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The secret in plain sight

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Pssst! Hey, shitlord! Do you want to know the secret to defeating the lunatic Left?

I’ll tell you in just a moment. But first, I want you to watch this short video:

Leftism: Not Even Once.

DON’T consume it, or else you’ll end up like that poor stupid moron on the left (both figuratively and, in this case, literally) who can’t figure out what is actually true.

The beauty of that short video is that it gives you an insight into the precise means and method by which you can destroy the Left in the long run. This is an incredibly powerful secret, and it has been hidden in plain sight for the better part of fifty years, probably more.

Do you know what it is yet?


Okay, let your good buddy Didact explain it to you.

The secret to annihilating the loony Left is…

… to become a Christian (or at least be open to the Faith – “For one who is not against us is for us”), find a good woman (very strongly preferably Christian as well – though Pauline Scripture makes it clear that there is some wiggle room here), marry her, and pump her full of babies.

Now, before I get a whole dog-pile of MGTOW types rushing in to tell me that this is terrible advice given how horrible Western women are for dating and marriage, let me point out a couple of things.

First, I KNOW Western women suck.

Look, guys, I get it. You can find plenty of posts from the over 2,200 (and counting) that I have written, across more than 6 years, where I make very clear how much I dislike Western, especially big-city British and American, women. They are horrid. They are fat, slovenly, absurdly entitled, extremely temperamental, loud-mouthed, uncouth, often drunken, frequently on head-meds, obnoxious, ghastly, and overall just deeply unpleasant to be around.

As with all generalisations, there are exceptions. There do exist sweet, feminine, caring, non-brainwashed, non-stupid, clean-skinned, traditional-minded, well-mannered, intelligent women in the Western world with low-to-zero notch counts when they hit 25. They tend to be from religious communities and are rare and worth their weight in gold.

(Note: I didn’t say that they were “educated”. That is because the correlation between being good marriage material, and being a college-educated girl, is likely negative these days. These days, most colleges are indoctrination factories where young ladies go to “find themselves” – usually in the beds of many different guys.)

But the generalisations about Western women hold and are valid, and are borne out through the experiences of many, many men. That’s why I don’t date Western girls. (Well, that’s a large part of the reason. There are a couple of other parts, and one of them is geographic in nature.)

Second, I never said that this was an easy secret to implement in real life.

It is not supposed to be easy. Being a serious Christian is about the hardest thing that a man can do in his entire life – and if you think that I am exaggerating, there are several ex-military folks who read this blog who can attest to this truth.

Being a married Christian is, in many ways, even harder. The temptation to sin is everywhere. If you are married to a woman, you are literally fighting against your own genetic programming as a man.

As men, we have an innate genetically coded desire to, ahem, spread our seed out as far and as wide as possible. Let’s be honest, gents: when you are married and sleeping next to the same woman every single day for years on end, you do get bored. That is when your mind starts to wander and you start fantasising about plainly absurd things – Jell-O wrestling with Shanina Shaik and Adriana Lima in a tag-team match, for example.

Yes, it’s fun to think of such things – but you can’t do anything about it.

Men have a strong need to have sex with as many women as possible. Marriage, especially in a Christian context, means that you cannot even so much as look at another woman with desire. You have to keep yourself completely dedicated and devoted to just one woman, for the rest of your life.

And raising Christian children in a world that has gone utterly and totally mad is extraordinarily difficult these days. It is incredibly tempting to succumb to the sin of Jeroboam – the spirit of compromise – and simply accept some level of tolerance with the extreme evil of the Libtards around you, or even of some of the demands, made in weakness and error, of your wife.

But this is a grave and terrible mistake. You cannot compromise with people who hate you and want you dead. And you cannot truly compromise with the destructive nature of the feminine spirit, not beyond a certain point. Raising children, especially sons, these days with strong Christian values will almost certainly result in them getting bullied, ostracised, and in some cases physically abused, if you as a father do not take steps to prevent these things from happening.

Nonetheless, there you have it. The way to defeat the Left, in the long run, is to out-breed them.

And, guess what: it’s already happening.

It has been known for quite a while now that the rates of child-bearing and reproduction among religious folks is far higher than it is among secular ones. Religious Christians report stronger marriages, happier families, and – this is rather important if you’re a red-blooded young man – better sex lives, than their secular counterparts.

Now, if you ask the Leftists why this is so, you always get sneering, condescending answers about how obvious it is that Christian men love to have sex with submissive, compliant, sheep-like women who are terrified of God’s wrath if they should cease to do what is commanded in the Bible.

If you are, in fact, dumb enough to ask a Leftist for xis opinion about Christianity, then you should not be surprised that xe has absolutely no clue what zhe is talking about. To them, the Truth is as unfathomable as a bicycle is to a fish. Asking those who are willfully blind to the Truth to explain what Truth looks like, and how it works, is an exercise in utter futility.

In reality, the reason why Christians enjoy better family lives, and better sex lives, and more stable marriages, than our secular counterparts is very straightforward.

When you learn how to simply let go – and you do have to learn this, usually very much the hard way, with repeated beatings with a clue-bat at the hands of a very harsh world – and leave your life in God’s hands, while dedicating yourself to serving the Truth, you learn very fast what you can change, and what you cannot.

And you gain a new ability to love and care for those closest to you – especially your wife.

Guess what: women respond very positively to this.

When you show your woman that you love her, show her massive physical affection, make it clear to her that you have extremely strong physical desire for her, and show her that you are a strong and decisive leader, well, good things happen.

Moreover, there is nothing – nothing – quite so emotionally satisfying as the thought of creating new life within a woman that you truly love.

And, if you are honest with yourself as a Christian man, the thought of giving your woman real pleasure, and of getting to know her body better, is pretty powerful.

Sex with a woman whom you truly love, for the specific purpose of creating new life within her, is the best kind. There is no equivalent to that kind of physical, emotional, or spiritual intimacy. No one-night stand with a Tinderella, no torrid fling with a beautiful-but-dangerous femme fatale, no illicit encounter, and no night with a high-end escort, compares with that kind of holy, sanctioned union of flesh, soul, and spirit.

So it should not come as any surprise as to why religious folks enjoy better marriages than secular ones, with lower divorce rates. People of faith obey an ancient commandment to be fruitful and multiply, and the process involved in making that multiplication happen is a joyous and wonderful thing.

Does that therefore mean that the secret to beating the Left is fun all the time?


Anyone who has ever had to deal with a screaming colicky child at 3am knows full well that raising children is murderously hard on the mental and emotional health of a husband and his wife – more so on the wife, actually, because the burden falls mostly on her for the first 3 years of the child’s life.

You surrender an awful lot as a man when you have children. You no longer have “free time”. Any form of life outside of the house pretty much disappears. Drinking sessions with your buddies on the weekends go straight out the window. Your life revolves entirely around waking up, working, coming home, and helping out your wife. Your expenses will skyrocket, instantly; children are hugely expensive and it doesn’t matter how much money you have, they will cost you far more than you are ready to spend.

Having kids is in many ways a form of indentured servitude. You are entirely at the mercy of these tiny little helpless squalling screaming pooping vomiting gurgling nappy-clad blobs that never seem to sleep at the right times and always wake up right when you are deep in the middle of an exhausted slumber.

A former martial arts training partner of mine, with two young boys, once said something quite profound to me and my friends when we were driving back from Vermont in the summer of 2015. We’d gotten on to the subject of his kids at one point, and he said: “Once you become a father, you never sleep the same way ever again.” And that is true. A real father is always worrying about his kids at some level.

And yet… ask any decent father whether he would die for his children, and you know before you even ask the question what the answer will be.

That is true love. It is truly humbling to see. And it changes a man, almost entirely for the better. That is certainly what it did to my dad, judging by what my mum tells me about how he was with kids back before I was born.

It is not for nothing that our beloved and dreaded Supreme Dark Lord (PBUH) lists marriage and family in his 12 REAL Rules for Life:

Put a ring on it. Marriage is the manifestation of love. Children are the manifestation of hope. Raising a family to serve as the foundation of future generations is how Man rebels against an uncaring universe, a fallen world, and the spirits of despair and destruction. Yes, there are real risks, especially in the current social and legal environment. But they are well worth taking nevertheless.

His Voxness is not joking about the risks. They are huge.

Choose the wrong woman, and you’re screwed.

Fail to put in the hard work required to do a considerable amount of growing up before you marry and settle down, and you’re screwed.

Insist on doing everything your way, without involving your woman and asking for her counsel and ideas, and you’re screwed.

And the fact is that every parent has messed up something or other in his or her children. There is simply no way for imperfect parents to do a perfect job of raising kids, and all of us have spent our entire lives dealing with or working around some severe character flaws that have been with us since childhood.

Now, there are plenty of men for whom marriage and family are not options. I have no problem with them. If that is their choice, I respect that. It is worth pointing out, though, that most of those men have been through many messed-up relationships and tend to self-select for women who, for one reason or another, are not relationship or marriage material.

The reality is that men tend to attract women who are mirror images of our own insecurities, character defects, and inherent problems. This is a particularly serious problem for pickup artists, of course; these are men who had no access to women and sex for most of their lives, and then discover a world of techniques and ideas that make both accessible to them, and go on a tear trying to seduce as many women as possible. But this doesn’t work very well for long-term relationships, because those men never put in the work to fix the very problems that originally locked them out of the sexual and marriage market places.

The secret to defeating, conquering, and utterly crushing the Left is plain, simple, and straightforward: make a better man out of yourself, and then out-breed them. This is a simple matter of demographics.

The natural black-pilled response to this is that the Left will simply try to flood your countries with Dirt World imports. That is undeniably true. They are doing precisely this right now.

My counterargument is equally simple: your countries no longer exist. Deal with it.

The United States of America, is no longer anything of the sort. The USA is a bloated, rotting carcass of an empire that imports over a million legal migrants every year who have no respect whatsoever for core American values and are not American in any recognisable form.

The United Kingdom is becoming less English every single day, and even Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland are becoming flooded by the Dirt World – because the countries no longer exist, and because the people of those nations no longer stand up for themselves. Get over it.

France, Germany, and the Scandicucks have opened themselves up to the Dirt World hordes, and are paying a terrible price for it now. Those countries no longer exist in meaningful form either. Get over it.

No matter where you look among the white former colonies of the great European powers, you see the same pattern repeating itself. Australia is screwed. Canada is cucked. New Zealand has sold its soul.

And in every single major Western country, birth rates for secular whites birth rates have fallen off a cliff.

So your countries are buggered. That’s the bad news.

The good news is that your nations are still very much alive, kicking, and soon to start thriving again – if you are willing to fight for them.

Remember that nations are made up of people, not soil. Your nations will live on, free and strong – but only if you guys actually show up to fight for them.

And to fight for your nations, you need soldiers.

I’ll give you one guess where those soldiers are.

That’s right. They’re in the wombs of your women.

I’ve told this story before: there is an old legend – possibly apocryphal – about how the Spartans, whom I admire tremendously, dealt with a major demographic crisis in their beloved Laconian state. The Spartan king – one of the two kings who ruled the city, actually – saw that the number of Spartiate citizen-soldiers was too low to sustain the military that made Sparta so feared and strong. He could see that the battles that he was fighting were depleting the Spartiate ranks, and therefore were destroying the very fabric of the Spartan way of life.

Keeping an eye firmly fixed on the future, the Spartan king asked for 100 volunteers from his youngest, strongest, most virile, and most physically and mentally accomplished soldiers to step forward for a very pleasant duty.

He told them that he was going to pack them off back to Sparta, with a mission to bed, deflower, and impregnate the most beautiful Spartan virgins – and, remember, the Spartan women were the only ones in all of Greece who were strongly encouraged to take physical exercise and keep themselves fit, so Spartan girls were already considered the most beautiful in all of Greece anyway.

Needless to say, the enthusiasm among the volunteers for this most vital and sacred of missions was EXTREMELY high. And, being Spartan soldiers, they made damned sure that their mission was carried out TO. THE. LETTER.

Twenty-five years later, the Spartans had a big new crop of Spartiates, ready to stand, fight, and die for their beloved nation.

So now you know quite well where the soldiers of your nations are – start putting them in there. The short-term process is extremely fun and pleasurable for both you and your woman (if you’re doing it right). In the longer-term, it will be expensive, painful, difficult, slow, challenging, and intensely irritating at times. But you don’t win wars for your culture, faith, tribe, and people by simply not bothering to show up in the first place.

Pass on your values to your soldiers, and see yourself, your wife, and your nation, live on through them.

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  1. Dire Badger

    I was shocked. I saw a girl on the train today that was not particularly attractive (about a 3 face, a 4 body, a bit overweight) Who had on makeup and was dressed in a sundress. She was extremely attractive, her femininity making her go from a 4 to a 7 easily, simply because she was acting female, was sitting with her legs together or crossed, and dressed in an attractive dress.

    It's hard to imagine a 4 making your day, but when she smiled, several guys who were clearly higher value approached her.

    It was funny. there were several far more natively attractive girls surrounding her, and she shone like a tulip in a cactus patch. one 'hot girl' dressed in jeans and a tank top designed to show cleavage (and a big, ugly, cheap star tattoo on her tit) was scowling jealously at the back of her head the entire trip.

    • Didact

      Yes. It does not take much for a frumpy plain Jane to become quite pretty. A bit of strategically applied makeup, a nice dress that accentuates her figure, and a smiling, happy disposition, are all it takes to transform a girl.

      Speaking of which:


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