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Monday morning Leviathan landing

by | Apr 5, 2021 | Mondays | 2 comments

Well, it’s a gorgeous day where I am – that’s the good news.

It’s also Monday, and bloody freezing to boot. For some odd reason, the Siberians decided to export their delightful weather over to my part of the world just for today. Bastards…

On top of that, I’m supposed to be on holiday, but in fact I’ve got a whole raft of stuff to do before I can really relax, and most of it is due within the next few days. Truly, my cup runneth over too much…

Nonetheless, we carry on, because we’re men and that’s what we do. And, in the interest of helping me carry my rather unfortunate burden, our good friend The Male Brain has written in with plenty of stuff to put the day into perspective.

This week’s Great Mondaydact Browser Buster goes out to the great philosopher Thomas Hobbes. Let’s see what Infogalactic has to say about him:

Thomas Hobbes of Malmesbury (/hɒbz/; 5 April 1588 – 4 December 1679), in some older texts Thomas Hobbs of Malmsbury,[lower-alpha 1] was an English philosopher, best known today for his work on political philosophy. His 1651 book Leviathan established social contract theory, the foundation of most later Western political philosophy.[1]

Though on rational grounds a champion of absolutism for the sovereign, Hobbes also developed some of the fundamentals of European liberal thought: the right of the individual; the natural equality of all men; the artificial character of the political order (which led to the later distinction between civil society and the state); the view that all legitimate political power must be “representative” and based on the consent of the people; and a liberal interpretation of law which leaves people free to do whatever the law does not explicitly forbid.[2]

He was one of the founders of modern political philosophy and political science.[3][4] His understanding of humans as being matter and motion, obeying the same physical laws as other matter and motion, remains influential; and his account of human nature as self-interested cooperation, and of political communities as being based upon a “social contract” remains one of the major topics of political philosophy.

In addition to political philosophy, Hobbes also contributed to a diverse array of other fields, including historygeometry, the physics of gasestheologyethics, and general philosophy.

Here are some videos sent over by Dawn Pine about the man’s signature philosophical musings:

We need to understand that his “counsel of despair” about the nature of Man was not exactly wrong – merely overly pessimistic. And Hobbes was instrumental in developing ideas about distribution of power and the rights of Man. He was, and remains, one of the most important philosophers in history.

Speaking of Hobbesian solutions to difficult problems…:

Calvin & Hobbes Math Comics Collection of 12 - Mathcomics.com

Sorry, couldn’t resist.

His Most Illustrious, Noble, August, Benevolent, and Legendary Celestial Majesty, the God-Emperor of Mankind, Donaldus Triumphus Magnus Astra, the First of His Name, the Lion of Midnight, may the Lord bless him and preserve him, acts like what he is – the REAL President – while the Fake President continues to destroy what little is left of the USA:

This is a story as old as human history. When an empire subverts itself and installs a pretender to the throne, chaos and destruction ALWAYS follows. And when an empire installs a weak and addled ruler upon the throne, the results are always disastrous. Read King Lear, or The Epic of Gilgamesh, or Le Morte d’Arthur, and you will see the exact same trope repeated over and over again.

The God-Emperor won the election of 2020. His victory was stolen from him by the Daemoncrats and the Left. They put the fix in quite well, too – and they used an epic and unprecedented level of collusion between Big Govt, Big Media, and Big Tech to their advantage to stick the knife into the Trump Administration.

They hate and fear the God-Emperor because of everything that he represents – order, decency, hope, and strength.

That is not to say that the God-Emperor is flawless. He was not and is not. He spent FAR too much of his time in office beholden to special interests and fighting Israel’s wars for it. And his very human flaws translated into some very foolish decisions with respect to personnel – he kept picking advisers and counsellors who routinely betrayed him. That shows a remarkably poor judgement with respect to people.

His greatest failure was his refusal to go full Caesar and cross the Potomac and start hanging traitors off bridges. But, to be as fair as possible to the man, once the Joint Chiefs of Staff basically refused to step in and support him (in line with what they’d been saying for months), he had no real options. The anger that the American people rightly feel should be directed toward their military leaders, who betrayed their oaths and refused to act as the final bulwark in defence of the Republic.

That level of incompetence, cowardice, and collusion should tell you how deep the rot has set in. The military is not immune – it is compromised, in fact, top to bottom. The only option that Americans have now is to rise up in armed rebellion and destroy the government that has done so much to steal their rights and freedoms.

The question is… are you actually going to do it, or are all of your words about liberty and freedom nothing more than that?

#BasedTucker is based:

Mark Dice just got straight-up BIZANNED by Faceborg, which honestly is a badge of honour these days:

My readers tell me that Facebuchenwald has shadowbanned my site, because apparently I’m such a hateful evil cretinous person. So, Mark Dice is in good company.

Jason from Blue Collar Logic imagines what must be going through the minds of the jurors currently sitting in the Derek Chauvin kangaroo-court:

Bill Whittle has an interesting notion of offering up the conservative “ideology” (such as it is) to the yoofs of today as a carrot of opportunity instead of a stick of discipline:

It’s a noble effort, but a failed one. Conservatism can’t conserve one damned thing anymore – not even the 2nd Amendment. A carrot only works when the incentive presented is real and powerful. Conservatism, however, offers no real, tangible, powerful motivation. NATIONALISM, on the other hand, offers precisely what conservatism promises but cannot deliver – a home, a defensible piece of territory that its adherents can look at as our own.

The Male Brain is back with lots of good stuff to get your week off to the right start. We begin with a video from Ryan George about what your first day of “adulting” would be like:

Veritasium explains why we can’t have basic things that actually improve over time:

As TMB pointed out in his email – “a lightbulb holding on for a million hours?!?!? There are ideas so idiotic that only very bright people actually believe in them”.

Entertain the Elk looks at a stunt technique that you’ve never, ever heard of – it’s called the Texas Switch, and if you look at the screen-cap, that exact technique was definitely used in Hot Fuzz:

And if you haven’t seen Hot FuzzDOWNLOAD THAT SHIT RIGHT THE F**K NOW and watch it. The whole movie is hysterically funny, but the last 20 minutes is simply epic – if you’ve ever wondered whether you can make a comedy out of slow-motion jumping-through-the-air gun-porn, then this movie answers resoundingly in the affirmative.

I saw it back in 2007 (I think) and I have never seen or heard a movie theatre laugh so hard. I personally could barely breathe and left the theatre wheezing and gasping for air.

Moving on – John Stossel points out the sheer stupidity and hypocrisy of woke colleges being against standardised testing:

There is no point in calling the wankerati the “real racists”. They don’t care. It’s useless rhetoric against people who long ago claimed the moral high ground about race. Just remember that they are, since they insist that Black people are too stupid and underprivileged to take standardised tests. This is infantilisation of the worst kind.

Since the whole issue of giant big-ass container ships is topical right now, Cheddar looks at how these Brobdingnagian monstrosities are causing some interesting issues in America’s ports:

Paul Ramsey reckons that the trial of Derek Chauvin for the “murder” of George Floyd can only end one way, and I think he’s right:

Whatever else you might say about Minnesota’s race-baiting hustler of an AG, Keith Ellison – also a Muslim, by the way – you have to give him his due. He’s one devious bastard. He has basically made it impossible for the jury to let Chauvin go. The state has brought a charge of 3rd-degree murder against the man, and the state does not have to prove intent in order to make that stick.

Never mind that the forensic evidence from the autopsy showed clearly that Mr. Chauvin could not possibly have murdered George Floyd by kneeling on him. None of that matters. The state wants a conviction, and it’s going to get one.

What matters now is how much damage the Black Looming Menace will do to the rest of MN society. You can be sure of one thing: no matter what the verdict actually is, the mob will bay for blood and will not be satisfied until and unless they get it.

Welcome to America in 2021 – where there is no justice and where there is clearly one set of rules for the rulers, and another for the subjects.

Dr. Jay Smith from PfanderFilms continues his utter demolition of early Islamic history with his good friend, Al-Fadi from CIRA International

Dr. Frank Turek from Cross Examined takes on a particularly obtuse materialist argument:

The lovely and charming Dr. Sam Bailey offers up some expert advice about vaccines and immunisation:

China Uncensored notes that the CCP is genuinely serious about taking over what it considers to be a rogue breakaway province:

The Chinese military is quantitatively superior, but qualitatively much weaker, than the US military. That does not change the fact that the US military is fundamentally unserious about warfighting, and has been ever since well before the Fake President took office.

The damage done to the military by Presidents Clinton, Bush, and Obama will not become readily apparent until the final collapse of the USA arrives. And then it will be truly appalling to behold. The US military cannot win wars – has not been able to since WWII (some would argue since Gulf War I, but I do not agree with that assessment). And today, with all of its failing technology – the Joint Strike Flying Piano, anyone? – and its insistence on DUHVERSUHTEEEEE!!! and INKLOOZHUN!!!! above all else, we know that the US military can’t win so much as an egg-and-spoon race.

This is not going to go well. Empires never end well for anyone, but the one thing that an empire MUST do, at all times, is to project strength. Projecting weakness simply encourages and emboldens enemies. That has been known since the days of St. Reagan Magnus of the Right. It is a lesson that the USA will learn the hard way yet again – this time, when it completely loses the next war.

America Uncovered looks at the latest pop culture kerfuffle, concerning some rapper I’ve never heard of, flogging stupidly expensive shoes for publicity purposes:

I don’t consider rap to be “music”, of course, and I think that if this “Li’l Nas X” or whatever his name is, actually understood the first damned thing about Satan, he’d wet his short trousers instantly. Clearly he’s a publicity whore.

None of that changes the fact that invoking Satanic imagery for commercial purposes is a very, very stupid thing to do from a spiritual perspective.

Jared Taylor from American Renaissance examines the issue of “reparations”, which many race-hustlers and grifters claim Whites owe to Blacks, no matter what:

So does this mean that some Blacks in America also owe their fellow Blacks reparations, given that the first slave-owner in America was actually a Black man?

Terrence Popp dispels the myth of the “hot teacher” and calls such sloots – and many of them these days ARE WOMEN – exactly what they are:

Midnight’s Edge observes the intriguing Game of Thrones-like machinations happening over at ViacomCBS over the ultimate fate of the Star Trek franchise:

Simple answer here is that Trek under Bad Reboot and Secret Cockup got woke and went broke. Leave them to it and let it all collapse already. Trek is dead. Let’s have done with it.

Overlord Dicktor Van Doomcock reports a similar disaster over at the Devil Mouse – apparently, their Falcon and the Winter Soldier streaming special went ka-blooey awfully fast because of the woke moments within it:

Gary from Nerdrotic warns that no one is safe from Cancel Culture, and he’s right:

The solution here, though, is very simple. You MUST make the wokesters pay a terrible price for every inch of ground that they attempt to take. If you cut their funding and stop them from getting what they want from you, what are they going to do?

They need your money to survive. Cut it off from them and keep it for yourself. Or, invest it in those who are on your side and working actively to build our own platforms.

Apparently, Godzilla vs Kong isn’t quite the colossally stupid disaster everyone thought it would be (and I was one of those people). It’s merely colossally stupid. The Drinker looks at the epic stupidity of the film and concludes that it’s actually quite good fun:

Your “Science is F***ING WEIRD” moment of the week comes from Dawn Pine, and essentially comes down to the need to cook more at home if you want to avoid death by all sorts of horrible things:

Frequent consumption of meals prepared away from home is significantly associated with increased risk of all-cause mortality. The association of eating meals prepared away from home with cardiovascular mortality and cancer mortality warrants additional investigation.

Your long read of the week is by The Saker, and concerns the latest round of increasingly stupid and hysterical Western propaganda against Russia in general and Putin in particular:

At the end of the day, the AngloZionist Empire was always racist at its core, and that empire is still racist: for its leaders, the Ukrainian people are just cannon fodder, an irrelevant third rate nation with no agency which has outlived its utility (US analysts do understand that the US plan for the Ukraine has ended in yet another spectacular faceplant such delusional plans always end up with, even if they don’t say so publicly). So why not launch these people into a suicidal war against not only the LDNR but also Russia herself? Sure, Russia will quickly and decisively win the military war, but politically it will be a PR disaster for Russia as the “democratic West” will always blame Russia, even when she clearly did not attack first (as was the case in 08.08.08, most recently).

I have already written about the absolutely disastrous situation of the Ukraine three weeks ago so I won’t repeat it all here, I will just say that since that day things have gotten even much worse: suffice to say that the Ukraine has moved a lot of heavy armor to the line of contact while the regime in Kiev has now banned the import of Russian toilet paper (which tells you what the ruling gang thinks of as important and much needed measures). While it is true that the Ukraine has become a totally failed state since the Neo-Nazi coup, there is now a clear acceleration of the collapse of not only the regime or state, but of the country as a whole. Ukraine is falling apart so fast that one could start an entire website tracking only all this developing horror, not day by day, but, hour by hour. Suffice to say that “Ze” has turned out to be even worse than Poroshenko. The only thing Poroshenko did which “Ze” has not (yet!) is to start a war. Other than that, the rest of what he did (by action or inaction) can only be qualified as “more of the same, only worse”.

Can a war be prevented?

I don’t know. Putin gave the Ukronazis a very stern warning (“grave consequences for Ukraine’s statehood as such“). I don’t believe for one second that anybody in power in Kiev gives a damn about the Ukraine or the Ukrainian statehood, but they are smart enough to realize that a Russian counter-attack in defense of the LDNR and, even more so, Crimea, might include precision “counter-leadership” strikes with advanced missiles. The Ukronazi leaders would be well-advised to realize that they all have a crosshair painted on their heads. They might also think about this: what happened to every single Wahabi gang leader in Chechnya since the end of the 2nd Chechen war? (hint: they were all found and executed). Will that be enough to stop them?

Maybe. Let’s hope so.

Linkage is good for you:

And some more from Dawn Pine:

The Neo-Tsar has absolutely no time for Western idiots who disparage his country, and encourages them to put up or shut up by coming over to his country:

Having lived in Russia for quite some time, I can only agree with him. Seriously, GO THERE and experience what it’s like. The country is simply astonishing.

Were it not for my current commitments, I would probably be happy to settle in Russia long-term. The language is daunting and the winters are horrific, but not all of Russia is quite so miserably cold. Spend some time in Voronezh, for instance, and you’ll quickly see how good life can be in that country.

History lessons of the week:

This was the battle between phalanx and legion that showed, fairly conclusively, exactly who the daddy was on the battlefield. The Romans proved the supremacy of their legion tactics at the later Battle of Pydna as well. It really was a fascinating encounter between rival camps of Western warfighting – and it is thanks to the Greeks and Romans that we now have the Western way of war.

Your Great Man of the Week is not Thomas Hobbes, actually – we devoted plenty of time to him up above – but rather, the first truly great emperor:

What do you suppose would happen if Noble 6 from HALO: Reach showed up on your local college campus?:

Also – how do you think it would be if we replaced Noble 6 with the one-and-only MASTER CHIEF in the game’s cutscenes?:

And now, let us all enjoy another great video from Mint Blitz showing players completely BORKING the HALO: Combat Evolved physics engine to do some absolutely hilarious and insane things:

Wazzocks gonna wazzock:

Kitchen Nightmares with the Angry Scot:

Comedy hour:

Pics, guns, girls, starting with a few great Hobbes memes from our buddy Dawn Pine, along with his captions:

That’s why you ought to read more
Maybe he should have read Roosh’s Bang first…
Good luck finding them, though
Euphemisms – always present
Brought to you by the Daemoncrat Party
No, not THAT one…

My response to that last pic:


Also, Dawn Pine sent me some very interesting food-porn pics – steady, son, it’s not what you think:

I’ve got an answer to that one:

A couple more from Dawn Pine:



Hey, no one ever said that Daemoncrats have to be consistent – except when it comes to being consistently stupid AND evil.

I’ve been feeding the local swans a shit-ton of privilege almost every day for months, then.

This next one might take a moment:

And that, Billy, is why I think that most whorenalists should be SHOT.

I’m DEFINITELY using that one at the next woke reeducation seminar that I have to attend.

Funny, that – I didn’t watch ANY of those shows growing up, since I was too young, but I don’t melt down every time someone says something I don’t like.



Headlines of the week indicate that the Gretard has successfully co-opted yet another major institution:

Your “And That’s Why the T-Rex Was So Cranky” moment of the week:

Your “American Gangster” moment of the week:

Your “Seriously, Shit Happens” moment of the week:

Your “Anomaly Detected” moment of the week:

Your “Village Somewhere Missing Its Idiot” moment of the week:

Here is your “Media InConsistency” moment of the week:

At last, something that Floridians and Mexicans can agree on!:

This next one is both deeply wrong and extremely funny:

Still way better than the actual, shitty, band.


I actually remember seeing that as a real headline in The Daily Mail some years ago… Wrecked a lot of great childhood memories, that did.

I mean… I’d seriously think about it…

Hey, if you’re going to wipe out your brain, why not give yourself a heart-attack doing it?

Your Dog of the Week is the ridiculously floofy Clumber Spaniel:

Clumber Spaniel - Puppies, Rescue, Breeders, Pictures ...

Your aminules are adorkable moment of the week:

Watch that last one and tell me that dogs don’t have souls.

And also your animals are absolute DICKS moment of the week, to balance things out – well, technically this week it’s a plant doing the dickery:

Yeah, that isn’t nightmare fuel AT ALL…

Gym beast props this week go to Francis Ngannou, who just KTFO’d UFC heavyweight champ Stipe Miocic last week:

Buakaw Beatdown of the Week:

Jesus loves knockouts:

Shufflin’ keeps things groovin’:

Actually, seeing as we’ve just finished up with Passover, let’s have one for our friends in the Tribe:


RIP Alexi Laiho…

And at long last, here we are with this week’s starting Instathot. Her name is Veronika Lazutina (Вероника Лазутина), age 34 from Russia (and Belarus – mixed parentage there, somewhere), now living in Miami, FL. She’s had an interesting life. Apparently she started going to the gym as your typical Russian cardio-bunnies do – working out with light weights and lots of running machines – before realising that, if she wanted a real physique, she needed to lift heavy shit.

So that’s exactly what she started to do. And she got good at it – to the point where she became an IFBB professional and competed in either the bikini or physique division – I don’t follow bodybuilding much, so I don’t know or care about the difference.

The hard work and training clearly paid off, though. She looks MUCH younger than she is. And she’s got a lovely smile, which helps immensely. These days, she is a licensed fitness trainer, a real estate agent (seriously), an ambassador for something called the “Blackstone clothing line”, and a bunch of other stuff that I can’t be bothered to list here.

OK, gents, up and off your keesters, millions of illegal invaders – oh, sorry, “undocumented workers” – need you to work to pay for their welfare and healthcare.

Don’t you just love America under the Fake President?

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    There are wasp murdering plants out there? I would like to buy a patch the size of Texas if possible just to get rid of the annoying buggers that keep building nests aimlessly around the world.


    I finally got a 4K TV, so I’ve been blasting through H2: Anniversary on my XSX in120 FPS. It’s quite lovely!

    H2 is the one game I won’t play on Legendary anymore. I’m trying Act Man’s suggestion of Heroic with the Mythic skull on. It’s a lot more fun since I don’t die every three seconds, but it doesn’t feel the same.


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