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Put the mouse down, Coomer

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Paul Joseph Watson reports on the way that No-Nut November is triggering SJWs all over Twatter. It’s a rather sticky subj- uh, I mean, one has to be of a rather stiff disp- er, that is to say, we must erect barr-

Ah hell, just watch the video, there is no way to handle this topic delicately:

Right, let’s just think this one through for a moment.

A bunch of guys around the Western world, and elsewhere, dedicated themselves to not jerking off and not watching porn for a full month, and dealing with all of the consequences, both positive and negative, that come from this – i.e. blue balls, sleepless nights, significant physical needs going unmet, plus heightened energy and awareness, significantly higher sex drive, far more desire for spiritual meaning and balance, and so on. They choose, of their own free will, to dedicate themselves to physical, mental, and spiritual purity, engaging in serious self-discipline and abstinence in the process.

The SJWs of the world react by calling a refusal to masturbate fascist!!!11!!, and a refusal to watch porn misogynistic!!!!!!

These are the same SJWs who say that pr0n objectifies women and reduces them to sex objects, and now they object to men not wanting to turn women into sex objects.

In other words – by exercising a bit of restraint, men got SJWs to defend degeneracy and completely contradict themselves.

You can’t make this shit up, man. It’s pure comedic gold.

Honestly, at this point, we seriously should be begging His Most Noble, Benevolent, August, and Legendary Celestial Majesty, the God-Emperor of Mankind, Donaldus Triumphus Magnus Astra, the First of His Name, to do this:

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Returning to the topic at, er, hand – so to speak – the idea of switching off the porn and getting out there and doing things in real life is hugely beneficial and would not be controversial if we lived in anything approaching a normal civilisation.

Unfortunately, of course, we no longer live in a normal, sane society. We live in Clown World.

And in Clown World, vidyagamesnporn are widely disseminated (heh) and highly effective cheap ways to keep in line precisely the elements of society that can cause the most problems:

Young horny men.

There have always been two sides to masculinity. The Left focuses exclusively and entirely on the negative energies that masculinity unleashes – the impulses toward conquest, rapine, pillage, and destruction, which if left unchecked always and everywhere result in the downfall of civilisation.

These desires are innate within every man. All men must struggle to contain our lusts and most negative, dangerous, violently destructive impulses. That is a daily struggle, and it is a test that all of us will fail at one point or another in our lives, often repeatedly.

These impulses can and should be restrained – or rather, harnessed. For, when put to good use, the desire of men to be physically dominant, strong, tough, and sexually attractive to women can lead them to put those energies to tremendously beneficial uses, both for themselves and their communities.

And that is the side of masculinity that the Left always ignores – the positive aspect, the side of men that embraces honour, nobility, chivalry, compassion for the weak, a desire to help and protect others and lay down our lives for our fellow men and women if necessary, and a powerful primal need to be of service to something bigger and greater than ourselves.

The Left has become so intent on controlling the negative aspects of masculinity, by keeping us distracted with meaningless brain-rotting nonsense, that it has failed utterly to understand the absolute and incontrovertible need for the positive aspects.

Here’s the thing, though: you cannot simply separate them out from each other by reducing a large chunk of the male population down to drooling masturbating imbeciles and shut-ins. It is not possible to separate these two aspects from each other; they are fused together into the psyches and urges of all men, from the weakest to the strongest.

What the Left does not realise, in its folly and stupidity and hubris, is that when you rob men of outlets for positive masculinity and force them to suppress their negative masculinity, you only end up with MOST of the men turning into docile and compliant sheep. Not all of them will submit willingly to this agenda. More than a few will become enraged at what is being done to them, and seek to break out.

But, lacking positive role models that will help them temper their rage and turn it to better ends, they will take out their fury on targets of easy opportunity.

That, of course, is where you get mass shooters from, especially these days.

In other words, by telling men to stay on the reservation, to keep watching porn, to keep fapping, and to avoid all of those wonderful things in life that would make them tougher, stronger, more resilient, more interesting, and more appealing to women in general, the Left is essentially setting up society for more mass killings and more brutality, not less.

And that is before we get to the truly insidious, heinous aspect of porn itself.

As I have pointed out numerous times in nearly 7 years (!!!!!) of writing, porn is a highly addictive, extremely destructive drug that stunts and cripples the lives of not only its users, but its creators as well. All you have to do is to look at the lives of some of the biggest and most popular names in porn. These people are not living the dream. Quite a few of them are – or were – beautiful young women who regularly degrade themselves in front of a camera for a global audience of mentally enslaved and spiritually stunted young men.

They hate themselves enough that many, far too many, commit suicide out of the shame, guilt, loneliness, and desperation that comes from working in porn.

Porn does not merely harm men. It is also highly destructive for women. It replaces the wondrous and joyful act of procreative sex with an empty and meaningless mechanical physical process that serves no greater purpose other than the immediate fulfillment of self-gratification.

For men, porn rewires the reward centres of our brains. It makes the completion of the physical act the paramount and primary objective. It completely skips over a huge part of the age-old process of seducing a woman, involving arousing her, stimulating her mind and nervous system, and making her want to engage in sex with us. It effectively replaces the warmth and softness and pleasure of the female body with images on a screen.

And when men who have grown up watching porn, or who are addicted to it, find themselves in an actual relationship with a really-for-real woman, they increasingly have serious trouble performing in the bedroom. Their brains have been scrambled and rewired to prefer ever more graphic and hardcore stimulation that a real woman simply cannot match – because, by definition, a real woman isn’t being paid to perform those acts for an audience.

There are plenty of men who read this who will probably be able to attest to some truly weird dates with crazy girls who were down to do literally ANYTHING on the night of the first date. But, I assure you, those are very much in the minority, even in today’s highly degenerate day and age. You don’t have to go very far as a young man to find women who are sweet, kind, feminine, and loving – and who are not interested in “getting drilled in every hole”, or whatever the latest fetishes are in cyberspace.

For women, porn gives them completely unrealistic expectations of what sex is like. It makes them think that men are turned on by sights and sounds that women don’t actually make in real life, and makes them believe that only by acting like an uninhibited whore can a woman be sexually fulfilled. And let’s not even get started about the ridiculously unrealistic expectations that women end up having about men’s… packages as a result of constant porn use.

The reality is that sexual pleasure and intimacy between men and women looks absolutely nothing like what you see in porn videos. That kind of pleasure takes time to build up. It takes a desire to learn what your partner enjoys. It requires patience, tolerance, kindness, generosity, and a truly deep love and desire for your partner.

These are things that porn can never, ever replace. And once you experience those things, you will realise very quickly that porn is nothing more than a quite disgusting substitute for those wonderful things.

Comparing real intimacy with a woman that you love, to watching porn, is like comparing the highest-quality natural honey with cheap mass-produced factory-made chocolate. The first is a sensual delight that evokes intense pleasure and deep emotional satisfaction; the second is a nasty sticky mess that leaves you empty, unhappy, and dissatisfied.

No video, no matter how explicit or graphic, will ever replace the feeling of having your woman – yours, who loves you and is faithful to you above all men – in your arms. The warmth of her body, the feel of her skin, the subtle beauty of her face in the light of a fireplace or a sunset, and the softness of her touch, are all things that cannot be replicated simply by “connecting a pleasure circuit” in your brain that has been wired that way through porn use.

No fetish on a screen can replace that feeling of accomplishment from giving your woman the night of her life as she loses physical control of her body, her mind becomes overwhelmed with the sensations, and she finds herself floating through space with no sense of time.

You will feel like a man, because you did that to her – and she will be bonded with you emotionally and spiritually because you took the time and effort to get to know her, to explore her body, and to make her feel so physically relaxed and emotionally safe that she surrenders to you.

If you are a young man addicted to porn, the first and best thing that you can do is to simply stop using it. Just give up on it. Develop the self-discipline and strength of mind and fortitude of body to just say NO. And then get out there and try to meet real live women instead – because real women are nothing like porn stars or cam whores.

Women are complicated, difficult, stupid, stubborn, annoying, talkative, needy, insecure, volatile, crazy, irritable, messy, frustrating, childish, and about an hundred other pejoratives.

Women are also soft, warm, caring, gentle, soothing, supportive, loving, kind, feminine, graceful, and trusting. If you find the kind of girl who is physically, emotionally, and spiritually compatible with you, then the bonds created through intimacy will prove more rewarding and wonderful than you can possibly imagine.

As for women – they too should give up on porn, but for somewhat different reasons.

I know personally of an Eastern European woman in her late thirties whose personal life was, and I’m guessing probably still is, a complete disaster. She dated quite a lot of guys and, because she was the child of a single mother with four sisters and never knew her father (typical story in Eastern Europe, I’m sorry to say), she had no idea how to create successful relationships because she had no template to work from. In between relationships – and even during them – she spent a lot of time watching porn and… uh… using toys.

The net result? She became desensitised to the real physical pleasure of sexual intimacy, because her brain was rewired to enjoy her toys more than the feeling of having a real live man.

She got married, finally, in her late thirties. I have no idea what became of her, but given that she likely married a sad-sack blue-pill Beta, mostly for his passport, I doubt that she is too happy.

And this is becoming an increasingly common problem in an increasingly atomised, porn-saturated society.

Most of the young men who sign up for No Nut November will fail to meet their pledge. That is inevitable. One of the problems of being under the age of about 35 is that we men REALLY need to get laid like tile, but quite often we just can’t. And if we can’t, well, the pressure becomes pretty unbearable after a while. There should be no negative judgement passed on men who simply have to, shall we say, get their ashes hauled once in a while.

Just don’t use porn to do it. That shit is deeply dangerous and toxic to your brain.

Note, by the way, that up until this point I have not once mentioned Christianity in the context of the spiritual poison that porn represents. That was deliberate, because far too many young men have grown up listening to a LOT of nonsense from fundamentalist Christians about how jerking off will have horrible negative effects on you physiologically and so on and so forth.

You won’t grow hair on your hands from fapping, obviously. Physiologically speaking, not a whole lot will happen (unless you overdo that shit) – but the physiological dangers are absolutely as NOTHING compared to the psychological and spiritual ones.

It is not for nothing that one Catholic priest reported that, during one of his exorcisms, the daemon inhabiting the body of its victim gleefully told the priest that he had entered through Satan’s greatest invention ever – internet pornography.

That is an extreme example, but it is illustrative of what can happen if young men are not careful. Porn destroys relationships because it prevents young men from getting real pleasure from the truly wonderful things in life.

Porn destroys marriages because it makes husbands obsess over the imperfections in the bodies of their wives and constantly makes them compare the perfect pneumatic athletic bodies that they see writhing and moaning on the screens with the bodies of women that they have sworn to love and cherish – which in turn makes it all too easy for them to corrupt their marriage vows.

And porn breeds distrust and jealousy between couples – and jealousy is an acid that will eat away the bonds of love between a man and a woman faster and more effectively than anything else can.

It is not for me to judge men who use porn. I am absolutely no paragon of virtue on almost any subject relating to human sinfulness and wickedness.

But I have great compassion for those men caught in that dark trap. And for those men who have the courage and strength to stand against the filth, to turn away from it, and to seek out greater meaning in life – my brothers, I humbly salute you and proudly embrace you as a man.

Men who decide to stop using internet porn do so in different ways. Some find going to the gym very helpful; there is something deeply therapeutic about lifting heavy shit until every muscle screams in protest.

Some find it in martial arts; the bonds of fraternal love and brotherhood forged on the sparring mat will last throughout your life and will give you far greater meaning and enjoyment than any temporary physical pleasure.

And some will find absolution in the arms of a truly good, loving, feminine, beautiful woman. Intimacy with her may well be “boring” compared with the highly improbable and absurdly athletic contortions to be found on any porn site, but it doesn’t take very long before your desire for simple, deep intimacy and pleasure with her overwhelms your desire for any artificial and puerile novelty. No amount of weird and crazy porn will compare with the joy of intimacy with a woman that you truly love.

There is nothing quite like the feeling of having your woman tell you, in a voice made dreamy and weary from the wondrous pleasures of intimacy, how happy you make her and how good you are at giving her what she most desires, as she holds you close in her soft, warm embrace.

So put the mouse down, Coomer. Stop fapping to fake tits and women screaming like stuck pigs, and get out there and make a man out of yourself instead.

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