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War and culture, Pt. 1: Why the West keeps losing

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A long time ago, in a township far, far away- which is to say, probably sometime around early 2009 or thereabouts, in what I’m guessing was probably a semi-remote part of Virginia- a certain retired ex-Army Ranger and infantry battalion commander sat down to write a certain novel that eventually became Book 12 of John Ringo’s Legacy of the Aldenata series.

That book was, of course, The Tuloriad. Quite aside from being a really rather good work of science fiction- it made my top-5 list of fiction books that I read in 2015- it also does a very good job of making a serious philosophical point.

And the basic point that this certain retired Lieutenant Colonel- who was, and judging by his recent writing, still is, in his own words, deeply interested in the “militantly and violently aggressive anti-communism market”- wanted to make in writing that book was pretty simple: don’t bring a knife to a gunfight, especially a gunfight that involves defending your culture, your faith, and your very way of life.

Now obviously, I have no right whatsoever to speak for LTC Tom Kratman- for many reasons, including and not limited to the fact that he actually reads what I write from time to time. (And not just the posts involving girls with titanic tits either.)

Nevertheless, I think it’s fair to say that the essential point that LTC Kratman was trying to make in that book was this: there are certain things about our way of life that are worth fighting for, worth dying for, and if you’re going to die for something, then it damned well helps to believe in the values that caused you to take a stand in the first place.

This is advice that is well worth bearing in mind these days, as what is left of Western culture slides ever deeper and faster into the abyss.

My friends, the simple fact is that the West is dying.

Its people have ceased to breed. Its greatest cities are being flooded with hordes of immigrants, legal and illegal. Entire neighbourhoods of London and New York and Paris are no longer recognisable as being distinctly “English” or “American” or “French”; the people who inhabit these locales speak every language on Earth except for the one known as the mother tongue of their host nation. The most glorious ancient cathedrals of nations that were once proudly Christian are empty; I have personally seen, not far from where I live, a former church building now being used as a mosque.

The Men of the West no longer have the will to fight for their civilisation. They have forgotten all the good that it brought to them. They have failed to learn the lessons of the recent past.

Whether we like it or not, it is distinctly possible that you and I will live to see the final destruction of Western civilisation as we know it today.

The reasons behind the decline and fall of Western civilisation are many and varied. To paraphrase that rather good line from Isaac Asimov’s first Foundation novel, somewhere in the past fifty years, historians will draw a line and say, “this marks the Fall of the West”. They will argue about the causes at great length, and first one point of view and then another will hold sway, just as has been the case throughout the history of, well, history.

Some will argue that it was the very success of Western civilisation that caused its destruction. Others will state that the West allowed itself to be given a lethal dose of an extraordinarily virulent and rapidly mutating virus called cultural Marxism. Still others will argue that specific historical forces that follow relatively predictable patterns and cycles were at play. And yet more will argue that the Men of the West destroyed themselves the moment that they were stupid enough to permit the barbarians of the world to invade them under the guise of peace and in the name of sharing out the prosperity.

All of these things are actually true to greater or lesser degrees, depending on your point of view. But none of these arguments, or any similar arguments, can address the reason as to why the West is simply folding up without (so far) much by way of a fight.

The reason is simple: the Men of the West have ceased to believe that they have anything left to fight for.

And that will get them killed.

We are up against enemies of a kind that the Western world has not seen or fought against for over three hundred years, such has been the utter dominance and supremacy of the Western ways of both war and peace.

It has been said before, correctly, that civilisations are destroyed from within long before they are ever conquered from without. The Anglosphere’s internal enemies are, of course, the cultural Marxists, the progressives, and the suicidally stupid “social justice” types. Its external enemies are primarily worshippers of the Mohammedan heresy of Christianity that we know as Islam.

If it were not for the presence of Western civilisation to provide a common enemy, these two forces would normally be busily and happily invested in attempting to destroy each other.

Godless progressives see the ambiguous, amorphous goal of “social justice”, whatever that means in any given context, as their ultimate objective, and brook no opposition to enforcing a rigid uniformity of thought and action.

Islamists seek the totally unambiguous and absolutely straightforward establishment of a monolithic theocratic state in which even the possibility of questioning the purpose of their “god” is met with instant and brutal retaliation.

Both enemies seek different ends that look startlingly similar, at least at a superficial level. But they achieve those ends in largely identical fashion.

They start by identifying a civilisation that has, essentially, run out of serious problems to solve- as the West has. In Western civilisation, most of the problems that have plagued Mankind since the dawn of history have largely disappeared. Poverty, disease, war, famine, and even death have all been mostly conquered within the West, such has been the transformative power of the West’s hard-won prosperity.

They exaggerate or invent injustices that exist in the host society, reaching outward to convert, then inward to destroy. Once they have achieved a significant enough critical mass of new converts, they begin enforcing their ideology through the power of the State, which is the first target for their subversive activities.

They achieve this by exploiting the very results of the successes that have made their hosts great. The Western world has been the pinnacle of civilisation for well over three hundred years- no other way of life has come even close in the centuries before or since the Enlightenment in attaining material prosperity, security, or freedom. The result of this success has inevitably been complacency, laxity, and sloth.

After all, if you live in a society where even the poorest 20% of the population possesses material wealth that rivals the richest 20% in many of the world’s less successful cultures, you might be forgiven for thinking that life really cannot get any better, and that there really is not any point in trying to maintain and enhance the ancient virtues and traditions that got your culture to where it is.

And that, unfortunately, is where the West is today. Its people have lost faith and reason at precisely the moment when it is needed the most. There is a deep crisis of confidence within America and its European allies, a sense that the values and traditions that created the West are no longer relevant or are dying out.

Which brings us back to the reason why the West simply is not capable of winning against its current enemies, both foreign and domestic.

SJWs, for all of their vileness, at least believe in something- however ridiculous, irrational, and unrealistic. Try talking to a radical feminist or a “transgender rights activist” and you’ll quickly realise that you’re dealing with an ideologue, a man (or woman- though honestly with these crazies it’s hard to tell the sexes apart) who cannot be bought, bullied, reasoned, or negotiated with into a different point of view.

You’re dealing with someone who just wants to watch the world burn.

The same is true, even more so, of Islamists. They believe in a cause far greater than themselves. They believe that an eternal reward awaits them for their sacrifices on this Earth. And they will not tolerate any opposition to their beliefs.

Against belief like that, the increasingly godless, hedonistic, consumerist West simply will not stand a chance.

Without belief in something worth fighting for, and without men and women willing to fight and die to protect those values and traditions that gave birth to the greatest, freest, most advanced nations the world has ever known, the West will die, and all of the great good that it has done will die with it.

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  1. A.B. Prosper

    A society built around the needs and wishes of rootless cosmopolitan strivers is not going to survive very long.

    A collapse is a natural outcome once stored social capital runs out.

    However we can't reignite a religion that people don't want and so we are going to have to find another way that has sufficient social acceptance to overcome some of the technological obstacles.

    In the past you could count on people having sex and babies would come but birth is mostly optional for anyone with a 3 digit IQ. No portion of society other than the hedonists has managed to grok what a big change that is or how to work around it. Caveat, the Mormons and some Evangelicals have done well but both these groups have serious problems with spreading into the "West" in a broader sense

    To your last point, "freest" people don't want or crave liberty. They never have. what they want is freedom to be governed by their own people and customs

    The EZ example is Braveheart. Longshanks was by most historical measures a pretty capable if harsh leader . However he wasn't a Scot and that was the real root of the beef.

    The EU is an obvious example but the large countries we've created are governed by people even if they are our nationals are foreigners

    That has to stop.

    To use the UK as an example, its small by American standards but its large enough that something akin to the old Anglo-Saxon England heptarchy would be a far better fit.

    • Didact

      Yes. One way or another, this phenomenon of rule by those who are "not us" will end- likely quite violently, if history is any guide (which it always is).

  2. Laguna Beach Fogey

    It's quite simple. We're going to have to fight and kill them. All of them, if need be. If we're not willing to do that–some of us are already there, but most are not–then we have already lost.

  3. Laguna Beach Fogey

    "Without belief in something worth fighting for, and without men and women willing to fight and die to protect those values and traditions…"

    It's also a case of people being unwilling to fight and kill to protect those people and traditions. Dying is easy for moderns who have succumbed to despair and nihilism and have given up on life. Killing your adversary–a supreme act of yes-saying to life–is another thing entirely.

    • Didact

      That reminds me of a very profound truth once uttered by General George S. Patton:

      The object of war is not to die for your country but to make the other bastard die for his.


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