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Friday T&A: Rainbow Bridges Edition

by | Sep 9, 2022 | fat girl jihad | 3 comments

This has unquestionably been a difficult week for my friends in PommieBastardLande. The death of Her Majesty, Elizabeth II, has rocked the nation, but it does not come as any great surprise. Let’s be honest – once you hit your 90s, every day is basically a gift and a victory. Your number is coming up, sooner or later.

Death comes for us all. Father Time is undefeated. And Her Majesty lived a full and thoroughly productive life.

Many people dislike and even despise the Royal Family. My friend Kyle Trouble, with whom I agree on most things, sent out an email to his list in which he had some rather less than salutory things to say about Her Majesty and the overall family, as did a number of other non-Brits around the world – and more than a few Brits in the country, too.

Notably, those “British” people who did criticise the Royal Family, were almost entirely non-White and non-Christian. This is not in the least bit surprising.

The reality of the Queen’s passing is that it heralds the end of an age. The old world order, of which she was such an integral part, is gone. The identity of her country, of which she was a foundational point, is rapidly degrading and decaying. And the future is uncertain, dark, and dangerous.

Now, I personally maintain that the coming Fair World Order will be substantially better than the misbegotten failed “Rules-Based International Order” that preceded it. As the Neo-Tsar has stated repeatedly in his speeches on the global stage, sovereign nations have every right to develop their own individually tailored economic and development models that work for them. They do not need to operate from some sort of Anglo-Saxon “liberal” template that forces all manner of perversion and stupidity upon the peoples of those nations.

Around the world, we see the cracking and breaking of the old world order – one which, for better and worse, Her Majesty represented. Nations are asserting themselves, building alliances between former enemies, putting aside old divisions, and moving decisively away from the Western “Golden Billion” to decide their own destinies.

This is very much to the good. By all means, let Russia be Russia, and let China be China, and let Britain be Britain.

The problem is that Britain is not Britain anymore. The Queen presided over tumultuous change in the social fabric and order of her country, but she always represented a link to an older, and in many ways better, time. That link is now gone.

Let us be explicit about what that older world was.

Britain in the days of Her Majesty’s childhood was almost entirely White and solidly Christian. It was male-dominated, safe, orderly, civilised, polite, decent, and civic-minded. It was a world in which marriage was for life, divorce was rare and carried an extremely strong stigma, and universal suffrage was still regarded as a bizarre and stupid idea. The degeneracy of homosexuality, and the mental illness of transgenderism, was entirely beyond the pale and regarded with revulsion and absolute horror.

Compared to the world of today, that world seems rather better, it must be said.

Queen Elizabeth II was the last real remaining link to that world. Now, she is gone. Whatever you may think of her, whatever dislike you may have of the Royal Family – and, I assure you, there are A GREAT MANY REASONS to dislike the Royals, most of them entirely legitimate – she performed a vitally important function.

Whatever you might think of the Queen, though, it seems that the Big Fella Upstairs has His own opinions. That is why, in London yesterday evening, the British people were treated to the beautiful spectacle of a double rainbow:

I have it on good authority that, through a very stormy and miserable day of continued bad weather, there were more double-rainbows scattered over the skies of Britain today as well.

So, regardless of what we think of the Queen, the Royal Family, or anything else, let us raise a glass tonight to the memory of the old world that she represented – in many ways, a far better world than the one we live in, and almost certainly one that made a damned sight more sense.

And now let us turn our thoughts to that which is Beautiful, if not perhaps necessarily Good and True – we all know why you’re actually here, after all.

This week’s lovely bookend is Karolina Sevastyanova (Каролина Севастьянова), age 27, originally born in Kiev but a native Muscovite, and quite famous around the world. That is because she is (or was) a member of Russia’s Olympic rhythmic gymnastics team, which explains her rather leggy figure. She has a long list of achievements as a gymnast to her name, including Olympic gold in London in 2012. After retiring from her athletic career, she studied in St. Petersburg and then Moscow to become a TV presenter.

As such, she is something of a cut above many of the Instathots that we see on Mondays, to say the least.

Happy Friday, gents. It has been a heavy and heady week, what with severe battles in 404 (which I will try to cover later) and world events getting weirder and more intense by the day. Rest up this weekend, you’re going to need it for what lies ahead.

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  1. Bardelys the Magnificent

    I think that even we Christians forget that there can be a distinct difference between our judgment and God’s. QE II was undoubtedly a good wife, and conducted herself with dignity and class. Whether or not she was a good Queen for her country is another matter for another day. God knows exactly how much she is to be blamed. Methinks that He granted her mercy for her mistakes. Let us remember that God has the power to right any wrongs for us here on Earth, if He so chooses.

  2. Ramkumar

    Women participating in athletics has benefits for men.

    • Didact

      Can confirm. Heartily.


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