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Dump the soy

by | Nov 18, 2017 | Uncategorized | 4 comments

We have known for some time now that soy products have an estrogenic effect upon the human body. However, just how bad it is for you has to be seen to be believed:

Now I’m not saying that every dipshit Leftoid is a soyboy. Nor am I saying that soy products alone completely feminise a man.

It turns out, for instance, that my father has fairly severe lactose intolerance and cannot digest milk in most of its forms. (Except cheese, for reasons that quite escape me.) So if he eats oatmeal in the morning- which he does two to four times a week- it is made with soy milk. And yet my father’s tolerance for leftist stupidity is, in some ways, even lower than my own.

Moreover, soy products have been consumed in Asia for quite literally centuries, and yet China and Japan and most of East Asia have had few problems with building and maintaining highly advanced, socially conservative, and generally fairly sensible civilisations.

And of course, there is nothing particularly wrong with using tamari, a gluten-free soy sauce made from fermenting miso beans, in small doses. This is the closest that we can get to the “original” soy sauce brought from China to Japan many centuries ago, and is absolutely delicious when used in stir fries. You can also combine it with a chili-garlic paste to serve as a superb condiment for seared tuna and pan-fried salmon. The stuff is highly versatile and really quite delicious.

So is soy really all that bad? Well, the way that the Asians eat it tends to limit the worst of its effects- but it still isn’t good for you:

The fact that East Asians have consumed soy for centuries is not, by the way, an advertisement for the product. It should be obvious to any man with eyes that East Asian men are smaller and less muscular than their much more carnivorous Western brethren. Men from Scandinavian and Slavic stock, in particular, have genetics that respond very well to fish and meat proteins.

And even though East Asian men tend to eat fermented macrobiotic soy, the rise of the infamous “herbivore men” mostly in Japan, and to a lesser extent throughout the rest of East Asia, is a serious cautionary indicator.

Arguing that soy products in and of themselves are responsible for once-masculine men turning into a bunch of castrated leftist manboobs is confusing causation with correlation. Nonetheless, there is much to be said for getting rid of as much processed soy (and processed food in general, to be honest) from one’s diet and life.

If you have soy-based foods in your fridge or kitchen right now, throw them out. If you drink soy milk because of lactose intolerance or some other such affliction, switch to almond milk- or get lactose-free kefir, which is quite delicious and a whole hell of a lot better for you.

And if you use protein shakes, then stop buying them and get yourself a tub of proper whey-protein powder without soy-based fillers, and use that instead.

The reality is that much of the “food” that we consume these days is actually horrible for us. It is packed with estrogenic compounds that, intentionally or otherwise, neuter us as men. They reduce our testosterone levels, they deform our bodies, they fill our veins and blood with compounds that we were never designed to process well.

Get rid of that shit and give the mega-corporations of the world that peddle this stuff one giant middle finger. (Full disclosure here- I actually own shares in Procter & Gamble, which as you may know sells a number of soy-based food products. So, yeah, I’m advocating directly against my own interests here- and with good reason.)

Return instead to eating real food- meat, fish, nuts, fresh vegetables and fruits. Your body and mind will thank you for making this change. There is nothing quite like tearing into a giant mess of grass-fed steak and cage-free eggs after a really hard and heavy workout- and there is nothing quite like the feeling of watching some reedy try-hard soyboy make a complete ass out of himself in public by being the pathetic wuss that he really is, while you bare your fangs at him as predators always do with their prey.

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  1. Tom Kratman

    Mmmm…among the lessons, painful and useful, the Germans learned in the Great War was that they couldn't feed themselves in the absence of imports, without recourse to all kinds of weird shit, from Rogenmehlkaffe to soy. I recall a fruit drink I bought there once that had the label, translated as best I can recall after 42 years, "absolutely 100% guaranteed not to contain coal oil." I suspect that the wars were how coal oil made its way into the diet. Like I said, "weird shit."

    I have a book on the feeding of the German Army in WW II which includes an article from a nutritionist MD, heavily congratulating both that army and himself on the heavy substitution of soy for meat. That was, though, a matter of necessity. Still, it didn't seem to hurt their battlefield performance.

    What I suspect is that the presence of soy is not the problem, but that the absence of meat protein and animal fats is.

    • Didact

      Indeed, sir. I reckon that small amounts of natural fermented soy on a regular basis probably doesn't have much of an estrogenic effect, and can be more than offset by hard exercise and consumption of fish and animal proteins and fats.

      It's also probable that the demands on male bodies imposed by warfighting, in terms of amping up testosterone and adrenalin production, would offset the impact of even large substitutions of processed soy for meat.

      But it seems that consumption of processed soy in peacetime, along with a sedentary lifestyle, doesn't do us men any favours at all.

      Of course, it could simply be that the fact that soy consumption is high among liberaltards just means that they don't have the balls to eat meat and work out… Correlation not being causation, and all that jazz…

    • Tom Kratman

      One suspects that yes, it is a case of wimps eating soy more than soy creating wimps.

  2. Unknown

    Aged cheeses don't have much lactose partly because the cultures used in cheesemaking convert lactose into perfectly-digestible lactic acid. The softer and fresher the cheese, the more lactose it'll contain, but even they don't contain as much compared to milk.


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