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Monday morning in the Thucydides Trap

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It’s Monday again, and if you are like me, you just could not be arsed to get out of bed this morning. It was a rough night, to be sure – I am not sure exactly why, given that I performed a righteous sermon at the Church of the Iron God on Sunday night and then proceeded to scarf down the remains of a dead cow chased by several glasses of decent red wine. Yet there I was, wide awake at 4am, unable to go back to sleep.

Nonetheless, it is Monday, ain’t nothin’ much we can do about it, so let’s try to get through this day with sanity – and, if you are a Marine, eardrums – intact.

We are not the only ones subjected to nightmares and uneasy dreams, though. If you understand anything about history, you know that the Empire of Lies is enmeshed in a conflict very similar to the Peloponnesian Wars fought between Athens and Sparta. The parallels between those conflicts and the current one between the Empire against Russia and, to a lesser extent, China, are really quite striking.

I hope to write more about this subject in the near future, but for now, let us try to understand what the Thucydides Trap is, and what the great historian said about the causes and consequences of that “War Like No Other”:

Here is another video that summarises things in a more… cartoonish fashion:

And here is a TED Talk given by the guy who coined the term, historian Graham Allison, who uses the paradigm to answer the question of what a war between the US and China would look like:

This is a concept worth considering and thinking about very carefully. The Empire of Lies is very clearly in the jaws of a gin-trap right now, unable to get out – but that makes it very, very dangerous, as we are seeing before our very eyes. The Empire will not go away easily or quietly, and as it dies from blood loss, you can expect it to lash out and cause maximum collateral damage wherever it can before it finally succumbs. The potential damage is immense, and we must be aware of that fact.

The Mighty God-Emperor

His Most Illustrious, Noble, August, Benevolent, and Legendary Celestial Majesty, the God-Emperor of Mankind, Donaldus Triumphus Magnus Astra, the First of His Name, the Lion of Midnight, may the Lord bless him and preserve him, had quite a lot to say at his rally on Saturday in Youngstown, OH, in support of J. D. Vance:

As I have said many times, the God-Emperor is not a polished orator, but he does have immense charisma – and he truly loves being around other people. I get the distinct feeling that the absolute worst punishment you could ever inflict upon him would be to throw him into solitary confinement.

#BasedTucker is Based

Sep 12, 2022

Sep 13, 2022

Sep 14, 2022

Sep 15, 2022

Sep 16, 2022

Dawn of Battle

The Male Brain has been busy over the past week, both with his day job, and with finding stuff to keep us all entertained on what promises to be a rather gloomy and miserable Monday. We start with a healthy helping of memes:

Y’all ever notice that the Crazy Redshirt Snowflake Girl really looks like a young version of Fauxahontas?

Du Cinema explains how Fight Club – the movie, not the book – tried to warn all of us about the devaluation of masculinity and the results this would bring:

The Babylon Bee explains what it is like for Clownipornians to move from their broken failing state to Texas:

I’m telling you, asking a Texan, “What are your pronouns?”, should be legal grounds for SHOOTING someone…

I swear, Commiefornians are the f***ing WORST. Seriously, the Texans should just ban them from entering and build a border wall around their whole damn state. Hell, if the Texans actually went to war with Clownipornia, I’d support them in a HEARTBEAT.

Vsauce2 explains why introducing data analytics and MAFF into police work isn’t quite all it’s cracked up to be:

Felix Rex gets a few things wrong in this one, but he does a pretty good job of explaining why LITERALLY HITLER!!!!!! 2.0, Vladimir Putin, has the ability to go full Cobra Commander on the West:

Let’s be clear about this: the entire reason why Russia developed these doomsday weapons, is because the West just wouldn’t leave them the hell ALONE. Let’s just look at two examples – the unilateral US pullout from the ABM Treaty in 2002 under Dubya, and the similarly unilateral pullout from the INF Treaty in 2018 under the God-Emperor. Both were huge mistakes in strategic terms. Both Presidents gave the excuse of Russian non-compliance – without EVER admitting to the fact that America had been secretly housing ballistic missiles in Russia’s near-sphere, such as in Roumania, for years.

This sort of self-serving hypocrisy permeates the very fabric of the Empire of Lies. The Russians are simply exposing it and reacting to it.

The busiest bald dude on teh innarwebz, Simon Wheeler, takes a look at that old hobby-horse, the perpetual motion machine, on his Sideprojects channel:

Dumbas tries to understand “cartoon logic” – this is a bad idea, given that cartoon physics tells us you can run off a cliff and never fall until you actually look down:

The Film Theorists try to figure out exactly whom the Americans were actually trying to fight in Top Gun Maverick – which was an absolutely PHENOMENAL film, I still haven’t stopped raving about it almost 5 months after its release:

Guys, it’s really simple – the “hidden enemy” is a cross between Russia and Iran, but mostly Russia. Easy peasy.

Robot Chicken has a go at Inspector Gadget:

I remember those old RC shorts. Good times, my friend, good times…

Poli-ticking Off

Mark Dice cannot stop laughing at the god-tier trolling performed by Florida’s Chadernator, Ron DeSantis, when he sent a bunch of illegal immigrants to Martha’s Vineyard:

China Uncensored looks at the CCP’s quite ruthless Coof lockdowns, which appear to be resulting in mass unemployment and starvation in cities like Chengdu:

Digging to China examines the reasons why Western businesses are fleeing the Middle Kingdom:

Winston Sterzel aka serpentza looks at some of the more harebrained schemes that the CCP has come up with to maintain its image as a caretaker and steward of the environment:

Matthew Tye, aka C-milk, aka laowhy86, reckons that China is heading for a major collapse, based on the feedback that he is getting right now from even former haters and ardent Chinese nationalists, telling him that it’s all gone to shit:

Clayton Morris at Redacted interviews an Armenian author and investigator to figure out what the heck is going on between them and the Azeris:

Keep in mind, this is but one side of the story. We have not really heard what Azerbaijan’s reasons are for attacking Nagorno-Karabakh, or Artsakh, as the Armenians call it, quite yet. And we can be sure that whatever those reasons are, Turkiye’s President Erdogan is involved at some level.

Jackson Hinkle examines the consequences for the Western world of the rapidly-developing Eurasian alliance that we saw in Samarkand last week:

Дед Сварливый Говорит!

Grandpa Grumpuss grumps, especially grumpily, about the sheer lunacy pervading Western geopolitical “stragery” at this point, among other topics:

Keep in mind, he’s like this when he’s sober. I would pay good money to watch him on a drunken rant…

It’s All Greek To Us

The good gentlemen of The Duran explain that the West is now well and truly enmeshed in the Thucydides Trap:

The Bald Truth

Brian Berletic of The New Atlas looks at the actual data of Banderite ammo and arty usage, and concludes that the MAFFematics are determinate – 404 is BONED:

Semper Fi!

Maj. Scott Ritter has quite a lot of respect for the Russian strategery in the 404 War, and explains exactly why, using the Boydian lens (though he doesn’t say as much) gleaned from Patterns of Conflict, the legendary briefing that the “Mad Major” (and eventual Colonel) John Boyd used to give within the halls of the Five-Sided Wind Tunnel:

Righteous Rantery

Lord Razor of the Fist Clan revels in the sheer ballsiness of Ron the Troll-King:

PJW explains how the idiot box has been put to work to brainwash you:

The inimitable, irrepressible Katie Hopkins unpacks the implications of the sentencing of Alex Belfield for stalking various BBC types:

I know very little about the details of the case, so I make no claims one way or another about what Mr. Belfield did or did not do. What I do know is that PommieBastardLande is becoming more technocratic and messed-up by the day – it is literally turning into a country where you can, in fact, be arrested and jailed for hurting people’s feelings.

Dr. John Campbell unpacks the Lancet Commission’s reports on widespread failures by Western governments to handle the Coof:

Warriors of Faith

Al-Fadi from CIRA International has had a very, very busy week working with various missionaries and Christian polemicists to shatter the stupidity shield surrounding Islam. First up, here’s The Dizzle to explain how Muzzies actually worship a man, not a god:

Next, here’s Dr. Jay Smith to look at whether we can even trust anything that the Izzlamic texts actually say:

Let’s leave off with Rob Christian explaining how absurd and ridiculous the Koran actually is:

Christian Prince helps Muzzies leave the ridiculous Fake Religion and save themselves, and he’s doing a sterling job of it:

Manly Men of Manliness

Terrence Popp offers up his thoughts about the leadership vacuum afflicting the US military, from the perspective of someone who has had to deal with idiot First Lieutenants and dumbass Captains for a very long time:

Joker from Better Bachelor is a cynical chap, but even he is amazed at just how narcissistic Froskurinn is even after she got so many of her co-workers fired at G4TV:

Burn Paedowood to the Ground

Midnight’s Edge unpacks the history of DEM RANGZ O’ POWAH!!!, explaining how Amazog completely screwed itself:

Overlord Dicktor Van Doomcock goes through the real numbers of the RANGZ!!! ratings, and notes that even sources within Amazog know damn well that they’re dealing with a lemon:

Gary from Nerdrotic watches DEM RANGZ O’ POWAH!!! so you don’t have to:

Ryan Kinel looks at the destruction of G4TV – entirely self-inflicted after they supported Frosk in that ridiculous “sexism in gaming” rant:

The Drinker explains why modern movies have gotten so stupid and awful:

Reading Too Much Into Things

Your “Science is F***ING WEIRD” moment of the week is from Dawn Pine, and looks at developments in creating the world’s very first “synthetic embryo”:

In vitro cultured stem cells with distinct developmental capacities can contribute to embryonic or extraembryonic tissues after microinjection into pre-implantation mammalian embryos. However, whether cultured stem cells can independently give rise to entire gastrulating embryo-like structures with embryonic and extraembryonic compartments remains unknown. Here, we adapt a recently established platform for prolonged ex utero growth of natural embryos to generate mouse post-gastrulation synthetic whole embryo models (sEmbryos), with both embryonic and extraembryonic compartments, starting solely from naive ESCs. This was achieved by co-aggregating non-transduced ESCs, with naive ESCs transiently expressing Cdx2 or Gata4 to promote their priming toward trophectoderm and primitive endoderm lineages, respectively. sEmbryos adequately accomplish gastrulation, advance through key developmental milestones, and develop organ progenitors within complex extraembryonic compartments similar to E8.5 stage mouse embryos. Our findings highlight the plastic potential of naive pluripotent cells to self-organize and functionally reconstitute and model the entire mammalian embryo beyond gastrulation.

The implications of successful research in this area are earthshaking, IF it comes to pass. Here is an article (also from Dawn Pine) that considers some of them:

The field of embryo modelling is progressing rapidly, with new advances emerging every year.

In 2021, several teams managed to get human pluripotent stem cells (cells that can turn into any other type of cell) to self-aggregate in a Petri dish, mimicking the “blastocyst”. This is the earliest stage of embryonic development just before the complex process of implantation, when a mass of cells attach to the wall of the uterus.

Researchers using these human embryo models, often called blastoids, have even been able to start to explore implantation in a dish, but this process is much more challenging in humans than it is in mice.

Growing human embryo models of the same complexity that has now been achieved with a mouse model remains a distant proposition, but one we should still consider.

Importantly, we need to be aware of how representative such a model would be; a so-called synthetic embryo in a Petri dish will have its limitations on what it can teach us about human development, and we need to be conscious of that.

Keep in mind that IF this is successful – and that is quite dubious, since God alone governs the creation of life itself – then the power balance between men and women will shift RADICALLY.

On the one hand, women will no longer need to concern themselves quite so much with their fertility and ovulation cycles if they want to have children. This would, in theory, make them much more likely to pursue jobs and careers – which would be a disaster for both men and women.

On the other hand, however, synthetic embryos would remove from women their fundamental source of power over men. Women are gatekeepers of sex, because they are the progenitors of human life. Only with women can we create and sustain the next generation of humans – this is obvious to anyone but a mentally ill tranny.

But what if we no longer need women to create life? What if men can have children without women and be responsible for their upbringing alone?

This is not a healthy model of development, to be sure. It would be a colossal mistake to permit such a thing. A child needs a mother AND a father to grow into a fully functional and healthy human being, in both physical and mental terms.

Nonetheless, the possibilities are very interesting – and very challenging.

Your long read of the week is by former Ukrainian, and now Russian, diplomat Olga Sukharevskaya, looking at how the 404 War is essentially the realisation of longstanding Ukrainian plans to prepare for a direct war with Russia, in anticipation of NATO intervening on Ukraine’s side:

The best defense is a good offence. So goes one of the oldest principles of international relations.

And as Ukrainian documents now at the disposal of the media show, Moscow apparently had something to defend itself from when it launched its offensive in Ukraine. Over the past eight years, Kiev’s military and special services have been preparing numerous operations aimed at undermining Russia’s international ties, and internal peace itself.

In June, a hacker Telegram channel dubbed ‘Beregini’ published the action plan of the Information and Psychological Operations Department of the Armed Forces of Ukraine’s Special Operations Forces (SSO). According to official information, the tasks of this unit include working with the population of foreign countries, creating agent networks, and infiltrating special services and military organizations to conduct espionage and destroy people who pose a threat to the Ukrainian government (including in other countries), as well as preparing coups and the overthrow of regimes.

The SSO plan was prepared back in 2017, and this is just one of many similar secret documents created by Ukrainian spooks. It was just one that became public. But the presence of these plans and the real political and military steps taken by Ukraine, which coincide with SSO programs to a surprising extent, indicate that KI’ve has been actively carrying out anti-Russian activities since at least 2014, when a Western-backed coup took place in the country.

She goes on to write that:

Operation ‘Gentle Dew’, which is aimed at residents of territories not controlled by Ukraine, deserves special mention. Its mission is to “form pro-Ukrainian sentiment among the population of the occupied territories and encourage protest movements directed against the ‘Eastern’ and the occupation authorities.”

However, there has been no success in implementing this plan. The main reason for this lies in the difference between Kiev’s and the Donbass republics’ views on and approaches to the possible reintegration of the regions with Ukraine. In March 2021, President Vladimir Zelensky signed a decree approving a ‘Strategy for De-occupation and Reintegration of the Temporarily Occupied Territory of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea and the City of Sevastopol.’ The document, which consists of 158 paragraphs, will give you an idea of how the authorities in Kiev intend to treat the residents of the regions that have left Ukraine.

The document proposes to exclude persons who “were part of or collaborated with the occupation administrations” from holding any position in government or civil service. This is a very wide range of people, ranging from members of the 2014 referendum commissions to teachers and doctors working in municipal schools and hospitals. ‘De-occupation’ also involves extending the statute of limitations on criminal cases that were conducted by Ukrainian police before the referendum on the return of Crimea to Russia, as well as pursuing criminal cases within the competence of the Security Service of Ukraine.

Translated from legal to layman’s language, this means purposeful persecution of all officials who worked in Crimea in February 2014, as well as participants in mass rallies supporting the reunification of Crimea with Russia, volunteers who helped DPR and LPR residents during the civil war, and so on.

While opening opportunities for the residents of Crimea and Donbass to study at Ukrainian universities, Kiev refuses to recognize any educational documents obtained on the peninsula. The question of whether these conditions will make residents of Crimea and Donbass want to return to Ukraine is purely rhetorical.

While it is unknown whether the SSO intends to continue implementing its plan to foster pro-Ukrainian sentiment among the residents of Crimea and Donbass, we do know for sure that the Ukrainian side sharply increased its attacks on cities in these regions after the start of Russia’s Special Military Operation. So far, this ‘Gentle Dew’ has only fallen on the region in the form of MLRS Grad shells and Tochka U missiles.

Seen in these terms, with the latest evidence on hand, it is very clear that Russia not only had ample warning of Ukrainian intentions to bring NATO into a direct conflict with itself, but also understood for years that the Empire of Lies was the guiding force behind all of this. The Russians knew and understood perfectly well that the American neoclowns wanted to force a military confrontation, and kept busy preparing themselves for precisely that outcome from February 2014 onward.

Therefore, any impartial observer can see for himself that Russia acted in self-defence, and did not actually strike preemptively, but rather responded at last to an escalating series of provocations aimed entirely at forcing an actual war.

Russia did not launch an unprovoked war of aggression against Ukraine – in fact, Russia acted entirely in self-defence to strike back against a wanton aggressor that failed to heed multiple and repeated warnings, and crossed nearly every red line in the book.

Not only is Russia’s war necessary, it is just.

Linkage is good for you:

And some more from Dawn Pine:


The Neo-Tsar answered some rather pointed press questions from ACTUAL investigative journalists – all of them non-Western, of course – at the SCO, like a BOSS:

Those Who Fail To Learn From History…

History lessons of the week:

Your Complete Nutbag of the Week is Commodus, the waste-of-blood-and-organs produced by Rome’s last great emperor:

HALO Nation

The Act Man has had enough of HALO Infinite, and explains exactly why – it’s a long and thorough list of complaints, and it is nothing new, I certainly hope that 343i is paying attention:

Certainly someone at Microsoft is paying attention to SOMETHING, because, as slayergod Remy aka Mint Blitz points out, they have seriously shaken up the leadership team at the top of their gaming studio:

Learning at the Master’s Feet

Nerd of the Rings looks at the history of Eöl, the Elf who came to hate his own kind and who fathered Maeglin, the Elf who betrayed his entire kin and helped Morgoth destroy Gondolin:

Bring on the Grimdark

Wolf Lord Rho takes a look at one of the best and funniest characters in the entire WH40K universe, the one and only Ciaphas Cain:

Big Boyz Toyz

bobsurgranny evidently lives near a big-ass airfield somewhere in PommieBastardLande, and he sure makes the most of it:

That’s Not Gone Well…

Wazzocks gonna wazzock:

Kitchen Nightmares with the Angry Scot:

Comedy hour:

Meme Warfare

Let’s start with some great memes from our good friend Dawn Pine:

I’ll admit I appreciate Taylor Swift. But the line must be drawn.
Apparently it’s a thing. We support


I’m changing my personal pronouns to “GREAT MAGA KING”
Better yet, just shoot any Clownipornian as soon as he crosses into Texas

I really have to apologise for this next one:

Unfortunately, that is also true of Victoria’s Secret and Ann Summers.

I never noticed that until a colleague pointed it out recently
Key Concept: AFRICA

Headlines of the week indicate that Sharknado was in fact a documentary sent back through time:

Your “Smelly Shit” moment of the week:

Your “Boil the Bums” moment of the week:

Your “Children Make Men Stupid” moment of the week:

Your “What Size of Probe?” moment of the week:

Your “Kangaroos are ARSEHOLES” moment of the week:

Your “Eyetie Horndog” moment of the week:

Just as long as he doesn’t put pineapples on it…

Animal Planet

Your aminules are adorkable moment of the week:

And also your animals are absolute DICKS moment of the week, to balance things out:

Good luck sleeping after watching that. It’s a solid reminder that some extinct species just aren’t extinct ENOUGH.

And finally, your “Meanwhile, in Russia” moment of the week:

The Lords of Steel

Gym beast props this week go to Jesus Olivares, who squatted 1,003lbs like it weighed 10% of that:

Ass-Kicking of the Eight Limbs

Sangmanee PK. Saenchai showed how nak muay use their legs to beat an opponent’s defences down over time:

This is standard practice among nak muay. They can do this because they basically deaden the nerve running down the shin through constant training and cortical remodelling (see: Wolff’s Law), to the point where they can smash their legs into other people’s bones like a baseball bat.

Oh, and speaking of legendary nak muay – here’s a real treat:

Superbon. Tawanchai. The Buakawminator. Rodtang. And a few other faces I don’t recognise. I’m shocked the floor itself didn’t collapse under them from the sheer amount of badassitude.

They See Me Rollin’…

Khamzat Chimaev laid down an absolute grappling MASTERCLASS at UFC 279 – now if only he could figure out how to cut weight properly…:

That’s like watching the Buakawminator go full-on beast-mode on a rookie at his gym. The difference is that Holland is a full-on black-belt in BJJ – and Chimaev made that guy look like an amateur.

I haven’t seen a demolition job quite like that since I watched Demian Maia pick apart Gunnar Nelson all those years ago – and Nelson was a 2nd-degree BJJ black belt at the time, by the way.

Palate Cleansers

Have you ever wondered where the hell that hilarious clown music came from, that you hear on virtually every satirical clip mocking Brandon and his stupidity? Well, here it is:

For those wondering what that whole “Earth Wind & Fire” reference is all about:

Also – if you’ve ever wondered why everyone hates NICKELBACK so much, here is a detailed answer:

Here’s a bit of heresy from me – I actually do like a few older NICKELBACK songs.

That being said, I haven’t listened to them in years, and if you asked me to name anything that they have released since, oh, about 2005, I literally wouldn’t be able to do it.

Gingervitis Infection

Patty Gurdy does her thing:

Lord, have mercy.

Livin’ in the Land of the Metal Gods

Also Einstein: “I fear that someday people will post my pic on the Internet with bogus made-up quotations in Comic Sans font”

Rock Out With Your Glock Out

Hot Totty

And finally here we are, at the end – took bloody long enough! – with the Instathot to get the week off to a suitably salty start. This is Kelsie Jean Smeby, age 27, born in Norway and of mixed Norse and Eyetie descent, now living in the USSA. She is a model for GUESS and some other fashion brands. She probably looks a lot better without all the caked-on makeup, but honestly, it’s hard to tell.

All right, show’s over, back to the grind, you do need to get paid for the month, after all.

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1 Comment

  1. Robert W

    On the other hand, however, synthetic embryos would remove from women their fundamental source of power over men. Women are gatekeepers of sex, because they are the progenitors of human life. Only with women can we create and sustain the next generation of humans – this is obvious to anyone but a mentally ill tranny.
    But what if we no longer need women to create life? What if men can have children without women and be responsible for their upbringing alone?

    If there’s a timeline where all women are removed and sexuality is expressed through highly developed ‘bots’ and reproduction is managed synthetically, it is the worst timeline.

    Chimaev had a superb takedown on Holland right out of the gate, complete control every bit of that short match. Great share.


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