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Warm fuzzies

by | Aug 9, 2022 | Office Space | 2 comments

A rather piquant video has been making the rounds on teh innarwebz, showing a Federal BATFE agent being arrested and tased by local police in the USA for, basically, being a colossal arse. The whole clip is well worth enjoying in full, simply to get a feeling for the extraordinary arrogance and stupidity of your typical Federal agent:

Now, I feel rather the same way about the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives as most red-blooded Americans do (even though I’m not one):

However, I have to say right off the bat that I don’t like or trust most police, either. So I have rather conflicted feelings about what I see above.

Nonetheless, the overweening arrogance of the Federal agent is something worth noting and understanding. This problem is going to get WORSE, not better, as the American Empire hurtles toward inevitable destruction.

The latest round of pork-barrel spending in the USSA, rather cynically labelled the “Inflation Reduction Act”, allocates some US$80B for none other than the Internal Revenue Service, which we now learn has one of the largest stockpiles of ammunition, and an extremely well-funded and heavily armed enforcement and collection unit of its own. Essentially, the tax collectors in the USSA have their own army.

Is anyone willing to take the other side of a bet that says the IRS will use that money, and the power that it buys, to extort money from ordinary citizens at heretofore unheard-of rates? If so, then I submit that you simply don’t understand how governments operate.

When government servants become so arrogant that they no longer care to obey the commands of their fellow law enforcers, then you know that something has broken very severely within a government’s structure. As much as I dislike and distrust police – and I don’t trust them AT ALL, since I view many (though not all) police jurisdictions as essentially paramilitary units doing tax collection, not law enforcement of any serious kind – it goes without saying that when an armed police officer tells you to obey a lawful command, you must obey it.

The alternative is to find yourself face-down on the pavement with a knee in your back… or worse, given how trigger-happy far too many police officers these days are.

Let me note for the record here that I am NOT about to go on a ridiculous Black Lives Matter screed. The FACT is that Blacks are far more likely to be shot by their fellow Blacks, than by any police officer of any race. That is what the hard data tell us. Blacks should blame themselves, not Whites, for the miserable state of their own environment.

Yet there are far too many troubling instances of police shooting first and asking questions later, too many incidents in which poorly trained officers apply vastly excessive force, and too many complaints of abuse against bystanders. Moreover, the recent Uvalde massacre should remind us all that police are under NO LEGAL OBLIGATION WHATSOEVER to risk their lives to save you.

Regardless, the ATF agent’s reaction was entirely the wrong one. He thought, in his overweening arrogance, that his status gave him the right to act like an arse. And he rightly got a swift lesson in local versus Federal jurisdiction.

Watch the clip, and you will see very quickly how the arrogant Fed transforms into a mewling, whining victim. This is typical behaviour from bullies. And there are far too many of those in the American public “service” today. They feel invulnerable because of their gold-plated pensions, the money lavished out at taxpayer expense to their agencies, and the staggering quantities of weapons to which they have access.

This is precisely the kind of government of wolves that the Founders warned us all about. It is the entire reason why America has a Second Amendment. Would that more Americans understand that, and choose to defend it.

Many of the comments to the video note that the best thing to do when an ATF agent, or any other Fed, comes knocking, is to call up your local police, tell them that someone has rocked up to your front lawn and is impersonating a Federal officer, and let them sort it out between themselves. I am no lawyer, so I cannot tell you whether that is a good idea or not – nor am I even going to try to do so.

All I will say is that you MUST defend your rights. “Men” – I use the term very loosely in this case – like that ATF agent are there to take your rights away, at gunpoint. Do not let them.

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  1. robertdwood

    How it started: Johnson and Johnson from Die Hard.

    Where were at: ATF On the ground handcuffed “my wife is pregnant!”

    Where it ends: Sheriff’s reassert jurisdictions of their counties and bar federal action.

  2. furor kek tonicus

    you’re right not to trust the local pigs.
    you notice that the Fed was correct, that the local pig was grossly over reacting to the whole situation. the cop made a single flippant comment about “need to see some ID” in the middle of ranting about the ATF guy needing to keep his hands up AND get on the ground. @15 seconds
    you’ll observe that cops do this all the time, give conflicting and diametrically opposed instructions and then use the inability of the person to comply with one of the orders to beat or even sometimes shoot their person of interest.
    explain to me how you “get on the ground” while keeping your hands in the air. this is exactly how the cops murdered Daniel Shaver. tell him to keep his hands in the air, demand that he get on the ground, threaten to shoot him if he doesn’t follow EVERY instruction.
    the cop made a single in passing comment about ID, then refused to allow his suspect to even reach for that ID, then accused his “suspect” of refusing to comply with a demand to identify. it would be fvcking idiotic, but the cops kill people over stupid shit like this regularly.
    not that i disagree with hanging ATF agents from lamp posts on general principle, they’re the idiots that initiated the murders at Ruby Ridge and turned the children of Waco into a burnt offering to Moloch.
    they also documented an ATF violating federal law at a gun store in Arizona just this week.


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