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Didactic Mind, Ep 59: Burning Books and Burning Truths

by | Dec 13, 2020 | Podcasts | 0 comments

This week’s episode is once again about Islam and Christianity, and the vast contrast between the two on the subject of Scriptural inerrancy. Muslims have long claimed that the New Testament is corrupted and that our Christian revelations are therefore unreliable. This is nonsense and I show exactly why. I then move on to examine the claims that Muslims make about the inerrancy and reliability of their own Koranic scriptures, and I show, based on their own sources and historical evidence uncovered in the last few years, that there is nothing “eternal, revealed, complete, and unchanging” about their Koran.

I cite a number of different videos and YouTube channels that you can use to educate yourself on these fascinating subjects. I will provide a full list of supporting materials – insofar as I can collect them all, because the list of such things is enormous – down below.

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Here’s the embedded podcast:

Videos and channels to watch:

Put simply, the idea that the Koran was perfectly preserved is arrant nonsense. The challenge to Muslims is straightforward:

If you claim that your Koran was perfectly preserved from 634 AD onwards, then SHOW IT TO US. Show us ONE Koranic manuscript, dating back to the time of Uthman – we’ll give you Uthman, we won’t even make you go to the time of Abu Bakr – that consists of 114 surahs, that is exactly the same in every way as your current Hafs text.

If you cannot do this – then stop making this absurd claim.

And if you find yourself questioning your faith – come on home. We have exactly what you’re looking for. You want a revelation that is eternal, sent down, complete, and unchanged.

We Christians have Him. His name is Jesus Christ, King of Kings and LORD.

So come on back. Come on home. Come to Jesus Christ.

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