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Friday T&A: Worldchanger Edition

by | Jun 10, 2022 | fat girl jihad | 1 comment

The Banderastan War continues to grind on toward a conclusion that is both unsurprising and inevitable. That result will be the total elimination of the Banderites from the Donbas region. And that, in turn, will mean the death or surrender of… well, nobody actually knows quite how many Banderite troops are trapped in the Donbas right now, estimates range between 30,000 overall at the low end, and 70.000 in the Slavyansk-Kramatorsk conurbation alone.

Whatever the true number is, the situation is nothing short of an utter catastrophe for Ukraine.

I have been providing many different perspectives on that catastrophe via my Telegram channel. The videos and posts help to give people an idea of how badly things are going for the Banderites on the ground, but sometimes you need to step back and take a look at the bigger picture. And that picture is sickening if you believed the original propaganda and nonsense about Ukraine winning the war and destroying Russian troops and tanks by the thousands.

In the past 106 days or so, by Russian reckoning – and I believe they are substantially underestimating things, so that they can speak accurately only to the numbers of dead and wounded that they can actually account for – the Ukrainians have lost at least 50,000 dead, and upwards of 70,000 wounded, many of them severely so. At the beginning of this entire shitshow (or, if you prefer, pig-parade, since pro-Russian channels typically portray the Ukrainians as swine), the Ukrainians had something approaching 100,000 troops in the Donbas front alone, and they have subsequently rushed to reinforce that with upwards of 7 brigades worth of reserves and reinforcements.

In total, the Ukrops had something on the order of 300,000 troops and anywhere from 400,000 to 1M reserves, depending on how you count them. And they’ve gone through almost ALL of their reserves, most of their materiel and ammunition, and are critically low on supplies, food, petrol, diesel, medicine, and virtually everything else that a modern fighting army depends on, in the Donbas front.

This is classic Russian attrition battle – or, as I called it not too long ago, “anaconda warfare“. Their combat doctrine consists of “shell the shit out of the enemy until his morale and fighting spirit collapses, then move in with infantry and tanks and kill him to death”. (I paraphrase minutely.)

If you were to reduce this down in terms of one-on-one cagefighting and mixed martial arts, this is the kind of pressure fighting that sambo players truly specialise in. Have you ever watched Khabib Nurmagomedov doing his thing against his opponents? Do you see how he simply keeps probing, pushing forward, attacking, and then finally taking people down and tying up their legs and then pummelling and strangling them into submission?

That is precisely how the Russians fight. They pin the Ukrainians down, and then pummel them to death or surrender. And no amount of pro-Ukrainian bullshit and propaganda can hide the facts on the ground any longer. Ukraine is heading for a truly devastating and horrific defeat.

So, too, by the way, is the Empire of Lies and the entire collective West.

The Western nations, to include the USSA, Canada, the EUSSR, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, and a small number of other allied countries, have done their absolute level best to sanction the Russian economy into oblivion. This has FAILED, categorically and completely. I’ve pointed this out before, many times, but nothing illustrates this reality better than the single fact that the Russian Central Bank just cut its benchmark interest rate to 9.5%.

This puts the Russian key rate right back at where it was in February, just before the outbreak of hostilities. And yet the Russian ruble is currently trading at 58 to the dollar, as opposed to nearly 70 back then.

The West is discovering, to its great shock and horror, that it has been comprehensively outmanoeuvred and outflanked by the rest of the world, which does not share its ideology, its adherence to a capricious and nonsensical “rules-based international order”, and its frankly delusional beliefs in its own innate superiority.

The entire world has shifted beneath our feet. There is no going back. We will never see the USSA as dominant as it was in the 1990s – and nor should we. The age of the Pax Americana is over, squandered with abominable and cataclysmic stupidity by successive generations of American elites.

Those most to blame are, of course, the neoclowns. There is no Hell hot enough, no torture terrible enough, no sentence severe enough, for these people. They have advocated for endless wars of reckless adventurism, for neo-colonialism, and for the use of naked force to achieve American ends overseas. Simultaneously, they have advocated for endless money-printing and spending at home.

The result is that what was once the greatest and most free nation on Earth, is a broke and broken shell of its former self. America has completely lost its way, and will probably never find its way back again. The entrenched problems are too deep, the rot is too great. No one, not even the God-Emperor, can preserve America in its current form.

What comes next will be change and tumult unlike anything that we have ever seen, as the world reorients itself toward radically different realities and power positions. I do not share the view that China’s ascension to superpower status is inevitable – not at all. As I have said many times before, China has some very serious structural problems of its own, which it almost certainly will not overcome. Russia has little interest in being a globe-spanning empire under the Neo-Tsar, who is content to have good relations with all and sundry and works primarily on the basis of trade and mutual trust, rather than naked force, unless and until Russian vital interests are threatened.

Since nature abhors a vacuum, what then is to become of the world order? I have no real clue. All I know for certain is that America’s collapse is ensured. And when – not if, but when – it comes, the ruination of America will be the ruination of us all.

If ever there was a good time to start making some “Gone to Shit” plans, this would be it, right now. Stock up on a bit of food, get yourself some guns and boolets, convert some of your financial holdings to hard assets, and find a place and a way to weather the storm.

Despite the dire signs at present, I am in fact quite optimistic about the future. The sooner that the malign influence of the neoclowns is finally gone, and the sooner that the threat of American military and financial intervention is removed from around the necks of various countries, and the sooner that all manner of woke stupidity is done away with, the sooner that simple human ingenuity and adaptability can figure out answers to some of the worst and most pressing problems that we face.

And that is quite enough of heavy thoughts for today, because we all know why you’re really here. It is, after all, Friday, and y’all know what that means.

This week’s lovely lady is Alina Gorohova (Алина Горохова), age 22 from Perm, near the Ural mountains. She does… stuff. No idea what. Don’t care either. What matters is that she’s Russian and pretty.

Happy Friday to all and sundry. Many thanks as always for your time and patronage of my site, and make sure that you subscribe to my Telegram channel, as my readership is exceptionally well-informed, intelligent, and proactive in terms of commentary.

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1 Comment

  1. Dire Badger

    Our biggest weakness, and our greatest strength, has always been a culturally-ingrained psychological support for the underdog.

    This has been exploited time and again by those who profit from discord. From a million minorities demanding the destruction of out great nation to endless wars ‘supporting the underdogs’ who are pure evil, the press and elites have been manipulating this cultural artifact for as long as America has existed.

    I was watching an interesting older movie, called ‘dodgeball’. I hadn’t seen it in a decade and I realized that the movies’ ‘underdogs’ were complete and utter scum. the ‘bad guys’ were the ones supporting fitness, and every message the main bad guy delivered except for the weird stuff they did to make fun of him (like masturbating with food or being weirdly rude to a cute girl) Was common sense, logical, and would have made someone a better person to follow.

    And yet the lazy slime that were the underdog protagonists were exalted for their fat, useless, pointless existences, and manipulated to look like the heroes.

    This is an endemic trend, where strength and protectiveness, noblesse oblige and masculine virtues, exalting the bottom feeders and the insane as underdogs, all at the direction of the most powerful army of psychological manipulators ever to exist, whose sole job is to portray themselves as the underdog ‘press’ despite having a boot on all of our throats.

    The American world order (Or rather, the international money laundry that uses America as it’s eternal attack dog against anyone that dares to reject it) may lose face and strength, but we will never know it.

    You think misinformation about the Ukraine is bad? For the next 50 years, at least, we are looking at a cascade of lies that will have our news proclaiming our victory over hunger while our next door neighbor starves. You think that the chinese problem with misinformation and Stalin’s parade of lies while his people starved was bad? It will be nothing in comparison to the carefully-constructed empire of lies our evil entertainment complex has constructed.

    Within a single generation I expect our media to be endlessly exulting the endless virtue of those who throw their children into the flames and rape the few survivors. The American globocracy may be dead, but the endless mental torture has only just begun.


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