“We are Forerunners. Guardians of all that exists. The roots of the Galaxy have grown deep under our careful tending. Where there is life, the wisdom of our countless generations has saturated the soil. Our strength is a luminous sun, towards which all intelligence blossoms… And the impervious shelter, beneath which it has prospered.”

And now, a few words from Anonymous Conservative…

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AC was kind enough to respond back to me about my review of his book a while ago. With his permission, I’ve printed some of his remarks about his work so that you can understand just why his book is so important, and why I believe you should read what he writes. I present our interaction in Q&A form (sort of, it’s really more A than Q…):

Didact: Hi AC- I finished reading your book recently and I have a lot of good things to say about it. I was wondering, though- do you have a PayPal account or something where I can pass along some cash in return for your work? As I wrote in my review, I believe in paying for what something is worth, and I honestly think that your work is one of the most important books on politics that I’ve read in years.

AC: I appreciate how you feel. I absolutely hate taking anything for free from a friend or ally, and not repaying them – we are group competitors. With that in mind, know[that] your review was like buying a few hundred copies, partly because it helps others hear about it, which is really the goal.

[Regarding my point about falling birth rates in r-selected societies not being explained fully]:

AC: You are right about not explaining declining birth rates adequately. Today I think the population declines are purely reduced rearing drives, though when the book was written, it wasn’t really considered that much It isn’t in the book, but some research shows that Conservatives actually like the smell of babies more than coffee, while Liberals enjoy the smell of coffee more than babies. I think that plays out more generally in all the other senses as well, with Conservatives ultimately viewing babies as delightful little puppies that are fun and rewarding to have, while Liberals view them as boring onerous burdens that are to be avoided. Since the steps leading to baby-making in humans is understood, it turns baby making into the difference between people who get dogs and people who don’t, only for children.

[On the effectiveness of given reproductive strategies]:

AC: Reproductive strategies are very effective, as long as the organism follows their instincts, without too much thought or understanding. I think humans know intellectually how babies are produced, and if you are producing a hedonistic population, which thinks all about itself and its pleasure, intellect will lead a lot of those with the most resources to take measures to satisfy all of their r-drives, by having sex in ways which don’t produce babies. It is sort of the ultimate in high-mating-investment/low-rearing-investment – all facilitated by intellect and understanding. As the book predicted, this will be corrected by Darwin, since it is competitively disadvantageous.

[On the views of K-selected women when it comes to babies and child-rearing, and the necessary consequences for a man’s game]:

AC: I think K-women especially, tend to want cute little babies like kids want puppies, and they find men to marry and end up with them. Ultimately, I’d expect us to see that shift more towards Palin-esque and Mormon-type K-families with lots of kids and high investment.

[Regarding my point about debating strategies vis-a-vis liberabbits]:

AC: On debating strategies, that has to be a second book, since the ideas there don’t have as much backing in the literature. The idea of politics as r/K is going to be attacked from all angles when [it] finally hits, so each logical step leading to that conclusion needs to have rock solid substantiation, and nothing speculative can mix in with, and contaminate, the r/K stuff. Just the idea, in unassailable form, destroys Liberals when you explain it to them. So the idea, with no chinks in its armor to attack, will have to be the attack for now. The debate stuff will be another book.

I really do hope we see another book, at minimum, from AC. The one that I read was excellent and, as I stated in my review, I strongly recommend that everyone who visits this blog downloads a copy of it to read in full. It’s available for free from Amazon.com at selected intervals, and if you sign up for AC’s email list, you’ll know right away when it’s available.

Oh and one other thing- if you’re a regular reader of his blog, and you’re wondering what dafuq happened to it, here’s the link.

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