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Friday T&A: Coffee and Irish Edition

by | Jan 7, 2022 | fat girl jihad | 3 comments

There are a LOT of problems with living in Clown World. First and foremost among them is that figuring out what is true, is exponentially more difficult, because you actually have to think for yourself. This does not come easily to most people, by definition – we humans are designed to be lazy, and few things take more energy than thinking critically about the world and its problems.

However, there is one very clear advantage of living in Clown World:

You never, ever run out of material to laugh about.

And the fact is, lads, we NEED to laugh, because the only alternative is to go mad. We are surrounded by howling lunacy of the worst kind, that degenerates and enervates us all, every moment of every day. The only appropriate response to it, therefore, is to laugh.

As anyone who has read The Screwtape Letters can tell you, the Arch-Fiend absolutely hates to be laughed at. He takes himself rather too seriously, because he thinks that he has the ability and the right to create, like the Almighty Father. But he has no such ability – he can only corrupt, not create.

This explains much of what we see around us. The broken, Fallen, corrupted world that we see surrounding us is not the one that we were meant to inhabit, but it is what we have to live with for now, so we might as well have a bit of fun while we do it.

What, therefore, could be more fun than mocking the stupidity and nonsense that we see around us? Indeed, we have to do it, for the alternatives do not bear thinking about.

That is why rhetorical attacks are so effective against the servants of evil who live around us. Rhetoric, by definition, does not contain a factual core – but when you find a way to combine a rhetorical attack with a dialectical one, you can really go places, and you can watch your enemies become completely unhinged in very short order.

If someone attacks you for being not-not-vaxxed, simply respond that you prefer being a Pureblood.

If someone yells at you for not wearing a mask in a public space, simply smile in the Karen’s face and tell her that you prefer to be able to see crazy people’s faces, so that you can avoid them.

And if someone tells you that a man can be a woman and a woman can be a bicycle, hold up a picture of this daemon in human form, and then ask why, if you can be anything you want to be, you have to get surgery to do it.

Then stand back, grab a beer and some popcorn, and enjoy the fireworks.

Yeah, it might cost you a lot – it WILL, actually, because standing up for what is True always comes at a cost. But at least you’ll have fun doing it.

You know what else is fun? Observing and enjoying all that is Good, Beautiful, and especially True. And here at Didactic Mind, we take the pursuit of such things QUITE seriously.

Which, of course, brings us to the lovely lady of the week.

The lucky lady to get the privilege of starring as the first Friday female of 2022, is Shannon McMullen, age 22, apparently, from Floriduh. She is half Irish-American, half Ecuadorian, by her own admission, which explains both her unusual looks and the rather punny title of the post. (Yes, I know – the pun is the lowest form of comedy, and those who resort to it should be punished by being forced to watch repeated showings of the theatrical production, The Pun: A Play on Words.) She is a model of some actual achievement – insofar as one can measure achievement in an inherently highly subjective field – fronting for GUESS, BTS, and other brands.

Happy Friday, gentlemen. Keep fighting on as happy warriors. Believe me, I know it’s hard – there are days (like today, actually) where just dragging your butt out of bed seems like an impossibility. But the fight needs you – and, whether you like it or not, you need the fight too. It defines and ennobles you as a man, makes you stronger and tougher, and gives you something to live for. So rest when you can, and fight when you must, for the war does not wait.

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  1. Dark

    I wonder if there is some correlation between hotties that don’t ever smile, and ones that pull the pin on the fat grenade.

    I’d imagine that girls that are smiling and happy at an attractive weight enjoy being thin, but girls that never smile hate what it takes to remain at an attractive weight, and will blow up once they’re secure. Just a thought.

  2. Bardelys the Magnificent

    I like the order you put these in. She had no tits at first, then suddenly….

    • Didact

      There is, indeed, a method to my madness – or is it the other way around…


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