ball of stupid that starts with Australia’s insane ideologically motivated fixation on not-vaxxes as the way out of a crisis entirely of its own imagination.

Well, here’s some basic truth for you:

Everyone who thinks that you need a vaccine, when you’ve already recovered from the Coof – whatever it actually is, I’m personally increasingly convinced it’s just a bad flu – is flatly WRONG. That is not my opinion. That is what the actual scientific evidence says, confirmed by a wide spectrum of studies, including one from Johns Hopkins, and another from Israel.

That means that legendary tennis champion Boris Becker is wrong. Jan Moir is wrong. Martin Samuel is wrong. The Australian government is wrong. And the Australian people, cowed, bullied, beaten, and supine, are wrong.

And No-vaxx Novak is right. Good on him.

I leave the last word here to Adam Piggott:

This is the moment for real choosing. Do you believe in science or do you believe in God? You can’t have it both ways. You can’t sit astride some agnostic science/god fence procrastinating until “more information comes to light”. The gods of today are greedy and insatiable. If you’re not with them, you’re against them.

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