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Didactic Mind, Ep 41: Poison is the Cure

by | Aug 9, 2020 | Podcasts | 1 comment

The latest episode of the Didactic Mind podcast is now up and available. This week’s talk is all about the pharmaceutical industry and how it is both a great boon and a terrible curse upon all of us.

I did goof a bit by calling this “Episode 42“, which obviously it is not – clearly I no longer know how to count.

Here is the embedded podcast:

The article that I discuss in the podcast can be found right here.

This is the entire Fat Head documentary that I reference repeatedly in the podcast:

And here is the film by Chris Bell, Prescription Thugs – it’s free to watch with ads (*eyerolls*):

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1 Comment

  1. JohnC

    On the 25 min mark. The other problem with using England and USA at the time of a high fat intake for the Ancel Keys Seven country study, is that these 2 country were also the highest sugar intake. Australians have high sugar intake. Italy and Japan are low sugar in their diet and from what I have read still are.

    Also this is the graph from the 7 countries next to the 21 countries that should of been on the study.


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