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Book Review: Red Pill Orgasm by Halfbreed (LSFW)

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[Note: This isn’t the sort of book I normally review, but it IS Halfbreed’s work, of which I think quite highly, and this book was actually worth reading. Nonetheless I would say that this isn’t the sort of thing you want popping up on your PC at work when your boss is looking over your shoulder…]

Well, here we are at last. I finally got around to reading Halfbreed’s new e-book a couple of days ago, and as promised, here is my review. (Halfbreed, my apologies again for taking so long about this. Meant to review it weeks ago. My bad, mate.)

For those of you who haven’t read Halfbreed’s work before (I strongly recommend you do, since he was kind enough to answer some questions of mine in detail some time back), he is, like many (most?) of the readers of this blog, a deep introvert. The key difference between him and most deep introverts is that he’s made a lot of effort to actively develop his game over the last couple of years, and he’s documented his efforts over at his place. Halfbreed’s speciality is in what he calls “harem-building”- he’s a student of the Blackdragon system, and like Blackdragon (and me, to a certain extent), he believes firmly in having multiple options open at any given time. Yet, like ALL INTJs, he also wants to spend a lot of time by himself, which means that Halfbreed consciously attempts to ensure that he has a stable set of women to keep coming back to.

And as he constantly points out at his blog, the best way to secure lasting, satisfying relationships with multiple high quality women is to ensure that they keep coming back for more.

This is well understood by other reviewers of his book, and it’s important that you understand that the entire point of this book is to help you secure satisfying, lasting relationships with women.

As the author acknowledges, up front, there are two schools of thought in the game community about this subject. One says that female pleasure just doesn’t matter; the other argues that the best way to build and maintain lasting, satisfying relationships is to make sex as pleasurable as possible for the woman. This book is written from the latter perspective, with an eye towards maximising sexual pleasure for both partners while keeping in line with basic game concepts such as male dominance and frame.

One potential misconception should be cleared up right away. This book is not merely a sex manual, even though you might be inclined to think it is from the title, and even though it deals with the technical details of sex in considerable detail. If that’s what you’re looking for, you’re looking in the wrong place- and considering the price tag, you’d probably be better off looking elsewhere. This book is rather an application of basic red-pill philosophy to one specific aspect of game- human sexuality- that I think a lot of PUA types don’t really concentrate upon. And that is the real value of this book for readers of his blog as well as of mine. It is a sort of “how-to” guide that strips away a lot of the uncertainty and difficulty of figuring out how to apply the fundamentals to your specific sexual relationships. And in that respect, I think it succeeds admirably at doing what it set out to do.

This book is really more of a monograph, almost, and unlike a lot of Manosphere books being sold and marketed out there, this is categorically not a collection of old posts glued together in some sort of sequence. (I know. I’ve read his entire blog end-to-end.) This is all original material, and I have to say that the quality of said material is impressive. It’s only about 96 pages long and you’ll get through it quite quickly, but the great value of this book, and the reason why I think you should buy it, is the comprehensiveness and detail that is found within it. It literally has everything you need- simple explanations of how and why certain techniques work, step-by-step guides to executing said techniques, potential pitfalls and shortcomings of techniques, and, right at the end of the book, a very good summary of the list of things you need to learn and eventually master.

If I have any complaints about this book, they would probably concern Chapter 17, which delves into certain spiritual and philosophical avenues concerning chi and spiritual energy. I’m not entirely convinced by what is written there- it smacks a little too strongly of pseudo-Eastern philosophy to me- but suffice to say that I think Halfbreed has proven, repeatedly, that he really knows what he’s talking about and that you should still read this book even if you don’t necessarily agree with everything written in it. There are also a couple of mildly irritating spelling errors scattered throughout, but they are very rare and I have read far worse editing in my life, so I’m perfectly happy to let that slide.

Two other things to note: first, it’s important that any potential reader approaches this book with an open mind. The value in what Halfbreed has written is that it applies equally well to guys just starting out in the game as it does to highly experienced players. Basically, if you think you could be better at sex- and I think anyone who reads this blog should be interested in improving something in his life, regardless of what it is- then Halfbreed’s advice is very much worth paying attention to. Second, it’s not enough just to buy this book and think, “well job done then, Sex God status, here I come”. You have to practice the exercises outlined in it, and you have to put that theoretical knowledge to work. This isn’t just a reference guide you can put in your ebook reader and never refer to again. As Halfbreed indicates throughout his book, the key to success in building a harem, whether a soft harem or a royal harem, is a positive attitude coupled with the willingness to put in a bit of work.

In summary, then, I think that if you are willing to admit that your sex life could use a boost- whether you’re single, in a relationship (or multiple relationships), monogamous, or married- then this book will definitely hold value for you.

Didact’s Verdict: 4.2/5, a fast read combined with clear, simple prose and careful explanations make this a superior product to a great deal of red-pill literature being sold these days. Definitely recommended.

Buy and download Red Pill Orgasm here.

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