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The one little detail you musn’t notice

by | Mar 31, 2021 | Office Space | 2 comments

The never-to-be-sufficiently-cursed whorenalists and presstitutes of the traitorous (((media))))))) have spilled a great deal of ink, and even more crocodile-tears, over the attacks on Asians in multiple US cities over the past few weeks. The narrative that the presstitutes want you to believe is that this is some sort of display of White nationalism and racism against Asians. The problem is that if you actually look at the evidence, this “argument” is utterly stupid and facile nonsense.

(Then again, if journalists could tell arse from elbow, or interpret data worth a damn, they’d be working in real jobs – they wouldn’t be a bunch of scum-sucking grifters and race-baiters ginning up outrage and hiding the truth.)

The raw data, as well as actual video evidence, tell us that the perpetrators of the violence are often of one very particular race. Can you guess which one? Hint: it’s NOT White people, in general, beating up and attacking Asians for absolutely no reason.

The Atlanta Incident

Let’s get one particular point out of the way right now. The whorenalists want you to believe that the Robert Aaron Long shooting spree was an episode of racial violence. They want you to think that the 21-year-old Omega behind those shootings, did it out of racial hatred for Asians.

That is categorically false. The FBI said that they could find no evidence whatsoever of anti-Asian bias as a motivation. The shooter himself said that he shot those people to avoid temptation to sin. He stated that he has a sex addiction. And he claims to be a devout Christian, intent on removing his own temptations to sin.

All you have to do is to look at the guy to realise that this was, and is, an Omega waiting to explode:

Robert Aaron Long, 21, told police that he has a sex addiction and viewed the parlors as an 'outlet' and 'temptation' that he wanted to remove. He confessed to the killings after police rammed his car off the road at 8pm on Tuesday night. He was on his way to Florida to carry out more attacks

And if you doubt that he was an Omega – here’s a quote from someone who knew him in high school:

A classmate who attended high school with Long earlier told The Daily Beast anonymously: ‘He was very innocent seeming and wouldn’t even cuss. He was sorta nerdy and didn’t seem violent from what I remember. He was a hunter and his father was a youth minister or pastor. 

Yet, on the basis of that one incident alone, the press spilled countless gallons of ink denouncing “White racists” and “White supremacists”. Nothing of the sort happened. That kid was a powder-keg with a lit fuse. He needed therapy, game, a girlfriend (even an ugly one would do), and the ministrations of a serious pastor – NOT racial sensitivity training. Do not be surprised if, very soon, we find evidence that his father was or is himself a weak and undisciplined man who failed to raise his son properly. That is one pattern among mass shooters that almost never fails to come through.

The Chinapox Outbreak

The whorenalists have also spent a lot of time talking about how the outbreak of the Wuhanpox has generated a totally unjustified backlash against Chinese and other East Asians in America and elsewhere. Is that true?

Honestly, it is difficult to tell.

I do not doubt that there are people who have attacked Asians in the streets because of their outrage over the fact – and it IS a fact, at this point – that COVID-19 came from China to the rest of the world. The Chinese covered up that outbreak – FACT. They covered up human-to-human transmission – FACT. And they refused to lock down Wuhan itself until well after the outbreak had begun to spread – FACT.

That is before we get to the behaviour of Chinese citizens in Western nations last year. Numerous reports emerged of Chinese-origin people buying up personal protective equipment and sending it back to China – when it was much more badly needed in the countries that they lived in:

Not ONE part of that justifies or excuses physical violence against Asians, in any way, at all. That shit is unequivocally WRONG – if you want to register your disapproval of what China did, don’t buy their products, visit their country, or invite in their tourists.

But where is the evidence that specifically links White people to a general rise in violence against Asians? The answer, at least so far as I can tell, is that there isn’t any. That is mere fevered speculation on the whorenalists’ part.

Let’s look at some actual evidence and data, and see what that tells us instead.

A Video is Worth Ten Thousand Words

As I’ve often pointed out about the (((media))))))) these days, you’re much better off paying attention to non-Western sources. They don’t have the biases and blinkers that Western sources do. RT is definitely one of those better sources, though they have their own problems. And just this morning, they ran a story about attacks on Asians, which feature a few embedded Twats:

***UPDATE*** – well gosh golly gee, whaddayaknow:

They also link to a police video in that same article, related to a really horrifying crime from February. In that incident, an attacker slashed a Filipino man’s throat open from ear to ear with a box-cutter. Police identified the man using that video. Here it is:

Are you noticing a pattern here? Well stop, because you’re not supposed to. As the RT article stated:

When a 61-year-old Filipino-American man was attacked on a subway car in February, and slashed with a box-cutter from ear to ear, none of the other passengers intervened. In fact, after the attack, the victim had to seek help on his own, as none of the bystanders called for an ambulance or any other help. He received about 100 stitches to close his wounds.

Although surveillance footage showed that he was a young black man, local activists responded to the attack by holding a rally against “white nationalism.”

So, let’s see if I’ve got this right…

Black yoofs attack Asians, and Whites are somehow the problem?!?!?

Am I the only one that sees a logical flaw in the argument???

Dig ALL the Datas!

Now, when I see an anomaly like that, I go looking for some evidence to see if it’s a general pattern. And guess what I found – this here is the Bureau of Justice Statistics Criminal Victimization [sic] report from 2019. (Yes, my American friends, you spell many words incorrectly. God love you for it – I still do.)

Take a look at what Table 15 on p.18 says:

Well now. Notice anything in particular? Like, say, how Whites tend to attack Whites much more than they attack anyone else? And how Blacks and Hispanics tend to attack Whites at VASTLY greater rates than they attack their own kind?

Asians, by the way, are included in the “Other” category way at the end. And what you see there is that Whites are on the receiving end of completely disproportionate amounts of violent crime at the hands of the “Other” category.

There is another table in that same report, a bit further down, that is also worth seeing. Here it is:

This table is quite fascinating. It confirms and reinforces the conclusions from Table 15:

  • Whites and Blacks, but NOT Hispanics, generally commit violent crimes against their own race, not other races;
  • Whites commit violent crimes at almost EXACTLY the rate that their overall makeup of the population would dictate;
  • Blacks commit crimes against other races at rates VASTLY higher than their own population numbers suggest;
  • Hispanics actually commit violent crimes against other ethnicities at much higher rates than Blacks do, given the demographics of the USA;

Dive, Dive, Dive!

We can delve a bit deeper even than that, to see where the data lead us. Let’s take a look at hate crimes, the kind that the (((media)))))) love to bang on about. Here is an extract of data from Table 5 of the FBI’s Criminal Justice Information Services Division Hate Crime Statistics report from 2019:

It is challenging to process all of those numbers with merely the naked eye. So let’s put it all into some “charty goodness”, as our friend Captain Capitalism used to be fond of saying. And, in the tradition of all great TV chefs (and plenty of mediocre ones), “here’s one that I prepared earlier”:

I have shown the raw data as well as the percentages, because “naked percentages” are quite dangerous to work with. You will note that the raw data add up to the numbers that you see in the table above. The legend on the right indicates the attacker’s race.

The hate-crime statistics show some startling, and scary, facts.

The FACT is that Blacks are far more likely to perpetrate crimes against other ethnic groups than their proportion of the population (roughly 12%) would suggest. The violent Black offenders attack Whites, in particular, with specific vehemence and ferocity. But those same violent offenders aren’t terribly fond of Asians – and they REALLY don’t like Hispanics.

The data also show that Whites are far more likely to commit attacks against Asians than Whites. But let’s not all go storming off to anti-White-Supremacism rallies. The total number of White-on-Asian hate crimes in 2019 was… 95. That’s it.

If Whites are as racist as we’re all supposed to think that y’all are, those numbers should be VASTLY higher. The fact that they are not, should tell you plenty.

An Ugly Picture

We can all draw a number of conclusions from this data. Not one of them is in any way comfortable for the “Diversity Is Our Strength” crowd.

The reality is that Whites are the LEAST racist group in all of America. That plain fact is not new. The data you see above is consistent with what we see in the same annual reports going back for YEARS now. I have long maintained that Whites are not racist, and the data prove it. If they were, Whites would attack other races far more than they attack their own.

Furthermore, Blacks commit violent crimes against other races at far higher rates than their population numbers suggest. Obviously, the vast majority of Blacks are not violent or aggressive toward their neighbours. They are, by and large, good folk who just want to be left alone like the rest of us. However, that simply puts into perspective the fact that a small minority, of a minority, commits an absurd amount of violent crime.

Blaming Whites for what Blacks, Hispanics, and Asians do to each other is PROFOUNDLY stupid. This infantilises the minority populations while blaming the majority for something that is categorically not their fault. And it puts the burden on the majority that they do not deserve.

Whites already pay vastly more than they should, on a demographic basis, to make the equalitarian myth work. White America has thrown $22 TRILLION – seriously – into the War on Poverty over the past 50 years. IT HAS NOT WORKED.

It’s hard to estimate how much each race pays in taxes. The IRS does NOT ask for racial data when it demands that you pay your taxes. But you can draw some inferences by taking the proportions of races in each income and wealth quintile, and cross-referencing that data against tax receipts by quintile. One enterprising fellow did precisely that in 2016 for 2014’s data. The results are illuminating, to say the least. I recommend checking out that link for the breakdowns. The results show that Whites bear almost the ENTIRE burden of taxation for their fellow races.

Conclusion – This is Not Going to End Well

I wish I could stand with the kumbaya-join-hands-and-sing-together crowd. I did, when I was a little kid being brainwashed in school. But the facts are what they are. No amount of wishful thinking can change them. You cannot get away from some basic and terrible truths.

Racial integration in the USA is failing, if it has not failed already. This is nothing new or surprising. I keep referencing Dr. Robert Putnam’s landmark 2007 study into diverse societies, and with good reason. That last graph above was taken straight from his paper. If you go through it, you will see exactly why Dr. Putnam was so horrified by his own data. He sat on it for YEARS before he finally released it, under intense pressure from his peers. The data show beyond any shadow of doubt that more diverse societies trust each other less.

In his conclusion to that paper, Dr. Putnam tried desperately to salvage the dream of a multi-ethnic blended USA by giving a finger-wagging lecture about the benefits of “diversity”. He called for “more education” to acclimate immigrants and non-Whites into White society – BUT HIS OWN RESULTS CONTROLLED FOR THAT FACTOR. The plain fact is that diversity makes communities less safe, less trusting, and less free. And those who argue otherwise have to grapple with the raw data. If they do not, they are every bit as disingenuous and deceptive as Dr. Putnam was.

And no amount of adolt edumacation will change the fact that many differences between races are simply irreducible. You cannot eliminate them, no matter how hard you try.

Furthermore, Black society has clearly separated itself from White and Asian society. Whites and Asians can, and do, generally live together peaceably in the USA. But Black society plainly harbours deep antipathy toward both. Again, this is NOT true of all Blacks. I reckon the majority are generally happy to be neighbourly with Whites and Asians. But a vocal and violent minority of them are quite sufficient to make up for everyone else.

The Great American Experiment has FAILED. When the end comes, it will be Black against Hispanic against Asian, ALL against White. This is horrifying and dreadful. Nobody wants it – well, Whites don’t. But it is inevitable. The mathematics are determinate and there is no way back now.

Guard your hearts, trust in God, and be ready, my friends. Things will explode faster than you can possibly imagine.

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  1. Jim S

    “The Great American Experiment has FAILED.” TRUE. “When the end comes, it will be Black against Hispanic” (Hispanic against Black too, since many Hispanics hate the Blacks in the USA, I’ve observed these actions up close) “against Asian, ALL against White. This is horrifying and dreadful. Nobody wants it – well, Whites don’t.” True, I don’t want it at all.. “But it is inevitable. The mathematics are determinate and there is no way back now.” That is true too. It’s the “when” is the only question to be answered? They are coming for whitey, and whitey needs to understand it, and fast.

    “Guard your hearts, trust in God, and be ready, my friends. Things will explode faster than you can possibly imagine.” When? Days, weeks, months, or maybe year(s). I don’t know when, all I can do is prepare as best I can (which will never be enough) for my loved ones safety.

    Many people I know, including extended family members (e.g. siblings, parents, in-laws) are oblivious to these happenings. They know that something is wrong, but refuse to acknowledge what is coming. I’ve been dropping hints, but, it doesn’t register. Many just want to keep the bread and circuses going, and things will be alright? Not likely.

    As I’ve been told at my workplace…”Diversity is our Strength”…Uh huh. It has already begun to go tribal, and that will accelerate into the future.

    Great post!

  2. TechieDude

    First off, regarding our omega example, if your face and neck produce nothing but pubic hair you shouldn’t try growing a beard. Summing wrong wit dat boy…

    “When the end comes, it will be Black against Hispanic against Asian, ALL against White.”

    I don’t think so everywhere. I know no ‘hispanic’ (which here are mostly mexican) or asians around here (unlike the coasts) with any sort of tribal loyalty and the black menace is such that they’ll readily ally with whites.

    Speaking of lacking tribal loyalty, You also forgot black on black. Unlike the Asians and Mexicans I know, blacks here seem content to let a brother suffer if it’s in their own interests, whatever that may be. Look how they run the cities they run. It’s a small club at the top, and most of their brothers and sisters aren’t in it. They’ll punish each other far more than anyone else ever would.

    Geographically, blacks here are clustered in an area at is stupid easy to isolate. No bus, no rail, no trucks, a few key roads to isolate. Another consideration here – I know few minorities that own guns. My ‘mexican’ business partner (who was born in the US and is probably more American than me) told me last week he was thinking of buying one. I laughed at him.

    If I sat back and thought about it, I could probably come up with more than a dozen dudes I know that have between one and four gun safes and shelves of ammo. They hunt or shoot for sport, many were combat soldiers.

    To a man, they’ll do what they must to defend their families and neighborhoods.

    The way things are going, we’re on a rocketsled to economic collapse. When that happens, and there’s nothing on the EBT card, and nothing to buy if there were, the gibmedats will get even more aggressive. Then, weapons-free.


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