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Domain Query: Fruit Salad

by | Aug 11, 2022 | Domain Query | 0 comments

The Domain Query series is BACK after a little bit of a hiatus, with a long broadcast answering a set of very interesting and quite wide-ranging questions from LRFotS Randale6. This was good fun to talk through, but I think I might have pissed off Satan’s butt-gremlins in the process, because my laptop (running Linux Mint 20.3, no less) blew a fuse somehow and refused to recognise input from either the mouse or keyboard. So I was rather worried that I’d lost the entire podcast, which was over an hour in length. I sure as shit didn’t want to re-record the whole damned thing, but fortunately, Audacity was able to restore the cached version.

That being said, if you hear something off during the podcast, or the sound goes squirrelly, let me know, because I have no idea whether the original audio stream is intact. It SEEMS to be, but I really have no way to be sure, short of listening to the whole damn thing myself, and I don’t like the sound of my own voice THAT much.

So here is the original question list:

  1. Is homosexuality innate, “conditioned” or a mix of the two?
  2. Is the FBI ride [sic – “raid”] on Mar-A-Lago a sign of establishment power…or fear?
  3. Having just done modern art history for elective credit filling…what exactly happened? It seems from approximately the 1850s to 1929 half the art became crap, from the 1929 on the art became a steaming pile of biden****.
  4. What is the line between nationalism and fascism and where do the Pinochet (Chile) and Franco (Spain) fall on this continuum?
  5. Relating to the above, are some countries only suited for the “great man” style of leadership (characterized by a highly charismatic, capable leader with at the minimum an authoritarian streak)? Latin countries in particular come to mind (along with Russia).
  6. Having listened to Adam Piggott’s recent podcast I have a curious question, as backward and barbaric as Islam can be…is their approach to women and their management the correct one?

I’ve gone through them one after another, with varying amounts of time devoted to each answer. Be warned, this does get controversial and I do discuss some very icky subjects when answering all of this, so if you don’t like listening to based commentary, well, go back to your safe space. Otherwise, listen on.

With respect to the question about Franco and Pinochet, I have to beg ignorance about their specific policies, but I would say that Pinochet, in particular, was merely a nationalist, and was assuredly not a fascist, given the market-based reforms that he pushed through in Chile. My understanding of Franco as well is that he was much more market-oriented than Hitler, Mussolini, or Tojo ever were. As I stated in the podcast, the best way to understand fascism is that it is a SUBSET of nationalism, and that nationalism in and of itself allows one to embrace either socialism or capitalism.


I reference a lot of different sources and books in this podcast, and I can’t quite remember them all, but if you have other sources to suggest, stick ’em in the comments, because this is a very broad set of questions and ideas for discussion.

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