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Slore Studies 101

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Our friend The Male Brain passed along a story that I’d actually intended to write about a while back, but never got around to doing because there weren’t a whole lot of details to work with at the time. But now, several weeks after the initial news, it would appear that there have been quite a few developments in the rather curious case of one Ms Fiona Viotti of South Africa:

A married private school teacher has been accused of having an ‘intense sexual relationship’ with a teenage student, with several other boys also potentially implicated.

Fiona Viotti, 30, resigned from Bishops Diocesan College in Cape Town last Thursday after the parents of a student, 18, complained.

The young man claims he was initially a ‘willing participant’ in a sexual relationship with the former model, but when he tried to end it, she became controlling and he ‘couldn’t get out’.

The all-boys school has appointed an attorney to probe allegations that Viotti, the niece of South African rugby coach Nick Mallett, had sexual relationships with other boys at the school.

Investigators are planning on interviewing 40 other students, according to TimesLIVE.

Explicit videos of Viotti allegedly performing sex acts are also said to have been sent around boys at the £15,000-a-year school and later appeared on porn sites.

A parent told IOL: ‘He was a willing participant in the beginning but became a victim when he couldn’t get out of it.

‘The teacher started texting him to come to her house on the campus and that’s how it started but it got to the stage where he had enough.

‘But the teacher wouldn’t let him go and he went to his parents for help and they went to the headmaster and now it is all coming out.’

A former schoolboy at Bishops Diocesan College who was taught water polo by Viotti said he was shocked by the allegations.

He said: ‘Every red blooded male at the school was besotted with Fiona as she looked like a supermodel.

‘But the thing was she was never flirty and comes across as a very shy and innocent and very nice girl and to hear these allegations has just blown me and a lot of the guys I went to school with away.’

The school said in a statement that they are probing an allegation of ‘serious misconduct’ by a former teacher, and there is reason to believe that several boys ‘have been affected over a number of years.’

I am not too proud to admit that when I first saw this story, the first thing that crossed my mind was… “Why the HELL didn’t WE have teachers like this when I was in school?!?!”

I sure as shit would have paid a LOT more attention to, oh, let’s say, Art class, or Drama, or whatever other fuzzy-wuzzy nonsense I had to take in order to fill out my quota of subjects, if I’d had a teacher as hot as that. To my completely non-existent shame, I can’t draw so much as a glass of water properly, and my “acting” is so bad that it makes Sophia Coppola look like Emma Stone by comparison.

After those rather uncharitable and quite un-Christian thoughts went through my head, though, I started looking at the whole thing through the lenses provided by the red pill. And once I started doing that, several interesting notions came to mind.

First, and most importantly, let’s get a look at Ms Viotti:

School teacher Fiona Viotti, 30, who is at the centre of a sex scandal at the school where she teaches on her wedding day

The former model had been dating banker Pavo Viotti (right) since 2008 and the pair married just 13 months ago

Officials at the £16,000-per-year school now believe that several boys were involved in relationship with the teacher over a number of years, and have called in lawyers to investigate

Right, gents, let’s have at it, the usual WYB test.

Show of hands, please, all those who would like to know Ms Viotti, in the Biblical sense…

Yep, that’s what I thought.

ONE HUNDRED PERCENT of all red-blooded men with a pulse would hit that.

I mean, not to be crude or anything – although, you kind of have to be when you’re talking about a teacher who boinked her students – but she’s HOT.

She is about 30 years old right now, relatively newly married, and definitely really beautiful. Which is not all that surprising given that she used to be a model.

Now let’s take a look at her (soon-to-be-ex-)husband:

Pavo is now said to have separated from his wife, and refused to answer the door at their £350,000 Cape Town property. She is thought to be living with her parents

And this is where things get rather interesting.

Dawn Pine reckons that the husband looks pretty Alpha and, given that he is now living alone in a house worth close to half a million dollars, is obviously doing quite well for himself.

I do have a different opinion here.

It is a basic tenet of red-pilled wisdom that “five minutes of Alpha is worth a lifetime of Beta”. In other words, women would rather share an Alpha male with other women, than permit themselves to be kept by a Beta male.

Alphas do the cheating. They don’t get cheated on. And when they do get cheated on, they usually conform to one of two behavioural patterns.

Either they shrug their shoulders with complete indifference and simply move on as quickly as possible once the infidelity of their wives and girlfriends is public knowledge.

Or they set about destroying the reputation of that woman, and casting her out into the cold with just about nothing, with a speed and ferocity that makes hunting jaguars look like kittens at play by comparison.

Mr. Viotti has many virtues. Alphaness is evidently not one of them.

I infer this partly from his actions, and partly by looking at his face and physiognomy.

Looking at his face, he is good-looking with chiseled cheekbones, a good square jaw, a decent cleft chin, and good posture. But there is a general softness and callowness about his face that indicates that he has never really been tested too hard, and his overall demeanour is one of a kind man with gentle eyes.

Turning to his actions, Mr. Viotti has maintained a stoic silence and refused to talk to the media about what his wife did. He has kicked her out of his house and has resolutely clammed up.

As of this writing, the latest news on the case – which was released internationally about 8 days ago – was that the investigation into Ms Viotti’s conduct will be concluded very shortly; that she had sex with at most 5 young lads, not dozens; and that, just to add insult to (metaphorical) injury, footage of Ms Viotti’s escapades with some of her toyboys was uploaded onto pornographic websites, but has since been taken down.

Now, try – if you can – to put yourself in the shoes of Mr. Viotti there.

He has just been cucked in the most spectacularly public fashion possible. The woman that he loved, that he promised to hold and cherish and honour above all others, and be faithful to for the rest of his life, has been caught having sex with horny young men from her place of work.

The Alpha course of action would have been to divorce this woman and take her to court as aggressively as possible for damage to his reputation and mental well-being – which apparently you can sue for under certain codes of Western common law, though I have no clue whether this applies in South Africa.

The sniveling whining low-Beta course of action would have been to do a weepy public interview laying out all of his heartache and pain for all the world to see.

But Mr. Viotti opted for neither of these things. He opted instead for stoic, resolute silence. That is essentially the course of a high Beta.

I do not criticise his choice at all, by the way. I have great sympathy for him as a man going through a very difficult time, and I respect his great fortitude and strength of character in refusing to make his pain public. He is instead taking comfort in his friends and family and trying to move on with his life. And good for him.

All I’m saying is that this isn’t an Alpha course of action. And that’s not necessarily a bad thing in situations like this.

As for Ms Viotti herself – well, hindsight is always 20-20, and it is easy to say that the signs were there in her eyes, but those photos in the articles are all we have to go on and they don’t actually show much. I have no doubt that they were specifically picked out of her Facebook profile, before it got shut down, to show a beautiful, smiling, radiantly happy woman – with crazy eyes.

And make no mistake – if you look at that first photo up top, she definitely has Cuckoo-for-Cocoa-Puffs eyes. Again, I have no doubt that those photos were specifically selected to show this – whorenalists have a good eye for such things – but that doesn’t change the fact that she looks like a bunny-boiler.

Judging by the information in the articles, she engaged in classic seductress behaviour. She played the shy, naive, vulnerable ingenue – with an insatiable appetite for cock. She rode the carousel REALLY hard. And when some of her toyboys decided that they weren’t comfortable with the arrangement, she didn’t do what more experienced and sensible “cougars” do and let them go – instead, she became hyper-controlling and demanding, and maybe even abusive.

This was not one random error of judgment; apparently she had been doing this sort of thing for quite a while. So you can’t put this down to a woman approaching the dreaded Wall and going kind of crazy as a result.

It is much more likely that Ms Viotti had, and has, a serious addiction to boinking younger men without consequences, while still craving the security and comfort of a stable provider that most women crave. And for a while, she had it all – lots of young guys giving her all of the attention and validation that every beautiful woman wants, plenty of physical intimacy with virile athletic guys, and a provider to pay for a nice lifestyle.

She made a big mistake by (presumably) becoming a controlling harpy and thereby giving one of her toyboys a chance to blab. But in reality I suspect that she will not end up paying a particularly high price for her misdeeds.

My understanding and knowledge of South African culture and law is pretty much non-existent. From what I know of the country, it’s going straight to Hell in a handcart. And I know almost nothing about the culture among its white people, who are descended from English and Dutch settlers who came over centuries ago and created the unique Boer culture.

So it could be that ostracisation and social pressure will destroy Ms Viotti’s reputation and she will end up shunned by her community. That is just and right given what she has done.

But I consider it rather more likely that she will find a way to sell her story to the (((media))) in a Western country and be given cash and prizes, because vagina and patriarchy. Assuming she plays her cards right, she could very easily turn this into a situation where she felt unhaaaaaaappy with her husband, because reasons and vagina, and only sought validation and comfort in the arms of underage boys. She may not even have to serve any time behind bars.

You can already see the difference in treatment between due to Ms Viotti’s gender if you merely ask yourself what would happen if the roles were reversed, and Mr. Viotti was the teacher while Ms Viotti owned the assets.

If Mr. Viotti had been caught boffing five or so young girls, at a prestigious private all-girls’ school in South Africa, do you think that it would be kept all hush-hush and discreet?

Or do you think that it would be very nearly front-page news in every major media outlet in South Africa and the UK, at bare minimum?

Yeah. Exactly. To ask the question is to answer it.

The most interesting angle of the story itself comes in the form of a lesson that the Manosphere has been teaching men for years now, about the extreme dangers of unchecked female hypergamy.

I do not know anything about Ms Viotti, other than what is public knowledge about her at this time. So all that we can say about her is that she might POSSIBLY be a nymphomaniac.

But female nymphonmania is not new. It has been around since at least the time of the ancient Greeks – obviously, since they invented the term.

How did societies of the past keep adulterous nymphomaniacs in line?

By branding them as whores, shaming them as publicly as possible, and dissolving any bonds of marriage between them and any man unfortunate enough to put a ring on a Grade A carousel-rider.

I do not know if such cultural pressures exist in modern South Africa – I’m guessing they don’t. I also do not know how Ms Viotti was brought up and do not much care to speculate on that aspect of things. And I have no idea whether her marriage to Mr. Viotti was a happy one.

But perhaps being branded with a scarlet “A” would do her some good. And perhaps in the process she might have been able to avoid turning this:

… into a sex scandal that disgraced her employer, her father, her famous uncle, and most especially her husband.

Gentlemen, the lessons for you here are very simple. Know your woman before you put a ring on her – and even if you know her well, be prepared at least at some basic level for the possibility that your dream girl is not the chaste innocent damsel that she pretends to be.

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  1. Nikolai Vladivostok

    7/10 WB. As for the bloke, maybe he received legal advice to keep his mouth shut for the time being. On the other hand, there's not much law left to be advised about in South Africa. My friend's uncle got shot dead there during an argument over a parking space and the perp got two years.

  2. mobius

    Her perpetual sneer makes her smile a baring of fangs.

  3. Veritas

    Nothing serious will happen to her (legally), the South African judicial system is among the most progressive in the world, by that I mean default MEN BAD – WOMEN GOOD. It's ridiculously dysfunctional, except in cases of handing out pussy passes. The ANC Womens League ensures that their feminist agenda is thoroughly implemented in their corrupt legal system. The ANC were and are committed Marxists, ain't gonna change anytime soon. As for publicly shaming harlots such as these, not going to happen, we have a healthy population of government endorsed slut walkers and associated women's rights orgs. Google one Zodwa Wabantu whose claim to fame is going about pantyless and changing sexual partners on a weekly basis. This paragon of virtue is highly celebrated by the media and is an outstanding example of S.A's moral compass.

    • Didact

      Hey man, welcome back, it's been a while.

      Nothing serious will happen to her (legally), the South African judicial system is among the most progressive in the world

      Yeah that's kind of what I figured.

      Google one Zodwa Wabantu whose claim to fame is going about pantyless and changing sexual partners on a weekly basis

      Oy vey. She looks like a dude, and an ugly one at that.

  4. Veritas

    As for the Boers, depends on who you ask… some of them are desperately trying to maintain their culture and language, others couldn't give a fuck and just want to get out of S.A. Most of them just want to be left alone and to live in peace. Almost all of them are Christian and conservative and you would be hard pressed to find a hardier more resourceful and enterprising group of people anywhere on earth. I admire them greatly. Given that the ANC are proper Marxists one can start to understand how deeply incompatible these two groups are. That is not to say they cannot live with blacks, far from it, they have co-existed for hundreds of years. It's under the ANC's ideology that the fractures are encouraged and amplified. Frankly, it's tragic whats happening to the Afrikaaner people today, I believe that only God can deliver them from this hell.

    • Didact

      Almost all of them are Christian and conservative and you would be hard pressed to find a hardier more resourceful and enterprising group of people anywhere on earth. I admire them greatly.

      That's kind of what I figured. They come across as a sturdy and stolid people. But they definitely let themselves get backed into a corner and gave their country away. They did it for the sake of peace and they understood that they were vastly outnumbered by blacks in South Africa, so I sort of understand why, but they didn't realise that without a defensible country of their own, they were doomed.

      Frankly, it's tragic whats happening to the Afrikaaner people today, I believe that only God can deliver them from this hell.

      Probably. The Russians have done a pretty good job of offering 15,000 of them asylum and farmland in exchange for cash investments, but that's not nearly enough given that there are something like 4 million of them left.


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