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The pretend President

by | Jun 9, 2022 | Politics | 1 comment

I make no secret of my utter disdain for Elensky the Puppet Pecker Piano Player President of 404-Land, aka Ukraine. The guy is an utter joke. He is a not-particularly-funny comedian placed in power as a direct result of machinations by the billionaire Small-Hat Khazarian, Igor Kolomoisky, and that alone should tell you exactly whom Elensky serves. Kolomoisky possesses Ukrainian, Israeli, and Cypriot citizenship, in blatant violation of Ukrainian constitutional law, and he explains this, as well as his ill-gotten gains, by arguing that Ukraine’s law forbids dual-citizenship, but is silent on the issue of triple-citizenship.

That is a lawyer’s argument if I ever saw one, for sure.

Beyond this, Elensky is nothing less than incompetent and ridiculous. Based on the evidence that we have seen in videos thus far, it is clear that he is also high and/or drunk quite a lot of the time.

None of that changes the fact that he is nothing more than a puppet, playing a puppet’s role, and as such, has no real power whatsoever.

The following clip is one that has been making the rounds of late – I posted it on my Telegram channel yesterday – which shows the exact pickle in which Elensky finds himself. This video actually dates back to 2019, from Ze’s own Faceborg page, and shows what happened to him when he went to visit Azov Battalion fighters on the front-lines of the Donbas conflict at that time. Back then, the Banderites were engaged in pretty fierce fighting with what they called “separatists” and “rebels” of the Donbas. President Zelensky went there to tell them to lay down their arms and stop fighting, under his authority as the duly elected President of Ukraine at the time:

Keep in mind that Elensky was elected back in 2019 with an explicit mandate of de-escalating tensions with Russia, and achieving real and lasting peace. And the Azovs LAUGHED IN HIS FACE when he told them to stop their nonsense and obey his orders.

There is reason to doubt the veracity of the video, by the way. Note that it has a very highly polished look to it, and clearly was heavily edited to make Zelensky look like he did. But it also paints him in a VERY unflattering light, and his subsequent actions rather serve to reinforce, not negate, its authenticity. This is because, shortly after this video emerged, Zelensky began rapidly backtracking on his election promises and promoting the very Banderites that he was hitherto trying to bring to heel.

The same thing happened to Zelensky’s predecessor, Petro Poroshenko, whom Zelensky deposed in the election by pointing out the severe corruption and incompetence of that man’s regime. Poroshenko also tried to confront the Banderites, and they also laughed in his face and then threatened to kill him if he didn’t give them what they wanted.

And what, exactly, did (and do) the Banderites want?

Complete and unfettered control to operate as they see fit against the Russian-speakers and ethnic Russians that they hate with such thorough viciousness.

That video encapsulates perfectly the quandary that Banderastan finds itself in right now. As I have stated repeatedly, Ukraine is a Frankensteinian construct, a weird mashed-up combination of different regions and tribes and ethnic groupings, mostly held together with yarn and spit. There is no such thing as a true “Ukrainian nation” outside of the very centre of the country, west of the Don river and south of Kiev. Everything else is originally Russian, Polish, Lithuanian, Romanian, Hungarian, or Slovakian.

This lack of a core national identity very much helps us to understand why and how the Banderites managed to gain so much power, so quickly. The Ukrainians never really had a national identity of their own, so they created one around the violent and extremely nasty racialist ideologies of men like Stepan Bandera and Roman Shukhyevich.

Never mind that Bandera’s OUN was directly responsible for the massacres of tens of thousands of Jews, Poles, Romanians, and Russians. And never mind that the very people that Ukraine now elevates and idolises, were plainly Nazi sympathisers and collaborators. None of that matters to them. All that matters is that they have a core identity around which they can wrap themselves.

Identity is a powerful and vitally important thing to have. Those who do not have it, spend their entire lives searching for it. Those who DO have it, always have something to fall back upon as a core part of their understanding of themselves. It takes severe systemic shocks to destroy one’s own self-identity, and when that happens, the disruption can be lethal.

Now that you understand the nature and scale of the problem, you also understand why peace negotiations with Ukraine are essentially impossible.

They are impossible because there is no one actually in control of Ukraine. The ideology that guides the country is deeply toxic and inimical to good and stable government. The racial and ethnic fault lines of the country have already ruptured – the east and south recognise themselves as Russian, and want to join Russia itself, while the west and north isn’t quite sure what it wants and has no real economic value relative to the bits that want to break away.

Indeed, the very people who have the most power in Banderastan, are the Banderites. And those are precisely the people that Russia wants AND NEEDS to destroy, in order to fulfil its core objectives of demilitarisation, de-Nazification, and neutrality for Ukraine.

The overriding lesson for all of us is that, as always, weak men make for terrible leaders. Ukraine is in this horrendous mess precisely because weak but cunning men connived to install a weak and not particularly clever man as their puppet. And now look at what what has happened as a result.

At least 50,000 Ukrainian men are dead, killed as a result of the machinations of their puppet-masters in Kiev, Washington, London, and Brussels. At least 50,000 more are wounded and maimed, many of them with ghastly injuries that have crippled them for life. Tens of thousands of Ukrainian men have seen horrors that will haunt them for the rest of their lives. Ten MILLION Ukrainians have fled, and most of them will never return – many of those are the educated and skilled people that Ukraine desperately NEEDS in order to maintain a functioning economy, but they are GONE.

Donetsk and Lugansk, which contain most of Ukraine’s coal and one of its largest ports, are out of their reach and now resolutely hostile to the government in Kiev. Zaporozhye and Kherson seem quite set to follow suit. Odessa, Nikolaev, and Dniepropetrovsk regions – not just the cities, the entire regions – are likely to follow suit in very short order, and probably Kharkov right after that.

By August, Ukraine will likely have lost 40% of its land, 80% of its GDP, 30% of its population, and 100% of its prospects for long-term survival and prosperity.

To Satan’s minions that now populate the aforementioned capitols that pull the strings of their puppets in Kiev, this must all seem like a minor inconvenience, a small price to pay for their ultimate goals of world domination. But, to anyone with even half a brain and heart enough to weep at such things, this is pure evil. Nothing more, nothing less.

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1 Comment

  1. Jim S

    I thought this post was going to be about “Depends” Man, the current resident at 1600 PA Ave, NW, Wash, DC 20002? This loser? I’m surprised he hasn’t bugout to Israel yet (since he supposedly has citizenship there???). I am also surprised a coup hasn’t occurred in Kiev, since the Ukies are losing, and losing badly. I guess $40 billion can buy some time?


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