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Just… WOW

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Feast your eyes upon the magnificence, the glory, the brilliance, of that cover artwork, lads. That is going to be the cover of the next POWERWOLF album. And it looks SUPER F***ING AMAZEBALLS.

As Longtime Readers know quite well by now, when it comes to POWERWOLF, I am of course a complete fanboi. These guys are HILARIOUSLY silly, and I love them for it. In fact, I’ve gotten more than one reader hooked on the choons that these crazies crank out – like this one:

And this one:

And, of course, this one:

If there is one criticism that I have of the band, it is the fact that they don’t use an actual bass player during concerts. This means that they actually have a bass track playing during their performances – and it also means that they have the drummer using a metronome to keep precise time, while a laptop produces the pre-recorded bass track.

Ain’t no way a really for real metal band does shit like that. It’s weak sauce, brothers. If you’re going to play balls-to-the-wall METAL, in full corpse paint, get a proper bass player. You’ll never see IRON MAIDEN, for instance, trying to do that.

Still and all… a new POWERWOLF album can only be seen as a GOOD THING. And, given their track record over the past ten years, it will also be a really good album. I doubt they will ever get back to the heights they scaled with Preachers of the Night, but they will likely get really damned close.

Bring on the wolves!

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